Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bintan Resort Ferries Pte Ltd

ABBEY: These ferries are bigger than the one had at our Batam tour. It has an upper and lower deck, a bar and kiosk and comfort room. Videos are shown on board. It's spacious and the windows are clear so you can see the vastness and beauty of the sea. Just like the Batam trip we both got seasickness. Good thing i managed to sleep during the return trip :)

WILL: Wow, this is quite a big one compared the one we had when we go to Batam. Wan Sendari is very big that but it do not have that enough strength to muster the big waves of Singapore and it gave me a real dizziness for the first time on my life and blowed it away.
      But do not get me wrong, there is nothing to do with the ferry. Actually all hands are up to its clean and very accommodating staff. 
      I love the ride but I am hating the big waves.