Thursday, August 15, 2019

See's Candies at TANGS Singapore

ABBEY: This is one of Wilma’s gift or should I say surprises for my 10th year anniversary in Singapore. I got intrigued with this confectionary when I read about the company being bought by Warren Buffet. What does it taste like why the Omaha oracle invested in them. 

Each piece is different as with all other boxes of chocolates. But they are all velvety smooth and you can taste the premium-ness to it ( a higher level of chocolatiness). On the other hand, their hard candies are like jaw breakers. 

You cannot bite it but just enjoy the flavor until the candy dissolves. I know they are pricey but I’m thankful I got hold of those lovely chocolate creations.

See's Candies Assorted Chocolates, 1/2 lb - SGD42.00

WILL: Abbey love to read biographies. Of course he won’t let himself to pass the life story of Warren Buffet. Then, he became curious on products of Berkshire Hathaway’s companies. One of those is See’s Candies. 

I got intrigued too when I got to know about its price. It hit Abbey’s wishlist, so, on his 10th year celebration in Singapore, I ordered online and picked it up to Tangs VivoCity. 

The taste? There is something different in it. Every bite is a feast in my mouth. Sometimes it is more of cocoa, some is more cream, but all of them has a smooth texture. 

It costs thrice the amount of the ordinary chocolate but every sugar is worth it. Haha! 

See's Candies at TANGS Singapore

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pepsi Vanilla and Pepsi Ginger - Bold New Flavours

ABBEY: New for us to see that Pepsi have vanilla and ginger flavors. So we tried it. Both drinks have zero sugar but I like the ginger one more. It has really the ginger kick aftertaste. 

The vanilla however is being overpowered by the zero sugar taste. Good thing that it has Healthier Choice symbol so drinking it is I guess “guiltless”. Haha.

Pepsi Vanilla and Pepsi Ginger
Bold New Flavours

WILL: Pepsi answered the call of people who wants to cut-off sugar but still want to leisurely enjoy the fizzing soda. Pepsi came up with Vanilla and Ginger flavour. 

Abbey and I unanimously agreed that Vanilla Flavour is lacking of punch. It seems that this soda is not sure if it wants to be sweet or to be healthy haha. While Ginger Flavour is our new love. It has this ginger tingle the sweetness is just perfect. 

Way to go Pepsi! Looking forward on more innovations. Woootwoottt! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core

ABBEY: Ben & Jerry’s released two new flavors of ice cream for their core series and this time it is cookie dough: Chocolate Chip and Wake & No Bake. 

I can say both flavours are good but I like the Wake & No Bake more. It has peanut butter cookies and vanilla ice cream as well as fudge chips while the Chocolate Chip has milk cookie ice cream. Enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core 

WILL: Abbey is not a fan of cookie dough but I am dying to try it. Good thing Ben and Jerry’s releases their Cookie Dough Core Flavours. 

They have two (2) flavours and the taste that hits for me more is the Wake and No Bake Cookie Dough. 

In one pint there are two ice cream: Vanilla Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cookie and Peanut Butter with Fudge Chips. This is my first time to like an  ice cream with concoction of peanut butter. Haha! And the core, the crumbly, coarse texture of chocolate dough is terrific! Yummmyyy! 

Definitely worth of the sugar! 🤣 Get your pints at favourite groceries! 

Ben & Jerry's Singapore
(A) 20 Pasir Panjang Road, #06-22 Mapletree Business City Singapore 117439