Monday, April 29, 2013

Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland Village & Crystal Jade My Bread at Takashimaya

ABBEY: We had another round of Citibank points to exchange into vouchers. We chose Crystal Jade for a change. The vouchers are redeemable either on their restaurants or bakeries. We had dinner at their branch in Holland Village. You can do a walk-in or to be sure make a reservation. The place is jam-packed. Its a good thing the staff allowed us to have a table at the second floor. They gave us less than hour to dine as the place will be used for a function. 

I tried their Fried Noodle with Shredded Pork & Cabbage . As it is a Chinese cuisine, the dish is flavorful and presented beautifully. We also tried their dumplings. The sauce and the dumplings complement each other well; leaving you to crave for more. 

For a 30sgd-meal we only paid 10sgd less the 20sgd voucher. The other voucher we spent buying bread on their bakery at Crystal Jade My Bread at Takashimaya. This made Wilma ecstatic. She liked bread and pastries a lot. We bought floss, their must-have Mini Hong Kong BBQ Pork Bun, cake, coffee and milk buns. She was very happy seeing large quantities of dough-delight put in two large plastic bags. As we can't finish them all before expiration we shared some to our housemates. 

Thanks Crystal Jade.

WILL: Do you know that Crystal Jade serves Authentic Chinese Cuisine with love for beyond two decades already? Do you know that Crystal Jade is one of established restaurant well-known not only in Singapore but across Asia. Do you know that Crystal Jade not only have restaurants but also have bakeries?
      Holland Village Is the nearest branch of Crystal Jades's restaurant from our home. We called because when we pass by at their place, we always saw that they are fully-packed and the queue is too long, but its too late, the reservation list was full and they just asked us to be their walked-in guests. We agreed and hailed taxi immediately, we don't like to be caught up on a long line of grumbling stomachs. Haha!
      No queue as we arrived by 530PM, they immediately assisted us to the second floor. I ordered La Mian Soup with minced pork and vegetable wanton. When I saw the serving, I already knew that I will carry a take-away bag later.. It is too many for me, and Abbey already raised both hands in surrender to eat my left-over. It costs $9.50 but good for two serving. The soup and the noodles is so tasty. So delicious!
      Abbey went for Fried Noodle with Shredded Pork & Cabbage in Shanghai Style for $12.80, so good that he managed to eat it all, he also ordered a Deep-fried Pork Rib in "Wu Xi" Style for $8.50.
      This date night costs us to pay the $40.00 voucher.
      Then Abbey and I decided to spend the remaining $20.00 on their breads. After our remittance at iRemit at Lucky Plaza, we went to Crystal Jade My Bread located at Takashimaya. Gosh, there are so many breads... newly baked and the alluring aroma keep me to pick more breads that the costs of the our voucher, haha.. We added $2.00.The bread is so tasty, I am really the fan of their bakery since I tasted their tarts! Love it a lot!
      Before I forgot, thank you so much to Citibank Singapore for the $60.00 vouchers.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Beauty Boutique Clementi - Foot Reflexology Service

ABBEY: We got a 1-hour foot spa-scrub-massage from  and it will serviced by Beauty Boutique; a shop near Clementi MRT station. We were asked to sit on a lazy-boy type chair and a couple of minutes after our feet were soaked in warm water with herbs and tea.

After 30 minutes of dipping we were given a foot scrub. I felt that my feet were very well cleaned. Our feet were dried and oil was applied on to them as the massage started.

I enjoyed it as the masseur hit the aching part on my heel and I got relieved. It is as if I'm walking on very soft cushion after. Once in a while its worth pampering our feet; the reason why we can go from places to places.

WILL: Oh, we are so loving the deals now, its very near to our home. Only 4 bus stops away.
      Abbey deserved all the relaxation the world can give. He is a great husband the woman can have. Ayyyiiiieeee! 
      After alighting in front of Clementi Mall, we just walked a few stalls then we arrived at this red, red stall... The Beauty Boutique. We were not there to accentuate our beauty but to relax our very tired feet. 
      Immediately an usher assisted us and felt the comfort o the seats offered. She asked us is we want to upgrade our voucher for $5, we agreed, then a tea bag was soaked together with our feet. In a hot water for 10minutes, my feet was relaxed and the tensed muscles started to calm, they scrub my foot up to knees, washed the scrub down, the kneading began. 
      As usual I requested for a hard massage. My foot aches was directly hit by their professional hands. The more they pressed, the more I feel the relief. 
      They have some promotions but unlike other salon, they are pushy for you to grab their offers. 
      The salon is very clean and the masseurs are very kind.      
      Thank you to for this offer! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ginisang Ampalaya (Simple Sautéed Bitter Gourd Recipe)

