Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe @ Plaza Singapura

ABBEY : I think I already dined on this restaurant, once or twice. But only when I "dated" Kar Yin (Wilma's officemate), I tried their dessert. 

For dinner, I got Western one; fried chicken cutlet with sauce and fries and baked beans. Then came the dessert; red bean ice kachang. 
It was served in a large bowl. The ice shavings was formed like a tower or should I say a tall mound. I enjoyed eating it by carefully scraping the ice not to topple the scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. The volume of ice is enough to wash out the sweetness of the beans. My "date" have the mango one.

The diner also offer local and chinese food; ranging from dumplings, spring rolls up to laksa and noodles.

WILL: It is our first date with Karyin and I decided to date her at Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe at Plaza Singapura. There is a lot of dining options at that mall but this place always have a queue. We arrived early and we were served as soon as we set our foot in front of the restaurant. 

Not more than 15 minutes our food is in front of us. I miss the crispy noodles of Chowking back in the Philippines and I am here to check out their version. 

Crispy Prawn Noodle ($12.90) made me feel that I am home. It met my expectation but the quantity is enormous. But do not worry, I finished it all. Without giving any part of it to Karyin or Abbey. Haha! 

Then I am craving for red bean ice kacang, we ordered the XW Special Red Bean Snow Ice ($6.90). I am very full but I still managed to ate half of it. 

This my second time dining here in this food chain. The first is at Changi Airport Terminal 3 with my in-laws. It never fail to fill up my tummy wonderfully. Till our next visit Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Gelato World Tour - Singapore

ABBEY: After a long walk in Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve, we rewarded ourselves gelato. Not one but sixteen flavors. 

Marina Bay Sands held the first leg of Gelato World Tour. The tour will be coming to Rimini, Berlin, Austin, Dubai, Melbourne, Valencia and Roma.

Sixteen top artisan gelato chefs competed last March 20-22 wherein they showcased their own and unique flavors. Not that I'm biased but I rooted for my own country. The flavor is mango with ube (purple yam) and called Mango Ube Symphony. It was created by Zara Manikan under the flagship of Bono Artisanal Gelato. They won People's choice. The grand winner for Asia Pacific Finals is Sharon Tay of Momolato.

Other flavors I like were Kopi-Fah Sung Thong and  Croccante alla Fragola.

WILL: After our ecotour at pronounced ASEAN park, we decided to continue our day-off at Marina Bay Sands to check out the Gelato World Tour. 

Singapore is the first leg of the gelato artists to compete their works against each other. Singapore known to its hot weather submitted 5 entries, while Philippines have one. We arrived earlier than we expect and lucky to witness the presentation of each chefs to the panelist their gelatos. Its a great experience to see first hand the faces and gestures of the judges while their tasting the samples. :) 

The ticketing open and for only $12 you can get an 8 small tub of different flavors. I tasted it all except the Beer with Ciambella. I am not fond of the smell and taste of it so I do not dare to get some of it. 

What flavors that caught my attention? The Mango Ube Symphony. Maybe because of my native tongue. Congratulations Ms Zara Zaragoza-Manikan for winning the Peoples' Choice Award. She deserves it, the queue is non-stop to her booth. The Croccante alla Fragola also is tasty. We have different preferences so maybe what I like will be not appealing for you. :) 

Well, we will continue to checkout the final judgement on your last tour stop. Hope for you to visit Singapore again.  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Singapore's Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

ABBEY: We're not able to go inside Bukit Timah Nature Park as renovation is going on. So we decided to go to Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve. 

Some of its parts are also undergoing renovations but the sanctuary for migratory birds is open. Still the same rules apply; don't litter, no fishing, and don't destroy the property. As this is for bird-lovers, taking snaps is no easy feat. Thus the rule be quiet should be observed. Hides and screens are installed within the wetlands for fowl enthusiasts. Kingfishers, herons, and sandpipers were among the birds that can be seen there. 

Beware of crocodiles as well. Back away if you meet some and always be on the guest paths. This is a very relaxing and serene place.

WILL: We are scheduled to hike the Bukit Timah and we found it close for renovation. So, not to waste time, we decided to go to Sungei Buloh Wetland. 

I am not ready to go there. Why? I read a lot of blogs that monitor lizards and snakes were freely roaming the area. I am so afraid of those reptiles that I can't stand to see them even in photos or videos. But Abbey and I need to accomplish a thing without further hesitations we hailed a taxi to roll up there. 

