Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon - Sentosa

ABBEY: I wasn't aware that there are two marine life attractions in Sentosa until last week. One is the SEA Aquarium near Waterfront Station. This is considered as the biggest aquarium in Asia. And the other is at Siloso point, the Underwater World. We went to Underwater World upon my sister's visit. 

At 4PM, the show started for pink dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon. They are wonderful creatures, very graceful and intelligent. They showed how they can sing, wave, pass through a hoop and give their signature jumps. Fur seals also joined them in exhibiting their tricks like how fast they can swim and catching rings. 

I hope Sentosa management takes good care of them. Not much difference between SEA Aquarium and Underwater World, both have clear tunnels filled with fish, rays and sharks. The walkalator in Underwater World is a plus though.

WILL: As we need to be more picky on the activities we should do on Abbey’s sister second visit, we chose to go to Underwater World of Sentosa instead Jurong Bird Park. Why? We need to give Ate Rizbeth non-tiring tour. All we need to do is to sit and watch the dolphin show and explore the aquarium which is all air-conditioned. So less sweat, less stress for the family of three.

We arrived 30 minutes before the show at Dolphin Lagoon. We picked the best spot which is not so close to the pool and yet there is blower to puff away the heat of the 25th day of October.

The show started and the arena was filled by spectators. The dolphin is really an adorable creature. So Cute! So when the host asked for a volunteer that will interact with them I never falter to raise my hand and shout “me-me-me!” And yes she picked me! I am so excited to be in a photo with a dolphin for second time. Yes! Second time. The first when I was only a grade school student. I paid Php150.00 to be kissed by a dolphin. Now it is free! A long interaction and got a chance to touch their fins and head, command them to clap and sing. A great experience. Please do visit them. Pink dolphins really made my day.

After the exhilarating event we went back to the Underwater World. The spider crab is really fascinating. Their room is quite congested because it is Saturday. All tourist congesting the island of Sentosa, haha! Anyways. I enjoyed their magnified aquarium.

Thanks Dolphin Lagoon crew. Abbey’s nephew cannot get over of the show. He is still teling “Ninang? Bopin?” (means Godmother? Dolphin?)  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marina Bay Sands Hospitality Suite

ABBEY: This is my second stay in Marina Bay Sands. And I cannot ask for more as we're given a suite with balcony. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Ruaro. They are apologising as the suite is only on the second floor, but hey, this is still a suite. We'll just go up on 57th floor for the view. 

The room includes a queen-size bed, a sofa bed, two television, make-up room and toilet and bathtub. The bar has a Nespresso machine :) So we had a coffee session with our friends after dinner. 

Our stay here with my sister's family is a good one. I can see them get relaxed and refreshed. They went for a dip in the infinity pool and finished the stay with sumptuous breakfast on Sky on 57.

WILL: Wohooo! Marina Bay Sands Suite! Free! And again thanks to our sponsors, Daddy Edward and Mommy Lovelee.

Second time to check-in at MBS Hotel but this is new experience for us. Aside from being housed at their lovely suite we invited some guests to sip some Nespresso coffee after our lovely dinner at Peach Garden. Non-stop stories and questions about Singapore since they only arrived here about a week ago and will start their official job as nurse in a day or two.

When we bid goodbye, we indulge at a very spacious room of this suite. We arranged the sofa bed for me and Abbey to take rest, and our guests, Ate Rizbeth’s family occupied the queen-size bed.

Before we head to our slumber, Abbey and I dip first to the bathtub. Hours of throwing an opinion to each other, making plans and listen to each other's words. We also pictured out our future room in our future home. A very relaxing time for me and my husband.

When I lay down at sofa bed and slept soundly. I woke up and took a shower and head to office.

I hope our visitors enjoy this hotel stay.

Till next time MBS!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

PAUL Singapore (Maison de Qualité) - French Restaurant at Westgate

ABBEY: I was in the connotation that French cuisine is only pleasing to the eye and fancy but you won't get full as the serving is small :) It changed when we visited Paul Restaurant at Westgate Mall. The ambiance is very different. It was elegant. Noise volume is minimal. It is as if all the diners were refine.

As I opened the menu, the items were, for me, a bit expensive. So what to do then? Use their promotion or offer. On that day, a meal consists of main course, soup of the day, and drink only costs $18.90++ with usual price of 40+sgd. I ordered their beef stew; choiced chops of beef with generous serving of bread. And when they put "generous" on the menu, they mean it. I got four slices of bread to match my stew. The stew is creamy and delicious. The beef comes with small amounts of fat which I liked. This made me missed our Pinoy's Nilagang baka or bulalo. 

Soup of the day is carrot soup and my drink is mint iced tea. The tea tasted like the bubble gum I enjoyed when I was kid.

