Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Golden Village Suntec City)

ABBEY: Yey, twas the day I've been waiting for. I've heard and read a lot of reviews of the movie. Most of them are negative. Well for me, I just want to see my Superman fly and use his superpower against the villain. And this time its Batman. The scenes were all dimmed. Can we have other lighting effects? As usual Batman still cannot move on from the death of his parents. Also this Batman didn't apply his logic. He let his emotions be drowned by the teases of Lex Luthor. Since Superman was the one to be blamed for the alien attacks, he glued his conclusion that Superman is the enemy. Ayayay.

Jesse Eisenberg has the same way of acting; be it Batman v Superman, The Social Network, American Ultra. All the same. Be careful with that, you're Johnny Depp in the making. Stop that stuttering.

Gal Gadot as Wonderwoman is stunning. She has grand entrance on the climax of the movie. Can't wait for her own movie.

Movie rating : 7/10

WILL: I already earmarked the show date of Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice since last year. Why? Superman is Abbey's favorite superhero. One week before the date, I booked at the newest cinema of Suntec City, the Golden Village. 

I wish Batman is still played by Christian Bale, I wish for more action scenes, I wish that the 3-hour film is not a mess while explaining what is happening, I wish Batman and Superman is not portrayed stupidly in that movie. 

My verdict? Do not waste your money.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Life and Money (Speakers: Mr & Mrs Vic and Avelynn Garcia) - AIA Tampines

ABBEY: In a world that is becoming harsh and positivity is getting scarce, it is better to listen to motivational speakers to correct your perspective from time to time. Unleash International was invited to speak  last March 12. And the good news is that it was for FREE. The hours of husband-and-wife-duo Vic and Avelynn Garcia were so precious that companies are paying them a very high rate. We were blessed to have them at the gathering.

They are not motivating the usual way. But instead, they will tell you what you're doing wrong and how to correct them. They're brutal but your eyes will be opened and you'll change for the better.
I'm happy that their course is aligned with the teachings of the Bible.

Even they want to talk more, the given time was short.
But they promised to come back and do the full 3-4 day training.

I'll wait for them as I want to be part of the change the Philippines needs.

WILL: How do I get to know them, I am fortunate to read their books "Kuntento Ka Na Ba Sa Kaperahan Mo?" and "Kakasuweldo Pa Lang Ubos Na". And from that, attending on one of their seminar make it to my wishlist. But the huge price is blocking me to attend it. Blessing came Vic and Avelynn Garcia to speak for free. Without second thought, we registered. 

What are my greatest take-away? The step by step where to put our hard-earned money, the entrepreneur mind, Vic also challenged us how to be one of the best employees our boss can have, he also inquired how's our relationship with our spouse or with children or parents or siblings while we are here, and it is a blast when they gave us a little small card that indicates "Tulong Ko - Pasa Mo".

That card moved many attendees..BIG TIME. Why? Most of the OFW went abroad to earn and to help their family and not expecting for any returns. This Tulong Ko - Pasa Mo movement is for us to do small deeds for 3 random person and aiming that the good deed will continue until every people will be touched by this movement. 

Gosh! I cried a lot when I saw a clip of movie Pay It Forward that they have played that day. 

Now, I know why their seminar is expensive. Their seminar is really valuable. In a very short time, they discussed family, career, money and spiritual side of our being! 

Thanks Sir Vic and Ms Avelynn Garcia. May HE bless you and your family more!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ministry of Food : Lenas - Modern American Italian Restaurant (Orchard Gateway)

ABBEY: For the second visit of Jennee, we dined at Lenas@Orchard Gateway. For a set lunch, I got cream tomato base pasta with breaded chicken cutlet. It came with vegetable salad and drink. 

I liked the taste of salad dressing; sweet and sour. The pasta is rich in sauce and the cutlet is crispy in the outside but tender inside; perfect for a "kid" like me. Haha. My meal costs $16.50++. 

They also serve steak and pizza.

WILL: Abbey's Bestfriend, Jennee is back in here for just few days and we scheduled a late lunch to meet her at Somerset MRT Station.

Orchard Gateway, is one of the mall at Orchard that was packed with interesting restaurants. I checked and got interested with Lenas.

I ordered lamb chop for the first time and Abbey was shocked. Hehe. I am astonished how tasty it is. The meat is tender and it is like that I am eating milk in a meat form. Haha. The sauce is completely perfect! This Lamb Rock Egg Sauce in Hot Pan with Pilaf Rice costs $18.80++  with free salad and tea.

Visit them, it is not that bad to splurge sometimes right? Go for it! You deserved that delicious food.

