Monday, November 30, 2015

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing The World Exhibit @ ArtScience Museum of Singapore

ABBEY: By visiting The Nobel Prize : Ideas Changing the World exhibit at ArtScience Museum, I got more knowledge about the coveted award. The founder Alfred Nobel stated on his will that his fortune should be used as prizes for those who excel in 5 categories: chemistry, physics, medicine, literature, peace and economic studies. The gallery displays the winners and laureates as well as the reason why they've been given that honor. Among them were Alexander Fleming (penicillin), Malala Yousafzai, and United Nations.

There is also an interactive game in form of a survey of what could be the future Nobel awards.

With these breakthroughs, inventions and maintaining peace and harmony the world will become a better place.

WILL: After we tour my siblings at National Museum of Singapore and a sumptuous meal at Baja Fresh we headed to ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay. We are there to checkout the Nobel Prize Exhibition.  

In there, the exhibit visitors were educated on how and why this noble award started. It was astonishing that mostly the things we use from day to day won this award. Like mosquito nets, the syringes and even some books that create a deep impact on humankind's lives. 

We definitely love this exhibit. It adds up to knowledge and the feeling of to do more for give back to society. 

To Nobel Prize and beyond! Cheers!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

OCBC Skyway - Get Up Close To The Supertrees @ Gardens by the Bay

ABBEY: There's always a long queue on the ticket booth of OCBC Skywalk and since we planned going there on Deepavali, we expected a longer one. Fortunately, no queue by the time we arrived. This means we can have the skywalk by ourselves, have lots of snaps and take the time to be amazed by the view at the top. 

A ticket costs 5SGD. It will take 5-10 mins to finish the walk but for us we took it very slow. It was refreshing and enjoyable.

WILL: This is one of the sights that we do not want to go to unless we have tourists on board with us. We walked our way out from Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes to Gardens by the Bay. And our aim is the OCBC Skywalk. 

For only $5 each. You can see from the top the beauty of flora and fauna of the Multi-awarded garden/park of Singapore. You can have a great spot to take the MBS Hotel as your backdrop on your photos.

I think we stayed there for 30 minutes. Why? We are just staring at the beautifully arranged garden below us and my siblings like the sweet smell of wind hitting our skin. 

Please take note: Be there before 5pm or else you will not enjoy the sights because too many people already walking around.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MegaZip Adventure Park - NorthFace (Wall Climbing) & Megazip (Zip Line)

ABBEY: Wilma's siblings love to have thrilling activities. So she booked them the Panther package of Megazip. With that they can do wall climbing and zipline. None of us reached the top except Wilma as our arms and legs are burning and screaming with pain :) 

After our futile attempts on the wall we climbed the tower to the start of the line. The zipline is 450m long and 75m high and 3 persons can go at a time. It was fun and the view is breathtaking. Don't worry about your things. The staff will collect it before you head to the zipline and will be given to you at the end of the ride. Videos and photos are available for your souvenir.

WILL: This is one of the exciting part of my siblings trip in here. Why? All of them is their first time to do a wall climbing and two of them is their first time to experience a zipline. 

I gave their itinerary weeks before to ready their body in such activity. But I think weeks are not enough. None of them reached the top of the wall. Thrice they tried but they failed. Hehe.

I conquered the MegaZip Adventure Park's NorthFace!!! After all (except me, ehem) surrendered on wall climbing we went for MegaZip. Abbey and I done this few times but this will be our first time to do in Singapore. That is a 450m line. What I like the most on that experience? The greenery and the fact that you land on a breakwater. Ha!

We enjoyed the time spent with MegaZip specially the all-smile and friendly team of yours. Till next time guys! Till next our next adventure!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lunch Buffet @ Buffet Town - International Seafood, Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki (Raffles City Singapore)

ABBEY: Haha, I told my in-laws not to have breakfast as we will be having buffet at Buffet Town in Raffles City Mall. Yes, they contained their hunger and we only waited a couple of minutes for the restaurant to open and then game on. My first plate had baked fish fillet with mozarella toppings and pizza.

