Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Body Shop Sale

ABBEY: It's the 2nd time we went for this sale. This time its for our gifts for our loved ones back in PH. Body wash, lotions, butter, creams, fragrances and accessories are all over the place. You can get 2 of a kind for 12 or 16sgd. Its good they having this kind of sale. Lesson? Come in pair; one is to queue for cashier and the other to shop. That's how the customers patronize this wellness shop.

WILL: As I said, I am member of this very lovely shop. So, I constantly receives mails and sms from them. When I read their text message, idea ran so fast in my head. Since my sister and in-laws will be going here for 3-day vacation this is a good idea for pasalubongs. Hehe. 
Every ladies go gaga! Every Body Shop marked down the prices. Oh, this is not my first time with this. Hehe. Love Body Shop products and advocacies! Very worthy to support them. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spa Le' Kraton

ABBEY: Spoiler Alert: To those who stays at Punggol, this spa haven is far from you. It's located at West Avenue 7, Bukit Gombak.

Even though it's way too far from our place, it is still great.

Upon arrival, we're greeted by their staff and served ginger tea. We're ushered to a comfortable sofa bed with good lighting and sounds. A couple of minutes later the treatment began. We got head and full body massage as well as ear candling all for a price of 38sgd per person. It's a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

WILL: How I found this spa? Through FB ads. Our aching body needs a knead. 

When I visited their page, they have a promotion. $38 for whole body massage & ear candling. Not bad ha! Well, we took a two hour bus ride from our place, quite far. But the serene beauty of their place was so nice and make me forget how far we are from thier location. The massage concentrates a lot the legs, thigh and head part. The ear candling? I hope they let us see if they really get some of our earwax. Overall, not bad. ;) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ramen Culture

ABBEY: Got Naruto's appetite one day, we search for a ramen house. We found this shop at Icon Village. But instead of ordering ramen, I got Yakitori Kamameshi Set. Its very attractive and mouth-watering. My wife got the Ramen :) A meal's price starts at 13sgd.

WILL: My last day to work, we planned to pig-out.  We headed at icon village, just two blocks away from International Plaza. No idea what to eat, we saw this Ramen Culture and decided to eat ala-Naruto! Hehe. 
      This Ramen Culture have a long queue during lunch time, glad its almost 8pm. We sat and ordered... For me, i ordered a Tonkatsu Ramen. The noodles? Will rate for A+, not soggy! The soup?, great. The fried pork?, as usual taste. I end up eating it all. Simut-sarap. :) i just give some spoon fulls for my husband to taste. Hehe. 
      Abbey ordered a meal that was served in a hot stone bowl. We availed the DBS card promo :) discounts discounts... Chiching-chiching. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chilli Chicken McGrill

ABBEY: I thought I won't be able to avail this promo. Buy a Spicy Chicken McGrill and get one spicy or original free. For 10sgd the sandwich comes with large drink and fries. It was so hot; I felt I got fire in my belly. As far as I can remember I had 4 of 1 for 1. Of course the other half is for my wifey.

They also offer black pepper chicken McGrill.

WILL:  And they have a promotion again and this one is to celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday :) To promote the chicken burger varieties, they send off the chili chicken McGrill. The taste? Oh yeah, the slogan is right!, it is really a fire in our belly. Hehe. :) Nice, another way to spice up our life. It costs $7 ala carte. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scholl Flip Flops


ABBEY: Scholl foot powder works well for me. So I decided to try they footwear also. For a price of almost 100sgd I can say that it is expensive. Good thing is that the slippers give me comfort when I wear them. I hope they can have more design for men.

WILL: What i know about scholl? Well, i knew they have products for foot care and I was delighted to see that they launched a flip flops. Guys, guys, guys this flip flops were not just an ordinary like others, it has a special form that can correct the foot posture. 
      At first, it gives me an uncomfortable sensations on my sole, but feet adopted well with its new Scholl buddy. Unique and fashionable. 99$ for a pair :) 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tom N Toms Coffee

ABBEY: This is a 24-hour coffee shop located at Icon Village in Tanjong Pagar. We met her jargon after her last day at the office. As usual when I go to coffee shop, I try their chocolate concoction. It was good. Cup price starts at 5sgd. This is a nice alternative to the usual SB or CBTL.

