Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spring Oasis – First-Class Health and Wellness Medical Spa

ABBEY: Once in while you have to give yourself a treat. For me and Wilma, we used to give ourselves a massage. We looked into online deals and we found an hour of body massage for 45sgd at Spring Oasis. It was on the 13th floor of The Forum at Orchard. 

Please take note that this is not your regular spa clinic. No music, no perfume oils or candles. The place is white well-lit just like a medical clinic. I was asked to change clothes and lay down. Then the massage began. The therapist focused on my back and I slept in no time. I just woke up when I felt I'm being tapped. 

It was good; I felt rejuvenated and my back muscles was relieved of stress. They got relaxed. 

WILL: If you saw some of our posts last June in our blogs you will saw a gray bandage on my left hand. I was sprained and it hurts every time that part hit by a cool breeze. My body screamed for kneading but due to tight schedule, we only booked for it on 24th of July.

We were immediately served when we got at their place. I was asked to take off my clothes, hmmm.. no shower? I lay on my stomach. The masseuse asked me what part of my body is really painful. I raised my left hand and she started the massage from my neck down, to left arm down to my left wrist. While doing it, she explaied how painful it would be but she promised that after that session I will be relieved.

She lightly touched my whole back and ask if there is part that is in pain, I replied I do not have. She told that my muscles at the lower back were so stiff, then she pressed them using her elbow. I breathed heavily to relax screaming pressed muscle at the back. With her elbow she massage my buttocks. I think for a long 10 minutes she is there, reaching every veins of it. (after that session the numbness in my butt that I feel every day due to long day of sitting was gone).

She reached to my legs and on my tears now is on the verge of falling out from my eyes. It is really painful every time her elbow reached a muscle that I think I never knew existed in my body! And I also thought that maybe I have no more energy to walk myself home.

The session was finished minutes after an hour. I get up and I felt so light. Rejuvenated. Renewed!

They tell us the truth! They are not a spa, they are MEDISPA.

Very good experience! Very Recommendable!  You can reach them at 583 Orchard Road #13-01 Forum Tel: 67334108

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall - 19 & 20 July 2014 Open House

ABBEY: After four years, Victoria theatre opened its doors again to the public. We attended the open house last July 19. 

The way how the old pieces and new structure was integrated gave a good impression to the visitors. Pieces of the back of the chairs were used to build a new artwork, the Rubik's cube. The old timbers were used in the walls of the theatre. 

Our ears heard good music that gave us shivers when the Philharmonic Youth Wind orchestra played Circus of Venice as well as Carpenters medley. The richness of Chinese culture was shown on the dance numbers of Dance Ensemble Singapore. 

I hope I'll be able to watch plays here in the future.

WILL: Lay the red carpet!!! Oldest and prestigious Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is now open! After a massive and meticulous renovation, she welcomes her visitors both local and tourists for a free shows and guided tours. Are you also there to take part of tomorrow's history?

We arrived for almost 5pm and immediately queue for Philharmonic Youth Wind. Abbey and I are so blessed to be sated on the 2nd floor, first row of the concert hall. When the kids started to play, goosebumps all over! The serene and very pacifying music came out from their wind instruments. The crowd cannot get enough and requested for a song. A roar of clapping hands is the way we say thank you and good job musicians. :) 

We ran to get inside the Theatre. Oh, now I wish that I am downstairs and more nearer to the dancing kids. Gracefully they interpret the song and made us really happy. 

The whole building is so great, magnificent. So white..so pure. Thanks VCH. Can't wait for plays and concerts to be held in your place.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Stewords Riverboat - Marina South Pier

ABBEY: It's better late than never :) Due to miscommunication Stewords Riverboat restaurant still gave us the discounted price of their baby back ribs for 15sgd only. We went there two days after their festive 15th year anniversary.

We were warmly welcomed by their staff and led us to our table which is directly opposite of the one we had on our first visit. We were given the menu and reminded that for us the price would still be 15. Two orders of baby back ribs please, tea, and unlimited soda :)

A couple of minutes later, the drinks arrived, then the large plates of pork delight. It comes with fries and house salad. It was so delicious. So soft that the pork is peeling from the bone almost instantly. The sauce is not too spicy nor too sweet. I think I sipped up to four glasses of Coke :) 'Twas a good, romantic dinner.