7 small ampalaya
1/4 kilo of pork (cubed)
2 eggs (beaten)
1 medium onion
4 cloves of garlic (minced)

Cut the ampalaya in half, remove the seeds by scraping it with spoon and slice them in 1/8 inch-thickness diagonally.
Saute onion, garlic and pork.
Once the pork is tender, put the ampalaya. Add half cup of water and simmer for 2 minutes.
Add the egg while stirring the vegetable continuously. This will prevent the egg to form in large chunks.
Season to taste and serve with rice. 

WILL: While almost all of the children and even some of the adults I know hate bitter gourd, here I am loving it a lot! I want it almost on every week on our weekly list or at least incorporate it to the other vegetable or viand. 
     When Abbey cooking this viand, we always have a separate food. He wants the bitter gourd to be well-cooked while I want it to be stir-fry.. As in I want it raw! haha! 
     Love this meal! Healthy and yummy. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Croods

ABBEY: I didn't set my expectations high on this animated film. I thought it was like a Tarzan or Jungle Book plot. But I was wrong. I enjoyed watching it. 

It is a story of pre-historic people who managed to survive on difficult challenges they face everyday. Their motto is to settle in the cave once the "light" has gone out. They would hunt for food by stealing eggs of the animal and when they are finished its almost sundown. Their live became a ritual  and Eep is not happy about it. She knew there is something beyond what they believe. But her father, Grug, would insist that they stay on the cave at nightfall. At the cave Grug will share stories to his mother-in-law, Gran, wife, Ugga , son, Thunk and little daughter, Sandy. 

One night Eep couldn't sleep and she noticed that there's a "moving light" outside the cave. She went out and follow it. It was fire from a torch of Guy; a wanderer who is heading his way to the mountain to escape the incoming earthquake. She held () captive and brought him to her family; telling that he has the "sun". The catastrophe brought their cave to the ground so they decided to move with Guy. 

It was a fun adventure. I like the punchlines of Belt. Everything is new to the family as it was their first time moving out of their comfort zone which makes Grug worried. They managed to resolved their family conflicts and settle to a better place. 

Be sure to check how they do their family portrait :)

WILL: This is not a "Flintstone" movie, but this is portrayal of stone age. 
      The Croods is a family that life goes round and round, they fear on changes, frightened to try new things. But the changes should be faced and the said change is a "must". 
      This is a great movie specially for kids. Here you can learn how to handle new things that will come to your way. Father's love to his family showed blatantly in this film. 
      Thanks to InCinemas Singapore for the free preview passes! :) keep the good movies coming guys! Mwahhhz! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Chicken Broccoli

1 medium-sized broccoli
1/2 kilo of boneless chicken leg or chicken breast
1 egg
Flour or fried chicken mix
1 medium-sized onion
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
1-2 teaspoon of cornstarch (dissolved in 1/2 cup if water)
Soy sauce

Cut the chicken into 1-inch size.
Soak them in beaten egg, roll over into the flour or chicken mix. And then deep fry until golden brown. Set aside.

Cut the broccoli flowerets into bite-size.
Saute onion and garlic. Then stir fry the broccoli.
Add the chicken.
Mix soy sauce and cornstarch and pour it in the pan.
Season to taste.
You can alternatively use oyster sauce.
Serve with hot rice.

WILL: Abbey's mentor in cooking is the Panlasang Pinoy videos, I "like" also their facebook page to be more updated. Last month, I saw a new recipe was published and immediately my cook to do that for me. ;) 
      Of course, my personal chef knew what are things I don't want in my food so he took out the oyster sauce out of the recipe. Maybe some we'll think what will be its taste, well, it is still yummy. 
      A nutritional/delicious meal. As usual, double thumbs up Baby Abbey! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Walt Disney Studios Singapore: Oz The Great and Powerful

ABBEY: Wilma always wanted to see a film about Wizard of Oz. From early movies created up to the famous broadway show Wicked, she saw them all.

