Wednesday, September 30, 2015


ABBEY: Another F1 season came in Singapore from September 18-20. We bought Bay Grandstand tickets for the whole 3 days and we saw some actions on Turn 18. The qualifying rounds for the Formula 1 cars was exciting as Sebastian Vettel finished a lap with 1 minute and 44 seconds. Though he didn't matched that record on Sunday night's race, he still proved that he is the champion of Marina Bay circuit. He managed to maintain the lead until the end.

For the concert line up, it was great. Pharell on Friday, Maroon 5 got the crowd singing and dancing on Saturday and Bon Jovi capped the event on Sunday.

Room for improvements and I hope Singapore Airline F1 committee will look into it.
1. Please open the track as soon as the race ended for the people to go to Padang stage. Bon Jovi was already on the middle of his concert when we arrived there.

2. When opening the track, I mean open the track in Turn 18 so the people can pass thru the Esplanade (under the bridge) just like the earlier years. What happened is that the people are routed to Esplanade bridge itself. And they have to go thru the fences or camera slots just to go in the concert ground. This is very disappointing. Adding to that the marshal is telling that that is not allowed. When he was asked where should the people go, he became silent.

3. Have Fanzone bands like the one when Singtel is the promoter. This will ensure that the ticket holder can enjoy both the race and the concert in the fanzone. This year, the patrons will have to decide if they will watch the race on their seats or wait for 7 hours for the concert in Padang just to get a good position.

4. Have more promotion/contest for ticket upgrades. The contest that I saw was only to have 1 pair of ticket to be upgraded, unlike other years where the all the tickets that you bought will be upgraded.

Hoping to get some improvements in future races. More power Singapore GP.

WILL: Nothing's gonna stop the roaring and revving machines of Singapore Grand Prix 2015. Yeah even haze can't stop people in merrymaking. 

This is my third time to watch this yearly phenomenal event here in Singapore and it just getting bigger and better. So what are the things that they made it more exciting for 2015? First of all is the list of main stage performers at Padang Stage. For three consecutive nights we were treated with famous singers from Hollywood. Pharrell Williams touched the stomping feet of teenagers. Maroon 5 make the girls scream and Bon Jovi makes our hands swayed up in the air. All generations were touched by F1 2015. 

How about the race? Not so many action as expected to Mercedes Benz. You can observe that Anti-Red Team is bored while they are watching Vettel leads the parade of racing cars. I think Vettel can drive in Singapore's Night Track even his eyes were closed. Haha!

On my third time to attend this, I assessed that I am more on to watch the actual race itself than to attend the concerts. Haha! I am converted now. 

Long Live Singapore GP. Hope to have an access again to Fan Stand by next year! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kenny Rogers Roasters Great World City

ABBEY: From time to time we became homesick and we crave for food back at home. Yes there are fastfood in the Philippines that are also here in Singapore but the taste isn't the same. Maybe I just want the Filipino-version of that :) 

We came to know of Kenny Rogers and headed to Great World City. What we want the most? Their muffins. Unfortunately, Wilma wanted it more than me so she hoarded all the muffins we ordered to herself. We had quarter chicken platter with 2 sides (corn nibbles & mac & cheese) and a muffin for 18.90SGD. 

The taste is the same; it is delicious. The chicken is roasted well; no blood or undercooked meat. I hope they can lower the price.

WILL: I am watching a tv series and one of the character blurted out the corn muffin of Kenny Rogers and brain exploded and longing for the taste of it. 

Grabbed my phone and searched for Kenny Roger's Singapore branch and Great World City came up. Before our Saturday Singapore GP event, we went here for lunch. 

We all ordered Kenny Quarters and I grabbed all their muffin from their plates. Haha! I ate one, and I packed the rest. Gosh, every bite satisfies my cravings! The crusty texture outside plus the foamy bread inside. Oh! Yeah! The chicken! It is nice but pretty expensive. Macaroni and cheese taste is impressively good! 

I will be back for muffins for sure. :)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Two Wings - One Just Isn't Enough

ABBEY: A news regarding Two Wings came to my FB feed. I read it and put it on my "To Dine" list. It is located at Pinnacle@Duxton. So I picked up my wife at her office and headed to the foodcourt at Duxton. 

For 8.90SGD I got a Chicken Cutlet which is a Chef Recommended item. It comes with 2 side dish of your choice. I had Rice of the day and fries. The chicken is big and crispy. It really made my stomach full.

WILL: I am pretty astounded when Abbey showed me a list of restaurant he wants to dine in to. Yes I am shocked because this is the first time he came up with it. 