Lenas - Ministry of Food
#04-19 Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Idaten Udon | Personalize Your Udon (Citylink Mall)

ABBEY: After our stroll in Marina Barrage for our Singapore Flash Forward video, we became hungry. We stumbled upon the newly opened Idaten Udon branch at City Link Mall. You can customized your own udon from type of noodles, soup and toppings.

I got myself a bowl of curry rice, yes no udon for me, and a side dish of JUMBO mixed vegetable tempura. The portion of curry rice is small. Good thing I got the the mixed vegetable tempura which towers maybe 3-4 inches high.

The condiments like tempura sauce, wasabi, and Japanese mayo are free flow. They are in the self-service section. It also includes crumbs of the fried items. Try it in small portions :)
Since this is self-service, clear your tray upon leaving.

WILL: After our tiring day, we went at CityLink Mall for a dinner and Abbey suggested to try Idaten Udon. 

I got Beef Udon (Original Udon Noodle) and Chicken Katsu. After a bite of their noodle, my eyes brightened and this restaurant creates a mark that their noodle will be one of my comfort food. The noodle alone will make you full, the texture is very firm and the taste is delectable. 

Completely recommendable.

Idaten Udon (Citylink Mall)
(A) #B1-21 CityLink Mall, 
1 Raffles Link, Singapore 039393

(T) 63287940

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Leningrad Symphony - Singapore Symphony Orchestra

ABBEY: I always love the sound of strings; violins, cello, double bass, and piano (some classified it as a stringed instrument). We became Friends of SSO (Singapore Symphony Orchestra). She received 2 complimentary tickets as a gift. We planned to attend The Leningrad Symphony of the husband-and-wife tandem of Gennady Rozhdestvensky (conductor) and Viktoria Postnikova (piano). It is a two-hour concert which comprise of Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor and Symphony No. 7 in C major.

Honestly, I just enjoyed the sound of all the instruments playing together with all the dynamcs and drama.

Even when they are preparing, the sound is great. I really appreciate the performance as this is our first time. I used to see the orchestra in books and videos. Thanks SSO.

WILL: ast year, 2015, we decided to be a friend of Singapore Symphony Orchestra. And what you will get if you enrolled to this program? That amount is tax deductible, you will get a free pair of ticket to any SSO concert (worth $120.00), a card that is entitled you discounts for participating merchant and exclusive meet the artists sessions. 

That is where we got our free February date. Scroll down for the link if you ate interested in being a SSO friend. 

Now, let's get back to Leningrad. My eyes lit and go round and all I can say is OMG!!! How this people can touched my feelings and my soul in just playing those instruments? I felt sadness, excitement (sometimes I giggled too) and I felt being a champ on the ending of this more than 2-hour event.

This is my first time to watch this kind concert and I know this will not be the last! Thanks SSO. :)

Singapore Symphony Orchestra
For a minimum donation of $75, 
All Friends enjoy all the Privileges above
Get your form here and fax to 6602 4222 or 
email at

Monday, March 7, 2016

Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Orchard) - MacDonald's House

ABBEY: The Burger Bar we had dinner on was Fat Boys' conglomerate, but we wanted to visit the real thing. So one day after office we headed to their in Dhoby Ghaut (38 Orchard Road).

I ordered Fat Basterd. A couple of minutes passed, and the huge burger is on my table. I think it stood 6-7 inch tall; 2 burger patties, bacon , fried egg and cheese on a sesame bun.
I'm not able to eat it as a normal burger so the trick is to eat it by layers. :)

It was delicious, juicy and fresh. By the way it comes with serving of fries. My tummy is so full for that 198.80SGD meal.

WILL: If we need to talk something about our business, as much as possible we dined out. Why? I do not know why also that in such a limited table packed with people, our imagination flies through and creates ideas. And so, our primary reason to be in Fat Boys Burger os to have a meeting of minds and eating will be secondarily. 

I ordered The Burgatory $13.00 (because the menu advised to get ask for extra napkin, haha!) and a hot water. 

The burger arrived and once we have done the first bite, we already stopped talking and just munching the food all the way when it went half. Haha! We get into our business when the burgers were almost finished. That's good the patties are, you will forget what you are talking about. Haha! 

MacDonalds House is just located beside Plaza Singapura, be there early than 7pm or you will end up queueing on a long line of patrons.

Fatboy's The Burger Bar
38 Orchard Road 
(T) 6337 3834

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Rotisserie - Chicken & Gourmet Salads - Suntec City Branch

ABBEY: Before we head to our orchestra date, we went to The Rotisserrie (Suntec City Mall branch) for dinner. I got quarter-chicken breast part for less than 15SGD. It came with large serving of fries which almost overflowed in my plate. 