WILL: We do not have our own camera. Yes! You read it right. Most of the photos here in our blog was taken using the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S. When there is a special events or we have visitors, we always asked either Nitin or Chat to lend us their Nikon.In returning a favour, Abbey and I chose Paul at Westgate to treat our dear friend Chat. We availed their promo (ends on 30th October).

Straight from office, I went here and so awed with the restaurant. It has a calming atmosphere. Immediately after sitting down, we ordered our food. I went for Sauté de Poulet Aux Champignons and mint iced tea. The promotion includes their soup of the day which is carrot soup. The taste is amazing and really stimulates my appetite and looking forward to our main dish. While waiting I sip some of my cold tea. It taste like a bubble gum and asked Abbey if I can swap with  his iced lemon tea, and he confirmed.

One by one our food came and sat in front of us. Every spoonful give us a piece of tranquillity. Haha! My chicken with mushroom is so creamy. The bread really compliments the cream with it.

This is a really recommendable place. A nice and very romantic restaurant to bring your date.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

dr. Café Coffee Singapore at The Star Vista - $2 Frappe Deal

ABBEY: After a sumptuous snack at Boston Seafood Shack, we went to Dr. Cafe on their branch at Star Vista Mall to get their 2SGD frappe. 

I got the mocha frappe. I really can't distinguished the difference with other cafe but kudos for their offer of lower price. We had our frappes as we catch up with our friends.

WILL: dr. Café is making a big noise by having a series of promotions. The first deal is their 50% off on their hot coffees, cakes and sandwiches, Now they treat all their “facebook likers” a $2 frappe. Gosh! Abbey and I are so blessed that we got an this for free!!! Thanks Chat!

I ordered for caramel frappe. I need a sweet dose of drink that time to wash away the fish and chips taste. Oh, we went at dr. Café Star Vista branch just after our  dine-in at Boston Seafood Shack.The taste, the taste, the taste! So sweet and delicious. Some frappe is just cold and very bland.. waste of money.

Thanks dr. Café, Till next great deals!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taste Of India - Singapore

ABBEY: I don't know which Taste of India did I went to the first time, but the branch that I visited recently is on 96 Owen Road (nearest MRT is Farrer Park). This is where my colleague planned to celebrate his daughter's first birthday.

The menu is consisted of vegetable cutlet, briyani rice, sweet and sour fish fillets, aloo gobi, chicken curry and soups and sauce. They also served plain and naan with onion chives. Wilma's favourite papadum is there as well. 

I think I went for three rounds until I can't take the spiciness anymore :) We washed down the food with milk tea, water and coke.

WILL: We were invited by husband’s colleague to attend the 1st Birthday Party of their daughter Annika and we are really grateful that we were included in their guests list. It feels like that we matters. Ha!

I am inch by inch embracing the aroma and spiciness of different curries. So here am I indulging on the Indian food at Taste of India.

As accustomed, after the Happy Birthday was sang, we hit the buffet table. I love papadum so I do not hesitated to get a lot of it. Their vegetable cutlet is yummy. The naan is just an ordinary but their when dipped it to the sauce of curry chicken everything turns extra-ordinary. Grace is so happy that they served teh-c.

They cannot avoid to talk about their jobs so I am just there listening and laughing to all the jokes thrown to each other.

Thanks Falguni. You made me full and sleepy. :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Morganfield's Singapore - Bar & Grill · Barbecue Restaurant

ABBEY: Seriously, Morganfields, are you serving this food? That was my reaction when I claimed a full slab of Sticky Bones. 

Wilma and I won full slab of Sticky Bones worth 39.90SGD++. This is part of Morganfield's opening promotion at Suntec City Mall. You just have to submit of your creative pose with their BIG picture of pork ribs on their store. I submitted the snap in which I'm proposing to it.

I ordered Hickory BBQ spare ribs. It came with fries and coleslaw. I thought I can finish half of it, but I can't. It is just too big for me. In the end, we brought it home and have that as dinner for couple of days :). I gave an advice to the guests beside us to order only half-slab as I overheard them asking themselves if they will get half or full. The meat is very soft and is peeling out of the bones. They handed us a bib because eating it will gonna be messy. The sauce will be over your mouth and fingers. 

WILL: Happy 4th Anniversary to "We'll Tell You - A&W Couple's Blog"! And now we have a good time at Morganfield’s Singapore newest branch at Suntec City.

Abbey and I won a full slab and decided to get it both in one visit. Humungous meat was served right in front of us. Gosh, I am like the real Wilma of Flinstones eating a dinosaur-sized pork. Haha! I got their Tuscan Baked Spicy Spare Ribs and it is not that spicy. The flavour is superb! The taste is up to its bones. A lip-smacking experience!  

