Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singapore Food Trail

ABBEY: When my parents went here for a visit, we took them to the flyer. We bought the tickets and we were informed that each ticket has an 8-dollar voucher for the food trail. 

The trail caters food served in stalls during the earlier years. They got chicken rice, nasi lemak, satay beehon, bak kut teh and many more. A meal ranges from 5-10 sgd. The place was designed with a street-like ambiance.  It is located at the foot of Singapore flyer; a futuristic ride that stands from humble beginnings.

WILL: As we planned that my in-laws will be going here for some vacation, I always keep an eye to the websites where we will be going. Why? of course for promotions! Hehe.. Last September, Singapore Flyer not just offered a 10% discount on flight tickets but also a voucher of $8 on Singapore Food Trail.
     We do not have the chance to use that voucher that time due to schedule glitches, so we decided to use those 5 vouchers once Marineth went here for a visit. 
     OMG, I was shock at the prices of the well-known foods. For as low as $5, you can make yourself full. Hehe. So, imagine how full we were when we spent all our vouchers on this dinner. 
     Yes their food is cheap but they do not compromise the taste, the ambiance is very nice, all the store owners are smiling and by that, you can order for more. Haha!
     Thank you to Singapore Flyer for this very nice idea it is blast from the past! Keep up the good work Singapore Food Trail!