My heart pounding to the site of welcome signage fixated in front of the park. As usual my husband make me feel so secured and make my brain stop to imagine things. 

So we walk, observe the migratory birds, take photos of big spiders hanging on their webs and carefully looking out for stray crocodiles or monitor lizards or snakes on our path. 

Whew! I survived the challenged when we pass the main bridge. That's what I know. Haha! Everybody screamed and ran and to Abbey's delight he saw a huge monitor lizard gleefully swims at the pond. 

Ok. That's it! I will never go back to Sungei Buloh! Haha! Thanks to National Parks for this great experience.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew - Thank You Sir!

ABBEY: I came to Singapore on 2009. Cleanliness and orderliness greeted me and was amazed on the progress of the country. Yes, Lee Kuan Yew is not the current Prime Minister, but the passion and vision of current government is rooted to his own. 

He dedicated his life to serve the country and make it stand out on the rest of the world. The people supported him as they know that they'll go on the right path with him. His full-white office attire is a physical emblem to strive for excellence and do it with clean conscience. 

Words will not be able to describe the feeling upon losing him. All we can do is to hold on to the memories he shared and continue to further his work. Some may say that it is sad that he wasn't able to see the fruits of his labor; he was, that was his vision in the first place. Thanks to you, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

WILL: A HERO! That is what I can describe LKY. (Shocks I am in the verge of tears now). My husband woke up around 3AM and when I turned to him. Abbey in a very low voice he stated that LKY passed away. 

I  want to have this opportunity to thank him for dreaming. Dreaming that Singapore will be as good as other Western and European countries. Dreaming that he can change Singapore. Dreaming to be a first world country. Now, his dream and wish for Singapore is my reality. Not only his fellow Singaporeans harnessed the fruit of his labour but also the foreign expats like me. 

I envy Singaporeans because they have a Lee Kuan Yew. A man who have the courage, love and respect to his country and his fellowmen. I envy Singaporeans because they have a LKY who founded People’s Action Party that represents politicians with a pure heart in serving the residents; free from corruption and immense visions for the betterment of  nation. I envy Singapore because LKY used an iron hand in implementing the laws. I envy Singapore for having LKY as their founding father.

Thanks LKY, one of the most clean heart, brilliant and loving father of Singapore.. No one can replace you in everybody’s heart!  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bamboo World Tour 2015 (Bamboo with Mitoy and The Voice Kids) - Live in Singapore

ABBEY: Rivermaya was my wife's favourite when we were on high school. Being her as my crush I need to know the lyrics of their songs, just to impress. So I have memorized most of them and little did I know that it will help me enjoy Bamboo's concert last March 15 in Singapore Expo.

The Voice Kids winners and Mitoy made the front acts.

Few points I found to be room for improvements for the kids:
Darlene: Improve on how to interact more with your audience. The quality of the voice and diction should be looked into. Choose songs that is for your vocal range. Yes, you can belt out those high notes but it is annoying when you're on the lows.

Lyca: Another product of sympathy votes, I guess. Aegis songs, yes. But need to enhance your talent more.

JK: Continue to harness your voice and serenade those girls.

Darren: Yes you are the total package, but please change your repertoire. Please, please, please!!! You're a dude, not a gal; unless you aren't. Change it soon, else you'll see yourself as one of the judges in "Your Face Sounds Familiar". Also, with your current acts, it is as if Sarah Geronimo is on the house. Get your own identity, man.

Mitoy really prepared the mood of the audience for Bamboo. He entertained the guests well. And he kept on singing while the crowd mugged him for selfie.

Then the rock icon entered the stage and set it on fire with his Rivermaya tunes like Awit ng Kabataan, Hinahanap-hanap Kita, 214, and Elesi. He also sang Noypi, Tatsulok and Hallelujah.

WILL: Cause time may pass; But longer than it'll last I'll be by your side... Am I real?

We got a VIP ticket for discounted price. Again, thanks Dr. Love Shelly! 

We arrived late..2 hours late. But the show just started. Out of four, JK stands out for me. I knew Mitoy way way back when he is performing at Eat Bulaga. I admire his voice and his comedy antics that make the people dance along in his music. From there I am Mi-Toy-O Fans Club. 

