Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ginvera - Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream with Oil Control

ABBEY: Our face reacts immediately if we apply creams or other beauty regimens on it. For me rashes will occur. That's why I was hesitant when Ginvera was applied to me. I was waiting for itching but it didn't came. The cream is cold upon applying and the smell is good. It leaves a soft and moisturized skin. And the bonus; your wife will  tell you that you are handsome every morning :)

WILL: Abbey had this very dry cheeks last week and I am so freaking anxious about it. I immediately asked him to stop to use his facial wash.
      Every evening after his clean-up, I applied to him this Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Cream. Religiously using this make our face moisturized and as I observed it lessens the oils on our face. 
      We also love too. Thanks Ginvera.