Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lemon Chicken


Lemon chicken
Chicken fillet
Ready made chicken coating
Onion (cubed)

Cover the chicken with ready made coating, deep fry and set aside.
Saute the onion and garlic, squeeze the lemon and mix the juice on to the pan. Add water.

Add sugar to balance the sweet and sour tastes. You can also put chili for a kick.

Once got the desired taste, put the fillets into the mixture. 


WILL: Lemon chicken? I only eat this viand on gatherings. So i am quite happy when Abbey told me he will cook this. 
       I am excited in my way home and that excitement never fails when i tasted it. Taste like what restaurants offer. :)
      The lingering taste and aroma of lemon is deeply indulged in chicken.
      Love my cook :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JustAcia - Dhoby Ghaut

ABBEY: Ever wonder how far will your 5sgd go? Its enough to satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth, enough to drink-all-you-can soda, coffee and eat-all-you-can ice cream. I tried their chef-recommended fried chicken. 

It's common right? But I tell you this is great. The meat is so soft and fried in such a way that it was very crispy. A meal is consist of a bowl of miso soup, rice and the main course. We're full at the price of 17sgd. This shop is located at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. 

If hunger strikes after office, stop by at this diner and indulge.

WILL: On our way home after we have great time at Marina Bay Sands. We saw this restaurant offering a 5$ meal with free flow of soda, coffee, tea, float and even ice cream. :) 
JustAcia is not a just ordinary restaurant that offers affordable meal, they cater each meal with miso soup, kimchi and a rice. Oh darl, we love the taste of chicken, Skin is crunchy but the meat is so soft. Dory, i love its sauce :)

It is located at Dhoby Ghaut station, purple line. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CocaCola Can Glass - McDonalds Singapore

ABBEY: This promo became a craze here at SG. You can get a "can" glass if you order a burger meal and up size it. The collectible is modeled from the signature Coca Cola can but is made of glass. It's hard to complete the set as the other colors are out of stock. Now we can enjoy our meal with more style :)

WILL: Free coke glass? Yeah it is free when u up sized your meal. Fair? For me... No. Why? Because they have big serving, their regular size coke and fries is the large size in Philippines, i cannot eat it all. Ha! 
But because i want to have the latest craze, i topped up $0.50 for the up size meal then here we go, I redeemed 4 glasses. Yeah 4 glasses, now we only have two, naabor ang dalawa :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kraze Burgers Singapore

ABBEY: We visited this shop near the skating rink of Marina Bay sands. Warning, the burgers you're about to order is made for people who has a big appetite. Yes, the burgers are huge. Each burger is freshly grilled topped with tomato and lettuce. A plate of largely-cut fries makes a good combo.

WILL: In front of Marina Bay skating rink, this Kraze Burger is located. What difference they have in other? Hmmm, order then they will prepare for you, serves around 10-15 mins. 
The unforgettable fries, the unordinary sauces spread along our wheat buns and extra flavor of the pickles. Shocks, blogging this makes me drool. Hehe. It costs from 9-12S$ per burger. Worthy. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hot Tomato

ABBEY: We were looking for a place to have lunch at Dhoby Ghaut, then we decided to try this diner. They offer pasta, soup, chicken and sandwiches, and steaks. The sauce is flavorful. We also visited their branch at Somerset. Pinoy staffs greeted us and gave us tips on must-try dishes. Lunch, light dinner, or snack you can find it at Hot Tomato.

WILL: We first saw this last year, at Plaza Singapura after trying the F1 race car. hehe.. We ordered soup and pasta for only $6.00. Good deal right? :D 
      The tomato based soup is fabulous. The taste is very natural. Their pasta? the pasta itself swims in its sauce. Overflowing cheese. I will never forget Hot Tomato. Simut-Sarap!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reasons to Visit Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: One reason is you can see their majestic structure. I was awed when we first came there. Signature boutiques are open to all. Kind staffs will greet you upon entering. No void spaces as they offer live music; be it a band, a quartet, or talent performers. Food courts, fine-dine restaurant, fast food chains, coffee shops will ease your hunger after shopping. A fountain show at the Marina bay will wrap the night; giving you enjoyment and revitalization.

      If you do not want to shop at crowded orchard, Marina Bay Sands is the place you may want spend your time off. 
Weekends? Go here lah! So many performers to entertain you and your kids.
      Food? Expensive? No! They have a food court that will satisfy your drool on food. Their food court is like a feast, different specialties of different countries were served here.
Videos uploaded by some performers we saw at MBS. Anyway why settle for a video if you can see those for yourselves :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

T.G.I. Friday's Singapore

ABBEY: After a good massage its time now to feed my appetite. Wilma told me that she'll treat me at TGIF in Orchard. It was a Friday night and the party mood is so high. Families gathered for a late night dinner and friends share a bottle or two. We got Chicken Finger sandwich and cheese burger. Both orders have fries. The servings are huge, even me has to take home the other half of my sandwich. The food is good and it only cost us 49sgd. Thank God we have Fridays :)

WILL: If Orchard road is not that far from our flat, maybe i ordered their finest blended drinks, but distance appelled the idea. 
      We ordered BIG burgers that can be shared by two persons, but we decided to have one each. The taste? Not distinctive with others. Thats all. Bow. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cetaphil - Every Age. Every Stage. Every Day.