Bamboo Mañalac! The man of the hour! Never fails to make me scream and sing-a-long to his music. It reminds me of my teenage years specially when he hit the crowd with Rivermaya's Ang Awit ng Kabataan. And suddenly my heart pound for the love of my country when I heard the "Tatsulok". The Noypi lingers to my veins as it described a life of a Filipino Expats. 

I Love Bamboo. Hope to see him in a reunion with other original Rivermaya. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Singapore City Gallery

ABBEY: As far as land is concerned, Singapore has scarcity for it. Salute to the men and women of their government as well as their people. 

As their history tells, they faced many issues and problems before they got to the point where they are now today. Take Singapore river for example. It was told that you can smell its stink a mile from it. But now, it was one of the places to go to. Once they got their problems solved and all is well, the improvement doesn't stop. 

Singapore City Gallery shows the plans and proposed improvements for Singapore in the future especially in the business district. The gallery is located in The URA Centre at Maxwell road. It is near (across) the Red Dot Traffic building. It shows scales of Singapore business district and you can have virtual reality if you point the device on the markers. 

It also exhibits the works of British artist Stephen Wiltshire. He drew the Singapore skyline, out of his memory after a short helicopter trip. That was awesome. Other works like New York, Sydney, and London were also there.

WILL: Ok, you already knew Singapore's past. How dirty the roads are, how deep their floods were and the infamous stench produced by their dead river. And it was reverse all to positive and the outcome was seen by the whole world. But do you want to know more? Want to know the future? Want to know what they will create for the next years? Go to Singapore City Gallery. 

In here you can see their next projects. Which country they tie up with on researches on how to construct more stable buildings and have it secured in upcoming earthquakes or other catastrophe. It also showcases the intricate zoning of the city state. 

Attend the light and sound show to know more about the Singapore's CBD Area. 

Singapore City Gallery was just located near the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, 10mins walk. This is the best place to visit for engineers, architects and alike.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Custom-made Watch from Bicycles.Sg

ABBEY: We were sent a watch and asked to try it and give our opinions to it. It was said that it was a sports watch and it is unisex. But sad to say, it is not. I haven't got the opportunity to wear it. But it was a good accessory for my wife. 

The watch is white in color, big but lightweight, and has crystals/diamond on each hour. I hope they have a model for the guys.

WILL: Delighted to read an email for a product review. Too surprised that this blog was slowly making its way to spotlight. First, thanks to Bicycle Singapore for this opportunity. 

We received a white watch. Of course I love it because it is one of my favorite color. I wore it while working and before my lunch break I found some pencil writings on it. Yes, I am using pencils for writing. Instead of using erasers, I just used my fingers to take it off and it was gone. The surface is made of plastic, no need to worry about scratches. Inside was embedded by "diamonds" that it made look more elegant and formal. The bracelet was made of plastic, I run my nose on it after my sweat settled but it do not produce a stench. It is lightweight, it wont stress your risk at all.  

If you want cheap and with an "elegant" look watch. You can have this one. :) Please click here for more details. :)  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Cheese Steak Shop Singapore

ABBEY: We waited long enough for the Philly Cheese Steak to open in Singapore. And that is over. Chat invited us there to catch up. Maybe it's just Friday night and there's no activity in the sports hub so the place is empty when we arrived. 

I ordered King of Philly, a classic Philly Cheese steak with more beef and cheese. The beef is tender and moist. It goes really well with the melted cheese and hot sauce and some fries. 

The 10-inch sandwich costs almost 20sgd, which I find expensive. I hope they have more promos and could lessen the prices.

WILL: The day had finally came. The longing will be soon over. Ha! Abbey and I arrived at the Kallang Wave Mall first and we roamed around inside to look for our meeting place.. The Cheese Steak Shop Singapore. To our surprise, it was located just outside in front of Sports Hub Library. Secluded, that is the right word for me to describe the store. We are the only diners going inside and we were frantically want to find out why. 

Chat went to the counter to pay for our orders, thanks for the treat! Haha! I got the Spinach Cheesesteak. The meat is tender but I cannot say that it is appetizing. It lacks the flavor. I was stunned to see the prices. It is expensive. Sorry Chat. Now we know why there is no people dining in, while the other neighboring establishment was packed. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Platinum Movie Suites - The Cathay

ABBEY: What if your local cinema offers the comfort of a blanket and reclining chair together with food? Yes, Cathay Cineplex gives that in their Platinum Movie Suites. A ticket costs SGD28.42(booking fee included). 