She asked me if we can watch Oz: Great and Powerful in the big screen. She lost hope in winning a pair of tickets on Nuffnang and Facebook contests. I gladly said yes.

As in the title, it shows the story about the wizard. Oz was portrayed by James Franco. He is a magician in a circus and people really believe that he has powers. So a girl who has a disability and her family offered him money and ask him to make the girl walk. It was in the middle of his act. As he couldn't do it, the people called him a con-man and demanded to refund their payment. Oz also has the habit on hitting on all the girls including the woman of a circus weightlifter. With everyone trying to get a piece of him, he rode a hot air balloon to leave the place. Little did he know that the balloon is being sucked towards a tornado. This eventually became the gate to the land of Oz. 

He was amazed by the tall peaks, rushing waters of the falls, colorful trees and weird creatures. (Mila Kunis) saw Oz when he fell down from the sky. She told Oz that he is the wizard who will set free the people as on the prophecy. On their way to Emerald City, they met monkey with wings, ; it would be Oz's sidekick. Expect a lot of laugh from him. 

Mila introduced Oz to her sister (Rachel Weisz). Asked Oz that if he killed the "evil" witch Glinda (Michelle Williams) he can get all the riches of the treasury. The tables turned upside down when Oz knew the truth. And they prepared a battle between good and evil. You will be surprised how Oz became great and had the respect of the people of Oz (Thinkers, Quadlings, and Munchkins). Its a good movie; great for children.

WILL: Big fan of Wizards of Oz?, here! here! 
      We are members of Nuffnang Singapore, and they alerted us to blog about this movie and win for ourselves a pair of movie passes. I waited... waited until 5pm last 7th of March but no email for Abbey about winnings, since I am great great fan, I can't wait for another day to watch the film. So we decided to go to JCube and bought a pair of tickets. 
      My smile is from ear to ear when I finally took a look on the passes. I watched intensely and laugh so hard on every moves of the very adorable Oz. I am so happy to be the of people in Singapore to see the film on its first day of showing. A very recommendable movie for everyone. 
     On our way home, as I check mails, I saw the Nuffnang congratulatory mail. Haha. We decided to see it again. Sorry friends for being so selfish. I just really love this movie. One monday we hit VivoCity mall to watch it for the second time at Golden Village. ;)  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cereal Prawns Recipe

1/2 kilo of large tiger prawns (cleaned and deveined)
1 stalk of curry leaves
1 salted egg (yolk only)
1 egg (beaten)
1-2 tablespoon butter
1 pack of ready mix cereal
1-2 chili slices

Put the prawns in the egg and roll them over to the flour. Fry it until the shell becomes orange. Set aside.

Melt the butter in a pan, then mash the salted egg yolk.
Put in the curry leaves follow by the cereal mix and chili.
Once the cereal absorbed the butter, throw in the prawns. Mix well until the prawns are covered with cereal.

WILL: This is one of the most famous must-eat here in Singapore, but due to seafood allergies of my Abbey, I also prefer not to eat anything that can activate the allergens. 
      One Monday, he told me that he will be cooking something special, so that day I am just looking forward only for our dinner. After workout with my friend Chat, we were all surprised that cereal prawn is the viand in front of me and Chattie. 
      Pity to Abbey he can't taste his own masterpiece! Oh darl, it is really good. How tasty it is? While I am writing this blog, I keep on swallowing the cravings of the memories created in my mind.  
      Thanks baby, you always have surprises up on your sleeves. Love you so much... my personal chef! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Venetian Macao

ABBEY: Venetian is one of the many hotels and casinos in Macau. It also houses signature and prominent boutiques; Victoria's Secret where you can pose along with Heidi Klum's wings which she wore on one of the fashion shows. The hotel has sampan(gondola) like the one in Marina Bay Sands. If on a budget you can buy lunch or dinner at their foodcourt just like us. 

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the hotel is the ceiling on the third floor. It was as if there is no roof. The ceiling was painted with a portrait of the sky. Its always "day" on that area of the hotel. You can enjoy the scenic view as a singer renders an opera.