WILL: Korean fanatic? What can you say in a Korean cafe? In their shop you can watch concerts of their famous lady/boy groups. Nice lei. Oh, after ordering the drinks, they will give you a saucer like black thing that will light up once your drinks are ready to be pick-up at the counter. 
      They were located at Icon Village near Tanjong Pagar MRT. I ordered a herbal tea...rosemary! Nice very natural and their prices is not that costly than other coffee shops. But be aware, even this place is open for 24 hrs it is always full. People love them a lot. :) 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eagos USA

ABBEY: Wilma surprised me with this shirt after I went out from office. It has a gray color with printed design. She won't tell me the price, but I managed to know it when I passed by the shop after lunch. The shirt costs 10sgd. They conducted sale from time to time. Sad to hear that their branch at Suntec City mall closed down.

WILL: As I brushed my way to the rushing people in Suntec City Mall, I saw a huge banner for their move-out sale. So, no hesitation I bought a shirt for me and Abbey. The shirt is very comfy. For almost six months after constant machine wash, the design until now never fades. A nice quality :) 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Famous Amos - Crown Muffins

ABBEY: We tasted Famous Amos cookies and they are good. It's time now to try their muffins. 4 muffins cost 10sgd. We had chocolate muffins and they moist and flavorful. It perfectly complements my coffee. Got those delicious muffins at Compass Point branch.

WILL:  Abbey surprised me with this muffin! A nice box consists of four crowns. Hmmmm. Unlike others that aroma will strike you first, this Famous Amos is a silent killer, haha!, after the teeth sinked on its bread, you will definitely bite until its gone. Hehe. The moisture is so nice, no dull moment with it, hehe, the walnut and choco chips gives extra excitement. Thanks baby! Love you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pearlie White - Fluorinze Mouthwash

ABBEY: Our mouthwash ran out and went to a wellness shop to buy a new one. We got Pearlie white mouthwash for a change.

We tried it and its good. Had a fresh breath for a longer time.

WILL: Bago maubos ang Swish, we went to Watsons and saw this package of mouthwash worth almost 9$. Pearlie White leaves no harsh sensation after the gargle. Oh, some mouthwash do not have a flouride content, so if you want some flouride with your moutwash, try this. Nice grab baby. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ya Zhou Cafe - Korean Cuisine

ABBEY: We wanted to have Korean cuisine for lunch. Good thing Suntec City mall offers a wide range of choices for diners. Ya Zhou Cafe is located near Fountain of Wealth.
I got bimbimbap. It's pork served in a hot clay pot with spicy sauce. I also had fried mandu(gyoza). The soup included in the meal is also.
We had a good dinner at the place.

WILL:  Abbey is looking for a korean cuisine and I found this. I think this is the cheapest korean cuisine along Suntec City Mall. 
Ya Zhou Cafe is located along the Fountain of Wealth. Very affordable, each meal costs not more than 8$, soup, main course, drinks and three scoops of ice cream and that was for Abbey. Me, i only ordered a fried pork with curry. Hehe. Very korean, chopsticks is metal. Hehe. ;) 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jazz Bridal Pte Ltd

ABBEY:  It's been almost five months since we tied the knot but we were not still be able to blog on the boutique that provided our beautiful wedding dress and suite.
We went there after Chinese New Year. We were told that they are having promotion. We got all for the price of 888.

Wow, that was great. The shop didn't fail us, as we were both looking good at our BIG day.

Maybe at our 5th or 10th anniversary, we will come again at the boutique :)

WILL: Original plan was to buy at Divisoria as my mom knows a lot of good maker of wedding gowns, but time and location is a big hindrance for that idea. 
So nanalo si Abbey, we bought my gown here in Singapore. Tanjong Pagar road is a cradle for wedding needs here in Singapore and its just a two corners away from our office. In stretch of this road, we enter almost every boutique but Jazz Bridal is the most accommodating. Hail to Ms. Jasmine, she gave us good advices and give us a big discount, since it we are their first client after the Chinese New Year.
Yeah, we bought the gown but actually it can be rented out, and initial reaction of Ms Jasmine.. "your fiance loves you so much, he bought the gown for you" hehe.
We love the Jazz Bridal a lot, everyone is so kind, ooppsss. Before you go here, pls make an appointment, they handle one client at time to ensure the quality service. ;) Oh, you can contact them at 6837 3733.