Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Global Filipino Investors - Global Summit Singapore 24 Oct 2015 (Global Pinoys United - Gathered from All Over the World)

ABBEY: It is great that the first global summit of The Global Filipino Investors was held in Singapore. Just purchase the ticket and you're done. No airfare or hotel bookings. At 8:30 AM, Hotel Re! Opened its doors to the guests. Breakfast was served and the participants started to mingle with each other. We went with our friend Jhen who came from Philippines just to attend. We got a full view of the speakers and their materials as we were on the third row from the front.

After a prayer and welcome remarks from the founder, Floi, JJ Atencio spoke about real estate. I was able to get a book regarding successful investment stories of Pinoys. He explained that real estate asset is more affordable now but gave a hint to plan first what would be the purpose of that property; be it for personal or for rental use.

Then Ms. Salve Duplito gave us OFWs tips on where to put our hard-earned money. Key take away is to have an exit plan for being an OFW, budgeting and giving back to others.

Now after having investment, what are your plans on your estate? That is where the expertise of Susan Bigay comes in. She taught us to plan your estate as it grows. Not only to avoid chaos on the heirs but also to avoid tax "legally". I hoped she could have more time during the summit, because her topic really interests me.
Then lunch came and since it is siesta it is expected that everybody will feel sleepy.

TGFI management came up with a good idea. They put Natasha Bautista (Acting General Manager of Grabcar Philippines) to speak during that time.. Who will fall asleep when that angelic face starts her speech? I'm inspired for what she accomplished at such a young age. Dream big and reach for the goal. The next half of the summit boiled down to stocks, mutual funds, trading and franchising. 

Edmund and Edward Lee, Aya Laraya and Marvin Fausto told the audience on how easy to invest in paper assets with minimal startup. Then the TAP founder Tony Herbosa defied the norms. He told the participants that he's telling his apprentices not to buy blue chip stocks. He concentrates more on trading (in very large volume). He even showed his buy/sell receipts as well as his gains. If that is not appealing then try franchising. In the end it still depends on the investor which one he chooses.

Q&A's were conducted to have more interaction with the speakers. Food is delicious and take note it is a buffet :)
No topic is boring. We learned a lot on this event. Study and learn more for you to become financially free and independent.

Room for improvement:
1. People became noisy at the back as they are discussing with other speakers. It is ok to mingle and ask questions but give respect to other speakers who are still giving their talks.
2. Make more time for the speakers. Make the summit maybe 1-2 days. This is hard to plan but this is promising; giving more knowledge to the attendants.

More power to TGFI. Congratulations. Mabuhay tayong lahat.

WILL: TGFI First Global Summit: we are pleased and blessed to held that in Singapore. Well-known people flew in here with one mission...promote financial literacy to Filipinos. 

JJ Atencio discussed the few things that can make a man a millionaire. And the number one tool? Financial Education. We got a free book too to take home for participation in his talk. 

Salve Duplito, The Scam Buster, tackled what are the 7 things for OFW to do. What hit me most is her question, "When you want to go home? Do you have an exit plan?". 

Susan Bigay gives an insight how to distribute your wealth to maintain the peace and harmony after your death. This is one of the speaker swarmed by questions. Haha. 30minutes is not enough for her. Bring her back to Singapore! Please??! 

Bansan Choa. He disclosed that retirement is a good business. Haha! Got a good business idea on that. Thanks iRemit Boss. 

Aya Laraya. We really laughed when he told the crowd that he meets a people that seems knew it all but don't do anything to take the first step in investing. Haha. He taught us how to have a company analysis for every stock you wish to buy. 

Edmund Lee pushes the people to dream big and do not be scared. He shows us some strategies in stocks too. 

Tony Herbosa the founder of TAP confirms what I did when I selected my power of five company. Gut feeling is a good thing to be side by side while analysing the stocks. Haha! Instinct and Legal Wife is the right word! Haha. Hope to see you again in Singapore. 

Marvin Fausto get into deep on 3Ws in investing. We got further on how it is easy to invest in mutual funds using the COL account. :) Thanks Sir Marvin for creating this platform for the Filipinos. 

Jerry Ilao differentiated very clearly the difference between employee and entrepreneur. He gave ideas of a business that requires a minimum amount of P500,000 and below. He also give us the perfect signs that you are ready to be an entrepreneur. 

