Friday, September 30, 2011

Mad Jack 1-for-1 Dessert

ABBEY: This diner offers 1 for 1 lunch to the third visitor at the shop. We can't manage to avail it since we wake up late during my off. Now they offer 1 for 1 dessert to those who will participate for their shop's survey :) And it can be availed anytime. We went to their branch to Nex mall at Serangoon. I had brownie ala mode; hot brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. It's a good fusion of hot and cold. Wilma got her Oreo cheesecake. Thanks Mad Jack for 2 desserts at the price of one.

WILL: Thank you for Mad Jack Cafe for letting us to avail there 1-for-1 dessert deal for their facebook fans. 
      We ordered OZ Brownie and Oreo Cheesecake. When your sweet tooth attacks, OZ Brownie is the best to satisfy it. The very yummy, chewy brownie topped up with vanilla ice cream is a good combo. Oh, this brownie taste like brownies made by Abbey.
      The Oreo Cheesecake is just okay. Our total bill was not more than 6$. So nice. Thanks Mad Jack! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends with Benefits

ABBEY: What? A remake of "No Strings Attached" already? It's a story of a head-hunter and a job seeker who had just been dumped and both promised to never be totally in love again. The guy was hired and moved to New York. Being the girl as her only friend in town, they spend more time together. And decided to be friends and have the "benefits" of being more than friends. They decided to stop as they thought they are ready to commit for another relationship. Little did they know that they're falling for each other. Yes, it has a happy ending. By the way, Mila is not just hot in here, she's smart as well.

WILL: Friends with benefits, isn't this is the trend for this generation? Haha! Just for its title without viewing even its trailer I know in the end they will be in love with each other and gonna be in each others arms. 
     The lesson? For me? Never put yourself in this kind of set-up, coz, one of party will sure be involve and be in love. For me its 5/10. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

F&N Fruit Tree Fresh - Carrot mixed fruit juice with Wolfberry

ABBEY: Wow, this is a new variety. Its got a sweet, rusty taste but its good and healthty. A liter costs 3.95sgd. We bought it and had it tasted also by our parents. They liked the juice with a new twist just as they do on the carrot juice only.

WILL: Wolfberry or aka goji berry was now a part of F&N juices. Its mixed with carrot. The taste? delicious. Try this and I know you will love it. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shin Ramyun

Mushroom Flavor

Shrimp Flavor
ABBEY: I asked my wife what is Shin Ramyun. Is it a local restaurant or hawker that we visited? No. It is the great tasting noodles that I like the most. Imagine, I just eat it not knowing its name. I don't know the name because every time we buy it, I just look for the color of the package. Haha. Back in Philippines, Wilma gave me a cup of the noodles and said to try it. I was hesitant because I'm not used to a spicy noodle. When I tasted it, it was so good. It's flavorful and you'll be craving for more. You can buy it as instant noodles in a cup or cook it. A cup cost not more than 2sgd and 5-piece pack is 3.5sgd. This is a must try. Even Tatay enjoyed the noodles also.

WILL: I tasted this noodles when I was in Qingdao. Since then, my taste buds keep on longing for the taste of its spicy soup. My love story continues when I discovered that this was also available in Manila at Trinoma Mall and for me to confirm if this is really delicious noodles, I ask my dad to taste and give a verdict. From there, it is certified the best easy-to-cook ramen not only for me but for also for my family.
     Now, this is a must to our list. I am so delighted that their shrimp flavor do not give an itch to my husband! (Abbey is allergic to seafoods). Love this! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils

ABBEY: We got 4 sample sachets each of these cleansing oils. Upon availing the samples the sales associate will ask for your face skin type. I was given the sample for oily ones :) During our clean up, we opened one sachet and applied the oil as per the instructions. It has a nice scent and you will not feel any greasiness after rinsing; leaving your skin smooth and soft. This maybe the best cleanser that I've tried.

WILL: We registered then we get their samples. I forgot to get the name of the very accommodating personnel that time, they ask me few questions first and check our skin before they gave us the suitable oils for us. 
      She gave me the brightening cleansing oils and high performance balancing cleansing oils.. for my husband, she gave four sets cleansing beauty oil (anti-oxidant). 
      The instruction is to put it on a dry face with dry hands. Okay. After that date we had, I went to our bathroom to remove my make-up.
      In my head, "Hmp! This oils will just worsen the removal of my make up, specially on my eye area. Just like other unmasking products, tints of my liquid eyeliner will be all over my face". 
      As I open the sachet with violet colored bottle, I was surprised to found out the very soothing aroma. It made me feel that I am in a spa. ;) Very relaxing! I pour some oils on my dry hands and put it immediately on forehead then on my eyes. All I can is "wow". The make up just seems melted away and I can't see and residue of it. It just make me feel that I never put any make-up on. ;) 
      Abbey love it too. He have a very sensitive skin, but this oil dont give him any allergic reaction. After using it, he blurted out. "We will definitely buy this".
      Thanks Shu Uemura. Perfect! When they posted a contest to bring all our toughest and hardest to remove make up, haha! I passed up the challenge, I know I will lose that battle. Hehe!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Morcon Recipe

Beef flank (filleted to desired thickness)
Cheddar cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Beef broth
Soy sauce

Marinate the beef in a mixture of soy sauce and lemon for an hour.
After marinating, flatten the beef in a smooth surface and start to arrange the hotdog, eggs and cheese onone end of the fillet.
Roll the beef tightly and secure it with cooking string or thread.
Cover the beef in flour and fry it.
After frying, boil the beef with the broth until the meat is tender. You can also add the marinate used earlier to add more flavor.
To give the morcon a more firmness, fry it again for a couple of minutes.
Remove the string and serve with hot rice.
The broth can be used also as gravy. :)

WILL: Dahil ayaw ni nanay na tuparin ang kahilingan ko para sa ulam na morcon, si Abbey, ang aking butihing asawa ang gumawa nun. ;) 
      We bought ingredients at Serangoon. Early in the morning he defrost all the meats and set all the ingredients. 
He rolled in the ingredients and tied it like a pro. When he starts to fry and simmer it in the broth, the aroma filled our home. 

