Monday, March 31, 2014

Todai Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

ABBEY: Todai restaurant offers buffet of Korean, Chinese,  Japanese, and Singaporean cuisine. We visited them last March at The Shoppes@Marina Bay Sands along with our housemates. 

As usual, we come at the exact time. Never waste a minute during buffets :) 

As starter, I had chicken karaage and fries; the chicken was crispy and juicy. Next, I indulge in salmon sashimi and inari. Then I got some skinny pizza and pasta along with chunk of pork belly and slice of steak. The meat was juicy and moist. I repeated the process until I'm full :) 

Since Todai is celebrating Korean Strawberry Festival when we doned in, we got a complimentary strawberry shake. One person costs 68sgd for a Sunday dinner with free flow of drinks.

WILL: Are you craving for sushi and yet your sweet tooth is kicking also? One plate or two serving will not satisfy your drooling? Todai will be the answer for you.

After Abbey bought his dream iPad mini on the first IT Show of 2014, we immediately headed to Todai to meet up our housemates for the dinner. 

Hastily went for tempura. Then I attacked their sushi. They are the best. 
The chefs really thought really hard for their masterpieces. Over and over and over, I ate those sushis. Haha. I also got one round of fresh oysters. 

Hail to their great pyramid of macarons. I really make my tummy full of those and I partnered it with a tea. 

Thanks to our housemates for inving us for a dinner. Till next, next month guys! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nike Flyknit Airmax 2014 - His and Her Shoes

ABBEY: My classmates during my elementary days used to discuss and boast about their shoes. That was the time Airmax was added in my vocabulary. But still I'm not keen on buying one since that was too expensive. Being blessed and having some change to spare, I got the red 2013 Airmax; very comfortable. 

So as a gift to Wil, I planned to buy her a pair. Only I came to know when I was about to buy that they have released their Flyknit version. Since the 2014 airmax color is pale, I ended up buying Flyknit with the striking colors :) She was surprised but I got the more of it when I went home and saw I have my own. Still the same comfort is there but more air and lightness on the shoes.

WILL: I am puzzled when Abbey always tells me that his 2013 airmax gave him a such comfort and he suggested that I should buy one in replacement of my 2 year old running shoes. I affirmed the idea but I know that I am not ready to splurge on things like this. 

Before Hearts' day of 2014 came, husband gave me the 2014 Nike Flyknit Airmax. Instead to give thanks, face-to-face asked him how much it costs, he answered "Mura lang.". Then I say my thank you after his response.

Everytime I wear my new shoes, Abbey always admires the color. And I really sensed that he likes to have one too. Haha! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

ABBEY: As the story of the first installation ended up in raising an army to defeat Xerxes, the sequel turned back the time to show where he came from. He came to power to avenge his father's death, King Darius. Armed with mystical power by transforming into a "God-King" he commanded Artemisia (Eva Green) to rally a battle at the sea against the Athenians. 

They suffered loss against the Greeks led by Themistocles. Artemisia even offered the second in command rank to him but he declined. She mustered more troops to fight them. The Persians could have won if not for the reinforcement of Spartans of Queen Gorgo. Then the rest is history. Kindly refer to the Battle of Salamis. 

Lesson from Xerxes : You have the power. You have money. You're a God-King and you have Artemisia. Enjoy what you have than go to war :)

WILL: I am a fan of war movies. I love see surprises on every attack of different side. If you want me to be with inside a movie theater look for a genre of film like this. 

I watched 300 and of course I was delighted to know that there's a part 2. 300: Rise of an Empire gave me shivers. While watching, I confessed to myself that this is the movie I always wanted. Themistocles and Artemesia fought in the Battle of Artemisium. 

After Eva Green laid on the arms of death, film was also ended. Then I was disappointed! My question is, which empire is on the rise in this film? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

HCC (Hilot Care Cilinc) Wellness Center & Spa

ABBEY: Wilma is a fan of massage therapy. So when we we're still in boyfriend-girlfriend stage, we made an appointment for a session of whole body massage on HCC Spa at West Avenue, Quezon City. 

I got relaxed and satisfied for most of the massage sessions we had there unlike Wilma who is complaining that the masseur didn't give much pressure on her muscles. 

A body massage costs Php350. They also have promos for each month. Just ask at the reception.

WILL: I am their loyal customer since their HumanEssence days. When you are dealing with the Bureau of Customs in Philippines, you can easily justify that you need a pampering every other week. Hehe! 

Everytime that hubby and I went to Manila I am making sure to make an appointement with them. The quality of the massage, the cleanliness and masseures kindness and skills never changed. They have a free tea or coffee for you to enjoy.

