Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tacos Recipe

This recipe is long due so here it is:

1/2 kilo of ground beef
1 medium-large onion (diced)
4 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 pack of McCormick taco mix
Taco shells
Grated cheddar cheese

Prepare the mix as instructed in the pack. Saute onion, garlic and beef. Once the meat turned brown add the taco mix and stir until it is well distributed. Heat the taco shells in an oven toaster. Place the shell in a plate, put in lettuce and ground beef and top it with cheese. Serve with ice-cold juice or soda.

WILL: When cleaning out cabinets at the kitchen I saw some ingredients that was bought since last year and some packets were already expired and before the best before of this taco mix meets its end I asked Abbey to use it. 
      Then the whole house was filled by the aroma of tacos. Spicy and delicious! This made as our dinner that night. We have one more pack, maybe this week, that will be one our dinner again. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Matia's Inato Food Haus - Cebu City

You can't see any business sign of this diner but word of the street spreads like wild fire. Cab drivers know this place and a lot of patrons visit it again and again for grilled delights. We're an 8-pax party when we dined-in. We were really hungry when we arrived at the place and Matia's didn't disappoint us. 

We were ushered to a table and took our order. For 750 PHP we got 2 large plates of grilled chicken, pork belly, and gizzard. This also comes with puso (cooked rice wrapped in banana leaves) and drinks. The BBQ meat is tender and flavorful. I think I finished 5 rice servings. (really hungry huh). Now I know why this diner is popular in Cebu.

WILL: After pouring all of our adrenaline when we do the zipline at Adventure Cafe, we headed down from Balamban to eat in one of the famous ihaw-ihaw (grill) of Cebu, Matia's. 
      This restaurant seems a backyard turned to an al-fresco diner. A lot of people from different walks of life was there. We ordered a lot of grilled food but my favorites is the atay (Liver). I think I ate 4 sticks of those. When I saw that they have mango shake I immediately asked Abbey to get one for the ladies. Well, can't get enough of one, I ordered one more for take-out. It just get rid the dizziness I have felt that day. 
      This is worth visiting in Cebu. Best priced ihaw-ihaw. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin - Money That's Never Short

ABBEY: The Bible teaches us to be a good steward  with the blessings that the Lord is giving to us especially when it comes to finance. Not that we have tons of money to manage but as it is written "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much". We just want to handle our finances well. This book gives us insight supported with Biblical truths that helps us to reach our goal. The author is an example of a "debt-slave" person until he overcome and paid them and became debt-free within a couple of years. He showed that living in debt is stressful. He wanted the readers to reach financial freedom with God's help. So if you're having financial worries, maybe this is the time to grab and read this book.

WILL: This is only a P50 book and I have a feeling that my Kuya have this to me for me to save money wisely. As I remember, my mom tagged me as the most stingy person she knew but my dad tagged me that I spend money like there is no tomorrow. 2 opinions from my 2 different closest person in my life. So let me asked my husband. Wait. And his answer is, I am thrifty. 
     Maybe I am the three of those and yet I am not ashamed. 
     Not blowing my own horn, I live a life that every little girl wanted to be. I had 11 barbies (original), a books of fairy tales, as early as 10 I have a collection of wristwatch, in my schooldays my clothes were from Guess to Gap to Tokyo Fashion, all of them were branded. But when I set foot on college and told by my mother that from there I will be writing my own future, I stopped and accepted that everything might be gone. I started to save my weekly allowance. Open a bank account and started to nurture my brain to survive the fight of so called "Life". 
     So here I am, saving the the most that I can, sharing it with the people that has lesser than I have. Contented on what we have, investing some in stocks and living a simple and yet peaceful and comfortable life. 
     Thanks for this book kuya. This made me realize that at the age of 30 I have some accomplishments na pala. ;) I will lend this book to other people for them to realize that we must save for the future and to be a blessing for others. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wensha Spa - Pasay City (24 Hours Open)

ABBEY: After our adventure in Cebu and arrived in Manila we went directly from the airport to Wensha spa in Pasay. The place was jam-packed as it was a holiday. After a couple of minutes we are in the start of the line for payment. One person costs including the use of jacuzzi, sauna, shower, hot and cold pool. We were each given and locker for personal belongings, fresh towel, robe, and slippers. We changed clothes and hit the shower and pools. A new experience for me to dip in nudist pools. I didn't got the time to use sauna as my body wanted to lay down and have a massage. Ginger-infused oil was used on me and it gave me a warm and relaxing feeling. I started to snore as I went into slumberland. Sadly, the massage session ended.

I woke up and went to buffet table to recharge. Afritada, pancit canton, vegetable salad, fried sweet potato and soup were served during our visit. After eating, we changed clothes again and went home. Areas to improve; lessen the noise of masseurs waiting in massage area and clean the couch in spa lobby. I saw an adult cockroach roaming in it.

WILL: Well, this is a fascinating buzz in the spa business, Wensha as one of the most loved spa. And here is my view not by smudging other reviews but to clear and be true. 
      Abbey and I set up this occasion to bond with my siblings and after they picked us up at NAIA Terminal 2 we straight go their Pasay branch. 
      Astonished that there is so many people on queue to do some relaxation and shabu-shabu buffet. We took our lockers and walked-in to their all girls jacuzzi, steam bath, showers. I am pretty shocked that some girls just walking around wearing their birthday suit. No! I never dropped off my towel. Ha!ha! 
      After minutes of steam bath, I took a long hot shower then went to the other side of the building to get some kneading. Surprise number two, their walls is very dirty. So dirty I can see it even the the room  is not well lit. Shivering cold was felt and I thought I am the only feeling it, but when my masseur came in, she also complain how cold the air conditioning was. 4th surprise, every room have 2 beds and they never had any curtain for the privacy of the clients. The massage is not good, it seems that the lady is very tired. 
     Shabu-shabu is not that nice nor bad. We took this opportunity for some picture taking and some stories were told. For around P900 we had experienced this. Wensha must do some serious renovation in their place and train their masseurs even lot more. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant

ABBEY: Another buffet restaurant that you can enjoy dining in. Make sure to have your table reservations to avoid disappointment. We were supposed to be there at 7pm but due to flight delays we got there by 8pm; only an hour and a half to indulge. 

