Wednesday, November 30, 2011

20th World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011

ABBEY: I have read in the Scriptures that even the most elegant robe of King Solomon is of no match with the beauty of the flowers. And its true. 

We went to World Orchid Conference where different arrays of orchids were exhibited. It was held at the basement of of Marina Bay Sands. For a price of 15sgd you can see, learn and marvel at those cut flowers. 

They were displayed by country, kind or by arrangements. Among the plants I saw were giant orchids, pitcher plants, and ikebanas. 

Souvenir shops, cafe and resting place are there at the conference. Next host is Columbia

WILL: Yes! Now we can celebrate his natal day for whole day now. He is on leave and I cannot afford to waste his time. And this Orchid conference gave me a great idea for that day.
      Knowing Abbey, similar with my eldest brother, they are the only boys that I know who has a green-thumb and loves to the peaceful rays that was given by the plants. 
      So we went here at Marina Bay Sands to see for ourselves the  World Orchid Conference. I was so shocked to see that there are so many varieties of this flower. 
      The Thailand extravagant display was announced as the Grand Champion. Thank you WOC for giving us this lifetime chance. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gardens by the Bay

ABBEY: We have much anticipation for the opening of this garden. Above in the Marina Bay Sands Skypark we saw the beautiful landscapes and dome structures. One of them, the Flower Dome,  opened in line with the World Orchid Conference. Free shuttle rides were offered or you can use the foot bridge to get there. 

You can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature with their open boardwalk beside a swamp, and international gardens like Malayan and Chinese. Bonus feature is you can take a snap on the other side of MBS. It's still a work in progress and I knew that will be better once it is fully opened.

WILL: This is a great way to celebrate Abbey's bday. We surrounded ourselves with flora. 
      We eyed to go in here once the NatGeo featured some of this on their Marina Barrage show and the WOC gave us this great opportunity to preview one of the dome.
      We roamed around the vast space of the unfinished garden but even it is not 100% ready, we awed to the magnificent views and architecture of it. 
      From Marina Bay Sands, there is bridge that will connect the people to this wonderful space or maybe in future time, there will be a bus to be assigned here. 
      We can't wait for the grand opening of this garden. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gardens by the Bay - Flower Dome Preview

ABBEY: This is the extension of our trip to WOC at Marina Bay Sands. Its only a part of the huge Gardens by the Bay. When you purchase a ticket for WOC no entrance fee will be required here. 

Succulent, Australian, Californian, and South American gardens were featured at the dome. Interactive wall screens are displayed to learn more about the plants and trees. 

Drinking fountains are available since you will walk a long way.

WILL: Excited to be the few people to see this Flower Dome and we are privileged. 
      Indeed, this is a very magnificent park, in a one dome Mediterranean Basin, Australia, Africa and South American gardens were all packed. Do not worry about the sun rays, it just add the very natural feeling of strolling at a outside garden. Worried about the heat? fret not, this dome is properly cooled up.
      Here, I saw an olive tree and the bigger than me cacti. Poinsettia is everywhere and a gigantic orchid to symbolize the national flower of Singapore.      
      Washrooms is all over the place and so the drinking fountain. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bintan Resort Ferries Pte Ltd

ABBEY: These ferries are bigger than the one had at our Batam tour. It has an upper and lower deck, a bar and kiosk and comfort room. Videos are shown on board. It's spacious and the windows are clear so you can see the vastness and beauty of the sea. Just like the Batam trip we both got seasickness. Good thing i managed to sleep during the return trip :)

WILL: Wow, this is quite a big one compared the one we had when we go to Batam. Wan Sendari is very big that but it do not have that enough strength to muster the big waves of Singapore and it gave me a real dizziness for the first time on my life and blowed it away.
      But do not get me wrong, there is nothing to do with the ferry. Actually all hands are up to its clean and very accommodating staff. 
      I love the ride but I am hating the big waves. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bintan Agro Beach Resorts

ABBEY: We bought this 98sgd - 2-day;1-night tour from Groupon. This includes back and forth ferry ticket and land transfers, breakfast, lunch and dinner. All other expenses will be shouldered by the tourists. 

We rode the ferry at Tanah Merah. An hour later we were at Bintan Terminal. It took us another hour to reach the resort. I assure you that it is far but it's worth the travel. Upon arriving, we proceeded  at the front desk and ask if we can have an early check-in. 

Once we received our room key and the coupons to be used at the resort we went to the room to have our backs and legs stretched. At 12 noon we had our lunch at Sunmoon restaurant which is located 150 meters from the beach. We had nasi lemak, grilled catfish and fruits. After lunch we made an appointment for the spa. A little rest and then we got our massage. Feeling relaxed, we headed to the videoke kiosk and sang a couple of song while waiting for our dinner. 

Our dinner is at Asiana restaurant just beside our room. It offers wi-fi so we can still connect from our room. That's a bonus. The restau offers a beautiful view of the sea and the pool. After the dinner we headed to the room and rest. 

