Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Duo Deluxe Golden Village - Paya Lebar Laser-projected Movie Hall

ABBEY: Golden Village Paya Lebar boasts its laser projection system and its spacious twin leather seats. So we went ahead and watch Justice League on a weekend. 

Only the food and drinks bought in the cinema will be allowed. 

I thought the seats are able to recline but its not. The space between the other twins are not that apart. I can still feel the feet or maybe the knee of the person behind me. 

When it comes to the projection I don’t find any difference with other cinema. Maybe I’m not just keen into that technology.

Duo Deluxe Golden Village - SEAT 
Duo Deluxe Golden Village - TICKET PRICE

Duo Deluxe Golden Village - 

WILL: We are not that bored to the old seat or lazy boys kind of cinemas, we just want to explore new things to serve our readers. So here, we went to the first laser cinema of Golden Village at Singapore Post (Paya Lebar). 

This Duo Deluxe is one of the latest offering of GV! It has leather seats, smooth wooden cup holders and of what they are proud of.. it's laser projected silver screen. 

What can I say? The spacing will not be comfortable for 6-foot cinema goers. I am not sure how tall the person behind me but he always "accidentally" kick my chair. "D" aisle is still too close for me and of course this S$20.00 do not have blanket, nor mini pillow, nor assistant that will serve your food needs. 

Yes! For me, this duo deluxe is expensive compare to the service that offered by The Cathay - Platinum Movie Suites

GV Paya Lebar
(W) https://www.gv.com.sg/GVCinemaDetailsBranding#/cinema/131
(A) SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, #03-107

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