Monday, November 21, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez - Third Bout

ABBEY: Manny always give me a birthday present. And yesterday he never failed me. He won by a majority decision over Juan Manuel Marquez. That was their third bout. 

Both fighters improved from their last encounter. Marquez was up to his feet until the final round proving to Manny that he can still fight. I was hoping only for a draw. I was nervous what will be the outcome as from what I've seen Marquez keeps landing right and left to Pacquiao. 

The scorecards were read and two judges favored Pacquiao. I knew he was hurt and surprised about his opponent's performance. I hope he will be better and stronger on his next fight. Congrats Manny!

WILL: Efforts all thrown away, sweats dripped and two of them were hurt... scorecards were given out. Still the champion is Manny Pacquioa. 
      I admit it, I am very nervous to see that Marquez thrown all that power punches and Manny cannot do his quick moves. I am a big fan of Manny and I do not want him lose any of his title. Hehe.
      Congrats Ninong Manny! ;)