WILL: Looking for a place to impress your date? A place that you can look over the horizon while the sunshine gave way to a romantic darkness of sky, a place where you can be pacified by waves of the sea while eating a dinner.. do not look any further, its just a bus (bus no. 402 or 400) away from the business district of Singapore. Last thursday, 17/7, we say hello again to Stewords Riverboat.

It's their 15th year anniversary and this time we are there to checkout their baby back ribs. Again, thanks to Daryl,  for extending the discounted price for us. 

I felt the warm welcome of the people of this restaurants. Showed us our seat and immediate ordered for the meat we are longing for almost a week. 

They served their $15($22++ U.P.) baby back ribs with salad and french fries. I do not know what is tge dressing they topped at the salad but its seems so special, the fries is extra crispy. The moment of truth (shocks drooling again just thinking of it, haha!), no effort at all when slicing the meat to get off from the bones. The meat is so tender and juicy. The sauce is so perfect that compliments well to the meat.

Thanks Stewords Riverboat. This is very recommendable. We will see you again for sure :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BBQ Chicken Singapore - Best of the Best Quality

ABBEY: First of all, I stand corrected, it's not barbecue chicken, it is BBQ Chicken (Best of the Best Quality). All fried chicken are cooked in olive oil. We won 100 sgd voucher and we shared half of the winnnings to our Nanay and Tatay and the other half for us :).
We visited their branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

On the first visit we ordered the Olive+Grilled family combo. It comprises of 7 pieces of chicken (olive luxury, korean traditional charbroiled chicken, Jamaican Jerk Spice BBQ and Hot Hot drum), a set of cheezy fries and coleslaw, and 4 drinks. I took the challenge of having Hot Hot Drum. It has 2 chillis on their menu. And definitely the drumsticks are hot. I managed the spiciness though with the help of my soda. We also topped up with olive rice. It was delicious and tasty.

The next visit is on the same branch and we "take away" the order. We got BBQ wings, Teri Soya wings, Paris chicken, oriental honey chilli chicken and Hot Hot drums again. It was "poultry" picnic :) we enjoyed the savory and delicious chicken. I liked Teri Soya and Hot Hot drums the most.

WILL: Korean wave hit the whole world. Well not just for their blockbuster dramas but they also slammed their neighbouring countries with their fantastic flavored chickens. 

BBQ Chicken run up to the lines of food chains who offers different varieties of chix. My blessed husband won a $100.00 voucher. To share the blessing, we asked our parents' housemate to go with us for a Fathers' Day Celebration. We dined in at Tiong Bahru Plaza branch. We redeemed the first $50 and the second was just used after 2 weeks.

I bet for Hot Hot Drum flavour you will need some extra air and water. Haha. I love it. Next flavour I like is Paris Chicken. Love love love! Hey, they are using olive oil so guilt free on their fried chickens, fries and rice. 

Oh, I forgot, the Korean Pop Group 2NE1 promotes this food chain. If you are a fan, do check this out.

Friday, July 11, 2014

NamNam Noodle Bar Singapore - Suntec City Branch

ABBEY: I used to bring Wilma breakfast items from Vietnamese restaurant NamNam Noodle Bar but I haven't tasted them. I just knew they taste good. I was not wrong.

One afternoon we had snack on their branch at Suntec City mall. For less than 30sgd, we had a bowl of noodle (pho), two 6-inch sandwich (bahn mi) and drinks. 

I ordered sautéed lemongrass pork and cream cheese bahn mi and pho pork balls. The bahn mi is fresh  delicious and flavorful with the herbs used. The rice noodles' hot broth is "comforting" with its rich flavor. It is a bit spicy but I managed to finish it. The pork balls taste good as well. The condiment like the fish sauce and the herbs really bring out the unique taste on the food.

WILL: "You put my love on top, top, top." Every time Abbey surprised me of anything I always want to go to the highest point of the building where I am in just to sing the Beyonce's Love On Top. Haha.. 

