Saturday, November 5, 2011

iOS 5

ABBEY: Everyone is waiting for this latest iOS. Can't help but to anticipate for its release. The demo caught the attention of idevice users. I can use my iPad more seamless. I got a new look for my calendar, I have reminder, I'm able to communicate thru iMessage, I have my own newsstand, I got tabs for my web browser and a lot more. Its a big file though to download but its worth the wait.

WILL: The most awaited iOS.  As soon as they released this, everybody went frantic and agitated. And i mean everybody, and it includes me and abbey. Hehe. Abbey spent time up to 2am just to wait for the release. When I woke up. I already got the iOS 5. ;) Love it baby! Effort kung effort. ;)
      For now, this is the best! With all the additional features like viber, iMessage and my favorite...the reminder. Hail Apple. Thank you Steve Jobs!