Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ace Renewal and Repairing Mask

ABBEY: Another mask? Yes. This was has a lesser scent than the last one I tried but still has the same effect. Once the mask has been applied prickling sensation will be felt. After the application it leaves your face soft and moisturize. Pampa-pogi :)

WILL: SaSa thank you so much for this giveaway! Me and hubby won a mask to try on. :) 
      Mask day again and here are some of the points I observed. 
This is the thinnest mask I used so far and due to its thinnest this mask must be folded between two other sheets to prevent breaking upon spreading up on users' face. It really sticks in and even the corners of nose and eyes were also hit and sucked up the fluid  There is no stingent smell, its like I am putting mask soaked in water only. After 20mins taking it off, I feel the pores is tighter and there is no sticky feeling on my face. On the next day, my T-zone that is usually oily, I saw that as if I am wearing a foundation. Haha. Goodbye oily T-zone. 
      Recommendable. You can buy this at any SaSa branch! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Baked Doritos - Nacho Cheese

ABBEY: It's the same taste but with different texture and packaging. The baked one is smoother and lighter and has lesser oil; allowing you to enjoy the richness of the flavor. Price remains the same at 3.95sgd.

WILL: Baked! Its was baked chips! The difference?Each chips is thinner and crispier, of course the texture is different from the fried ones. 
      Love it! Got to buy for more.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baguette – The Viet Inspired Deli

ABBEY: We were looking for a place to eat in Vivo City mall and we found this, Baguette, a Viet-inspired deli. I tried their grilled pork rice-noodle bowl. The taste is a mix of sweet, sour and mild hot. The pork is tender and moist. I also tried their signature drink Soda Chanh (lime juice, soda and syrup). Whole dinner cost only less than 15sgd.

WILL: Its my birthday and we choose to go spend it in our home. Hmmm, I am from office doing a two hour overtime. My gosh, our stomach is grumbling we need some small munchies just to stop the starving. Haha. We sat here at Baguette and ordered some sub vietnamese style. 
      The taste? Incredible! Definitely a viet-sub! A nice alternative to a usual western-american breads. :) 
      It costs not more than a $5. You can reach them at VivoCity Mall near Sephora. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Quail eggs - hard boiled
3 tablespoon cornstarch
1 cup flour
1/4 cup annatto seeds (atsuete)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
Cooking oil for deep frying

Cucumber (sliced)
Red pepper
Salt and pepper

Remove the eggshells and dredge it into the cornstarch. For the batter, dilute 1 cup of hot water into the annatto seeds. Mix flour, salt and pepper in a bowl. Pour the liquid in the flour-salt-pepper mixture. Put the eggs in the batter.

Heat the oil and once hot deep fry the eggs.
Remove and serve with your favorite sauce.

WILL: Eventually, I am missing every small thing that was taken for granted when I am in the Philippines and food is not an exemption. 
      I miss street foods and I miss tukneneng. This is quail egg rolled on a flour then fried. The best part? When it was soaked in a vinegar with garlic, onion and cucumber. 
      Thanks abbey for preparing this. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ginataang Mais

1 1/2 cups of glutinous rice (malagkit)
2 pieces sweetcorn
4-236ml coconut milk
3/4 cup granulated sugar

Mix the rice and coconut milk in a pot. Stir it for the rice not to settle in the bottom of the pot and get burned. Put the corn kernel once the rice is cooked. After a couple of minutes put the the sugar. Once dissolved, turn off the heat and serve.

WILL: Hello holiday! Hello to longer hours of sleep! Hello to food cravings. Hehe. I saw to one of my cousins facebook post that they have a ginataang mais, hurriedly I asked Abbey to cook one for me, then Abbey went home from work with the plastics of ingredients. Delicous! Its like I am back in the Philippines. Thanks Abbey :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lifespa at Orchard

ABBEY: We got this deal in for less than 56sgd for both of us. The deal comes with 1-hour deep tissue massage and thermal fusion. I can say that the service is good and staffs are accommodating. I felt relaxed and invigorated after the therapy. Nice shower room :)

WILL: Bathed under the sun, perspire a lot, and stressed from December 2011 up to early April, isn't these were enough reasons for us to get a good massage? Hmmm? 
      Well, we bought vouchers for Luxespa and for an offer for 28$ for 60min massage with thermal fusion. Great deal ha! 
      We showered before the spa, they provided a free locker and free disposable underwear and hairnets. The massage just fine but the thermal fusion is the best! Lovely, we will be back here if we need some more kneading. Hehe. ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Happens in Vegas

ABBEY: What happens in Vegas will haunt you down when you live your normal life :) That's what happened to the couple in the movie. After the hangover they want a divorce not until Jack won the 3-million jackpot in slot machine by putting Joy's quarter. Both sides want to have a cut in the pie and outwitting each other to have it whole. The rest is history. Good acting by Cameron and Ashton as well as their sidekicks.

