Sunday, December 30, 2012

Philippine Airlines Domestic Flight / Cebu to Manila

ABBEY:  This is my first time to ride Philippine's flag carrier. A bit of issue though when the flight was delayed for two hours due to technical problem. I understand those issues. But we were only notified thru mail. We gave our contacts when we bought the tickets. It just so happened that we got a wifi connection and my wife checked her mails. I asked the staff, what if we didn't check our mails or we didn't have a wifi connection. They asked for apology and appreciate that. Maybe the process could be enhanced to avoid it. 

The flight is good. The pre-flight emergency procedure video is entertaining and informative. Hope I can ride again on PAL but this time an international one.

WILL: Well, I am proud to be one of the passengers of the Philippines flag carrier, PAL. I already experienced the international and domestic flight from this airline and the best take-off and landing of aircraft is the definitely one of the smoothest. High five PAL. 
      This is our first time to take PAL together, from Cebu to Manila last November 30. They e-mailed us twice and for the flight being delayed for around 2hours. Its okay for us as we do not have some urgent appointments back in Manila. Yes the said delay made me frantic but that day I don't want to stretched-out the problem, so I just keep my mouth shut. 
      Well, the flight is nice. The seat obviously more spacious and more comfortable. I paid Php2,355 for the two of us. Very affordable isn't it for a one way with free snack. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Plantation Bay Resort And Spa - Cebu Philippines

ABBEY: When Wilma told me that we will be checking at Plantation Bay, I was excited. The resort is popular for its good reputation. But I didn't expected that it was a very long ride from our previous destination in Balamban; making us late and tired upon check in. It was my mistake not to do my homework about the locations :) 

We were given a room at poolside. It's a two-twin bed room with a tub. With no time to spare we changed to swimming attire and hit the pool. One pool is freshwater and the other is seawater. We let ourselves relax at their jacuzzi. After our dinner we head back to our room and had a goodnight sleep. 

In the morning we had breakfast at . We trie their clubhouse, beef tapa, and bread platter; all for less than 2500php. We took some snaps in the beach and visited the souvenir shop. Upon  checking out we were given complimentary sweets. A night stay costs almost 9000php but its worth it. 

WILL: I have heard a lot of good traits of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. This over 10 hectares of land cradled me and my friends for a night costing us USD197.12, poolside room, excluded of breakfast. Expensive? Yes it is. 
      We checked-in around 2pm and we were assisted by their staff and hop on in their golf carts and walked our way to our room. Our room has two tin sized bed, a bathtub and a very refreshing site of pool and gazebo. When we are all ready to go, we went first to their sea salt pool. I don't like this pool, it gave me an itchy feeling, when the sun went down, we dipped in their jacuzzis and lasted our stay for almost an hour. Hydro massage is really amazing. This gave a good night sleep. 
    Morning in Plantation Bay, we strolled the vicinity, bought some souvenirs, visited their beach, and had a sumptuous breakfast at the Kilimanjaro Cafe. 
    This is a great staycation. I regret?! Oh, I wish we stayed longer here.  Haha! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gran Tierra Suites

ABBEY: Grand tierra accommodated us on our first night in Cebu. The rate for a deluxe room is 750php for a person; additional pax costs 150. Walking a few meters and you'll be at Osmena boulevard; a 10-minute ride to Ayala Center. Warm staff welcomes you upon checking in with delicious cheese roll and biscotcho to fill in your hunger from travel. The room is spacious and comfy. One thing to improve though, it would be better to have one more drain in the comfort room other than in the bath. Thanks to them for keeping our danggit and pusit safe until we go back to Manila.

WILL: This is highly recommended by my friend Denise and our level of appreciation is and likes are just the same level. This Gran Tierra Suites is just located along Cebu Doctor's Hospital, a quite new one and very affordable. 
      As we entered the room, its spacious and clean and have a very approachable staffs. There is a free hot and cold mineral water just outside of our room. I enjoyed their complimentary basket of breads. Oh, they also provide toiletries except toothbrush and toothpaste. No choice but to buy two for us. We had a great sleep on that night.  
      After checking out, we asked the receptionist if we could leave some of our baggage and they confirmed on it. Nothing was lost after  we left those bags for almost 2 days. Recommendable for people traveling on tight budget. One night costs Php 750 and reserve it in advance since this is place is always fully-booked. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ah Boys to Men

ABBEY: This movie became the top-grosser home-grown Singaporean film. We got the pair of ticket thru a Facebook contest and we're excited to watch the movie. Its about a group of guys that will be enlisted in National Service. With the comfort of their own homes; air conditioning, cellphones, and moms, they're reluctant to join. Once in the camp they were put in the se platoon and each has his own story. They have the "always alert" type, "buisiness minded" type and so on. Some of them are frequent visitors of the doctor as they don't want to train. 

