Thursday, November 24, 2011

Groupon Singapore

ABBEY: I did online shopping back in Philippines thru Ebay. But now, lots of online promos are just to extort money. You never know which are true and legal. 

We tried Groupon Singapore. For me as long as they didn't ask for any password for any of my accounts, its ok. We did also a review of the company and got a couple of good comments. What we got is our Indonesia trip and  my surprise manicure and pedicure set for her. 

We were saddened and worries by the news that the company is about to close as it can't support its operation due ti lack of funds. I hope they can recover and give more discount coupons to their customers.

WILL: From manicure spa set, massage, travel to yoga sessions they all have it all discounted just for us. As the news widely spread that Groupon all around the world is falling hard to its prime, Groupon Singapore is still hits the city.
      When we purchased a travel deal, we saw that almost 400 bought that deal. And when we booked for it, all staff of the Anita Travels were smiling back to us and accommodate us very friendly, unlike the stories in America.
      We do hope that they will prosper and keep the deals on! ;)