Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bismillah Biryani Restaurant

ABBEY: My boss told me that Bismilah Briyani is the best briyani there is. So from that on, I plan to have an order of that rice delight. It happened after we went to Sim Lim Square to buy my latest toy. So we crossed Rochor Canal Road and headed to the shop at the intersection of Dunlop street and Perak road.

We got 2 chicken briyani for 16 SGD. Even though it is raining that day, I still bought a stick of kulfi (ice cream on stick). It was creamy and sweet. I'm not able to finish the srving of briyani. It has 2 cuts of chicken and a hard boiled egg. It is spicy but you can cool it down with the raita that comes with it. The rice is not also oily which is very different from other briyani that I had. You can eat it on its own even without gravy. 

Next time I'll try mutton and vegetarian variations.

Chicken Briyani
WILL: Abbey is succumbed in addiction with Indian Cuisines. He is always up in searching the best of the best around here in Singapore. So, do you wonder where are those food? Of course, you can find those at Little India. 

After we bought his new GoPro stabilizer at Sim Lim Square we walked straight to Bismillah Briyani. While waiting for Abbey's order, one man started a conversation with me. He informed us that many Filipinos working at Singapore Gen that dines at their restaurant. As our talk goes by, I felt that he is the owner of the restaurant. Haha! Then I dropped a bomb question, "Why you put 'probably the best briyani' on your banner?" And outstanding answer was replied. It is because the word 'probably' represents that he is up and ready for changes and improvements of his famous briyani. Few minutes of talk and laughs make my husband and my day more colorful. ;) 

When we went home we're ready for the taste test. After I consume a portion of it, I asked Abbey when we will visit the store again? Their briyani is awesome, it is not that spicy and not oily unlike others. It is indeed a yummy experience.

Will surely be going to back to this store. Wohhhooo!!

Bismillah Biryani Restaurant
50 Dunlop St
(H) · 11:30AM–3PM, 5:30–9PM [Tuesday - Closed]

Monday, June 27, 2016

Just Dough (Bun & Soup) - Suntec City Singapore

ABBEY: When we shoot Fountain of Wealth for our Singapore Flash Foward series, we found Just Dough bakery. It was recently opened and they're handing out samples. 

Without understanding what the staff is saying I grabbed a piece and put it on my mouth. I realized a familiar taste: shrimp. Haha. The staff got nervous when I told about my allergy. Who would have thought that the "siopao" can have tons of variations. We bought curry chicken, cream cheese, and cheesy chicken for not more than 2.60SGD a piece. 

The cream cheese tasted the best. The bakery also offers cakes. The takeaway buns should be resteamed before eating.

WILL: While walking at Suntec basement after our Singapore FlashForward shot at Fountain of Wealth, Abbey suddenly stopped and looked into a store offering steamed buns. He was given a sample that have shrimp (he is allergic to that) and the girl who offered that was so shocked when I informed her about my husband's allergy and it seems she wanted Abbey to spit it out. Haha. 

Anyways, we bought some of its variants. For only $1.90 I got to enjoy their Fruit Cheese bun. It is yummy that one is not enough. I like their Cheesy Chicken too. 

This is a great alternative on burgers or doughnuts for snacks or high teas. You will never go wrong on any flavors of this. :) 

I got to buy more when I got a chance to visit Suntec again.

Just Dough
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-169/170
(H) Monday - Fridaay 8am - 10pm ; 
Saturday - Sunday and Public Holidays 10am - 10pm

Friday, June 24, 2016

Simple Chicken a la King Recipe

1/4 kg chicken (diced)
1 red bell pepper (sliced)
1/2 green bell pepper (sliced) 
1 can of cream of mushroom 
5 cloves of garlic 
2 onions 
4 tbsp dissolved flour  
Salt and pepper to taste 

Boil chicken in 4 cups of water with salt until it is tender. Sauté garlic, onions and sliced peppers. Pour in the chicken together with its broth on to the sautéed spices. While boiling pour in the dissolved flour until it thickens. Add on the cream of mushroom. Keep stirring up to a couple of minutes. 

Serve on top of your hot rice. Enjoy!