During that time people are still queueing for their tables. The place is jam-packed but it has a homey ambiance and the aroma of delicious food all over the place. My first plates are chicken satay, pork belly and baby back ribs which I found a little less moist and juicy. You have to put sauce to have the flavor up. I got Wilma her favorite puto-bumbong; a voilet-colored rice delight topped with niyo and brown sugar. I tried pork spare ribs, nido soup, and shanghai fried rice. 

They serve Japanese cuisine like sushi, fresh salmon carvings, and miso soup. 

WILL: Are you devoted in pursuing a sensual pleasure in enjoyment of good food but you are in a tight budget? Then, go ahead to the Mall of Asia Bldg B, oh I forgot, if you want to cut a queue please make a reservation through their facebook or email at 
      I am very very satisfied on their bibingka, puto bumbong, hot taho and pork & shrimp siomai. And the rest?, not good, not bad...just nothing special. 
      Some issues were raised when they confirmed three pax but gave us a table for two people and when they gave me a receipt and not handed my credit card. Until now my card is with them and they secured it as "safe" but when I told them to cut the card into two ask for the name behind those messages, 3 days passed and yet no reply from them. They never refill some of the servings. I don't know why. 
     The dinner costs us Php932.40. Will I go back there? Of course, for eat all you can putobungbong. :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Les Misérables

ABBEY: Making a movie from a play that reaped awards and recognitions worldwide and well-loved by its audience is great task. But Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and Russel Crowe had it in the bag. Their portrayal of the characters;Jean Valjean, Fantine, and  Javert respectively is excellent as if they just popped out of the novel and shared their lives with us. The innkeepers,Thénardier, Madame Thénardier gave the viewers something to laugh about after the drama. Even their daughter's rendition of On my own is moving. Can't wait to see it on stage.

WILL: This is one of my much awaited film for 2012 but because of our busy schedule we just saw the movie 5 days after 25th of December. I am not a type of human that will spend money on silver screens unless it is worthy for me to pick my pocket, and yes this Les Miserables is one of the few. 
      This is the longest running play in US, I think, and that indicates how good this will be. We booked a ticket to Shaw at JCube Mall at Jurong Port and from there the unforgettable thing happened. 
      No lame seconds, I don't even yawn, and then my tears fell down unstoppable on my cheeks. Ratings 10/10. The simple story withe great portrayal of the actors and actresses and the musical scoring is simply the best. 
      I would love to pay to see this movie again and again. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


ABBEY: The teaser got us. It's a Jackie Chan-movie. As expected the movie is action-packed and funny as well with his antics. It was a story of national treasures that needs to be given back to its rightful owners. But with greed, people are selling them for huge profits. Being promised with a good pay and great bonus, Jackie went for the searh of all Zodiac heads including the Dragon head. People with different interests on the artifacts were also in pursuit making it harder for Jackie to get and protect the heads. He also showed that at his age he can still do his well-coordinated stunts; like in the sofa, with his body skates, and on the photography room. Jackie still has it. Take note of the French gal who likes purple :)
Costa Coffee

WILL: When we saw the trailer of this movie, Abbey immediately asked me if we can used his cinema voucher to see this film, I nodded. 23rd of December afternoon, we went to VivoCity and hurriedly went to the the Golden Village counter to exchange the voucher to movie ticket. 
      Well, I like Jackie Chan and his antics since I am a child, so even this film has a very simple layout of story, I appreciated it much. Story 5/10, Stunts 10/10.
      Nice work Sir Jackie. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Line | Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

ABBEY:I, Wilma, Chat and Vincent, all have different plans to celebrate Christmas. So before going their own parties we booked a breakfast buffet at The Line restaurant in Shangrila Hotel. Yes, Vincent, a mid-day waker, managed to be there at 6am. 

The Line serves Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine. My first plate is full of bacon and chicken sausage. Next is siomai and aloo prata with tomato chutney. We also ate bread topped with cheese and spinach noodles. Tea, coffee, and fresh juices is free flow. A reasonable price for 38sgd++.

WILL: If I am spending mornings with you, you should know that you are one of the lucky few. I have a sleeping problem since my childhood so its very rare for me to wake up early to do some activities. But because I will spend time with my husband and friends, I woke up 4am just to have a holiday celebration at The Line in Shagril-la Hotel. We chose breakfast why? This is more sweeter than dinner,  think, ha!ha!. 
     We hailed taxi then arrived at The Line around 6am. When we entered it, I can say that this is the biggest breakfast buffet I have seen. They served multi-cuisine in their stations... Indian Station, Congee and Noodles, Waffles with Ice Cream, Bread Station, Fresh Fruits, Yogurt, Western, Japanese and Asian Station. Too many, is it?, don't worry they have street signs you will not be lost in this place. 
    My favorite are their sausages, their chocolate muffins, fruits, yogurts, fried rice... Gosh reminiscing the taste make me really anxious to book for dinner or lunch buffet. 
    Very recommendable, the name "The Line" is very appropriate with this restaurant. Like line, the array delicious food seems no ending.  
    Kindly email them at for reservations. Breakfast buffet is $39++.