From 8:00 - 6:00pm for only $75.00 with free breakfast, lunch and snacks. Gosh this is really a real deal. We learned a lot and we want more!!! 

Thanks TGFI. Till next year's Global Summit. Hmmm thinking who the next set of speakers will be. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shangri-La Hotel The Line - International Dinner Buffet

ABBEY: We already experienced their buffet breakfast here at The Line at Shangri La Hotel and now dinner for Rejoice's Appreciation Night. Ladies wore pink and gents black. We were hungry and immediately grab a plate and went to the buffet. 
First plate is Indian cuisine (chicken tandoor, garlic naan, briyani rice) because that's the nearest to our seats. This gave us time to chat with colleagues when we got our plates filled up.
Next are chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce and prata. Then we headed for some pork siopao and dimsums. I only got a couple of them as they contain shrimp.
The roasted beef caught my attention and I asked the chef to give me a rib. It is tender and delicious. The juice ran between my fingers. I'm eating like a king :)
The last couple of plates really sealed the deal. Sushi roll with tuna; topped with salmon and then torched. Wow. Delightful. The soy sauce is sweet but it would be better if the wasabi can be a little more spicy. I put a lot on the dip but not that spicy. For 87 pax, the tab went up to more than 3300SGD including wines.

WILL: This is Rejoice Container Services Pte Limited Appreciation Night! Wooooohooooo! I am always waiting for it, because I want my husband to meet my colleagues. In office we are full of laughters, so imagine when we go out and have a full packed dinner? Merrier!!!

This year we went to The Line of Shangri-la Plaza Hotel. As you may know, we already went here but that was for breakfast buffet, now for dinner. 

Their roast beef is amazing! Tender and juicy. The salmon never runs out of queue. There is a free selection for dimsums, but I love their siewmai and its dip. Ice cream has it varieties, ohh there is a durian flavor. Froyo is present. Macarons, I ate plateful of that for dessert. To help me digest it all, they have a stall that serves the coffee and tea for the night. Ms Ivy capped our night off with some wine. 

I love every Rejoice's Appreciation Night. Thanks again Boss. Till next year :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Chicken Adobo with Coconut Milk and Turmeric

ABBEY: Yes, this is a fusion of chicken curry and adobo. :)

Boneless chicken leg (any preferred chicken part)
2 medium-sized potatoes (cut to bite-size pcs)
200 ml coconut milk
2 tsp turmeric powder
1 cup vinegar
1 cup soy sauce
10 clove minced garlic

Marinate chicken with vinegar, garlic, and turmeric; preferably overnight.
On a pan, put 1 tbsp of oil and pan fry the chicken. Save the marinade for later use.
Once fried, put back the marinade and let it simmer for 5-7minutes.
Put on the coconut milk and potato. Simmer again for 3-4 minutes.
Season to taste and adjust the sourness and saltiness according to your preference.

WILL: Are you stressed out thinking what will be your dinner for tonight or tomorrow or on the next day? Well you are not alone, but thanks to different cooking site for us to checkout and try to cook. 

I saw an unsual "adobo", it was mixed with coconut milk and Abbey saw another style that was with curry. So Abbey do what? He cooked Chicken Adobo with Curry and Coconut Milk. The taste is a blast. You will not look for another meal. This is. Total package. 

Looking forward for another remarkable meal with mu Chef Abbey. :) 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory – Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant

ABBEY: We're supposed to have dinner at another location, but since our hunger requires some big servings we headed to Chir Chir at their branch on 313 Somerset. This is to celebrate the anniversary of our blogsite.

We're lucky enough not to wait in queue and got a table within seconds; because the queue got long a few minutes after we came.
Most of the menu items are for sharing. So better go there with a tag-along. We ordered garlicky chicken and Chir Chir Mi Chir. They said it is for two, but actually it can be for 3 :)

The chicken is crispy and sweet on the outside and moist on the inside. It is mild spicy as well. You can eat this without any rice, pasta, pizza. Just eat it alone. 

The Chir Chir Mi Chir fried chicken tenders were soaked on creamy pasta sauce. It was delicious. We finished the paste and sauce to the last drop.

WILL: Chir Chir is the newest sensation in town. The queue is horribly long and it is very good that  we arrived early. 

