Sunday, June 29, 2014

Starbucks Singapore Frappuccino Happy Hour (Strawberry Cheesecake or Tiramisu Frappuccino)

ABBEY: Starbucks Singapore held another Frappuccino Happy Hour last June 23-27. Or should I say happy hours as it lasted for four hours (3-7PM). For a price of 9.20SGD we got Strawberry Cheesecake and Tiramisu. 

The Tiramisu tastes good as it is not too sweet and you can bite into crunchy chunks on the drink. 

Hope to have more happy hours to come as well as more flavours to choose from.

WILL: Starbucks, strawberry and cheese frappé revamped its flavor. I do not know if it is because of the "bug" thing but I will always be thankful for this new idea.

All Singapore store gave way to the public for their Happy Hour 1-for-1 promotion. After my office I directly went to Metropolis to meet Abbey in Starbucks' branch there. Queue builds up when while we are waiting for our order. I asked for starwberry cheesecake frappuccino while hubby got his blended Tiramisu.

We take it home and while eating our dinner, we are sipping our delightful drink. My strawberry cheesecake is so delicious that I never asked Abbey to have even a sip. Haha. The crunchy crumbles and beautiful creme on top gave ecstasy on my tastebuds.

Try it for yourself. Go to your nearest Starbucks. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wings of Time - Where Imagination Takes Flight

ABBEY: After the seven-year stint of Songs of the Sea, it ended with flying colours. And speaking of flying, Sentosa offers another light, water and sound show with Wings of Time. 

We won a pair of tickets on the first day of the show itself. It was a story of Shahbaz going his way home with the help of Rachel and her friend Felix. Yes that is the story line. I can't see the connection of the concerto maestro as well as the role of the other casts on the plot. Once the animation began, the casts were "casted" on the sidelines unlike on the Songs of the Sea wherein there is an interaction. But in Wings of Time, the light show and fireworks are better. Your eyes will feast on the light patterns as well as its coordination with the fireworks and water. 

Tickets were priced at 18SGD for regular and 23SGD for premium seats.

WILL: Thanks to the State of Fun for giving us an opportunity to see first the most awaited show at Sentosa…The Wings of Time debuts last 17th of June.

The place is packed with people. Unlike Songs of the Sea, the audiences was more comprised more by adults. I am surprised that the performers singing LIVE! The speakers is more louder, the spotlight is more clearer, and there is more interaction form the viewers than before. Sorry for comparing this show at the SOS, maybe people cannot avoid to compare the past from every successor.

The water show, light and pyrotechnics here is better. Projectors is magnificent. Storyline? I think they need to improve the closing remarks.

Who wants to travel back time but no Time Machine to use? Go ahead at Sentosa and watch the Wings of Time. Click at Deal.Com.Sg Banner below for discounted rates.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spanish Doughnuts Singapore

ABBEY: Wilma told me that we will be having Spanish doughnut as snack. On my mind, it is a bread with sweet topping and has a shape that resembles a ring. When we went to Spanish Doughnuts in Orchard Central, I got surprised when I saw that Spanish doughnuts are long like wands. They are dipped in melted chocolate (white, brown, or dark). They're called churros by the way. Also they offer the kind of pipe-like ones. Six-inch churros (bombons) are filed with bavarians and dipped in chocolate topped with sprinkles. 

You can get one for a price of less than 5sgd. I liked the dark chocolate bonbon churro as well as their  triple chocolate. The original churro is also delicious as you can taste the richness of the bread once it got fried.

WILL: Spanish doughnut here in Singapore? Before their 3+1 promo ends, Abbey and I scheduled a dessert date at Orchard.

Luckily there is a seat for two. I asked for the plain churros and Abbey was enticed to get the flavored ones. The cashier will ask for what dipping you want for the plains, I selected the white chocolate. 

The first thing I felt when I get my churroz out of the paper bag is too oily. This is my first time to get one of those so I thought it is just natural. Anyway, I can eat it all. 4 gigantic non-flavored fried doughnuts. Haha! 

We take-away some of it and after refrigerated for days, the same texture is still there. Still yummy with my white chocolate dip.

