Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shaw Theaters Lido

ABBEY: We won a pair if tickets for The Three Musketeers movie. Usually its on The Cathay that they held the movie screening. I was surprise when my wife told me that it will be on Shaw Lido. The best part is that it will on 3D. Wow, much for  a winning. Just like the Shaw theater at Nex, Lido also has a spacious cinemas. They also have a good cinema lobby, a bar, a snack bar and a diner. I hope I can watch The Avengers here next year.

WILL: Whoah! We were at Orchard to see The Three Musketeers. This is our dream, to see a movie in Shaw's newest cinema... The Shaw Lido. As usual, we never regret to be in here. We watched here for free ;) 
      The carpet, ambiance, food and sounds is so good. We love you, SHAW!