I think NamNam is one of the food in his Love list for me, why? He always bring me breakfast from this store. So one Saturday afternoon before he heads to the office, we went here for lunch.

Their branch at Suntec City is spacious but as usual like their Raffles City branch there's always a long queue. We seated and from their big white screen that showed Vietnamese street foods gave me the urge to come back to Ho Chi Minh. 

I ordered Chicken Meat Balls and a Pho Pork Balls for me and Abbey to share. My chicken meatball baguette is so delicious, spicy, sweet, and yummy. Their noodle soup do not need any condiments to be added. The taste is perfect! 

They have a very big serving enough for my tummy to burst but my tastebuds really love the taste so half of my bread was wrapped for take-away. They do not have service charge unlike others but if you want to tapao your food, you will add a $0.50 for it.

Till next time NamNam. Very recommendable.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chili's Singapore 4th Annual Big Mouth Burger Day

ABBEY: This is the third time we joined Chili's Burger Day. And again the burgers are priced at 8.88. We've learned our lessons on the first two that we attended. We went there early and we were given a table a couple of minutes on the queue. 

Upon sitting, we placed our order as we anticipated that it will take time for preparation. We were wrong; few minutes after ordering, our food came. We were surprised as they delivered the burgers fast but we were more surprised that the burgers is not that freshly-made anymore; as if that they were prepared beforehand. Good thing is that the burger still tasted good and the fries somehow compensated our disappointment. 

Looking forward for the next Burger Day and hoping that they look into more customer satisfaction and more branches to hold the event.

WILL: Every 5th month of each year I am always keeping an eye for Chili's Big Mouth Burger Day. It was held every June. Why I love to participate in it? Except for the big discounted price of $8.88 (UP $25++) this event is a feast. A very lively day. You can see people queuing and enjoying their meal. 

Again, for the second time, we redeemed our burger at Chili's Sentosa. I ordered the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger and for not more than 15 minutes our burgers were already on our table. Chat and I availed the 1-for-1 margarita for our drinks.

Sighhhh. The burger was served cold. The meat oozing with its own juice was all gone..so dry. Maybe they cooked the patties before that hour to prevent a long waiting time. The margarita served to my friend have a small moth. We asked the attendant about it and maybe that was the  branch manager who looked again on my friend's glass and she nodded for a replacement.

Anyway, we will still wait for this yearly event. A very lively and tummy fulfilling day. Hoping to have my medium rare beef that time. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Crosta Pizza Delivery - Authentic Wood Fired Pizza

ABBEY: No second thought in a buying 1 pair of pizza after Costa Pizza confirmed that we can avail of their one-for-one promotion. 

We got Fano (4 cheese), Verona (folded pizza), Lucca (meat lovers), and Rome (BBQ chicken). I like the most is Lucca; pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, salami, and marinated beef aling with mozarella. Very classic indeed. Fano has a moldy taste due to blue cheese. Sorry but I'm not a fan. It is as if my pizza is spoiled. 

All pizzas were cooked in wood fire so the aroma is more appetizing and good. All four pizza cost less than 50sgd.

WILL: What? You miss the aroma of bread baked in a wood-fired oven but you are too lazy to leave your beloved bed? Well, I have a very good answer on that problem, dial 629-555-05.

Crosta Pizza announced their buy one take one promotion in their fFacebook page, but I can't see the end date on that offer. When my in-laws visited us here, I sent them a private message and asked if that promo is still valid. They said it is over, but for unforseen reason or its such a blessing, they still allowed us to grab that BOGO. 

We ordered Rome(B.b.q. Chicken), Verona(Folded Pizza), Lucca(Meat Lovers), and Fano(4 Cheese) for dinner. When I opened the box, the aroma escaped gladly and enticed me to finish all 4 pizzas. Haha. They served thin crust but do not be fooled. Beware! 4 slices, I felt so full already! Haha. I love the most is their 4 cheese. 

Call their hotline and check their page for more upcoming promos.

Thanks Crosta Pizza for the great promotion :) next time I will try your gnocchi