Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baked Macaroni

Basta kapamilya ng kahit anong pasta gusto ko. :) Except for seafood pasta of course. When Wilma told me that she'll cook baked mac on my birthday, I was ecstatic. My birthday will have a new twist kasi hindi na spaghetti ang handa. What I cooked is my version of buffalo wings. This baked mac will only cost you less than 10SGD. And can serve up to 7 pax. Sarap talaga, Maybe a lasagna on Christmas :)

    Cook the pasta with for about 3 minutes (if you want al dente), drain.
    Saute the gralic and onions. Add the ground pork and cook until it is brown. 
    Pour in the tomato paste paste, let it simmer for 3 mins. Then, add the cheese and butter. Let it simmer up to 10 mins. Then add the strips of bell pepper.
    Pour the pasta in the baking dish and on top of it the sauce. Bake it in yhe microwave oven for 20 minutes or up to the cheese melts.
    Serve it hot. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rubik's Cube

We had this kind of puzzle since we were kids. We tried to solve it then but no luck, even by memorizing our moves. We only managed to solve one side. When I entered college, my classmate thought me how to solve it. Voila, I finished it with no sweat. Memorize only few algorithms and you're good to go. Now I have 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, Pyraminx, the "Transformer" Rubik's cube (Rubik's Cube Icon), Rubik's revolution, Rubik's twist. Latest one is my 3x3 Wooden Rubik's cube. Fastest time is 2 minutes flat. I hope I can do better than that.

WILL: We have this cube when I was about 8 years old. Pero I don't have the idea to solve it, so I rather have my time to my barbies. hehe.
      Now I know how to solve the 3x3, taught by Abbey. It's fun to play this cube lalo n yung revolution. Kaya pala nakalagay na it can be played by people from 5 to 105 of age, kasi you will just push the button that will lit. hehehe. 
     Addiction of Abbey ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Donut Factory

Wilma told me she wants donuts. I thought of some plan to deliver Dunkin Donuts to her at her office after my night shift. Unfortunately, the shop opens at 9am. My body wont be able to wait until then, I'm about to collapse after my shifts :( One time as we stroll in Suntec City Mall, she crave for donuts again. Good thing there's Donut Factory. We were surprised because they're not serving donuts only but also pasta and baked rice, Donut Factory Cafe. So instead of sanck only, we had our dinner there. We ordered pesto, sweet and sour fish fillet, coffee and soda. Ang sarap ng fish fillet nila :) Wilma also approved that. Ang downside nga lang ay yung glazed doughnut. The dough melts in your mouth but it lacks the taste of sweetness like Krispy Kreme. Talagang bawal maghanap ng wala sa SG. Hehe. Na-compensate naman ng fillet at pesto nila :)

WILL: Well, I am craving for sweets, as in very sweet. I am looking for the taste of Krispy Kreme Glazed here thats the main reason why we headed to The Donut Factory.
      About their donut? Not that so sweet, the texture is quite nice. Their pesto pasta, so good even their fish fillet. 
      It's a good experience but I am still looking here in a sweet, sweet, sweet donut with a good cup of brewed coffee. :)  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - Part 1

Abbey: It was awesome, but bitin. The movie has the same gloomy and cold effect just like the last one, marking the rise of the villain. It was funny though because from time to time the main characters would crack jokes, like the one Ron did when Hermione told the story of The Three Brothers. Actions scenes were great also. Talagang labanan na between good and bad. Sound was also great. Thanks THX. I got also a good review of spelling incantations. Accio, popcorn :) Of course, maganda rin ang effect. It seems that magic is very real. Can't wait for the second part.

WILL: I really need to see this film. I am a Harry Potter Movie fan but not for the book. Why? Its either I will see in big screen or I will bury myself into their pages. That's my own rule. Hehehe.. oww, but I read the The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a book that I thought nothing to do with Harry. But so startled to hear the tales of three brothers in the movie. 
      Harry Potter 7, I can't wait for part two. Wohooo.. Dobby is famous and became a hero. So cute, but sometimes makes me to remember Gollum. ahahaha... 

Friday, November 26, 2010


I can't believe I had a second chance in love.... Love is sweeter the second time around. Wow, reminiscing what we had in high school and continuing it today :) Bagay na bagay ang kanta. I hope and pray that it will last until we face our Maker. Iba talaga ang dating ng love songs. Love you baby.