ABBEY:  Wilma told me that we will have a sample Cetaphil facial cream to be tested. At the back of my mind I'm thinking that the product will be good. I first used Cetaphil products as recommended by my dermatologist for my allergy. They worked great. After washing my face, my wife gently applied the cream. Its good. No odor and my skin adopted to it as well.

      Thank you Cetaphil for sending us a trial pack. Anyway, back in Philippines Cetaphil was used by my niece and nephews for their daily bath so I am quite happy that they send us the trial pack. 
      My hubby's skin is very sensitive. We applied it on our face, so lucky that it doesn't produce any irritations. Truly, cetaphil never broke our trust with them  :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cafe Breton -Trinoma QC

ABBEY: This is the place where you can savour different crepe dishes; from main course to dessert. I tried their banana crepe and the spicy one. What matches the crepe perfectly is their hot choco or coffee. A crepe meal starts from 150php. The store is located in the top garden of Trinoma mall.

WILL: I am really fond of crepes, so its not a surprise that this fab restau will not be in our list. Trinoma mall in QC offers a lot of food stalls lalo n sa taas. One of those ay ang Cafe Breton. If you find a hard time to look for a seat sa Starbucks, this is a right spot for you. With an al fresco dining for yosi boys ans girls. :D Their interior is so nice.
      Tarzan is the best! for only Php85.00. Tapos samahan mo pa ng tea. Oh darl! Can't wait to go back in here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

KFC Boxmaster Meal

ABBEY: I saw their ad on tv; hash brown, spicy chicken fillet, lettuce, mayo and tomatoes wrapped altogether in a toasted tortilla. Wow, that was a "Transformer" sandwich. I told Wilma I want to have that one. After our visit at RSAF Open House, we head to KFC. Single meal with drinks is 6.40 and a couple meal (2 side dish, 2 drinks, 1 Transformer sandwich) is 11sgd. Top it up with 2.50 and you'll a Transformer toy collectible. The sandwich comes with specially designed box; half of it will be ready to eat as you open on the tab.

WILL: Well.. Indeed. Its a huge sandwich ma! When I saw their TV Ad, sa tingin palang nauumay na ako sa dami ng fillings! But I am interested to buy this, for only one reason.. The Toasted Tortilla. :D
      Bought their Boxmaster Buddy Meal for 11.90$. Well what can I say? I love their Tortilla and dripping sauce :D.. 
      The inside? ordinary flavored chicken fillet of KFC.  Just a  new wrapping :D 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rapsa Philippine Cuisine

ABBEY: This is definitely not to miss out for Pinoys. The shop is located at food court in highest level of Harbourfront Center. My housemate told us to visit it. I tried their grilled pork liempo. Ayos, Pinoy na Pinoy talaga. My meal costs 6sgd; liempo, rice and soup. Be sure to be there before 7 to 730pm else you'll be served with nothing, ubos na kasi. :)

WILL: Rapsa! Sarap! Good thing our housemate told us this food stall. We are craving for some filipino dishes and one of those I like to dig in is inihaw na liempo. 
Actually the grilled pork have same taste with others but the vinegar as the dip, damn good.
      Their set meal ranges from S$6 up, quite expensive compared with mixed rice. Hehe, but worthy lah, my proof? Even foreigners buys here.
      This is located at Harbourfront Centre, foodcourt. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


ABBEY: Nearing the end of her visit last 2010 when we went to Chinatown. As like in the Philippines, the place is full of shops selling charms, shirts, perfumes, bags, and other ornaments. Aside from shops, there are also flea markets selling goods and food also. You will also see street photographers taking snaps of the life of the place. I guess you already know on which MRT station you will alight in Purple Line.

WILL: Every country has its own chinatown. And if you say Chinatown, entrepreneurs and great buys will always be there! 
      So we headed here before i end up my two months vacation here in Singapore.  Here we bought shirts and pasalubongs. 2 for $10 shirt, when u are lucky, u can get 3 for 10$.
      This place is not only famous with the merchandise but also with food they sell. A street stretched with Chinese version of satay :) parang fiesta lang ang dating.
Lively and lovely! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Astons Specialties

This diner is at the underground level of Suntec Tower 3 near the Fountain of wealth. It serves pasta, steaks, burgers and salads. I tried their chicken spaghetti. The pasta was cooked right and their sauce is packed with ripe diced tomatoes, chicken chunks and spices. It was a treat for me. A plate costs 8sgd. Wilma got a wagyu beef burger and fries. Total bill is 20sgd including 2 drinks and a mushroom soup. The lighting and ambiance is cozy enough to have a sumptuous dinner.

