Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jewel Coffee

ABBEY: We pass-by this coffee shop whenever we went to Vivo City from her office. We planned to have a cup there but it only materialized a week ago. 

They're selling a stylish coffee cup called keep-cups at 50% off with free drink. We also tried their spicy pasta at 10sgd. The food was good and even better when we had a chat with the owner. He is accommodating as well as his staff. The shop us located near Lau Pa Sat festive market.

WILL: This is my first time here in Singapore to be welcomed by an owner of a restaurant. He is very accommodating.
      We won and entitled to buy the keepcup for 50% off with free coffee or tea. Of course, right there and then we get our 2 cups of hot drinks. The taste? Awesome! Unordinary drink while sitting on their high-cahirs. Superb experience on a delightful sunny afternoon. 
      Baby also tried their pasta, spicy yet the taste is so flavorful. I hope I can determined the spices in it but I can't so there is no way I can copy this pasta for me to cook this at home, hehe. 
      It is true, indeed, they are jewel to treasure. Thanks Jewel Coffee.