I ate only 1/8 of the full slab and take home the rest. After re-heating in microwave, the juiciness is still intact! A very good food partnered with steaming hot rice. Hmmm, can we suggest to make some rice for sides? Please Morganfield’s! J

Till our next visit! Oh, FYI, I love your bib! My husband is quite messy on eating! Thanks guys for free 1kg slab!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sofitel So Singapore's HI-SO Rooftop Pool Bar - Hi-So Ladies Night

ABBEY: After-office-hours activites can be helpful after a long day's work. Rooftop Bar at Sofitel offers cocktail food and drinks for the goers to unwind with their friends or colleagues. It is at the sixth storey; yes, not that high but the view is awesome as it was surrounded by tall buildings. They also offer mats for those groups who want to sit on the floor near the pool. Due to the tile color and reflection of light, the pool is a sea of gold.

As it is Ladies' night when we went there, first drink is free and the next would be at 10sgd instead of 29. For light snack, we got coldcuts(charcuterie platter) - $31 and potato chips (Truffle and Parmesan Fries - $14) which were fried to perfection; crispy, salted, and thin. 

WILL: Midweek and it's Ladies Night!!!

Thanks to Frannywany for her blogpost regarding to our featured hotel’s bar today.

A lot of people knew about free drinks in many bars at Clarke Quay but we all know how crowded it is every Wednesday. Do you just want a place where you can get relaxed, make some chats and get a free drink just around the corner of your office? Sofitel answered our wishes. Right in the heart of Singapore's business district is the location of the hotel. Beside of the famous Lau Pa Sat where you can find Sofitel So Singapore.

After office hours, we went to the rooftop bar to receive a complimentary champagne for us girls. As usual Abbey go for soda. We have a lot of laughs and many stories were told. We bonded with Princess Sarah's patatas, haha! Their french fries is awesome, thanks for the treat Ate Monnette.  

For sure we will back for more free champagnes.  Nice view, nice dj, nice golden pool. Yes, you can dip your tired feet into the pool, if you want to. Till next reservation Sofitel So.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boston Seafood Shack - Lunch Deals at Star Vista

ABBEY: Who says I can't eat at a seafood restaurant? Good thing Boston Seafood Shack offers fish and chips. At 12SGD, they are offering complete lunch meal deals from 11AM to 5PM; one main dish, soup of the day and drinks. 

A tomato-based soup was served during that day along with a bottle of soda and my order of fish and chips. The coating of fish is crispy and went well with their tartar sauce. The two huge fillets were flavorful and fresh. Nothing special about the fries but they gave an ample amount. 

Maybe next time I'll try their baked cream dory with BBQ sauce. 

WILL: Are you looking for discounted rates or promotions on menu before heading to the restaurant? Aren’t you furious that lunch promotions is until 2PM and Monday to Friday only? Well, Boston Seafood Shack went against the odds. Except that they are offering a huge discount on their lunch deals, the timing is from 11AM to 5PM and extended until Saturdays! Yes 5PM and until Saturdays. So what are you waiting for? Head down to their Star Vista outlet to avail that promo. Oh! Hey! Hey! Please read first the context below for additional reasons why you need to dine-out. Haha!

We went last 29th of September, Monday, and after office I directly went there to get the famous fish and chips and costs only $8.00 (without soup and drinks). The servings is nice and big that made me asked my hubby to finish some of it for me. Haha.

Their place will make you feel that you are just beside the beach. Relaxing and very comforting. This is a really great place for merry making after the free zumba, kickboxing or yoga offered by Star Vista itself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Town Restaurant of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

ABBEY: Another Rejoice Container dinner, and again I was a "tag-along". This time it was held in a restaurant at Fullerton Hotel. Town Restaurant is one of the five restaurants on the hotel. This restaurant is on the other side of the river opposite Clarke Quay. 

The first food I put on my plate is tandoori chicken, plain naan, and prata with matching aloo curry. Next plate is sweet and sour fish fillet, roasted pork belly, and char siu pork.

I didn't bother to come back to that roasting station as the staff can't seem to smile nor laugh at a joke. I asked if I can have the whole slab of roasted pork, but instead I received a smirk. Anyways, nothing or nobody can ruin my festive aura during that day. 

The buffet also offers grilled beef, sausages and chicken wings. Last stop for me is ice cream. Their chocolate ice cream is rich in texture and taste.

WILL: First of all, I want to make an apology because we do not get a lot of chance to take photo of the food. As usual every year, Rejoice Container Services Pte Ltd holding an Appreciation Night for all the Import, Export and Operations Team. The time that we all do is eat, laugh and talked about anything except job. Haha! Now you know why we are lacking of photos. We are too busy eating and chit-chatting.

I love their dimsums a lot! Ice-kachang is good to see there. The chocolate fountain and the unforgettable for me is their merengue, reminds me of my childhood. I think this is the only restaurant that offers this meringue. Prawn..prawn and a lots of prawn.

Town Restaurant is one of the best buffet here in Singapore. You can book a table here.