All of them were given a book out after two weeks to be with their family. Ken (Joshua Tan) was sad that his girlfriend already had a new partner. This is turn gave Ken more determination to win her back by being sick; which got worse and cause his dad to be in an accident. When Ken knew what happened,  his perspective changed and became more serious in his training. The second part of the movie will be shown in February 2012. This movie gave me a good laugh; thanks to Lobang. It also made me realize to give more love to the ones you most cared for.

WILL: I am not astonished if this movie is a highest grossing Singaporean film of l. Here tackles the consequences that the men of this country going through when they are going for the National Service training. 

     I am not a Singaporean but in my heart when I saw the introduction of the film, I am proud of the readiness and high technology gadgets of the men here. Here they showcase their prime ammunitions. 
     For sure, we will watch the 2nd part of this movie. Thank you to RamenPlay for our free ticket. :) 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adventure Cafe - Balamban Cebu

ABBEY: My feet got cold and hands sweating when I knew that we will be zipping the line. With all her powers, Wilma convinced me "again" to go for this thrill-ride. The place was called The Adventure Cafe. 

Putting the harness makes me more nervous. When we were called at the platform, I muster all the bravery left and went for the ride. Maybe it was my weight that made zipping not too fast; made me to enjoy seeing the greens and ravine below. The experience was exhilarating. One round-trip costs 150php.

WILL: First of all we want to thank John,s mom for letting us stay for a night in their rest house at Balamban. We felt how the rich people live their lives in a day. A simple thank you is not enough, Mommy Coy. 
     So we are at Balamban; Cebu's Baguio. This is the highest pick here in Cebu and we are glad to know that we can stay a night for free with free dinner and free breakfast. This is the life. We are already there so why not try Balamban's zip line.
     Walking distance from the house is the Adventure Cafe, wherein you can find a restaurant that caters a magnificent views of trees   and can feel the fresh cold air against your skin. Grrrrrrr, so cold. 
Abbey finally gave in to try the zip line. Wohoooo! A good experience,  a tension buster, an "I am free from stress" thing. 
     This costs P150 for two way zip. Well for us it is free, courtesy of Mommy Coy, again. She is part owner of this cafe. You can reach the Adventure Cafe +639996812339 or like their facebook page

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

ABBEY: We planned numerous times to dine in this  tea shop at Marina Bay Sands but they never happened until we have spare time to wait for a fashion show. Since it will not start for a couple of hours, we went at TWG and sipped cups of tea. 

I got strawberry-fusion tea. The aroma is good as well as the taste. No burnt and bitter after taste. A tea book was given to us and we read a lot of info about the leaves; from how it started, the trade until to the names of each tea and their uses.

WILL: I am an absolute lover of teas and once I saw the this TWG at Marina Bay Sands I told to myself that someday I wi be having a tea there. 
      Well, we have an extra budget to sip some tea there and yes my 2years wish was finally granted. Once we put our first foot on the steps, their waitress immediately greeted us and ushered to our seats. Oh, their chairs is very soft, it made me really a royalty that night. The man passed us the TWG tea book. Whoah! Shocked! Overwhelmed with information. This company was established here in Singapore and decades past of being port of trade, they saw every finest tea leaves from different countries and with expert knowledge they came of hundreds of concoction that will result in greatness. 
      Oh Darl, my heart is in heaven when they served my teapot. I ordered silver moon. The taste?, nothing ordinary. Very Delicious! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 WoMens Fashion Week - Japan Couture Evening

ABBEY: Wilma told me that we won a pair of ticket for the Fashion Week. This entitled us to attend one day of the event. We went there on a Friday and they showcased Japanese couture. Cocktails were served while waiting for the program to start. Each seat have a goodie bag that contains Cosmopolitan magazine and more. A couple of minutes and then the show started. 

The models walked the ramp from casual to winter clothing. The collection is good. I took snaps the best I could as I'm seated in last row :) The show only lasted within 15 minutes but it was good and fashion-inspiring.

WILL: Cosmopolitan Singapore loves me a lot, how do I know? They love every woman who aspires to be  role model to each other. The love is overwhelming they let me to witness the Japan Couture Evening 2012 held at Marina Bay Sands. 
      We arrived early for 9pm so we took our dinner first and take some tea. When the clock hits 8:45pm we walked in to this build-up tent got our ticket and waited until the stage and the models are ready to hit the way. Anyway, while waiting, they entertained us by food and drinks. Champagne, wines, sodas, caviar, macaroons, nuts and a lot of pica-picas. 
      After the long wait they opened the black curtains and we hurriedly sat at our respective chairs and there a Cosmopolitan November issue waiting for us. 
      The show started as the red lights illuminate the area. The models ramped all the beautiful clothing from different brands that can be be bought at The Shoppes. 
      A great event to showcase the different styles that represents every personality. Again, a big kiss for Cosmopolitan Singapore. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chicken Wrap Recipe

This is quick-fix recipe to satisfy hunger.