      As i dig in, the meat is so so tender, melted cheese blends perfectly with the taste of beef, hotdog, egg and gravy. ;) Sa uulitin Chef! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ruyi Sentosa

BBQ Pork Rice

Fried Gyoza

Fried Chicken

Fried Rice

Open 24 Hours 

Ruyi - Resorts World Sentosa Branch
As posted within their shop, Ruyi is a smiling little cloud that brings luck and happiness to anyone who finds it. Its true I always find happiness whenever I'm eating great food with my wife. We had tried their BBQ pork rice and fried rice. We also had pan fried gyoza at 3.5sgd and 2 crispy chicken wings at 1.8sgd a piece. They offer set meals starting from 10sgd. The shop we visited is located at Resort World Sentosa.

Ruyi, a logo with a smiling cloud was located at the RWS. A affordable place for families. Here, I ordered a fried rice, only that and due to their big serving, yun na lang di ko pa naubos. I missed the chaofan of chowking. Hehe. 

The fried dumpling is quite nice and the chicken, its so juicy. When you go at Sentosa, try to visit them, meals starts from $10, once in a while indulge for lesser costs. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gong Cha -Singapore

ABBEY: Another bubble tea? Yes it is, but this tastes great. What I like the most is their Golden Ovaltine. We also tried their coffee once. One drink costs 3sgd. We also had the chance to avail a 1 dollar off from Singtel when you top-up.

WILL: I do not have any opportunity to take their long queue at International Plaza but when we saw Rex performance at the LaSalle, hehe, to our delight for no queue at all, we grabbed our singtel voucher then bought a Golden Ovaltine. 
There is something in that cup, its like a chocolate pulp in every sip of this yummy drink. 
     This excitement for this Gong Cha doesn't stop here, after finishing the magnificent stroll of Istana, Abbey took a queue at Plaza Singapura branch. Ordered again the unforgettable Ovaltine and coffee. Very addictive! We love it!  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whoppers - The Original Malted Milk Balls

ABBEY: I was ecstatic to see that finally there's something who will challenge Malteser's. My wife bought this at Hershey's world.

The moment of truth came. We opened the box, and started munching the chocolate treats. Even though they didn't be at par with Malteser's they have that unique taste that will make you crave for more. The inner part of the ball is soft and easy to chew so you can finish a box fast.

WILL: My delight gave me frustration. Indeed, this is the original malted milk balls. This gave me nothing that can makes me happy. The first and definitely the last. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Starbucks VIA -Ready Brew

A DIY Starbuck's coffee? Yes, they launch their microground coffee for 3.90 per pack of three. The preparation is simple: pour out a pack to 180ml of hot water. Don't stir yet for 6 minutes. Add your milk and sweeter. Voila, you can sip the great taste of hazelnut, columbia coffee, or decaf.

WILL: Starbucks instant coffee finally arrived Singapore. Early this year, when we went to Indonesia, they market a pack of coffee that do not need a coffeemaker  but taste like a freshly brewed coffee...we bought it. Then it ruined our starbucks tumbler! Gosh! The impurities get inside the tumblers design. The supposedly morning delight turned in horror. Our tumbler met our trashcan. :'(

      Now, of course this is from Starbucks, reliable! We bought their trial park for 3.90$. Shocked! No impurities! The taste is better than brewed! Lovvvve it! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Don't talk to anyone; don't touch anyone. That's how you will become paranoid if a certain virus gives a pandemic threat. One touch and you'll be tagged as sick. The one infected by the virus displays ordinary symptoms like cold, cough, fever. Severe cases can have blurry vision, nausea and difficulty to swallow. The world is at chaos learning about the virus. Theft, murders and a lot of disorders. Scientists are committed to search for a cure and fight the disease. Opportunists are still part of the society bringing more confusion.

Lesson is to have a physical hygiene. Learn to take care of your body so it would have a positive outcome not only for yourself but to people around you as well.

WILL:  Its a date! Hooked with its trailer, then we decided to set-up for it ;) 

       This movie just show that anything can happen in just a snap of time. Because the world is so filthy, many organisms developed and passed through humans, lucky, some can fight by our immune system some like SARS, AH1N1, and the movies declared virus of MEV. 
       This movie portrays men who works to make solutions for an dedicated the others and how some willingly to put themselves at risk to serve. They also let the people see what will be the chaos look like when something like this hit the globe and how few to be just so lucky to be immune for a very strong virus. Nice movie. 8/10

Monday, September 19, 2011

Borders - Final Days

ABBEY: I'm happy and somehow sad when I learned that Border's will be closing down. Happy for the book discounts; sad because the bookstore will meet its end. I got two reference books for 5sgd each when I first went to their drive. On its last days, my wife got one part of her fave novel but I had none. Almost all the reference books are gone. Its nice to be part of the last sale but I also must live to the fact that life must go on Border-less.

WILL: There is no easy way to say goodbye. Bye Borders. :( this company been great in serving the public by giving us the varieties of books the world can offer. 
      By letting them know that we support them until the end, we went at their clearance sale. And surprise, surprise my long last book was found and purchased for 70% off
     Thank you borders for the years of service and feeding our mind through good books.