A tip: go there before 5pm to avail their early bird promo and for you to avoid the long waiting hour. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bornga (Original Korean Taste) at VivoCity

ABBEY: We have dined in at Bornga Korean restaurant at Vivo City for lunch after a book hunt at Logos Hope. Feeling that I won and got my prized books, I ordered Chadol Duenjang Jigae. It will be prepared to you by their chef at your table. Unfortunately, I said yes when he asked me if chilli should be added. I'm not that a fan of chilli as my tongue gets numb and I'm not able to taste the food. The chandol taste sour and spicy; maybe its because of the kimchi. 

We were also given small bowls of side dishes like soy sprouts and anchovies. It was a new experience to have dined in a Korean restaurant. Next time I'll try their bulgogi.

WILL: After our hunt for discounted price books of Left Behind Series at Logos Hope, we decided to splurge on our lunch. It was the 2nd day for 2014 Chinese New Year holiday and we understand that almost all of restaurants will be packed by hungry people.We set our foot at Bornga. Well, I have a craving for Korean cuisine for that day and Bornga will be perfect.

I asked for Dolsot Bibimbap. They poured in a complimentary bottmless hot tea and the side dishes starts settling on our table. I was so shocked that was really a lot! I jokingly told to the server that the side dish can fill my tummy and hope that I just ordered a steamed rice, haha. 

Dolsot bibimbap is very good specially partnered with kimchi. Oh, I love kimchi a lot. 

This is a very recommended place to dine. The place is very relaxing and the attendants are very accommodating. 

Thanks a lot Bornga Team, you made our holiday so great! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rejoice Container Services Pte Ltd at Bishan Park

ABBEY: We have visited a couple of parks here in Singapore including Bishan Park which we went to recently. As usual I'm the "uninvited" guest at Rejoice's gathering. 

Bishan Park is a huge place occupying about 62-hectares of land. Outdoor activities like picnic, jogging, skating (inline skates can be rented), and kite-flying are amongst you can do on the park. They even have dog playpen too. 

The most prominent feature is the old concrete canal that was transformed into a river with the purpose of encouraging the people to get closer to the waters. Stepping stones were set so people can crossover it and enjoy the sight of fish and water plants. But the public is being reminded that when the sirens went off during strong rain showers they should immediately get out of the water as it rises up to 3-meters high. A peak was also formed so visitors can get a good vantage point of the site. 

Visit the park day or night and you will be amazed, relaxed and refreshed.

WILL: Our Rejoice Family organized a mini-event, an outdoor fun at Bishan Park last Saturday, 15th of March. Clap, clap, clap to Sherwin for arriving first. Haha!

As instructed, each will bring a meal from our own kitchen, Abbey and I really put an effort to cook that time. Why? We both thought that we can just order 4 boxes of pizza but Ma’am Ivy suddenly asked us to cook something. Well, hello to kwek-kwek!

All brought food and we sat there, listened to stories, eat so much and laugh a lot! We are so full that time and that makes us so sleepy! Kung pwede lang matulog dun talaga. Haha!

We bid goodbye around 9PM. The Bishan Park is so perfect for jogging, cycling, picnic and even watch the fish swim against the current. The cool breeze is so relaxing! Thanks Rejoice Team for introducing Bishan Park to me and Abbey :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Earle Swensen's at VivoCity

ABBEY: We have redeemed dining vouchers with our bank card points a couple of times. And now that it has come to an end, we tried to use it on Earle Swensen's. We visited their branch at Vivo City mall. 

The reception area is small but once you were ushered to your seat, you will find the dining area has a lot of space and very comfy.

I ordered fish and chips as I was craving for fries. Unfortunately, the fries was cooked "well done". I didn't have the time to ask for replacement since I ate half of it already and the fries somehow tasted good as they are crispy.

Also, the salad bar is open. So we packed our plates with cherry tomatoes, croutons and greens. We also got a rootbeer float. Total bill? 63sgd, but we paid only 3sgd. Thanks for the vouchers. It was a good meal.

WILL: First of all, thank you so much to Citibank Singapore for this $60.00 voucher. We had our ice cream at Swensen's before but what is with Earle Swensen's at VivoCity? Let's find out.

The Earle Swensen's VivoCity branch has a quite cosy feeling than the other Swensen's branches. We sat on a very comfy seat and ordered. Savory Chicken Baked Rice and Rootbeer Float for me and Abbey had Fish and Chips and Tuna Quesadillas for an appetiser  After we stated our wants, the server told us to help ourselves at the salad bar. I am a fan of leafy green vegetables so I really went gaga when I found out that it is a SALAD BUFFET!!!

Let's do the verdict at my food. The chicken baked rice is not so creamy. Sad. Lacked of sauce. I just gave to my husband half of it in exchange of his fries. In my disappointment with my meal, I just fill up my tummy with their salad. The rootbeer is perfect. So smooth! 

Next time, we will try your San Francisco style grilled menu.