WILL: This is the movie that was shown to us at Romancing U Movie Night. Its all about two person who fell in love despite of all the differences and of money. 
Ratings? 7/10. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

ComCrop @ NorthWest

ABBEY:  This is Harvest Moon in reality. I only do gardening in small pots and only planting the ornamental ones. But this is new experience. Starbucks is having a program for the community to plant crops. We did prepared for compost, built a land plot, plant seedlings and transferring the grown seedlings to the plot. It was tiring but fun. We were provided lunch, water, complementary shirt and dessert. This is good program and I hope we can join again someday.

WILL: I saw in Abbey's eyes when I asked him that I want to join the Starbucks' Project is quite hesitant. Why? He do not know what will be ahead for us. Haha. He agreed and now it give back time to Mother Earth. 
      I am very nervous why? There is no one calling us for to confirm our registration, so what we do?, we went back to the VivoCity branch and followed-up! ;) Not more than three hours one called up man rang my phone then were in. Ha!
    Exactly 830AM we're at the Bukit Panjang branch waiting for our group. :) Then around 9am we start the oplan tanim. :) First, they told us the composting, then we build a blocks for the plants, we was asked to get a Starbucks cup and plant out own seeds, then the last thing we were asked to plant the seedlings to the blocks we built. 
    After this affair, Starbucks provided a lunch, bottomless cold coffee, a fro-yo with dill and the most exciting part is their speech. I am so touched that in a small effort we exerted a group of aunties were relieved to many duties. 
    Thanks Starbucks and The Living! Project for giving a chance for us to serve the community, aunties, and mother nature in a small way. 
    This is a great date! Haha! Unusual and exciting!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Romancing U Movie Night 2012

ABBEY: This is different from our other movie nights as it is in outdoors. It was held in Fort Canning Park by Marriage Central. Serenades from a band and games were conducted before the movie. We got the pass from a group coupon site for a price of 10sgd. It includes free airbrush tattoo, a snap with you better half at a carousel, candy floss, popcorn, floor-mat and goodie bag. Hotdogs, ice cream and drinks were sold at the site. The movie is "What happens in Vegas". Its kind of old movie now but still made us to burst into laughter. Thanks Marriage Central.

WILL:  We are running out of time and almost all the hotels we know were fully booked, its a weekend/holiday. All efforts was used and even asked our friend to booked us at Ritz-Carlton but still effort was futile. 
       We gave up and then decided just to have a dinner somewhere, but my quirky eye saw an event sent organized by NTUC... The Romancing U Night.
       Rain or shine event and yes it rains. Hehe. At the ticket we bought for $25/couple, there is no stated exact location were the event will be. So we roamed around the area looking until we found them after 30mins of walking in the rain. 
      Suddenly upon entering the bars, the rain stopped. We take our bag goodies, took some pictures, take our free popcorn and cotton candy, Abbey got a tattoo too, then we positioned the provided mat. The show begun as well as the games. We bought a hotdog and soda at Botak stall and enjoyed the movie. 
      Nice idea NTUC. I hope next year we can join the games! Love it a lot! A very nice experience to celebrate our first 
wedding anniversary. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

London Roll Chocolate Flavour

ABBEY: This is an alternative to Pinoy's Inipit. As its name says it's a roll. A roll filled with sweet vanilla filling. Small in size compared to my appetite but fills in to complete my coffee breaks. A box costs less than 5sgd.

WILL: Okay, i love breads and biscuits but this roll have no appeal for me. For only $3.25 per box Abbey had these as his snack for almost two weeks. 
       When it was down to two pieces, I opened one and munch in. Hayyy, the taste is so nice partnered with my hot drink. I love it a lot. Buy some. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chicken Katsu Recipe

chicken leg or breast - boneless, pounded to 1/2 inch thickness
Coating powder
Bread crumbs

Beat the egg and add coating powder until the mixture thickens. 
Heat the oil.
Dip the chicken into the mixture then into bread crumbs. Do this twice. This will make the thick coating of the tonkatsu.
Fry it until golden brown.
Serve with hot rice, curry and wasabi.

WILL: We miss a chicken a lot! Why we lessen to consume this meat due to Abbey's allergies. 
      Well, I love Japanese Cuisine most specially the curry rice so I asked Abbey to cook something for me. :) hehe. He cooked chicken katsu with the curry sauce. Try the instruction above. Abbey, salamat ulit paano na ako papayat nito? Hehehe! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

London Fruit and Herb Company Tea

ABBEY: Another batch of tea to taste. I tried the one they named "Strawberry and Vanilla fool". The taste is good and has strong fruity aroma. Soak the tea for 5 minutes in a cup of hot water. Be sure to partner it with your bread or cookie.