Then I tried their sushi and sashimi. I got a not pleasant experience with one of their chef. I asked for a plate of sashimi which I got. A couple of minutes I asked again and this time it is for my brother. I didn't know that my brother wants it. Then the chef asked me, "for one or two?" in a sarcastic note. It is as if he doesn't want me to come back again and again. Hello?! That's why it is a buffet. You get little portion and come back if you want more. Avoid food wastage. Anyways that chef cannot stop me from enjoying the food and having a good mood.

I also had pork, chicken and beef satays, sauted beef in ginger and onion, and ice cream. The buffet also include soda which helped me burp when my tummy got full :)

Weekday Lunch buffet costs 24.80++ SGD

WILL: Buffets are now a big fad at Manila. Every corner of a mall there are buffet restaurants and the queue are very long. But when I got to tried some of buffet diner...Oh it is quite lame and the it is very pricey. Then I promised my siblings to tag them along to one of the eat-all-you-can restaurant here in Singapore. 

We went to Buffet Town for our Monday lunch. They were greeted by fresh seafoods, sashimi, sushis, and bucket of newly cooked tempura. They love the beef and satays, pasta station is a hit and of course they will not forget the waffles and ice cream on it. 

They are shocked that they can stay there from 11:30 - 2:30pm. A non-stop munching and telling tales. 

We went out of the restaurant very full that we cannot eat until next day. Hahaha! Thanks Buffet Town for making my tourists from Manila very happy on their lunch time. :) Till next time!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Images of Singapore & Madame Tussauds Singapore - Sentosa Island

ABBEY: What Singapore did with Madame Tussauds gallery is that they bundled it with Images of Singapore. I don't know if the guests can have the option to directly go to Wax Museum or not but it would be better to go to Images of Singapore first. It is 40-minute live show that presents Singapore's beginning and future plans. Then you will be riding a boat and see Singapore icons like The Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, and F1 Grand Prix.

Political figures will greet you at the first stop on the museum. It includes US President Barack Obama, Mao Zhe Dhong, Queen Elizabeth, Singapore's own Lee Kwan Yew and Kwa Geok Choo, PM Lee, and Singapore First President Yusof bin Ishak.
Next are the sports superstars like Yao Ming, David Beckham, and Tiger Woods. 

I also had a pose with local artist Gurmit Singh. Then our Indian friends celebrating Deepavali were ecstatic in taking their snaps together with some of the Bollywood stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, and Hrithik Roshan.
The wax figures of international singers are also displayed. Beyonce, King of Pop Michael Jackson, King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, The ABBA, Madonna and Taylor Swift.
After Bollywood comes Hollywood. The Terminator, Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kiddman were among them. Even though the museum is smaller than in Hongkong I still enjoyed my visit.

WILL: We bought the ticket for both.

Images of Singapore is a interactive place that you will learn and participate from the past and present of Singapore. An informative and good place to know how this Little Red Dot starts their journey from freedom to its present being. 

We alighted from the boat ride and from that I know that we will be entering the famous wax museum. 

This is the second Madam Tussauds we visited. First is at Hong Kong. So what we love in here? Of course we want to see the figure of Lee Kwan Yew and Madam Kwa Geok Choo, PM Lee, and haaay...Taylor Swift (my husband's greatest crush). 

All my siblings had fun specially they know that they can touch and even kiss the wax figures of the celebrities they really like. 

See some of the photos. They really enjoyed being close to them right? Haha! 

You can have a $10 discount if you buy online. Click it here to check it out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

007 Spectre (2015 Film)

ABBEY:  When I saw the trailer to the newest sequel on Bond franchise, I find it interesting. From the time Daniel Craig became Agent 007 the story revolved on Bond's personal life. Maybe there are just too many instances where the villains' plans were thwarted by him so they are getting their revenge. 

As usual the gadgets being used as agents are cool as well as the cars. And the actions and the explosions on Spectre leveled-up compared with the previous ones. That's why they bagged a Guinness World Record. 

Still I'm not over the fact the the agent fell in love and being saved by his girls multiple times. Not a normal Bond thing. :)

WILL:  This is one of the most awaited film of the year. Ahm, actually all the 007 movies. Haha. 

James Bond, a well trained bullet proof spy. Haha. Action is non stop. Stunts are astoundingly done. This is why people at any age range loves this series of movie. 

