Friday, November 25, 2011

Oceanic Spa Bintan Indonesia

ABBEY: We gave our aching bodies a trip to the spa when we went to Bintan. The cost is more expensive than the one we had at Batam. Good thing is they have a special offer: Swedish and Thai massage for an hour at 80sgd for two persons. Upon entering the room we were given a robe to change. We chose lavender oil to calm and soothe the muscles. After the session we felt light, refreshed and relaxed.

WILL: This is definitely a must! its been almost 5 months after our last visit in a spa. This is included in our itinerary. This is more expensive, expensive than the deals I saw here in Singapore.
       The massage is amazing, they are pressing some points that I think never been  knead by other masseurs. One hour of massage, one hour of pampering. 
       Here, only here at Bintan I experienced that before a spa they gave us a very cold ginger tea for us to drink. And don't be wary, after the massage a complimentary hot tea will be serve.
      Added info, book a day before so you can avail their 10% discount in their services.