ABBEY: I'm happy whenever Wilma is telling me that she'll cook because I know that'll be tasting new food. She cooked Chicken ala King. She got scared when the flour formed lumps but managed to dissolve them into a thick cream. 

It was delicious. The strong mushroom flavor blended well with the chicken. Serve it on newly cooked rice and it's heaven.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Lunch Buffet

ABBEY: This is where we treated Ate Pres for lunch upon their visit. This Korean restaurant is at 4th storey of Orchard Gateway.
This is one thing to take note of : No food wastage. A 100-gram of leftover costs 20SGD. This is a good policy so guests will take only what they can consume. Anyways you can go back to the buffet anytime.

I had spicy rice cakes, jap chae and some kimchi. But what I enjoyed the most is their steamboat. Tofu, chicken and pork balls in collagen soup is delicious. I also made a dipping sauce with sesame oil, chili, vinegar, and soy sauce. I waited for their Korean chicken but only chicken nuggets were served. My dessert is sweet watermelon. One pax is $16.90++.

WILL: Nieces, nephew and in-laws surprised me here in Singapore. They visited the Little Red Dot with little time. Haha! So when they gave me a chance to plan for their Monday schedule I did not hesitate to look for available slots for a lunch buffet that is just right for my budget. 

And then I took the opportunity to finally dine in at Goro-Goro. This place is pretty famous with people who offers Korean Steamboat at a very low cost. They get their pricing lower "some more" if you are a student. Deal? Deal! 

Our group, consisted of seven,were entitled for 4 soup flavors: we chose Mala, Ginseng, Tomato and Collagen and get lucky that the collagen soup was served in front of me(Good for the skin).  

Their buffet offers not so much that time but I enjoyed the meal. Specially when I got their dumplings!! Tasty! I can eat those dumplings cooked at collagen straight for 2 hours. Haha! Then their fishball and their omelet. Juices are refillable too! 

Guys, guys! You do not need to spend a fortune just to eat to a buffet restaurant. Try GoroGoro and enjoy your Korean Cuisine food while watching K-Pop artists! :)

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet 
218 Orchard Rd #04-01 Gateway@Emerald

Adult $16.90 ++
Child $9.90 ++

Lunch (Sat/Sun & PH)
Adult $25.90++
Child $16.90++

Dinner (Mon- Thurs)
Adult $25.90 ++
Children $16.90 ++

Dinner (Fri-Sun, Eve PH & PH)
Adult $27.90++ 
Child $16.90++

Monday, June 20, 2016

Shabu Sai – Japanese Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki Hotpot (Suntec City Branch) - Set Meal

ABBEY: The day has come for our team to move to a new office. After a couple of years in Suntec Tower 5, we're invading Hansapoint. So as a last hurrah, I asked my wife to have dinner at Shabu Sai in Suntec City Mall. We only ordered ala carte instead of buffet. It only took a couple of minutes then our food was served.

I had Sukiyaki Hotpot Set which comes with California Maki and soba. For 13.99GD, I'm very full. The food is delicious and flavorful.

Sukiyaki Hotpot Set
Set Menu Meal 
Chicken Oyakoni Set Meal
WILL: Abbey requested to meet him at Suntec City, his office location for more than 4 years (their office moved to other location) and a place for people who love to eat. Did you know that Fountain of Wealth was surrounded by huge array of restaurants? Well-diversified place for you to choose your dinner. 

We went for Shabu Sai for our last dinner date at Suntec. This is well known for its cheap buffet but please take in mind that they also offer set meals. I had Chicken Oyakoni. For people who love sweet food, c'mon and visit the place. Even though I am more inclined to salty food, I liked what they serve. It clicked well with wasabi (I am drooling imagining the food, haha!). 

If you want a value for money with a romantic back-drop restaurant...go ahead and take a seat at Shabu Sai. See you there on our next visit.

Shabu Sai (Shabu Shabu / Sukiyaki) Suntec City 
7 Temasek Blvd
(H) 10AM–10PM

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spa Symphony (An Orchestra of the Senses) - 313@Somerset

ABBEY: After my first speaking engagement, my beloved wife rewarded me with an hour of full body massage at Spa Symphony (313@Somerset). 