They do not have an individual meal so we ordered first 2 sets of food... for sharing. I am expecting that they will serve us a small portion but I am wrong. We were shocked by the size of their servings. It's huge. 

I love their Chir Chir Mi Chir  the sauce is amazingly delicious and creamy. Their Garlicky Chicken is quite spicy but the flavour is just at the skin, the meat is quite bland. 

The price is pretty expensive to battle with many Korean Chicken that is serving a single meal. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NOM - Bistro & Bakery

ABBEY: I first saw the rainbow cake on 9GAG. I thought of doing that but got no time to do it. Doing that is a feat as it will take time to bake seven different colors of cake and then layer them. Grace wanted to have a piece of that cake and planned to have it at NOM (No Other Meaning) Bistro. It is at Macpherson Community Club. The restaurant offers burgers, pasta, pizza, coffees, teas, mocktails and cakes. 

For 14.9SGD I had the Ultimate NOM burger (juicy beef patty, slice of tomato, lettuce and sunny side up egg in between buns with NOM's name on it). The burger came with serving of fries. Great dinner catching up with friends.

WILL: We got an invitation from Abbey's colleague to go to Macpherson to checkout one of the most talked about cafe due to their rainbow cakes. We did not turn down this opportunity for us to taste that cake and to catch-up with friends.

We came late, sorry, and our ordered is already on the table waiting for us. Do not worry, it didn't get cold. I went for its Earth Burger. Oh my gosh! I do not know what they put on portobello mushroom that it tastes like beef. Hmmm. Well I enjoyed every bite of it and most specially the cake.

Their rainbow cake have so many flavors but I went for Salted Caramel. It is not that sweet and it does not need to be flushed down by a coffee or tea. 

Nice and peaceful ambiance and their staffs are ever attentive and friendly! Check this out guys, click here for their menu. :) 

Monday, October 12, 2015

EPIKebabs - Meaty, Juciy, Epic (Tampines)

ABBEY: After dining out, we went to EPIKebabs for take aways. For 6SGD, I got a roll of mixed chicken and beef. It has chilli sauce and mayo. Maybe the shredded meats that I have in my roll are the ones closest to the heat as they were crunchy which gives added texture after every bite. It was good. It is as if I'm eating crispy chicken and beef :) They also put their shredded delights on sandwiches and rice. The branch we visited is on Century Square Mall Level 1.

WILL: When we are on our way for dinner to Sylog, we saw this stall just outside the Century Square mall. I am craving for shawarma for months already but I am very lazy to go to Clarke Quay to buy some. So when I saw this stall, I immediately asked Abbey to buy a pair for our midnight snack. 

Well, because of excitement to satisfy my cravings that was delayed long time, upon reaching our house, we ate it immediately. :)

Bite after bite EPIKebabs proved that their tagline is for real. It is meaty, juicy, epic and yummy. Now I do not need to head down to Clarke Quay for an expensive shawarma, I just need to make a stop here in EPIKebabs! :) 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

SYLOG - Singapore - Food Stand, Filipino Restaurant

ABBEY: Tapsilog (TApa (cured beef) + SInangag (fried rice) + itLOG (fried egg)) is of the favorite breakfast of Filipinos. So aside from tapa, it evolved. A lot of "silogs" were born. Tosilog (tocino- sweet cured pork), chiksilog (fried chicken), spamsilog (Spam luncheon meat), and many more. 

And it is a good news when I learned that it is here in Singapore. Sylog offers the breakfast treat all day long. It is located at Food Junction of Century Square Mall at Tampines. I got Tosilog for 6.50SGD. It comes with soup, lots of dipping sauce (spicy vinegar/soy sauce, lime, Mang Tomas) and slices of cucumber and tomatoes. The rice has a garlic-rich taste which I really enjoyed together with the cured pork and egg. The sour soup washed it all and dinner is finished in no time.

WILL: This is one of diners on Abbey's list. After our Investor's First Open Forum we headed to Century Square's Food Junction to look for Sylog. We found its stall and ordered their famous LiempoSylog.

Their soup and mouth-watering garlic rice complements well with the fried pork (liempo) that is well submerged on their vinegar.

I will positively recommend their food! C'mon mga kababayan! Go visit them when you are at Tampines area.