WILL: Holland and Barret offers not only supplements, they offer also tea. Since Abbey is a Jay Gee Member, we have two boxes with discounts, bought one box for only $4.00.
      The aroma is amazing, inviting. The taste, nothing special. But, it really soothing feeling after a drink. I had this for my breakfast and before I go to sleep. Recommendable! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Quiznos Sub Singapore

ABBEY: I first saw their branch at Changi Airport but it was closed for the day. Then they open a new branch at CityLink Mall. 50% off for their beef, chicken and tuna sandwich for 3 weeks. The meal cost less than 10sgd with drink and soup.

The sandwich is delicious and mouth watering. It's a nine-inch delight so your craving will be satisfied. Adjacent to the shop is their sister company, an ice cream parlor.

WILL: Abbey handed me a flyer cum coupons. Then we go to their newly established site at CityLink Mall and ordered one for mirienda after office.  
      We bought their beef sandwich combo with soup and a soft drink. Soup is not good but not bad. The sub meat has its flavor that is distinctively with others. Love it! I think I can eat a whole 12 inch. Hehe. :) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Din Tai Fung Restaurant

ABBEY: We were surprised and happy when our Ninong Joel told us that he'll be in Singapore for a conference. We met at Suntec Convention Center and then proceeded to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. 

Searching for a diner, we found this at basement 1. It offers steamed buns, dumplings, rice plates and noodles. The porkchop noodle soup is delicious; all components made a good meal. Their shrimp-pork dumplings are juicy; best to be dipped in soy sauce with chili flakes. 

Our dining also includes beef noodles, fried rice and drinks.

WILL:  And then, the long wait is over! Ninong Joel went here for some company affairs and asked him for some pig-out! We picked him up at Suntec Convention Center after his VMware meeting and hailed a taxi to Marina Bay Sands. Straight we went here at Din Tai Fung and ordered dimsum and noodles. 
      This pork chop noodle soup is fantastic. Noodles were firm yet soft, its soup is very delicious. The dimsum is great! Packed with pork and shrimp made me remember my favorite siomai back in the Philippines. 
      The restaurant is very welcoming. Almost all tables were filled in even it is past 8pm. This is just a proof that this restaurant is pretty good! Foods is around $10-$25. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marché Restaurants

ABBEY: At last we set foot on this Swiss restaurant at 3rd floor of VivoCity. Upon entering you will be given a swipe card to be used every time you'll buy food. 

Crepes, cakes, pasta, toasts, grilled and fried meat, sausages and pizza are among the choices. We got chicken and red onion pizza, garlic sausage and fresh orange juice all for less than 35sgd. Maybe it's my first time that's why I felt lost in the diner.

WILL: I love their breads and its time for us to dine in. There is no queue that time so this is a sign haha. We only need a light meal that time, because we will eat again after we picked up Ninong Joel. Hehe. 
      Immediately stepping in at their restaurant, we already got a table for two. A card was handed to us. Every food we ordered the card will be taken and swipe it in. Less mess for taking cash out from your wallets every time you want to buy from a stall. 
     I ordered a whole pizza, abbey got a sausage. The pizza is awesome, its crust us thin but really fulfilling. The sausage tastes great too, packed with meat and spices. After eating, we are both full. Haha! Tsk, tsk. 
    Oh, it is located at VivoCity, roof deck. The place is a country style. You will feel as if you are in the cradle of your own home. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dippin' Donut

ABBEY: Wilma told me that she'll bring home merienda after office. I thought it was a burger or sandwich. It was donuts. It's been a long time since I ate one. I like the most is their chocolate-flavored donut. The sweetness greatly complements my coffee.

WILL:  He is on his night shift and I had work until 2pm only. He asked for pasalubong and I an quite anxious what to bring home, gladly, I saw someone carrying a box of dippin' donuts. Then, I hurriedly go to VivoCity Mall to buy for my baby. Hehe. 
He ate  matched with his coffee. The taste is nicer than dunkin donuts. Hehe. Even after putting it in a fridge, taste stayed the same. One box of 6 costs around $10. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Titanic 3D

ABBEY: I was a sophomore then when the movie was first shown. I watched it not on the big screen but on a rented VHS tape. Yes, I'm old :) We won the 3D premiere screening twice. We gave the second pair of tickets to VA and Chat. Now I appreciate the movie and the story as well. It's not the cold that killed Jack, in my opinion, it's pasma :)

WILL: "I am the king of the world".. "Jack I want you to draw me like one of your French girls, wearing this. Wearing only this". Those were some of the famous lines of Titanic back in 90's. Now in celebrating the 100th year of the rise and immediate fall of the unsinkable ship they are offering the Titanic Movie in 3D.
      Thanks to F*** Magazine and Twentieth Century Fox Singapore of sponsoring a premiere night tickets not for us couple alone but also to our two friends.
      This is a drama, love story movie and a reality how the titanic crews taken for granted the power of icebergs. 10/10. Hurry! Watch it!