Monday, November 28, 2011

Gardens by the Bay - Flower Dome Preview

ABBEY: This is the extension of our trip to WOC at Marina Bay Sands. Its only a part of the huge Gardens by the Bay. When you purchase a ticket for WOC no entrance fee will be required here. 

Succulent, Australian, Californian, and South American gardens were featured at the dome. Interactive wall screens are displayed to learn more about the plants and trees. 

Drinking fountains are available since you will walk a long way.

WILL: Excited to be the few people to see this Flower Dome and we are privileged. 
      Indeed, this is a very magnificent park, in a one dome Mediterranean Basin, Australia, Africa and South American gardens were all packed. Do not worry about the sun rays, it just add the very natural feeling of strolling at a outside garden. Worried about the heat? fret not, this dome is properly cooled up.
      Here, I saw an olive tree and the bigger than me cacti. Poinsettia is everywhere and a gigantic orchid to symbolize the national flower of Singapore.      
      Washrooms is all over the place and so the drinking fountain.