Thursday, June 27, 2013

Expat Living Singapore Magazine

ABBEY: Expat Living gave us free gigs many times. Now they gave us a chance to be subscribed on their publication for a year for free. Yes, for free. 

The first issue we had showcases the beautiful vacation getaways, including the famous Amanpulo in Philippines. Also in the magazine are suggestions  of beautiful furnitures like chairs, tables, and beds for your home.

WILL: Expats or expatriates are the people residing temporarily in a foreign land, Abbey and I are one of those foreigners living here in a very diverse culture and races of Singapore. Residing and blending in is not so easy to do, many adjustments should be done and should learn and that is what Expat Living Magazine is all about.
      I signed up on their newsletter so every move and news, I was updated, and we are so lucky to sign up for one year subscription for free. Yes!, you read it right, one year for FREE!
      We received May and June issue and we are very glad to see the different people living and enjoying their stay here. From  fashion to pigging out, getaways and services, recipes to home decors / home for rents and even schools for your child, they have them covered. This is an ultimate guide for foreigners.
     And you know what, this is not just a paper that you can read and forget about the contents, they also manage to put up some events to meet up with other subscriber...they are building a community and a great chance to meet a new friend!
     Please visit their website, sign-up on their newsletter, like their facebook page and subscribe!
     Thanks again EXPAT LIVING!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Breko Cafe - Holland Village - Singapore

ABBEY: Vincent wanted to have dinner at Holland Village. Since its only a couple of stops away from our home, we said yes. We were looking for a place to dine and we found Breko Cafe. They serve Western cuisine like steak, burgers, and pasta. 

At less than 15sgd, I had a big crispy chicken bacon burger and a handful of fries on a large plate. They were delicious and satisfied my hunger. Make sure to order early and follow it up as it will take time to be served but worth the wait. 

The place is jam-packed every night.

WILLYou can find Breko Cafe at two places, 38 Lorong Mambong & 229 Victoria Street Bugis Village, and we dined at their Holland Village branch!
      Have you been at Holland V? Well this is one of the famous Makan place here in Singapore. At the right hand side of this place, you will find a lane of bars and cafe, and Breko is among them.
      The place was jampacked but we only waited for only minutes for our turn. The place have a layback feeling, a very good attitude for a Friday night. I ordered Chargrilled Salmon, Abbey asked for Crispy Chicken Bacon Burger and Vince had Ribeye Steak. The serving is too big for me and the taste is like you are eating it in a five star hotel.
      Thanks for the recommendation Vince, looking forward for more pigging-out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DBS Marina Regatta 2013

ABBEY: DBS Marina Regatta was celebrated last two weekends of May. I received an email that I was selected to have a chance to go sailing at Marina Bay. Then Wilma told me that she registered for it. It was a first for me. 

We went to Marina Promenade where DBS held booths for the visitors. They have food and drinks stall, free archery target shooting, and display of bikes made out of bamboo. They even had a make-shift stage for the concert later that evening. A large photo wall was exhibited featuring all the guests and participants of the events. 

We signed a waiver upon going sailing. We were given life jackets and briefed about the safety measures while on the boat. At first we were slow but when the wind struck the sails we picked up speed. I was afraid getting capsized when our boat tilted by 45-50 degrees. But our captain told us it would not happen as there is a weight under the boat that balances it. Still it made me nervous. 

The sailing took about 30 minutes and the experience is great. It's a good thing that the sailing club have their boats used for the event. Other water activities includes dragon boat and kayaking. The souvenirs we had are a bull cap and a fan.

WILL: DBS is one of the largest bank here in Singapore and last 25th of May we were lucky to participate on one of their activities. 
      Regatta means a series of water vessel race and DBS held those races at Marina Bay on a two weekends. 
      At 230pm, on a lovely scorching heat of the powerful sun, we are very lucky to experience to sail for free. For minutes of briefing, we were there at the sailing boat and wait for a strong wind to blew us away!
      Abbey enjoyed the breeze and the Marina Bay water's gushing against our boat, as I sat in front, I was time to time instructed by to loosen or tighten up the sail's rope, experienced added!
      DBS Marina Regatta 2013 is so successful. Thanks DBS for the archery, performers, music and binding the family through water sports!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Starz Restaurant (Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Lobby)

ABBEY: Starz restaurant is located at the ground floor of Hard Rock Hotel in Sentosa. I first came to know about it when we fetch Wilma's cousin during her stay at Singapore. My wife told me that there is a promo offered by the restau; and it was a buffet :) It rained hard that day but it didn't deter us to go there. Rain or shine the feast will go on. We were there 30 minutes early. We used the time to take pictures of the food that we will later munch on. The layout of the place is a long curves one with touches of black, violet and other relaxing colors. 

