Monday, February 29, 2016

Pizzeria Mozza @Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes

ABBEY: I don't know where would I date Wilma on Hearts' day. But then I remembered that she wants pizza a lot and she told me that she wanted to dine at Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands' The Shoppes one day. So Pizzeria Mozza it is.

Reservations (phone or mail) can be done a month before your date and I booked it at 6PM. I asked for the Hearts' day special and surprisingly there is none.

We ordered three items close to 100SGD: bruschette with wild musrhrooms, spinach, chilies etc, Salame pizza and Lasagne al forno (beef lasagna).

The Italian food is very aromatic, appetizing and delicious. I can still recall the oil dripping on my hand while eating. The pizza was cooked in a brick oven. By the way they are not having chilli sauce, else it will be American version. Got a good conversation with my baby on a candle-lit dinner.

They also serve wine and desserts.

WILL: I am always eyeing to eat in here but we always never get the chance. 2016's hearts day, my husband made it happened. I am so excited, Abbey did the reservation for this occasion. 

The serving is good for two. A little candle lit in the middle of every table and it gave a romantic mood for the whole place. 

I am shocked when we have a bite in each of the food! It is bursting with flavours! I want to eat more but the food is too heavy for my tummy, haha! Try the Raspberry Tea. 

The service is 10/10, food 10/10 and place 10/10. We will surely be going back in here.

2 Bayfront Avenue #B1-42/46 
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
(T) 6688 8522

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Menya Musashi at VivoCity

ABBEY: We decided to dine at Menya Musashi after our stroll at Vivo City (#01-104). 

I got their Chicken Cutlet Toji Rice Set; chef recommended. It comes with a bowl of rice, fried chicken cutlet soaked in beaten egg yolks, miso soup, and chawanmushi.
Japanese rice is delicious. It goes well with the chicken cutlet and the taste is not that salty. I washed them all down with the miso soup. Then for the finale, I ate the egg custard which was topped with mushroom and pork bits. 

The meal costs 16SGD.

WILL: Abbey is so overwhelmed with his new shoes and on that, he treated me a dinner at Menya Musahi at VivoCity. The store is not that big but have a welcoming ambias. We are lucky that time that there is no long queue going on when we arrived the place. 

We were ushered to our seats, ordered via iPad app and they immediately served us their complimentary hot tea. Have you experience that ramen splashes back to your soup? To avoid any clothing stains, you can ask for paper bibs. :) 

I got a thin ramen for my spicy soup set. I am amazed on how flavourful the ramen specially their noodles. Oishi! One bowl is too much for my tummy size, and of course husband is there to rescue me (we hate wasting food). He to agreed how delicious it is. 

Please visit them on any of their branches.

Menya Musashi - VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-104 Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9519

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oriental Chicken Bountiful Fortune Pizza - Pizza Hut Singapore

ABBEY: What do we have for Chinese New Year dinner? Pizza. Haha. No time to cook. Wilma placed an order and after an hour the delivery came.

Pizza Hut have this Bountiful Fortune Pizza in shape of a Chinese coin. It is a stuffed-crust pizza with toppings of oriental chicken, pineapple tidbits, capsicum, mushroom , cheese and salmon floss.
It was delicious if you eat it hot or cold; doesn't matter :) You definitely will come back for more.

WILL: Our housemates ordered Dominos's Pizza last CNY and my brain suddenly missed Pizza Hut. Hurriedly, I searched their website and found their specialty for 2016's Chinese New Year, the Bountiful Fortune Pizza. Even though our housemates offered us one box, I still insisted to buy our own. Hehe. Why? I am totally longing for Pizza Huts's thick and oily doughs. Hahaha! 

My 2 boxes arrived earlier than expected, it is hot and the aroma filled the room. Pulled a piece... craving satisfied! 

I ate 3 in one seating (for dinner), put it aside and ate another one before going to bed. Haha. In the morning I shared 2 slices with my husband and we opened the free regular pizza on afternoon. 

Honestly, Pizza Hut is more expensive than other  pizza companies PLUS they will charge you a delivery fee. This one large and one regular costs SGD44.50 compare to Dominos' buy one take one large Pizza (free delivery) of SGD33.00 that comes with a Coke. Anyways, I am not always splurging on pizzas. Hehe. One Pizza Hut annually is enough just to satisfy my tastebuds.  :)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shin-Sapporo Ramen (Orchard Gateway Branch) - Tonkotsu Fire Ramen

ABBEY: This restaurant is another item in my "To Dine" list. Shin Sapporo (Orchard Gateway B2-04A-05) offers this one of a kind ramen: the Tonkutsu Fire Ramen.
Note: You need to have reservation a day prior to your eating time.

We were an hour earlier and we thought we will wait for another 60 minutes. But Stanley, their attentive and hospitable staff, gave us confirmation that we can start. We were briefed and given the do's and don't when the chef is doing the performance. Basically, stay away from the scalding hot oil splashes and the fire.

I was given an apron for protection and I was led to my seat. My wife was my cameraman that time.
Then the performance began. And the fire nearly reached the ceiling. That's the reason there were black traces of smoke on it.
Since we ordered two bowls, they did it twice.
We went back to our table and and the bowls of ramen were served.
It was delicious. I also put chili oil. The best thing is that I can order another serving of noodles for free.
Each bowl costs 16SGD. 