Please check them out at Orchard Central.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Privé Café - All Day Breakfast at Keppel Island

ABBEY: Care to have a breakfast beside a marina? You must try Privé cafe. We went there during the fourth day of my sister's visit. It would be advisable to hail a cab as there's no bus service going there. Or you can jog as part of your morning routine. 

We sat on a table under a tree and the morning sea breeze greeted us. We tried their Ultimate Brekkie (chicken frankfurter, eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms, and toast) as well as their eggs benedict which I liked the most. The poached eggs are creamy and well complemented by the sauce. 

You can take snaps with the yachts. It is refreshing while eating delicious food, hearing the sound of water and having a good ambiance. All day breakfast price start from 12-20 sgd.

WILL: This is highly recommended place by our friend blogger Nadine and by a magazine (sorry forgot where I read it). When my in-laws visited us here in Singapore,  we finally got the chance to check this Privé Cafe.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it will be more enlightening if you will do it in a very nice place. So before we start the final day of their tour here, we headed to Keppel Bay. We hailed a cab and once we alighted, parked yachts welcomed us.

Privé Cafe was jam packed. A very nice sight to see families spending a Sunday morning breakfast. 

If you're stomach is grumbling and you can't handle the emptiness of it, this place is not for you. It took them around 30mins to serve our food. I got the pancake, why? To check if the magazine I have read that Privè serves one of the best pancake here in Singapore. Well, its true! Bite after bite I was convinced. Soft yet firm. 

Like my friend and the magazine, I will recommend this cafe. :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Cereal Luncheon Meat Recipe

This is a very easy to cook recipe.

2 stalks of curry leaves
A can of luncheon meat
Ready mix cereal
1/4 block of butter

Fry the lucheon meat and into 1-inch strips. Set aside.
On a pan, melt the butter, and put the curry leaves then the cereal.
Mix it well. Then put the luncheon meat. 
Serve with hot rice.

WILL: This is one of the great perks when going out with friends and having a potluck. We tasted different kinds of food and have exchanges of recipe. And this time, Abbey and I came across with Ma'am Ivy's masterpiece.. the Cereal Luncheon Meat.

Abbey gladly cooked it for a dinner. Salty and sweet. Really, really good. Next time, we will bring this as our food contribution on next friends' meet up :)  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fullerton Hotel Heritage Guided Tour

ABBEY: I'm always mesmerised by Fullerton Hotel whenever we pass by it be it day or night time. And we are fortunate to be part of the tour for this colonial building last June 7 to learn more about its history. 

This building used to be the host for General Post Office. It even had an underground tunnel for easiness of post to be delivered. Singapore Club also had a room at Fullerton. With its grand ceiling the hall became wedding reception for the guests. The Fullerton also served as the lighthouse during early years but due to land and building improvements, the tower was located to another location. The original light tower is displayed in a park between Vivo City and Harbourfront Centre. 

The hotel is an eight-storey giant and houses an Italian-al-fresco bar. Now I knew the vantage point where you can get a good view of Esplanade theatres. Some of Singapore government dignitaries even made office on the hotel. A gallery for the works of Lee Kwan Yew can also be found there. History of some places around the hotel were also discussed on the tour like the Cavenagh Bridge where it used to be the rally point of the people.

WILL: Who will not know the Fullerton Hotel? The building that stands the test of time. The building that is well lit and very glamorous at night. The buiding.. The building with a great story and part of Singapore's history.

I checked out the Fullerton website for any promotions on their dining and room rates, luckily I stumbled to this tour complimentary to their hotel guests and to general public. I am fond of history, I emailed them to book a tour and asked my husband to apply for a leave on 7th of June.

It is drizzly Saturday afternoon when we walked out and in the hotel. The tour started when all the hotel guests signed-up were already there. Florence, our tour guide is very charming. She kept the tour lively by inserting some jokes, questions and trivia. 

She explains the architecture of the historic structure, she enumerate us the prominent people who used housed in that building and I was amazed when she told us that very building once a post office. We walked up until we reached the former place of the lighthouse and again jaw dropped at the beauty of Singapore.

This hotel is magnificent! You can book a tour here. It's FOC. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wrap & Roll Singapore

ABBEY: Wilma is craving for Pho noodles then she stumbled upon an online contest where we won a 20sgd voucher in Wrap and Roll. Unfortunately the kind of noodles she wants is not yet part of the menu on their Ion Orchard branch. 