Breakfast is still at Asiana. I had a big breakfast because it's buffet; fried rice, satays, omelet, fruits, juices and other drinks. We checked out at midday and has lunch before heading back to Singapore. We got an earlier booking a reached home at 6pm.

WILL: Saw this at Groupon and we are very happy to go. This will be our first time to be out of the country as husband and wife and this is a great gift for Abbey's birthday.
      Bintan Agro is an amazing resort. A very huge place that caters almost all you need for relaxation and enjoying the nature. The deal is so great. From transportation, accommodation, sea sports and food it was all included.
      If you don't feel to splash your way to the waters of the sea, you can soak your body to one of their two pools. Do not want to swim ah, try this their karaoke, fitness centre, take their shuttle service to their sister resort, or play basketball.. these are all for free. you might want to try to roam around their city for $10.
     We really enjoyed our 2D1N vacation. Bonding and relaxing to its finest! I really do not know what is with the lands of Indonesia because every time I am here, it just gave me a feeling of very long sleep. 
     You do not need to exchange your SGD to Rupiah, all their price list is in SGD, but if you have Rupiah they can pay though. Try go in here, the one hour ferry boat and land transfer is worthy! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Oceanic Spa Bintan Indonesia

ABBEY: We gave our aching bodies a trip to the spa when we went to Bintan. The cost is more expensive than the one we had at Batam. Good thing is they have a special offer: Swedish and Thai massage for an hour at 80sgd for two persons. Upon entering the room we were given a robe to change. We chose lavender oil to calm and soothe the muscles. After the session we felt light, refreshed and relaxed.

WILL: This is definitely a must! its been almost 5 months after our last visit in a spa. This is included in our itinerary. This is more expensive, expensive than the deals I saw here in Singapore.
       The massage is amazing, they are pressing some points that I think never been  knead by other masseurs. One hour of massage, one hour of pampering. 
       Here, only here at Bintan I experienced that before a spa they gave us a very cold ginger tea for us to drink. And don't be wary, after the massage a complimentary hot tea will be serve.
      Added info, book a day before so you can avail their 10% discount in their services. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Groupon Singapore

ABBEY: I did online shopping back in Philippines thru Ebay. But now, lots of online promos are just to extort money. You never know which are true and legal. 

We tried Groupon Singapore. For me as long as they didn't ask for any password for any of my accounts, its ok. We did also a review of the company and got a couple of good comments. What we got is our Indonesia trip and  my surprise manicure and pedicure set for her. 

We were saddened and worries by the news that the company is about to close as it can't support its operation due ti lack of funds. I hope they can recover and give more discount coupons to their customers.

WILL: From manicure spa set, massage, travel to yoga sessions they all have it all discounted just for us. As the news widely spread that Groupon all around the world is falling hard to its prime, Groupon Singapore is still hits the city.
      When we purchased a travel deal, we saw that almost 400 bought that deal. And when we booked for it, all staff of the Anita Travels were smiling back to us and accommodate us very friendly, unlike the stories in America.
      We do hope that they will prosper and keep the deals on! ;) 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


ABBEY: This is a chance ticket for us. I received a call that we won passes for the premiere and asked if we could come. The film was shown at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. The movie is a suspense. A writer has the all the major events happened at 11:11. As curiosity arises he finds clues why its all happening. The date is predicted that something supernatural will take place. One advice; beware of the writer's father :)

WILL: Whew! Thank you so much Incinemas for this movie ticket. I know this is not so feel-good movie but we want to try this for a change. Hehe.
      On our way to Orchard my palm is sweating, my gosh, this is not my kind of movie and what Abbey expects came true! Almost half of the movie, my eyes were shut, but do not get me wrong, I fully understand the tale.
      This movie has a twist! Find it for yourself. 7/10.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jewel Coffee

ABBEY: We pass-by this coffee shop whenever we went to Vivo City from her office. We planned to have a cup there but it only materialized a week ago. 

They're selling a stylish coffee cup called keep-cups at 50% off with free drink. We also tried their spicy pasta at 10sgd. The food was good and even better when we had a chat with the owner. He is accommodating as well as his staff. The shop us located near Lau Pa Sat festive market.

WILL: This is my first time here in Singapore to be welcomed by an owner of a restaurant. He is very accommodating.
      We won and entitled to buy the keepcup for 50% off with free coffee or tea. Of course, right there and then we get our 2 cups of hot drinks. The taste? Awesome! Unordinary drink while sitting on their high-cahirs. Superb experience on a delightful sunny afternoon. 
      Baby also tried their pasta, spicy yet the taste is so flavorful. I hope I can determined the spices in it but I can't so there is no way I can copy this pasta for me to cook this at home, hehe. 
      It is true, indeed, they are jewel to treasure. Thanks Jewel Coffee.