WILL: When you will look for a nice dinner, Aston's is the place to be. Why? They have a great ambiance, actually quite intimidating, as if we can not afford to buy their food. I can say their place is quite romantic. :) 
          Their food? Hmmmm! YUMMY... The sauce overwhelmed the pasta. The burger, ordinary taste, nothing special.
          Here you can order beer lah! So pwede rin sya sa manginginom. Their food prices ranged from $8 up.
          We visited their Suntec branch, near Fountain of Wealth. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ishiki - Sushi and Bento

ABBEY: Wilma told me she wanted to try other food outlets in Vivo. We looked at the first level and we found Ishiki. The food was good and also the ambiance; it makes you feel a street-like environment. I think they can improve their service by telling their staff to smile when they serving or welcoming guests. I felt the staff that served us is unapproachable. Too bad she's a Pinay. We finished our meal, pay for it and then leave.

WILL: I am craving for Japanese cuisine that day or should i say the taste of wasabe. So we headed for a Japanese restaurant at Vivo City. 
      Here we found this. I ordered curry rice.  Yum yum yum!
Hay! So glad Chat get some sushi :) each bento meal costs us 10.00. Not bad huh!
      The ambiance? Serene and homey. :) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

MOS Burger

ABBEY: If I only knew  that this is a Japanese burger joint, I would've ordered 2 burgers for me only. Just like their bonsais the burgers are like miniatures; maybe for me because I'm a big man. The food presentation is good and you cannot argue with its taste. Its full of flavor and the patty is juicy. Price? Starts at 6sgd. MOS burgers have branches in Takashimaya, Harbourfront Center and also in Compass Point.

WILL: Wanted to taste this Burgers here at Mos. But Abbey is big hindrance. Why? Sometimes he doesn't want to experiment and taste other than his tried and tested. 
      Then, with his snob face, hehe, napilit ko din sya. I ordered fish Burger then chicken burger for him. Shocked! The burgers were too small, haha! So he is quite unhappy for this. Ha!
      Anyway, for me their burgers are so good, so juicy and lots of greens and special sauces inside.
      Happy to tried and if i were asked, i will go back to Mos. :) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adeva Spa @ Paragon

We were about to have dinner at Suntec when we saw the promotion of Adeva. For an hour of whole body massage you will be charged for 38sgd when the usual price is 78. We went to the facility and were gladly attended by the staff. A couple of minutes passed and we were instructed that we can use the spa amenities before the massage; it has jacuzzi - the size of our room, steam bath, and sauna. Ginger tea and water are available also. The tea is very good and very commendable. After soaking in the pool, it was time now for massage. It was a relief; having a massage after a week's work. But the thing is its only her weekend, my week has just started.

WILL: Adeva at Paragon - Orchard! What? How much? Hehe. As we were their first timer customer, their package of 198$ per session of massage was slashed to $38. Good deal right? 

What are the inclusions. Free use of jacuzzi, steam bath, disposable underwear, their free flow of very well blended ginger tea, and a dessert.
      We went there after office, TGIF! On their very serene lobby, staff will give u a form to fill up what are your body parts that your masseurs will concentrate to. There is also a boxes to tick how hard your massage will be. Kung may extra hard lng dun, un ang check ko. Ha! So i ticked on, Hard.
The massage, damn good. Rejuvenated!
     Do not forget to make an appointment, they are always fully booked. So better call before going there. Oh, i love their tea. Very soothing! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pirates of Carribean - Stranger Tides

This is the fourth installment of Capt. Sparrows' quest. When we saw the movie trailer, we decided to watch it in silver screen. I booked the ticket at Shaw Theaters - Nex. The show started 10 minutes past 9pm. Jack Sparrow never failed to show his wit and humor and even managed to escape when he was captured twice. A good leader for his co-pirates. With the guide of his ever-reliable compass they located the requirements to be mixed with the water from the Fountain of Youth. The same compass also lead them to the fountain. What funny to the movie are his punchlines. You'll never know when he will deliver it; be it in a serious scene, a combat one, just plain one. Music and sceneries are great. They jived well with the story line. Another kudos for men behind the Pirates. Ai,ai, Captain!!!