WILL: Do you want to experience a gondola cruise under a blue sky?, c'mon go to Venetian Macao and experience it for only 118MOP. 
      This largest casino, hotel and resort rolled in one is located at Taipa island of Macau. The building was inspired by architectural designs in Italy. 
      I felt that I was so welcomed here, in this building, we took our first dinner and spend half of our second day strolling around on the Titanic and The Human Bodies exhibition. 
     This is a gigantic place that maybe can be conquered for three days of walking. Haha! This is a must-to-see place in Macau! Tourist must check this out. Oh, they are providing a free shuttle from the Ferry terminal and sister company Sands Macao. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Human Bodies Exhibition at The Venetian Macao

ABBEY: When I was a kid, I like viewing the pictures of human anatomy on encyclopedias complete with the transparent pages as if you are dissecting it layer by layer. The Human Bodies was exhibited at the Science Museum in Singapore. Due to lack of time and the ticket is expensive, we didn't go there. We went to Venetian hotel as part of our Macau trip. We were surprised that they are selling tickets for the display at a low price; 360HKD including Titanic. 

It started by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. The displays were patients who donated to have their bodies used for science and for others to know more about our body. He uses a technique preserving the human body called plastination; wherein the body will last longer than putting formalin alone. Some bodies shows only muscles, bones, and nerves. The exhibit shows also the different systems like reproductive, and digestive systems. 

One particular display caught my attention; it is a preserved womb of a woman including a child. Others exhibits a healthy and worn out (with disease) part of the body like kidney, lungs, heart, breast and liver. This made me realize to take care of own "machine" as well. The last display is the whole body cut into sections wherein you can see all what is inside. This is a good learning tool for all the visitors of the museum.

WILL: Abraham and our registered nurse friend really wants to see the exhibit when visited Singapore but I am not fond in exploring human body parts but due when we saw the promotion by The Venetian Macao, Abbey and I decided to grab the offer. 
      The bodies undergone in a "plastination". A jaw-dropping showcase was right before me. The skin was stripped open for the visitors to look what the ordinary people can't see. 
      Muscles, bones, veins, respiratory and reproductive was artistically positioned for us to see whats underneath ourselves. 
      Even if you are not a medical practitioner or student, you shouldn't let this pass. Very informative.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Titanic - The Exhibition (Macau)

ABBEY: The ticket for this exhibit is expensive when they curated in Singapore. So we took the chance when it was shown in Venetian Hotel at Macau. The ticket was priced at HKD120 but at HKD180 you can visit the Human Body Exhibition as well. 

It was presented as if your boarding the Titanic. First is the tickets or passes along with the guests records and facts about other loads like foods and cars. Once onboard the ship they replicated the famous white corridor; you can't get through the door though. Next is the china wares used in the ship. Then came the grand staircase. You can strike a pose like Jack and Rose here. Then it became pitch black with only stars and little amount of light from inside the ship. That's when the iceberg hit Titanic. A chamber with a wall of ice was displayed allowed the visitors to feel how cold zero degree celsius. The challenge is how long you can stick your hand in it. If its cold for you then imagine how the victims experience when their bodies were soaked in water with a temperature lower than that. 

At the beginning of the exhibit a card was given to each guests that depicts a boarding pass with actual names of the passengers who boarded the Titanic. At the end a long lists survivors and deaths were on the walls. You can check if you survived the tragedy or not.

WILL: When Titanic Exhibit went here in Singapore last 2012, I never want to go there. Why? For me it is just a waste of $24 to see the artifacts of a ship.
      When we visited Macau last February, we saw that The Venetian Macao offers the tickets for its 2 exhibits, Titanic and Human Bodies for only HK$180.00 (SGD 28.25), really cheaper! So after our lunch at Sands Macau we boarded the shuttle bus that will bring us directly to The Ventian Macao. As the casino was flooded by tourists, we are hoping that the exhibition will be serene.
      High hopes... When we entered the Titanic Exhibition, you can count by fingers the visitors. You can take your time to read all the facts about the luxurious ship. How it came to life, how it sailed, and how magnificent the body of this vessel.
     Goosebumps all-over when we entered a room that showcased the viewing deck of the ship and the stars somewhat glimmers in a very dark night. Also showcased here the cabin of different classes. We have a chance to have a photo of the famous grand staircase. There's also a kind-a-iceberg which you have a chance to feel how cold and how hard the kind of ice that ripped open the metals of the "unsinkable" ship. 
     This is a great experience. Hmmm? Titanic II? Hopefully we can get on board ;)