Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fort Siloso Singapore

ABBEY: This is the part of Sentosa where we haven't set our foot in, but the ground must be covered. 

By 12:30PM at Beach Station, an "old bus" will take you to the fort. An entrance free of 12SGD should be paid. Fort Siloso served as the primary stronghold against the war enemy that comes from the south sea.
We were glad that our tour guide is charming and always smiling. Her name is Annabelle, but we wondered why her nameplate shows Baxter. Anyways, she led us to the first stop of the tour, the recreation area of POW during Japanese Occupation. In here was a diorama of Pulau Blakang Mati which is now known as Sentosa and its different zones. Next is the tunnel under a war gun where the ammunitions were kept. Being a soldier is tough specially in war; poor ventilations, small spaces and large chance of being killed. The third stop is all about the life under Japanese regimen. Foods were rationed, people will be jailed, tortured and killed without any reason and a lot of propaganda for brainwashing specially the little ones.

The tour ended on what they called as Surrender Chambers. It relives the scene of Singapore surrendering to Japanese forces led by Gen. Yamashita. And on the next room was the scene where Allied Forces led by Lord Mountbatten liberated Singapore from Japan. Those are touching scenes and a lot to learn from the history.

WILL: We need to know the past and learn from it or history will just repeat itself. 

That is why Singapore gives a big effort to let locals and tourist know how it was to be on their  "dark ages". The time, World War II, when they were conquered by Japanese with the leadership of General Yamashita. It was a big trick or I should say Yamashita knew the "art and power of making a deal" that time. 

Here in Fort Siloso, you will see the real cannons. You can check-out the bankers, undergrounds tunnels and the famous signing of Japanese surrendering to the Allied Forces. 

This is an informative day for us. You can join a tour if you do not have an idea where to start. The entrance fee for locals is $10 and for tourist is $12. If you're already at Sentosa why not check this out. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Orchard Central

ABBEY: It's been a very late celebration, but only 22nd of April is the best time for us to dine at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

We did reserve a week before and at last.. the time came. The restaurant is in the eighth storey of Orchard Central. Once we were led to the table, I put my bag down and started to roam around checking what they have to offer. They have fried delights like crispy chicken, ebi tempura, and salmon head. I don't know how long they have been on the serving station but I find them too oily and not that crispy anymore. 

They also have grilled foods; baby potatoes, sweet corn, pork, squid, and chicken yakitori. Beef and chicken tepanyaki were also available. Mussels and shrimps were there but they're off limits to me. So I feasted on salmon meat and belly. Every bite is heaven once the salmon is dipped the soy sauce and wasabi. I washed them all with lemonade, soda and hot green tea. 

The dinner costs almost 75sgd for both of us.

WILL: Do you know the song “Everything is Awesome” from the 2014 Lego Movie? Sing with me using the below lyrics...

Everything is Oily... When you eat at Kiseki..
Evertyhing is Oilyyyyy!

Why I said that? Read more.

The cashier in front told us that Salmon Head is their house recommendation. When I saw the salmon head, right away picked one of it. I giggled loudly when I saw the mountain of ebi tempura. I got a plateful instantly.

I went to our table and agonizingly waiting for my husband to take his food. After a prayer of thanks, I attacked the tempura relentlessly. Haha! But on every bite I notice that it is oily. I took the Salmon head, and its oily too. I used tissue to the crab claw to squeeze out the unnecessary oil. 

This is not-all-rant-blog, I want to commend their hotpot, the perfectly grilled corn and the bean sprout! 

Thanks Kiseki for being part of our April celebration. Hope you check on “too oily” issue.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Eighteen Chefs - Bugis Junction Branch

ABBEY: For the farewell dinner of our friend VA, we chose the place closest to his home in Bugis. We went to Eighteen Chefs on the fourth storey of Bugis Junction near Shaw Cinema. 

I got their Heart Attack fried rice with half spring chicken at less than 14sgd. Don't worry about their warning: May cause sudden cardiac arrest. Just eat moderately. The fried rice taste good and the chicken is flavorful and moist. But after sometime you will find that there's too much oil in your meal. Maybe that will cause the heart attack :) 

Anyways I finished the meal without calling for emergency. I also had a couple of spoonful of their curry baked rice from Wilma where the cheese is overflowing.

WILL: I know that this is not the goodbye for our friend Vincent Anthony but a hello to another place. At Eighteen Chefs at Bugis Junction where we celebrated his send-off.

When I open the menu, Chat is correct, its either you order the all time favourites for a no brainer or you will be your own chef to choose the dish that you really craves for. Well, I like the unordinary so I use my head and think hard what food I really like to have. So I picked Cheese-Baked Rice for my base, Japanese Curry for my sauce and Chicken Slices for my main ingredient.

Curry and Cheese? I am quite hesitant but when I tasted it... It is terrific! It satisfied my longing on the baked rice plus my favourite chicken curry. It costs only $8.80+GST. Hey they do not bill service charge in here.

Any suggestions? Hmmm.. Dear Eighteen Chefs, why you offer a lot of promotions for students? How about us? We are human too! Haha! Anyway, have promotion or do not have I will come back for more to savour again to my Chicken Curry Baked Rice. Next time I will ask for Double Cheese Baked Rice!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Original Little Hiro Singapore - Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ & Grill

ABBEY: So before we go north of Singapore, we decided to visit our friend's workplace and dine there. She works in Little Hiro. It is a Hawaiian-Japanese restaurant at King's Arcade; a 15-minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT station.