Two Wings is the first place for us to dine. We went there before our Friday Singapore F1. We luckily arrived around 630pm. Why? Minutes later the place at The Pinnacle@Duxton is packed and there is no available table for other diners. 

I ordered their famous wings. They are correct! One is not enough. The skin is crispy, the meat is tender and not bloody. It will be served to you piping hot. They have a big serving and half of it was pushed to my leftover saviour..Abbey. :) 

I will definitely recommend this buttery/crispy wings to all our readers! :) High Five Two Wings!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix - Pit Lane Experience

ABBEY: This is the second time I went to the Pit Lane Experience. I got a pair of tickets from Singapore GP by choosing an icon and voila, I won. At 7:30 we headed to Gate 1 where a long queue keeps on growing. A couple of minutes later and we found ourselves inside and enjoying the Hawaiian dance from The Dancing Fire. The roaming performance and music of Fiesta Tropicale will keep you on the beat. 

On the Village stage, the Boys of the Band rendered the version of songs of The Beatles and Motown. It was a trip on the memory lane. After the break, this Michael Jackson impersonator really set the stage on fire. With his copy cat moves and resemblance of the King of pop, Dajiow won the hearts of his fans. Then its time to assemble for the garage experience. Bloco Loco welcomed all the guests with their upbeat thumping of the drums. People took snaps and videos while the teams showed their skills on changing the tires of the car. 

We're not lucky to have a sighting of the drivers themselves, but something magical happened to me. I was interviewed by one of Fox Sports anchor and Food Detective herself, Nikki Muller. :) 'Twas a great night.

WILL: Singapore GP is one of the most awaited event here in Singapore.. an annual festival. But hey there is more! Before the actual festivity, Singapore GP is holding different kinds of activities for the people. 

Abbey won a pair of ticket for the second time. Yes! He won in two consecutive year and what makes us keep coming back? Well, except of the F1 cars, you can witness how really fast when they change tires, performers that you can only see at Zone 1 and you can do all what you want at the Pit Lane for a photo shoot. Some poses as if they are inside a racing car, some lay down, and some just kisses the floor. Haha! 

It is really a fun thing to do before the race day starts. 

Head over at their website and be updated! See you all there next year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Panerai - History and Legend Exhibition Singapore 2015

ABBEY: We were given a guided tour for the Panerai exhibition at Orchard. In it, they showed us the history of the timepieces. They were used on military missions under the sea where conditions were cold and harsh. 

Come the modern day, the 44-mm wrist acccessory got contemporary designs and were used by the public as well. We were also shown the insides of the watch. It is intricate and complex. No wonder the cheapest they have starts at 10k SGD.

WILL: I am mesmerised to have lots of watch. I love to see my wrist wearing a huge watch. And almost of my watches were just gifts. :) 

When Panerai announced that they will be holding a mini exhibition just outside their Ion Orchard Store, I didn't think twice, I urgently booked to attend one of their guided tour. 

After the said tour, it is clearer for me where they were from and who were the first users of the timepieces. After a talk with their watchmaker, I asked how much is the price and I almost fainted. Why? The model I like costs S$35,000. Yes! You read it right. Haha!

I know I can have it. In the right time I will own one. :) Thanks Panerai of the magical tour! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spicy Fire Chicken with Cheese (Cheese Buldak: 치즈불닭) Recipe

Chicken breast (cubed)
Korean chili paste (depends on your spice level)
Chili flakes (depends on your spice level)
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp cooking oil
2 tbsp honey or rice syrup
1 tbsp of ground black pepper
3-5 cloves garlic (minced)
2-3 tbsp minced ginger
Or use 2-3tbsp of ginger-garlic paste
Mozarella cheese (cubed or grated)

Mix all the ingredients except chicken and cheese. This is for the paste. Once all the ingredients are incorporated, throw in the chicken and mix again. Put in a pan, and add a cup of water. Then bring to a boil. Upon boiling, lower the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Transfer in a baking dish and top with mozarella. Put into microwave until the cheese is melted. You can also put in conventional oven.


WILL: Abbey and I love to watch cooking channels at Youtube. Yes! We are punishing ourselves in watching a sumptuous meal being tasted by the cooks. Haha! But Abbey is not only there to watch but also to study how to do those. So last Sunday Abbey cooked Cheese Buldak. 

How good it is? Even it is hot, I ate it non-stop! Creamy, spicy, yummy! This is quite a treat! Love you Abbey! Thanks for keeping on surprising me!