WILL: Abbey asked me for my iPhone and told me that he have a surprise for me. Ayun, this song is on my playlist. Nice to hear a music like this, very uplifting unlike other musics that was all about bitterness. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

White rose will do =)

WILL: This starts when Abbey is courting me, until now, he did not stopped and sabi nya, will never stop preparing breakfast and bringing flowers for me.
      So sweet... kilig to the bones! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

East Coast Park Singapore

Abbey: Matagal ko nang naririnig itong East Coast Park (ECP) sa mga officemates ko. Dito kasi sila nag-jo-jogging. The place is good. Merong cable wake boarding na parang CWC :). Ang pinaka-gusto kong gawin sa pagpunta namin dito ay yung mag-bike. And take note hindi ordinary bike, tandem bicycle po. That's right, yun yung bike na dalawa ang rider. Pangarap ko na nung bata pa ako na makasakay sa ganito.  Buti at may ganito sa East Coast kasi kung mag si-single ako, ako lang nag makakapagbike. Di pala marunong mag-bike si Wilma. Kaya this is the for her to learn. Habang ako ang nagmamaneho, siya naman ang nagpe-pedal. Pag pagod na siya ako na lahat. As we pedal, we saw people having picnics and bbq, building sand castles, fishing, skating. May isang place pa dun na para lang sa mga nag-e-extreme skate boarding. Yung may ramps pa talaga. The cost for a tandem bike rental is 8-10SGD per hour. Exhausted from biking, we headed for the bus stop, ate dinner, then home.

WILL: Marunong akong magbike noh, but I am not quite sure if I can do it pa.. hehehe.. 
      Well, the outcome of doing twin bike, eh I took a rest at the back. hehehe.. This is a cute bonding time with your loved ones or family and staying in fit. Wag lang uulan. hehe.. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Borders - Where Minds Meet

After my gift from Manny (a bout with Antonia Margarita), then came the Borders. I convinced Wilma to go to the booksale, because I want her to get a new book for a cheaper price of course. :) Once there, she went her way to the novels. For me, to the computer books, trying to find a book about Oracle. After searching dozens of books, I found three, but they're worth the search :) ASM, Oracle 10g, and Oracle OCP exam tips. Di pa nga ako OCA, OCP na agad book ko. Hahaha. And as we are about to pay the books, there came my birthday surprise. "All those who celebrate their birthdays today, more book discounts." Just kidding. The announcement was all computer books will be 5SGD only. Imagine, PHP9k worth of books now only PHP150. Happy birthday to me :)

WILL: It will be unusual if it doesn't rain in our town in weekends. As in heavy rain poured down last November 14, so I am thinking not to go to Borders markdown price, but baby insisted.
      After side trip in Cosplayers in AFA X, we went to Borders Books. Ayun, so many books I don't know where to start the hunt. 
      I ended up buying 2 fiction books and Trump's for only S$5.00. But Abbey has books that have a great great discount and very helpful for his love job. 
      I hope there will be books regarding international trade for next year's sale. hehe.. I am just demanding. Tapos tag price sana S$2.00 heheehe.

Monday, November 22, 2010



WILL: This is the viand I am talking about on my recent post... The Batchoy. 
It was my first day of work on a foreign country, so I am little bit exhausted due to many changes for the new job. When I got home, Abbey ask me to look at casserole, then I just tell okay, thinking it is a nilaga. 
Aba! When he is serving the food, I smelled a familiar scent! It was my fave fave ulam.
The taste is so fine, bit spicy, and the sayote is half-cooked. 
So happy to have a man like Abbey.. sarap magluto.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pizza Hut Singapore

Nakatunog na naman si Wilma na dito kami kakain. It was supposed to be my surprise to her kasi pag nakikita niya yung ad ng 7-cheeses ng Pizza Hut she's really craving for it. Kaya one Sunday after church, I told her that we will go to Harbourfront Centre para maghanap nung yarn para sa curtain namin. Ang mali ko lang hindi agad kami nagpunta sa Pizza Hut, naglibot muna. Nabuko tuloy ako. But I knew she was happy. We were greeted by the staff and I ask them if they have a table for two. We made our order and as we waited for the sumptuous pizza we noticed that almost all the staff were Filipino. Ang galing parang nasa Pinas na ulit kami. The soup came. It was good. Then the pizza. I remember I heard a "wow" from Wilma. Tuwang-tuwa siya sa cheese. After saying graces, nilantakan na namin ung food. The drink is called Emerald Sparkle. Para siyang Sprite spiked with green apple syrup. Sarap, ang tamis. Pizza Hut offers this meal for two for about 25SGD. Sarap at reasonable ang price. Ulit-uli :)

WILL: Whoa! Mess up again with my Abbey's surprise, sorry darl! hehe. So we, finally ate at Pizza Hut Singapore. :) What the fuzz with their place? The seven cheeses.. What I expect? Salty, but its not that so salty. Yeah maalat but creamy. 
      Pizza Hut Malaysia, eh maanghang ang timpla, Pizza Hut China, you'll make an effort to blend some salt and pepper to savor up their food, because its bland pero naguumapaw sa meat. Ito, just what my taste buds is looking for the past few days.
      After the saltiness, eat some brownies and ice cream. So perfect combination eh. Love Abbey, thanks a lot!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marigold - Peel Fresh