Ready made wrap
Chicken fillet

For chicken preparation, you can either dry marinate the chicken with turmeric powder, salt and pepper; or coat it ready-mix fry coating.
Fry the chicken until golden brown and set aside.
Toast the wrap in a pan. In a plate, put the wrap and then the lettuce and chicken. You can put ketchup, mustard or mayo as well.

WILL: I love shawarma and I asked Abbey to do it for me. In cooking, nothing is impossible with him. ;p  I'm the one who scheduled our weekly "to eat" and he is the one to execute the plan. ;) 
      He do this chicken wrap and at no fail, the taste hit my high standard. I love the mayonnaise and ketchup matched with the wrap. Every time that we need a substitute for a rice on our dinner, we immediately put this on our list. Thanks Babe, you are awesome. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tiger Balm - ACTIVE Muscle Rub

ABBEY: We got this Tiger Balm product from one of the contest that we joined. 

Whenever my feet is aching, I'll wash them and dry and apply the muscle rub. Put ample amount on the area. It's cold upon application. You will feel no heat after but it relieve your feet from tiredness and fatigue. It's recommended to apply before bedtime. 

WILL: Thank you so much Her World Singapore for giving away a  hamper of Tiger Balm products an one of those is the ACTIVE Muscle Rub. I am not fan of this cream before but once Abbey told me that it he felt an immediate relief from its heel pain. 
      When I got an sore muscles at my right triceps, Abbey told me to put on some of the cream, anyway there is no harm on trying it, so I nod then he rubbed it on the affected area. It is kind of instant relief. 
      I super like this non-greasy cream. Available at Watsons, Guardian. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

1983 - A Taste of Nanyang

ABBEY: This "sosyal" hawker caters Indonesian, Malaysian and Western cuisines. It's located in Basement 1 of Marina Bay Sands Tower 1. At 6.80sgd, I had nasi lemak. The chicken serving is large and the rice is flavorful. The fish though is cold. It's as if it came from the fridge. Drink starts from 1.50sgd.

WILL: Who say that every restaurant at The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands is expensive? Some don't want to roam around here because they say all the food outlets will costs them a minimum of $20 each. Except of the Rasapura Masters which is their version of hawker, you can also go to 1983 A Taste of Nanyang. 
     They offer our favorite Indonesian Cuisine, the nasi lemak. For only $6.50 you will have a big piece of chicken. a whole fish, and their very own special rice. So great that I always asked Abbey to dine in here whenever we were at MBS. value of money with a full tummy. :) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

District 10 Bar & Restaurant - The Star Vista Branch Grand Opening

ABBEY: Believe it or not I spent nothing on my birthday treat. It was also the opening day of District 10 at Star Vista mall near Buona Vista MRT station. I think it was a gift that my wife and my Facebook account won a pair of invites on the party. Wow, it was a party of four :) 

The event started 7pm. Each guest were a given a drink; be it champagne, wine, beer or soda. Then came the servings of beef skewers, spring rolls, sliders and the special pizza. The food was great with special mention of pizza. It has a good aroma, crusty and tastes very good. Party music made the event more lively and cheerful. We managed to made some acquaintances and had a snap with the chef and the owner himself. 

It was a nice birthday celebration. Happy birthday, District 10.

WILL: Our stay at Marina Bay Sands is my real gift for my husband but that was Nov 11-12, his birthday is Nov 14, and I want to have a simple dinner for him. My head is spinning while thinking where I should I bring the celebrant on his natal day.

      While browsing, I saw District 10 Grand Opening at Star Vista, we recently moved and Buona Vista is just an MRT station away from us, so this will be a great place. To know more about the restaurant I browse their website and hit the "like" button for their Facebook page. Looking and looking, I saw that they are holding a giveaway contest and the price is a ticket for two for their grand opening on 14/11/2012.
      Abbey sent a poem and I just post a simple and yet meaningful comment why I want to go and have a party with them. We won and my husband's party has a lot of beautiful and positive-vibe guests. Ha!
      We feel every second of this party, we met many people from different countries, air was filled of nice music and laughter, we ate all we pizza, sliders, drumsticks, beef, and the mouthwatering prawns. Gulped red wine and sodas.
     This is a great place to unwind. District 10 is now having a promotion for their Christmas and New Year, come and visit their UE and Star Vista branches.