Thursday, November 3, 2011

ChunkFest 2011 - Ben & Jerry's Singapore

ABBEY: We like Ben and Jerry's ice cream, that's why we were glad when we knew that they'll be conducting a Chunk Fest. It was held at the Promontory. Each guest received a red tag upon entrance; few feet away is the money exchange boot. 

Singapore dollar bills were exchanged to Faircoins for the guests to be able to buy goods at the fair. A scoop of ice cream is 6 faircoins and 10 faircoins for 2. Other booths offer food, "moo"-nicure for girls, treasure-hunting and for charity as well. Concert kicked off at 7pm which kept the crowd in party mode.

WILL:  Long wait is over, thank you so much Ben&Jerry's for this ChunkFest 2011. Here, i indulged in a double scoop cup. Phish and choco fudge, we really love any of Ben & Jerry's flavor. 
       Oops! This fest is not only drowning yourself to ice creams, they also offered some snacks, a game booth and concert of different bands 
      We love you Ben & Jerry's. Looking forward to the next year chunkfest.