These juices helped me to survive getting cold and cough here at SG. Iba talaga ang natural compared to Vitamin C from drugstore. My mom also told me to drink juice to boost my immune system. Good thing here, there's a good variation of juices which means lot choices for me. We already tried mangosteen, wheatgrass and veggies, apple with aloe, carrot, black currant, mixed berries and the classic OJ. :)

WILL: I am fond of drinking juice, pinalaki ako ng parents ko na puno ng juice yung fridge namin. So when we saw it on grocery stand, I knew I want to taste this juice, a concoction of fruits and veggies. 
      At first, Abbey is in doubt to taste it, but it is soooo good, and Abbey easily became an instant fan of this nutritious drink. 
      These days, its better to drink good juices than to take some synthetic medicines. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shower Gel - The Body Shop

Gusto ko yung amoy nung mga shower gel ng Body Shop, particularly
yung mga citrus fragrances. Ang bango ng buong banyo :) Tapos talagang feeling refreshed ka. Kaya when on sale, we took the opportunity to buy 2 bottles. I hope mas dumami pa yung time ng sale nila at mas madaming products including sa sale :) Good job, Body Shop.

WILL: Okay, okay, okay. I know, I am kuripot and why would I buy some kind of shower gels like this that will cost us S$12.90 but when I saw their poster, shocks, its only S$5.00. So we bought 2 kinds of these. :) 
      So what will you expect with the Body Shop's shower gel? The scent will not leave your body as soon as you wash it down, it still lingers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

AFA X - Anime Festival Asia

I'm not a super fanatic of anime.Few of them I only knew, Naruto, Ghost Fighter, Slamdunk. But I was amazed when we got to Suntec Convention center to buy books. This was only a side trip :) Imagine you'll meet the characters in person. That was great. I don't recognized the other characters. Then one familiar costume caught my eye. A black wrap-around cape with red clouds. Akatsuki!!! Good thing there's Kakashi sensei around. Without any idea of what we will see at the convention, I realized that I wore also my Superman shirt :) Nice Clark.

WILL: My thoughts were wrong. When I saw their advert, I am hesitant to ask Abbey to go to AFAX, we were at Suntec Convention for the Borders book sale. But on MRT, we are lil bit surprise that there are so many kids still in costume. 
      Cosplayers flocked up the convention's 3rd to 4th floor. So happy to see Naruto's friends and the sexy sailor moon's casts. 
      This is a good way for children to interact with others and to heat up their creative minds for their costumes. 
      Love Anime.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Handburger

I told Wilma that I'll pick her up after office so we can have dinner together. We planned to eat at McDonald's. But we changed our plan because she said she wanted to have donuts for snack then have our dinner at home instead. At MRT we alight at City Hall station and stroll City Link Mall to reach Dunkin Donuts. As we walked, we were delighted by the newly opened diners at the mall. We tried to take a look then fixed our eyes on The Handburger. After asking a table for two a couple of minutes later we found ourselves ordering food. We had pulled-pork burger (strips of pork made up the patty), stuffed portobello burger (12 cm-portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach), onion rings, corny chicken (with bits of carrots, ground pork, kernel corn), hot green tea and iced lemon tea. All items is 30SGD. Not much right? The food is good. Different for my taste. The soup is rich in flavour and the burger is not like an ordinary burger in style and presentatioin. After paying the bill, the Pinoy staff also gave us a membership card. Nice :)

WILL: Isn't great to have a date after your busy day? Nowhere to go, I am just craving for a sweet donut, but when we saw that other stores where open, we decided to give it a try. And the try don't fail. Burger served in plates, expect it to be big one. I ordered the vegetarian burger. I just like eating something out of ordinary, and of course the taste will be different. Different in a very good way. So delicious, yummy ng mushroom.
      Of course a drink of hot tea for me. A chicken soup (creamy lah), and onion rings. 
      Abbey got a card and when we registered the card online, we were surprised that we have a points came from our first dinner with them. hehehe. Nice noh?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Food Safari

We went to the Food Safari after my shift. Wilma attended lot of food expo back in the Phil. She was excited to come to this expo for free tasting :) And the food prices on this event is cheaper. We checked out the Pinoy stall. They offered buko, embotido, and barbecue. Pinoy na Pinoy talaga. Others show variety of cheese, teas, beer, Peking ducks, breads. Then there's the Turkish stall. I fixed my eyes on their shawarma. But the twist is that they put the fillings not in a pita bread but in a large pandesal. Sarap. I told Wilma to buy their ice cream because they serve their ice cream with a trick. Wilma was surprised with it. :) After we ordered, lot of people flock the stall. Good charm. Hehe.

WILL: I lilli, lilli like it! hehehe. I am always in expos lalo na sa food fares. Why? Busog dyan eh! Food taste and freebies is the primary reason why we went there in Abbey. Ayun, tummy was so full :) 
      Unforgettable, buying some turkish ice cream! Milka, wohhh, ynnah, I have it here. Nuttella 2 for SGD10.00 and the turkish ice cream is S$2.00. 
      More more more, food expos please?