The session began at 7:45PM. I was led to the room, told to change clothes and lie down on their heated bed. That was very comforting. The music and ambiance was relaxing. I was about to sleep but got awake when Yu Gen, my masseur, hit all my aching muscles at the right spot. I felt so relaxed and refreshed after that. 

We availed their four-session body massage/facial promotion for ~260SGD and got a 20SGD voucher that can be used at the mall's retail shops.

WILL: This is my "discounted" gift for him after his newbie session. I found the offer at facebook and without second thought, I grabbed the promotion of $60 whole body massage for two. 

Spa Symphony is a newly built place offering massage and facials. After filling up a form and waited for a couple of minutes, we were guided by our masseurs to our respective rooms. 

She (forgot to take her name) handed me a disposable underwear and disposable cap. After changing, I lay on their warm and relaxing massage bed. I am surprised that she kept on massaging the side of my neck. On that time I felt the instant relief on it. Then, she went on my shoulder, she did not stopped until the muscles in that part were not relaxed. Her warm hands danced on my back (and it seems queue on the background symphony playing) more specifically on the spine area. Agenda achieved! I want to sleep right there and then. Haha! 

After that heavenly massage, we talked to Irwin - Spa Consultant. And you know what?! He gave the massage for free!!! How it happened? Do you know that the usual (deep cleaning) facial in Singapore costs not less than S$100? I am so surprised because of their opening promotion, they only gave it for only $60. I get a package of 4 (No Expiry) and it can be use for either massage or facial and it is transferrable. It a deal! My Abbey paid 4 facial/massage for $60(U.P. $130) each then we got that very first massage for free and we got a $20 voucher of 313@somerset. 

Please do take note that this post is not in any way sponsored by Spa Symphony. I am just ecstatic of the massive discount and ache-away massage. :) 

Thanks Spa Symphony! Till our next visit.

Spa Symphony : An Orchestra of the Senses
313@Somerset #B2-50/51
(H)  11AM–9:15PM

Friday, June 17, 2016

Abbey's First Speaking Engagement

ABBEY: Wilma "volunteered" me to speak in newbie session. I was nervous knowing the fact that I'll give a talk and what am I supposed to talk about. I chose the topic of conditioning the mind.

As I observe that people nowadays are overloaded with information towards personal finance and investments are everywhere. But knowing your purpose and changing the way you think is a whole different topic. I'm scared of what would be my audience's reactions, or if they would participate, or would they get lessons from me.

Then the day has come, June 4. I was early at the venue and people started to fill the room. The session went smoothly and I'm glad about the outcome. I reviewed my recording and I can say that I can improve. Till next time!

Credits: Rex Holgado

WILL: For 5 years, we never had a dull moment. We always talk about our day, our job, our business, our finances, our next escapade and most specially our dreams.

If you knew who Abbey was before, maybe you will ask him "What potion did you drink that made you of what you are now?". And with that, I want him to share to people what are the things he have done to achieve the "new" Abbey. The Abbey that is full of confidence and aspiration in life. Abbey that is spreader of positivity. Abbey that is a dreamer and not a hot-tempered/whiner.

And on his talk, I hope many people will not only open their mind to change themselves but to actually do it for their betterment and people around them.

See you again on Abbey's next talk. Vo-volunteer ko ulit sya. Haha!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cameron Mackintosh's Les Misérables (Singapore)

ABBEY: At last we got the opportunity to watch Les Mesirables live. It was held at Esplanade Theatre. Before it started, we took snaps on their backdrops. As we enter the theatre I kept on searching for Row B until I realized it was the frontmost row. Yes, the stage and then our row. I was under the impression that we're on second row.
Anyways, it got me excited. 

I'm able to see the actors clearly with all their facial expressions. So clear that I can see spits from Jean Valjean and the glittering braces of the actress who played Eponine :) One disadvantage is that you cannot see the actor when they lie down on the floor. Another one is there will be limited view if you're not in the center; and we're in the left part.

The musical is great; Opening act, Master of the house, One Day More, every part of it. Really appreciate the hardwork of the production for us to see a masterpiece and enjoy it.

