Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bintan Agro Beach Resorts

ABBEY: We bought this 98sgd - 2-day;1-night tour from Groupon. This includes back and forth ferry ticket and land transfers, breakfast, lunch and dinner. All other expenses will be shouldered by the tourists. 

We rode the ferry at Tanah Merah. An hour later we were at Bintan Terminal. It took us another hour to reach the resort. I assure you that it is far but it's worth the travel. Upon arriving, we proceeded  at the front desk and ask if we can have an early check-in. 

Once we received our room key and the coupons to be used at the resort we went to the room to have our backs and legs stretched. At 12 noon we had our lunch at Sunmoon restaurant which is located 150 meters from the beach. We had nasi lemak, grilled catfish and fruits. After lunch we made an appointment for the spa. A little rest and then we got our massage. Feeling relaxed, we headed to the videoke kiosk and sang a couple of song while waiting for our dinner. 

Our dinner is at Asiana restaurant just beside our room. It offers wi-fi so we can still connect from our room. That's a bonus. The restau offers a beautiful view of the sea and the pool. After the dinner we headed to the room and rest. 

Breakfast is still at Asiana. I had a big breakfast because it's buffet; fried rice, satays, omelet, fruits, juices and other drinks. We checked out at midday and has lunch before heading back to Singapore. We got an earlier booking a reached home at 6pm.

WILL: Saw this at Groupon and we are very happy to go. This will be our first time to be out of the country as husband and wife and this is a great gift for Abbey's birthday.
      Bintan Agro is an amazing resort. A very huge place that caters almost all you need for relaxation and enjoying the nature. The deal is so great. From transportation, accommodation, sea sports and food it was all included.
      If you don't feel to splash your way to the waters of the sea, you can soak your body to one of their two pools. Do not want to swim ah, try this their karaoke, fitness centre, take their shuttle service to their sister resort, or play basketball.. these are all for free. you might want to try to roam around their city for $10.
     We really enjoyed our 2D1N vacation. Bonding and relaxing to its finest! I really do not know what is with the lands of Indonesia because every time I am here, it just gave me a feeling of very long sleep. 
     You do not need to exchange your SGD to Rupiah, all their price list is in SGD, but if you have Rupiah they can pay though. Try go in here, the one hour ferry boat and land transfer is worthy!