WILL: Oh i personally love each movie of Johnny Depp. But here in pirates of Caribbean i love him most. He is so cool. A happy-go-lucky pirate. So here we go again, jack sparrow... I mean capt jack sparrow have its fourth movie. In strangers tides. I do not want spoil who wants to watch this, but its a great movie, action, drama, and comedy in one movie. Story evolved in a fountain of youth, Greediness of some, and loving the life they have. 
      Here in fourth movie, it just gave me some spirit of emptiness without Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the love birds.
      I can watch this sequel over and over again. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

PC SHOW June 2011

A week before the event, we were scouting the estimated prices for the products that we'll buy. We're expecting that those prices will be lower once the IT show comes. We're right; aside for the prices became low, there were lots of freebies. One thing we noticed is that there are fewer people who came even though its a weekend. Maybe more people will come before the show ends on Sunday. Lesson for us is to exert effort to visit a number of shops to compare and have the best buy for your product. Patience is the key and pays a lot in the end.
WILL: Feet? Check! IC? Check! Wallet? Ahmmmm. Haha. This is not my first time to go here at Singapore's quarterly IT show. Last year we just bought for an acer netbook - a piece of cake to carry. Now we bought our very own desktop, another laptop, an iPad, 1TB HDD, so total of 4 paper bags, a trolley and one big carton. 
      Tips when you go to Suntec? Drop the idea of using the car for car park shortage, do not hail a cab traffic jam is so bad! Use MRT, alight at esplanade station. Go there as early as you can. 
      Before the IT show, scout! So you will know the price if its lower and the freebies will be greater. You can also save your time in roaming around the 2nd, 4th and 6th floor of suntec convention.
      Here you cannot haggle for the price but you can ask for more freebies. Just unlock your charm to the sales executives. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Twinings of London Tea

ABBEY: Wilma likes this tea, but won't buy it always as it was a bit expensive compared to Lipton. But the leaves taste great. They also have teas infused with berries, ginger, etc. When we were at the grocery, she asked me if we can buy a box of those teas, I said yes and she was ecstatic. The box has four teabags in each of the four flavors. Also the drink will not have a bitter after taste even the bag is soaked in water for a long time.

WILL: Literally, Its my cup of tea. The first twinings i tasted was the four red fruit flavored a pasalubong from Italy. 
      From there, i keep on sipping their teas. Unlike others, u must take off the teabag after 3 minutes or the taste will be bitter, this twinings, even whole day mo ibabad, damn!, it will just give you the full flavor of it.
      In philippines it costs 190Php per box of 25, here it costs 6.95SGD. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Popeyes Singapore

ABBEY: We were looking for a place in Tampines mall where we can have lunch. We decided to go for popeye's. They're offering their easter treat when we got there. For 4.95, Wilma had a regular soda, a biscuit, 2 pieces chicken tenders, and a chicken wing. I ordered their 3- piece tenders for 4.90. The ambiance is good. Another treat will be given if you answer their online survey.  Make sure to keep your receipt.

WILL: What i love in this restaurant? Their biscuit which is look-a-like in form of muffin :) The chicken is so tasty that you can crave for more. 

But their meal set is quite expensive. It costs from 6$. 
      After your first meal don't forget to log in to their site, take a short survey, get the code an write behind the receipt then redeem your free meal :) 
      The first branch we dined-in was in Tampines Mall then claimed the free meal at Punggol Promenade.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup - Suntec City Singapore

We ate first in this noodle house in their branch at SM Megamall. I tried their chicken noodles. It was good, has a native taste. You can also put mung bean sprout and basil leaves. A bowl costs 150php. We also visited Pho Hoa Singapore located at Suntec City. Its the same level as Eng Wah cinema. We happened to have a dinner there before the movie starts. A meal starts from 10sgd. Yummy Vietnamese cuisine.

WILL: Well, i am self confessed girl who is so in love with noodles. :) 
      When i tried the Vietnamese noodles at Pho24 at Ho Chi Minh, OMG, di ko n sya makalimutan!
      So ang di ko pinapansin na Phoa sa Pilipinas eh napansin ko n din.For a bowl of Phở Bò costs around Php250.00.
Here in SG, not more than SGD12.00 per order. The taste?, it seems i went back to Vietnam.
      Phoa Hoa is located at Suntec City near Eng Wah cinema. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mr. Bean

Can't remember that I've tasted food from Mr. Bean. Good thing that my wife reminded me. She used to buy me what we called their version of Japanese cake. It like a thick hot cake cooked in a waffle machine without the square design. Each pastry has a filling; chocolate, custard, berry jam. Didn't tried their soya drinks as I'm not into it. The pastries are good match for my coffee at the office.

WILL: Oh, really love this. My mother told me that I never drink milk from her or even a milk formulated from animals, why? Allergies. Alangan naman na pakainin ako agad ng solid foods diba? Hehe. So doctor prescribed a soya based milk for me. 
And maybe thats the reason why i love this soya beans in any form, mapataho, tokwa or soya milk pa sya.
      I am glad that here in Singapore, Mr. Bean offers soya in many forms. Hehe. As a cake, ice cream, soya milk, ice blended and many more prices ranges from $1.20-$3.
      My favorite is the ice blended with sago :)