Monday, November 14, 2011

Empress Jade Fine Dining

ABBEY: This is one of the restaurant at Jewel Box. It caters Chinese cuisine. At 33sgd, we got a sample plate of appetizer, soup, main entre√© and dessert. We had a three-piece appetizer that includes steamed abalone siew mai, crispy beam curd skin roll, and deep fried taro with diced duck meat. 

Double-boiled pork soup is the soup for the day. For main entree I had wok-fried pork ribs with sweet sauce along with seafood mee sua. Chilled mango sago with pomelo is what I got dessert. I was full and and satisfied with the dining experience. The food is great as well as the ambiance.

WILL: After our very magnificent ride of Cable Car from Harbourfront we arrived at Mt. Faber's The Jewel Box for our Executive Lunch at Empress Jade Fine Dining.
      We know there is dress code for this restaurant kaya tignan nyo ang aming get-up.. hehe.. 
      At the top of a hill, indeed, this is a nice place to dine and unwind. 
      Steamed abalone siew mai dumpling, crispy bean curd skin rolls, and deep fried fluffy taro with diced duck meat is superdb. every bite gives delight and keeps wanting for more. But this appetizer makes us full and I am thinking if I can eat the rest of the food on the list.. hehe.
      Daily special boiled soup came in, and I think I can finish that not less than 10 mins but I savor its taste on my every sip of this hottie and must eat soup! Delicious!
      I ordered for pan-fried cod fish, I do not have any other words to describe this other than tasty. Its natural fish flavor and the the sauce blends well in my mouth. Nom-nom-nom.. definitely the star of this lunch set.
      I thought we will dig in to the dessert, but wok-fried mee sua was on our plate! OMG, there is space in my tummy.. hehe.. I think I only ate half of it, and this is Chat's favorite.. She ate  the other half. But do not get me wrong! This is the best seafood noodles I have tried here in Singapore.
      True, I am not into sweets or desserts, but when I saw their chilled mango sago with pomelo, i gave it a try and that try is worthy! 
      This set do not came along with drinks so I ordered of course a tea! 
      We love the experience, we will never forget this. Our longest lunch ever. We spend almost 2 and half hours munching and talking gleefully not only us three but with Marineth, the tourist!