WILL: I wished for me to watch Les Miserables on stage when I saw their movie. I know from my heart that it will create a great satisfaction for myself. 

Last year they announced that they will visit Philippines and I immediately posted a facebook status and tagged Les Miserables facebook page and Marina Bay Sands. Gosh! I am so delighted that they and ALMIGHTY granted my wish! Wohhoooo!

Abbey and Chat was really decided to go for the nearest row on the stage. I reserved our ticket and bought the "B" seats (all A) were greyed out. To our surprise when we reached Esplanade Theatre, it is the first seat, as in stage then us. Exciting right. 

From that side, you can see their expressions, the intimate feeling, even saliva! Haha! Oh! One thing, you can make a stare eye-to-eye with the actors and actresses. Booyeah! 

Even I knew the story, it still never fails me to make me cry! Huhu! 

And on that! I am actually thinking to watch again El Filibusterismo of Jose Rizal. Hmm. Is there any available stage play of that in Manila? Please let us know if have news about it. 

Les Miserables production, crew, artists and musicians. Thank you so much. You all made my heart so happy!

Cameron Mackintosh's Les Misérables - Sistic
Event Date: Tue, 31 May - Sun, 24 Jul 2016 
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
(W) http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/mis0716

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Teo Heng KTV Karaoke Studio - Suntec City Branch

ABBEY: Our highschool singer and friend, Marineth, got to visit Singapore again. And Wilma decided to have karaoke session. We booked a room at Teo Heng KTV in Suntec. It was a Friday night and the place was fully booked. Everybody wants to belt out their favorite tunes. 

The room is clean and you can bring your own food. Just ensure that the room is the same before you use it. They also offers chips and drinks. 

We found it difficult to search for songs. Even using the app is not helpful. I hope this can be looked at. Still we managed to sing some. We  played the songs of Maroon 5 and then catch up with Neth.

WILL: Chat and I were really far from each other and we want to meet her and our tourist friend half-way and on that we met at Suntec City. 

Do not forget to make a reservation 2-3 days before your KTV session or you will end up queueing for hours. 

Teo Heng KTV has a clean room and we were delighted to see some maracas and tambourine. We were given a microphone cover for added protection in spreading virus and bacteria. Oh! We carried our own food but bought the cold bottled water for only $1 at their counter. 

For 3 hours ($16/hour), I do not know if we three are just dumb or the KTV machine is not really a user-friendly but it's hard to search for songs in the catalog. We downloaded their app and still do not help uplift our misery. Haha! Oh darn! We went over to other KTVs but this is the hardest machine to use in selecting, browsing or even searching for songs. 

Anyways, we hit the M2M songs, Backstreet Boys, Maroon 5 and even the latest single of Justin Bieber. Ahm, would Abbey forget to sing some Parokya ni Edgar? Of course not! 

Marineth S. Tongol arrived few minutes before our time is up, haha! She wanted to sing a Miley Cyrus but the song have an accompaniment. Haysss! 

Do not forget to clean as you go guys!

Teo Heng KTV Karaoke Studio
3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-380 Suntec City

Saturday, June 11, 2016

McDonald's Singapore - Angry Bird's Super Red Burger

ABBEY: I was amazed when I saw the ad of Mc Donald's about their new burger in relation with Angry Bird The Movie. It was a red burger. 

Wow, what does it taste like? One night we had it delivered. Lo and behold, a red burger. And when it is red, it means hot. The spicyness is kicking because of the pepper mayo. And the red bun? Well it is tastier than the other regular buns. The burger contains all these; chicken, lettuce, tomato, and egg.

WILL: My lady boss told me that there is a new burger unveiled by McDonalds and it has coloured red buns. Curious of the taste, one night Abbey and I decided to make a McDo Delivery and I deliberately ordered for Angry Bird Burger. 

I took a bite then sipped almost half of the large coke! The fiery pepper mayo sauce is way too spicy for my preference. The ending? We swapped our food. 

At least I know how spicy it taste. Hehe. Good job McDonalds Singapore in innovating your products! Now I am wondering what will be the next flavor they will offer? I love you Mcdo Delivery! Mmmwah!

McDonald's McDelivery