I got one of their recommended items which is Waikiki burger; burger plus ring of pineapple, and bacon. It comes with fries and drink. I really like the taste of fries as it is "garlicky". To top of it all, I also ordered Spam fries. Beware not too eat too much, it'll be too salty. Maybe they can include other flavor of Spam and make fries out of it.

WILL: Innovation is not just for technologies but also for our daily food. After trying a pancake used as a bun for a burger now we tried noodles instead of bread on our burger. 

Welcome to Little Hiro! A chic place and maybe the reason why the students happily spend their meal time in here. Just a few steps from Botanic Gardens. 

We were there to celebrate our move out from Mt Sinai Rise. We want it to be memorable for all of us. So we decided to dine in here with our housemate's father. 

After 15 minutes of waiting Chicken Karaage Ramen Burger ($10.20) is in my table. When I have the first bite of the the noodle it seemed that my tastebuds transported me to Japan. The taste of ramen blends well with chicken. Abbey ordered Spam Fries ($4.80). That is too oily and salty for me. 

Would I go back for more? Of course! With no hesitation! I Love Ramen Burger! FTW! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Applebee's Singapore - Bar & Grill · American Restaurant

ABBEY: When I saw my brother's post of their dinner at Applebees in UAE, I want also to eat the baby back ribs. By that time, Applebee Singapore closed their business. Good thing they opened a branch at Chjimes. We went there with our highschool friends. And we were amazed at the prices. It is affordable. I thought it will be too high but it is not. 

I ordered their Quesadilla burger 13.90sgd along with fries. Cheesy in every bite and the pattie is moist. We also got their sampler. For 20sgd, we picked fried calamari, chicken nuggets and tacos. I also took a bite on what's on Wilmas plate; baby back ribs. I think it could have been more delicious if it has more sauce.

WILL: Are you looking for a cheap and yet cozy place to date your loved ones and it took you many clicks on your mouse and your efforts are still futile? Rant no more! Applebee's is there to rescue you. 

All their prices is below $20. Yes below $20! Man, you read it right! Head down to newly renovated Chijmes.

We were there not for one-to-one date but a group date with two of our friends. So delighted to see that their full baby back ribs is only $17.90, with no hesitation I asked Abbey to get it for me. Applebees's baby back ribs are not their star of the menu but they taste awesome. The aroma enticed my appetite and the meat is tender. 

I got to go back to this restaurant. Good food, all-smile crews, good ambiance! :) 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

g.Spa Fitness and Recreation Hub - Spas/Beauty/Personal Care

ABBEY: Another freebie? Wow, yes please. Keep them coming. You are all welcome. Thanks Medhatter. This time I got a 60-minute full body massage worth 155SGD at g.Spa. It is located at 102 Guillemard road. We took MRT and alight at Mountbatten station. 

I strongly advise that don't be fooled by their signage outside the building. They have more to offer aside from that. And what I mean by more is that they have good receptionist that will welcome you and ask for your need of service upon arrival. We were an hour late but still it only took us 15 minutes waiting time to have the massage. 

The style of spa is like Wensha in Philippines, but more at par than Wensha.

You will be given a magnetic key for your locker and massage clothes. My masseur's name is Susan. She gave my muscles a "beating". I think I heard all the "crunchiness" left my body. I like the hand and feet massage the most. It is as if all the tired muscles got relaxed. After the massage, I proceeded to the dining area.

I first took a sip of wintermelon and pork rib soup. Next I got their menu for the day; chicken cutlet. It came with fries and coleslaw. I also took a bite of their dimsums even though they have shrimps. They were delicious. Wash them all with free flow of juice, coffee, or tea. 

Total spa indulgence. Highly recommendable.

WILL: "Therefore, do not be deceived." That is the perfect tagline for gSpa. Or better "Do not judge the book by its cover" haha!

Abbey won a one (1) spa treatment from Medhatters and he threatens me not to redeem it if I will not come with him. Even it is a 24hour spa, we still made a booking 3 weeks before our targeted date. 

A very unique foyer welcomed us. Three lovely ladies behind the concierge immediately accommodated us. Less than 10minutes we are both on our way to the spa rooms. 

Because Abbey really pushed me to go with him, I look for ways to lessen the cost of this pampering session. AspirantSG threw a 15% off and free body scrub to his blog readers and I am too lucky to be one of first 10 reservation. 

I requested for body scrub first before the massage. This is a trivia about myself. This is my only third time to have a body scrub in a spa. Why? I found it too expensive, my good reason. So, I just buy a sea salt scrub over the counter and do it for myself. Haha. Ok, back to the review. Xiao Rui mastered her craft. It seems that I am her baby that really need a deep cleaning. She kneaded and cleansed me by the strokes of her hand. I really hoped that time will never end. 

Xiao Hui is the assigned masseur to me. That is the first time in my whole life that I have a hard massage. Her hand, knuckles and elbows know the exact point where my body aches. She stretched my body that unbelievably gave a cracking sound which I felt a kind of relief. When she told me that my session was done, I frowned. I want more haha!!! It is very relaxing.

2 hours of pampering, I am ready for filling up my tummy. Yep at a $155 package, it includes a buffet. Hey it is not an international buffet but in their menu for sure some of the food will satisfy your taste buds. What I love the most is their dim sums. I ate 8 servings of those. 

There is also a rest area that you can seat on their couches watch movies, tv shows or just sleep. 

It is really a wonderful experience. We already told our friends how good it is and they ensure us that they will try the service in there. :)