WILL: Abbey serious about his "to-dine" list! Hehe. This time we went to visit Shin-Sapporo Ramen.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were educated on the things that will happen and what is the Fire Ramen will be. Minutes later, two bowls are on fire! I immediately look around for fire alarms may sound off. Why? The fire reached the restaurant's ceiling! Whew! 

Then, we dug in. What's the taste? To tell you, we are sick that time and longing for a hot and spicy soup that will make our flu fly away! So what's the taste? It is one of the most delicious ramen we have ate. Creamy soup is perfect. Now I am drooling! Haha!

Very recommendable.

Shin-Sapporo Ramen
277 Orchard Road 
#B2-04A/05 Orchard Gateway 
T: 6702 4906

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Plate @ Carlton City Hotel - Dinner Buffet

ABBEY: My younger brother and his family paid us a visit at the start of 2016. So we planned to have a buffet dinner. We went to The Plate at Carlton City Hotel (Tanjong Pagar); which offers seafood and international buffet. We were an hour early and they are still setting up. When they opened, we were ushered to our table. The staff really took care of our needs as we have a little cute baby in our group. 

We hurriedly went to the buffet table and pick up our first rounder. Mine was sushi and sashimi. After saying grace, we indulged ourselves to every bite. Next I got roast beef; the part with oozing fats :) It was delicious. Then I went for baked salmon with yogurt and cucumber sauce along with that I also had baked potatoes. For dessert I made my own ice kachang. Only ice and syrup. Haha. No beans. Then I also tried their chocolate ice cream. It is creamy and not that much sweet.

We got the deal from for only $40.00.

WILL: As a matter of fact, buffets can either make you spend or make you save money.  In our course, we always make it to the point that we will surely be on "save money" side. 

As usual, we treat our Singapore tourist with a buffet dinner and I am glad that offers a mouthwatering list of buffer options. Abbey and I chose the Friday Dinner Night pf The Plate at the Carlton City. 

What to expect for $40 nett (voucher price)? Seafood! Arrays of Singaporean menu, bak kut teh, live station of laksa and pastas, and ice kachang. Their mini cakes, roasted beef and ice creams. That value includes refreshments like soda, juices, tea, and coffee. Do not forget to indulge on their ice creams. 

The place is full-packed that day and all people seems enjoyed their food. Kuddos to the lovely staffs that relentlessly clearing our table and keeping our little one feel like home. :) 

Plate (Level 3)
1 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078862
T:+65 6632 892  Email:f&

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Giant Grand Ferrero - Casa Ferrero, Wisma Atria Singapore

ABBEY: I have no idea what to give my wife for Christmas. But when I saw how excited she is when she saw the Ferrerro Rocherone, I knew that I should get that. So the next day, I waited for the shop to open and place my reservation. I got three. Yes. Wilma only expected to have one. One Rocherone is a little bit shy to 25SGD.

Upon arriving at home, I gave the first ball. She was ecstatic and suprised. Then she went to the kitchen and I placed the second one on the dining table. I asked her to open it immediately. She went back to our room to get her phone. And realisation came to her. The giant chocolate treat is more than one. At the same time, I heard her shout "Why is there so many? Stay where you are." The surprise became a threat. When she found me, I gave her the third. There's nothing she can do but to accept my gifts and be happy with it.
I was more happy because I'm seeing my wife happy.

The taste is delicious. The chocolate is smooth and the nuts complement it well.

We can't finish in one sitting. By the way they have the junior version of this for less than 20SGD.

WILL: Huge! Big! Grand Ferrero!

Ferrero really knew how to revolutionize their product. Can you imagine what would Ferrero Rocher can do its chocolates? Ferrero brought the Casa Cafe here in Singapore for their holiday treat to us. You can buy exclusively in there their very cute and awesome Grand Ferrero. 

Abbey surprised me a three big ball of chocolate Ferrero. My eyes opened wide and my voice squeaked with delight! 

The taste? Same! Nothing changed, just the appearance! But this is really a grand and pleasant thing for a gift! 

Hey Ferrero! I hope more and more new packaging/product  you will introduce to the world. :) 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ben's Cookies Singapore - Baking with CHUNKS not Chips

ABBEY: At last we got to buy half a dozen of Ben's Cookies. Not that it is too expensive but the shop is always out of our way. We visited their branch at Wisma Atria.

The look of the cookie is like a novice chef baked it; mix the ingredient until the dough is formed then put some chocolate chunks. Press it down and put to oven. But the taste is delicious and rich. The cookie is soft and the chocolate chunks complemented it well. 

Recommended to partner with coffee or tea or just it on its own.
A 5-cookie pack plus 2 costs 14.75SGD.

WILL: Husband knew that I am a real-life cookie monster. Well, after about 6 months of delaying gratification I have decided to pushed (yah.. pushed, haha.. because it is not our normal to go to Orchard area) Abbey that I want him to buy me some of Ben's Cookie.

Every bite is a piece of heaven for me. Not that sweet but chewy and soft. This make it to my love to eat list..obviously. I like all the flavours, but white chocolate chunk standout. 

Try it. It will definitely solve your sugar cravings. 

Ben's Cookies Singapore
435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, #B1-50
T: 6235 5340