I tried their rice noodles with grilled pork/chicken and deep fried spring rolls. It is a dry noodle dish but with savoury and tangy flavour. Their condiments really helps to bring out the taste on each dish. We also got our hands at work on doing grilled pork skewers roll; it was moist, saucy and delicious. 

WILL: Don't fool me. Don't you tell me that never, as in never ever, even once that you was enticed on the food posted on your facebook newsfeed. 

I craved and I missed the Vietnamese cuisine when I saw Wrap and Roll announcement on their newly opened branch at One@Kentridge. Asked Abbey to have a dinner there. Very, very lucky he won a contest at Where To Eat Singapore which entitled us on a $20.00 voucher. Sheduled!

We went to Wrap and Roll Ion Orchard branch. Sat, ordered and waited. I am so happy that day but when I saw the menu, my heart was crushed. No Pho Ga. The waiter told us that they will add that food in their menu on the next upcoming week. Anyway, why whine if there is so many choices to indulge in.

I ordered for Bún cá (Vietnamese Fish Noodle Soup). Our first time to eat a Bánh ướt cuốn thịt nướng (Grilled Pork in Steamed Rice Paper Rolls). We have fun and tummy-fulfilling date that night. We will be sure coming back for more noodle soup.

Hooray to your staffs! They patiently explains to almost every diners how to eat the appetizers
served. Thanks a lot to Where To Eat Singapore! for the voucher ;)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Musubi Recipe

3 cups cooked japanese rice
1 1/2 cup of sushi vinegar
1 pack of nori sheets
2 cans of Spam

Fry the Spam then set aside. For the sushi rice, mix the cooked rice and the vinegar and mix well until the rice cools.
Cut the nori sheets 2.5inch wide. Lay one sheet on a flat surface and put a slice of Spam on top of it. Roll a ball of rice and flatten it on the Spam. Wrap the nori around then close it.

Spam Musubi is a snack originated in the island of Hawaii. 

WILL: I was astonished when I saw my dinner that night.. A giant sushi! Haha! Well, Abbey told me it is called musubi. And I more surprised that upon doing some researching on it, I learned that it is lunch food/snack in Hawaii and not in Japan.

Ditch out your chopsticks because you need your own fingers to put this growth-ball-infused-sushi for you to munch in. The taste! Perfect! I love the spam and rice dipped into soy sauce with wasabi. So good!

Baby, you never fail to surprise me. :p

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

S.E.A. AQUARIUM (Singapore) Marine Life Park

ABBEY: Many times we talked about going to SEA Aquarium in Sentosa and we planned it when my sister went to Singapore for a visit. We came across an online promo; 50sgd for 2-adult compared to 38 per pax for regular days. Children under 4 years of age can enter for free. 

The places I like is the two tunnels; one exhibiting sharks and the other sting rays. The jellyfish really caught my attention. They were in a tank wherehe light varies from color to color. It was being reflected on the jellyfish as if it is their natural colors. Also their motion is graceful; taking time in roaming on the water. 

The giant viewing deck which resembles an auditoruim gives you a good view on life on water. I'm big and tall but standing next to the giant creatures made me a dwarf. This is a good place to go specially for kids. 

WILL:  Welcome to Singapore, Armas Family! Supposedly they are going to visit us 2 years ago but some great and happy thing happened that cancels their tour. And that is DomDom.This evolved mainly for the enjoyment of little DomDom that is why we skipped the Universal Studios of Singapore and went kids-friendly/educational tour.

First stop, S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa. This is the world's biggest aquarium before China beat it last year. It housed a lot of marine creatures that you can ever imagine. 

From the big walls of glasses, you can feel the greatness of the sea. The awesome and unique inhabitants of it and pretty perfect fishes. 

Here I saw live Nemo, Dory, and the cute fish from the past show "Songs of the Sea". 

Sharks will say hello to you, sting rays, the graceful dolphins, eels, and even the jelly fish will enlighten your day. 

We also saw some of the crews cleaning the glasses from the inside. Haha, it reminds me of the aquarium of my Tita Cely when I was young.

A nice place for your children. It won't take a whole day for you to check this out. Oh, they have a current promotion of 2 tickets for $50. Nice deal right? Click here to find out more.