By the time the buffet starts I hurried to the Indian cuisine station and grabbed a couple of papad and prata. On the Western side, I had chunks of roasted chicken and a slice of roast beef. The beef was moist and flavorful as well as the chicken. On the next batch I got hainanese chicken and pork belly which reminds me of lechon skin :) I also indulged in their sweet watermelon. It goes well with roasted pork belly; salty and sweet. Then I wrap up the dinner with a cup of chocolate gelato. 

Coffee and tea is free flow as well. The buffet costs $36 per person.

WILL: It was a rainy 7th of May, when Abbey and I decided to go to Sentosa to avail the dinner buffet of Starz Restaurant of Hard Rock Hotel. Well who can resist a buy-one, take-one offer? We grabbed it for only $72 for two.
      We arrived early and we waited for 10 minutes for the chefs to get all the food be ready for our attack, haha! When the go signal was on, I immediately went to sushi stand and put some on my plates. Their sushi is quite too cold and the rice is quite hard. Then, I walked my way to the western cuisine, as usual white pasta is more alluring on my eyes, while Abbey went for red sauce. I asked the man behind the counter to slice some beef for me, and the beef is so tasty. Indian cuisine will not be out, so I ordered a cheese prata, too oily. I say hello to fresh oysters and some prawns. It seems that all people that night went to Starz for those sea creatures! Haha! 
      To help my stomach to grind the food I am intaking, I constantly drink hot tea. 
      The restaurant ambiance is quite romantic and the place is not so crowded, unlike the hotels' restau located at Orchard.
      We were there for 4 hours until we know that our digestive system is full by their food! Ha!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

River Garden Coffee House (Open 24 Hours Every Day)

ABBEY: I was hungry when we're about to go to Zouk for Nylon's first anniversary. Since we were early for the event, we stroll around to satisfy the need of my tummy. 

Then we came to River Garden Coffee House. They are offering local, Malay, Indonesian, and Western cuisines. I tried their The Gourmet Aussie Burger with "The Lot". This is what I love with hotel restaurants, when you order something, it will definitely be served special and big. The big beef burger is mouth-watering and moist. It comes with large fries with dip. I was very full after the meal. 

I even finished Wilma's order of chicken rice. That too was delicious. 

WILL: We are too early for the Nylon Singapore's 1st Anniversary Party that held in Zouk and Abbey & I were both starving then. We walked around the area and saw the Riverview Hotel. 
      As we approached, the staff immediately assisted us for an al fresco dining, but we requested to seat inside due to the hot weather. 
      We sat and think what to order. When I saw their Hainanese Chicken Rice I am wishing that I taste this similar to my best hainanese chix I ate in Harbour View Hotel in Sarawak Malaysia. With high hope, I waited for my order. 
      The chicken is very tender and dips blended well with the chicken and rice. Great taste! It really proved that different chef, different taste of foods to cook! 
      They have a very polite and all-smile staffs! Thumbs-up for their fast service and relaxing ambiance. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindness Day SG 2013 by Singapore Kindness Movement

ABBEY: A couple of weeks back Singa the Lion, the official ambassador of Singapore Kindness Movement in spreading good deeds to people resigned. The world celebrated Kindness Day last week and Singapore held its first Kindness Day on May 31. 

Successive Kindness Days will be on every last Friday of the month of May. It drizzled that day but the show must go on. DJs from FM radio 98 hosted it enthusiastically. Individuals and organization who showed activities of goodness were awarded a token of appreciation. 

It must not be a big act for you to be noticed; in small ways we can spread kindness like smiling or greeting people you met in elevators or giving up your seat to person who needs it more. I was teary-eyed during the ceremony as these people do "ordinary" things but made an extra ordinary impact to the recipients. 

Attendees were served a cocktail for refreshment. Free cruises on Singapore river were offered. We got our goodie bag compose of a shirt, sunflower floater, paper for making sunflower origami and discount coupons. Live bands and performers rendered their arts for entertainment. 

I hope someday I'll be able to share more kindness.