You will warmly welcomed by their receptionist, in our case, it's Patricia. And you will be guided to the lounge. While waiting for the theater to open, you can place your order. They offer gourmet popcorns, nachos, coffee, wine, sodas, western and oriental meals like burger and fries, chicken wings,beef rendang and nasi goreng. 

Once inside, the leather seats are waiting for you. Forgot to buy food in the lounge? No worries, press the call button and you will be attended to. It was a great experience. By the way, we watched Fifty Shades of Grey when we went to the Suites.

WILL: Abbey and I have a habit to accomplish/experience/buy one goal/place/things at a time. This is to eliminate stress in reaching our wishes in life. And this year, we planned to go for a movie night in one of the suites in Singapore. And firstly, we chose to experience it with Cathay Cinema. 

50 Shades of Grey tickets were sold-out even in movie suites. Yep! Even on weekdays. This film really made a noise. Haha! But in luck we got 6 tickets for a Monday viewing. 

We were awed by when we gather at the lounge. It seems that all the guests in here were served magnificently. Before the movie starts, the lady behind the concierge approached us if we want something to eat. She handed us the menu and we gave her our card and Abbey told her to put it on his tab. 

The gate opened and I giggled that not more than 20 pairs of La-z-Boys were on my sight. Exclusivity indeed. The seat is very comfortable and a quilt is available for use. Please take note that the quilt smells and feels really clean. The seat can turn in to a bed and lamp and mini table adjustable on your own desire for you to put on your food. 

I asked for nachos and cola. The cola was served in a wine glass and nachos have 2 dips served in a white plate. Señor Abbey and Señora Wilma. Haha!

Now, I am wishing to watch a movie again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Peranakan Museum

ABBEY: We've passed by and entered Peranakan Museum many times but every time we went there, we're not able to spend time to see the exhibit as there were so many visitors during those times. So on the first day of Chinese New Year 2015, we planned to check it and see to it that we meet our goal.

On the first storey of the building were portraits of Peranakans; all in smile showing that they are proud of their origins.
A storey up and you will be amazed on the articles used in a wedding. Intricate designs were shown in dresses, accessories and furnitures. Wedding customs really differs on each race or ethnicity.

The third storey showcases the chinaware, different parts of the house like the kitchen and dining rooms. Another part of the exhibit is for the funeral. It is scary but its a good learning curve to know and respect others customs.

WILL: We all went to the museums around the Bugis-Bras Basah Precinct including Peranakan Museum. 

This is a 3 storey-building of former Tao Nan Chinese School is the home for the different Peranakan descendants. Here explains well the different people who married Southeast Asian people. And to my surprise “Tsinoys” are considered Peranakan too. 

The beliefs, glamorous lifestyles and food was well showcased here in this museum. An educational tour for the whole family. You can explore the whole museum for not more than 3 hours. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey

ABBEY: Disclaimer: The blog entry is for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey only and not about the whole trilogy.

We reserved a pair of seats on Cathay Platinum Movie Suites for 60SGD four days after its opening.

An eligible bachelor was being interviewed by a graduating student and instead of him being interviewed she was the one on the hot seat. By the end of the conversation, Anastasia just want to get out of his presence, literally out of the building, to breathe as she was hyperventilating due to intimidation.

Then the stalking began. Christian Grey knew almost all means on how to get to Anastasia. As a rich businessman he can gift lavish gifts to any woman just like what he did to Anastasia. I cannot say that he's manipulative as the girl also show signs that he liked the guy. He just wants to be always in control.

But under that successful, handsome, and young appearance lies the dark side of him (not Batman huh). He practices sadomasochistic activities as the submissive and now he wants to be the one making the plot.

Maybe not my thing and I felt discomfort when he hits the girl on the end. (Spoiler).

Let's wait and see what the second installment has to offer.

WILL: We procrastinate to check first the review of this movie before we started to queue for this movie. Of course some will tell that the portrayal seems ok and how good the actress and actor was and some will tell the opposite. 

And I can say is, that is why I do not want to go to the moviehouse if I had read the book. Well, it is not what I expect. Some scenes were missing and for days I cannot shake it off why they deleted it. Jamie Dornan is not enough to be Christian Grey.

But there is a feeling that I need to see the second and third sequel. :)