Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Waterway @ Punggol

ABBEY: We were not able to complete yet our trip to Punggol Promenade and another nature park unfolds.

This time its a walking distance from our place. The waterway is a good place to jog. Fresh breeze will brush your face as you ride a bike or run. Bridges, fountains, water and lights are the main attractions. People can do picnics. It also offers a large sandbox for the kids and sand castle enthusiasts.

WILL: When we on our jog we already saw this site, it was under construction but do not have any idea what this will be.
      23rd October it was opened to public and the roads here at Punggol is almost jammed and we were also excited about this! 
      One afternoon, after a quick dinner, I asked Abbey to roam around and as expected, this is a jaw dropping place. National Parks designed this area with love and passion.
      To go here, just alight at Punggol MRT and from there you can jog up to this place. 
      Thanks Punggol! Thanks NPB! Thanks Singapore!