WILL: Before the posting of Yahoo! News that Singapore ranks as world's emotionless society, Prime Minster Goh aims Singapore to be a gracious society and my husband and I are supporters of his advocacy. 
      We are thrilled that our work scheduled conformed with the inaugural of the Singapore's Kindness Day last 31st of May. Not only me and hubby went there but we also asked our friend to go with us and we were happy that she agreed even it is raining so hard, well rain is a blessing from above :) 
     The event started and a very inspirational message was given by Dr. William Wan and Koh Poh Tiong. Then the token of appreciation was given to the Kindred Spirit Circle...groups doing simple things to improve the lives of others not only here but also outside of this island. Their deeds and most special message of two person behind this project moved us, they are truly correct, it takes only a smile from one man will make a difference. Let's take our part to achieve the goal of this society. 
     Me? I pledge to be more happy in answering calls from our clients. You? Will you pledge for a change? 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disney•Pixar’s: Monsters University (2013)

ABBEY: Mike, Sulley and Boo made a great combination on Monster's Inc and I liked the movie. So I was excited when I knew that there is a prequel for that. 

As shown on the trailer, this is the story of the humble and sometimes "crazy" beginnings  of the duo; how they aspire to become the number one monster and how they did it.

WILL: I know you heard the news! Monsters Inc finally have a part two, but well not exactly second part, here we will be taken back to the time at the Monsters University. 
      As I remember the part 1 of this film, it taught me that love and happiness has a very great difference against "fear". Love being happy and happy being in love is the one of the exceptional and really powerful feeling the human will ever felt. 
      I am really excited to go back in time and watch Monsters University. I am really curious what are the curriculum on that school. Hoping a lot of laughs from Mike and Sulley. :) 

Catch Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”in Singapore cinemas this 20 June 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Republic of Singapore Navy Open House /18-19 May 2013

ABBEY: After we have seen a spectacular display and show of aircrafts at the RSAF open house last 2011, we decided to attend their Navy Open House. This was last May 19 at Changi Naval Base.

After my night shift we hurried to Singapore Expo Hall 3 to ride a bus. We reached the Expo by 9 am and the queue was already at Hall 6. But the queue is moving fast. It's like your just in a walkalator :) When its our time to ride the bus, I noticed that Navy officers are putting  seals on the bus doors for every bus that is ready to go to the base. This is good security measure to ensure that all passengers of the bus passed through the checkpoints done on Expo. 

We arrived at Changi Naval base at 9:45am. We didn't waste time to strike a pose on the ships. As the sun continue to rise we cool down on one of their airconditioned-zone, the Mission zone. This tent exhibits the activities done by the Singapore Navy like peace-keeping missions, relief operations, and anti-piracy. In here also we got the chance to dress as a navy soldier with matching helmet and goggles, vest and rifle. The PA system invited all the visitors to watch the first performance of Navy on engaging on battle at sea. 

They have an equipment to locate and launch torpedo on an under the sea combat. They also showed how they communicate and operate a mission to rescue a hijacked vessel. Then at the end of the show, the submarine appeared. 

Next we went to the Heart Zone where we got our Sinagpore Navy stamps for collection. They also sell shirts and other souvenir items. We also have a couple pic courtesy of mojoideas. They also developed a game as part of the celebration, the Sea of fire. Android and iOS users can download it for free. They are also giving away souvenir badges and pens. 

Another tent houses the food and drinks carts. We got nasi lemak and chicken shawarma. We haven't got the chance to go inside the ships as the queue time is more than an hour. Given that I have not yet slept and the heat of the sun, I'll definitely collapse :) 

They also have a tent for kids wherein they can play remote-controlled boats and  target shooting games. We headed home by 1:30pm. Before riding the bus we were given bottle of water for hydration. Make sure to bring water when attending this activity and be early. By the way the event is for free.

WILL: This is why the Facebook is very useful for propagating a news, here at Republic of Singapore Navy page I saw their advertisement on their Open House 2013 event. As I was amazed with the fighter planes I saw when we went to RSAF 2011, I know my jaw dropped here too.
      I woke up 530AM and left our home 7AM, I waited for my husband to go out from office. Yes! He is from night shift and yes, he will be going with me and yes he do not have sleep! I just bought him a black coffee for some caffeine kick!
      Once we saw a queue at Singapore Expo, we immediately followed it and not more than 30minutes, we already boarded the free shuttle going to Changi Naval Base.
      Their ships are huge but do not have the guts to queue for 45minutes to go inside due to the razing heat of the sun, my husband may faint, haha.. We just took photo from outside and waited for 9:30am show.
      The Singapore Navy show-off all the skills and high-tech machines they used to defend this country 24/7. Known as the busiest port, they have a lot of duties and work to do. I am so happy that my long question of "Do Singapore have a submarine?" was answered when I saw it.
      We ate Nasi Lemak for lunch, queue for some photos together with mighty navy, then went home.
      This experience is very nice! Looking forward for another Open House! Thanks Republic of Singapore Navy for keeping us all here... SAFE!