Story: Predictable. Effects: Splendid. You entertained me and my siblings Bond!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paik's Bibim (Bibimbap) - VivoCity Singapore

ABBEY: We went to Paiik's Bibim in Vivo City to have dinner. It is a little shop that serves Korean dish bibimbap. 

I got their recommended item: Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap for 8.50SGD. It came in a big bowl and on the wall a sign shows how to eat it; very simple, just mix it all and enjoy it. It was sweet and delicious. From time to time I'm putting chili paste to make it hot and spicy. 

They only accept cash and NETS.

WILL: For almost 5 years of marriage we do not forget to unwind and have a dinner date. We frequently explore on food. Why not? Singapore has lot to offer. 

That night we went for Korean cuisine. Paiik's bibimbap is a fast food themed dining site. I went for Teriyaki Chicken Bibimbap ($8.50). It is flavourful. Any person that do not want spicy but like to try Korean's Bibimbap, this is the right place for them.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Max's Corner Bakery ™ Delivery - Salted Caramel Tableya Cake

ABBEY: As we're longing foods from Pinas, whenever we have visitors we asked them for a little treat from home. Jhen came bringing a box of Max's Salted Caramel. Cake is not that appealing to me. If there will be other foods, I'll be eating the cake last. But when I tasted the moist but firm cake coated with sweet caramel, it is heaven. Great partner with coffee or tea as well. Thanks Jhen.

WILL: I once used the delivery service of Max's but was not for their famous kare-kare or for their crispy pata but for their cakes. I used it on Mothers' Day this year and all good comments how delicious the cake was pouring on my messenger. 

I had never tasted any cake from them. I got curious and luckily my friend Jhen asked want do I want from Manila for her to bring to Singapore. Without second thought I requested to bring me this famous Salted Caramel Cake of Max's Restaurant. And she did! 

The taste? The sweet caramel that surrounds the tableya chocolate cake inside is perfect! I do not need a tea or coffee to pair it. It can stand alone. Haha! Oh, please do not forget to sprinkle the salt on top of it. 

You can order here for your cake deliveries. :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

LeNu Taiwanese Beef Noodle Bar (Vivocity)

ABBEY: We're hungry and most of the restaurant in Vivo City is jam-packed. The shortest queue that we saw is at Lenu (Taiwan Beef Noodle Shop); maybe 5-7 people ahead of us. We were given seats at the bar after a couple of minutes. 

I got their Chef-recommended item: Braised Beef Brisket noodle. I don't know if we ordered it right or the chef was confused which is which so I got the same soup flavor but different type of noodles. Instead of broad noodles I had rice noodles in my bowl. No more time to argue on sending it back, I'm hungry. For 10.90, it was reasonable. The serving came huge, hot and freshly served. It was flavorful and the beef is tender.

WILL: Jhen is craving for a good noodles since her first day in here in Singapore. So we went for LeNu for dinner right after the seminar. 

There is queue of course but we got our table in an instant because we are willing to sit at the bar. :) 

I ordered their spicy version of soup. The soup is tasty but not that spicy! The noodles are perfectly firm. The serving is greatly big. Recommendable. Value of money! Now I am very intrigued on Taiwan's cuisine. :) Maybe next time, we will visit that country. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

ABBEY: At last we're able to watch a movie on "Last Full Show" time slot. Started at midnight and ended at 2AM. 

For The Last Witch Hunter, nothing new. I think I've seen the same movie plot but can't remember. Kill the villain, being haunted by that and then later on finds out that he was betrayed by his own friend. And Vin Diesel is already caught with the stigma of cars. Most of the movies starring him is associated with cars :) Nothing much for this movie. 

The cast is great; Batman's Alfred, Fast & Furious, Dom and Frodo :)

WILL: My friend Jhen visited Singapore just to attend the  Global Summit 2015. For so little time, I want her to see the real beauty of Singapore. So I packed her itinerary that we almost do not sleep at all. Haha. 

After the seminar,short walk inside Sentosa Island and rest at home, at 1130pm we paved our way to Seletar Mall to see The Last Witch Hunter at Shaw on 12mn. This is our first time to see a movie at that kind of timing.

So how's the movie? It is the typical "You can't love me but I like you story", typical betrayal and typical secret society. But it is entertaining. 7/10.