I don't know if my order is half or quarter. The cut is bigger than any other quarter I saw. I preferred my chicken to be covered with gravy. It was very sumptuous; the chicken is not dry. If we're not running out of time, I'll be able to finish it up to the bones. Maybe some other time, we'll come back again.

WILL: We are about to try the McDonald's Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix but on our way to their Suntec City branch The Rottiesiere's Angus Beef Burger Promotion caught my eye. 

We go directly to the cashier, ordered and after few minutes a humungous burger and serving of fries ended up on my table. Gosh! Just seeing my plates made my tummy already full. Haha! 

Anyways, their Black Angus Beef Burger with Bacon is awesome for the amount of $14 (inclusive of one side). I want to commend their all-smile staffs and their yummilicious gravy. 

Oh! I already gave a group message to colleagues that they should go and dine in here. :)

The Rotisserie - Chicken & Gourmet Salads
3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-107, Suntec City Mall
T: 9771 7536

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Starbucks Singapore's Strawsome Frappuccino (Customize your Frappuccino Any Way You Like)

ABBEY: I have read articles for unlocking Starbucks secret menu. And I always wanted to try that. So when I heard that they have one-for-one offer for frappuccino by designing your own I grabbed the chance.
Me and my wife tried six different flavors; two per week. Below are mine.
First : Creamy dark caramel espresso frappuccino
Second: Cadburry creme egg frappuccino
Third: The Undertow

We got the menu items here: 
I admit that all the drinks are not 100% accurate as per the recipe listed in the web but the taste is still delicious.
I hope they will be having the same ingredients worldwide specially toffeenut and hazelnut syrups. With this more I can unlock more recipes.

WILL: Isn't it sad that your favourite coffee/mocha concoction was already thing of the past on starbucks? Fret not!! Starbucks Singapore is holding a Strawsome Frappuccino (Customize your Frappuccino Any Way You Like) for you to taste what you are craving for ages. :) 

3 weeks straight, we availed this customisation. I had Oreo Frappuccino, Zebra Frappuccino, and Cookie Dough Frappuccino. Yum, yum, yum!! And the best part of it? It is buy one get one free. :) 

I wonder what I will get for this week :) haha!

Starbucks Coffee Singapore's Strawsome Frappuccino Promo

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Brownies Fondant Recipe (Valentine's Day Surprise)

This recipe is to make fudgy brownies

500g or white marshmallows (small ones are preferred for easy melt)
500g of confectionary sugar
2-3 tbs of water
1 cup shortening (Crisco)

1. Place the marshallows in microwable mixing bowl along with the water. Give it a mix.
2. Put it in the microwave for 3 30-second interval. Stir after each interval. DO NOT BE LAZY AND PUT IT IN 1 90-second shot.
3. Mix half of the sugar until it formed a soft dough. Be careful as the mallows are hot.
4. Start the kneading until the mixture is being able to stretch up to 2 inches without breaking.
5. To store it, cover with shortening and put in plastic wrap. Make sure to have it settled minimum of 12 hours.
6. When coloring, pinch a small part of the fondant and dip it in the coloring. Sandwich it in and start kneading again.

1kg of dark chocolate or compound
1 stick of butter
3 eggs
1/2 cup of flour
1/2 cup of sugar (still can be lessen as the fondant is already sweet)

1. Preheat the oven for 350 F (150-170 C)
2. Melt the butter and half of the chocolate. (Double-boiler)
3. Remove the mixture from heat and mix the sugar. This will cool the chocolate-butter mix.
4. Put and whisk the eggs one by one.
5. Mix in the flour.
6. For added chunks, add the remaining chocolate.
7. Place the mixture in a baking pan lined up with wax paper.
8. Cook in the oven for 30-45 minutes.
9. Let it cool.

Chocolate Ganache
500g dark chocolate
250ml whipping cream

1. Place the chocolate and cream in a bowl and microwave it for 1-minute intervals and stir until no lumps.
2. Let it settle.

Now, to put them all together:
1. Put ganache into the brownies. This is to have a smooth surface for the fondant to lay on. It make take couple of layers. Put it in fridge in between those layerings.
2. Flatten the fondant large enough to cover the brownies.
3. Put designs on it as you want. Mine was hearts as it was hearts' day.
4. Enjoy.

Oh my Abbey! A very sweet aroma greeted me when I opened our front door. Then I found my husband at the sofa, singing while playing a guitar. I went to the kitchen and look what he is up to but didn't find a clue but the dining table is in a mess, haha! 

Abbey surprised me a fondant brownies! So sweet!!! Hahaha! I am so delightful to know that the fondant was made of marshmallows. His version of gooey brownies and not so sweet fondant is pretty perfect not only for my tastebuds but for our colleagues too. 

Way to go Chef Abbey. :) I Love You so much!