Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Singapore Cable Car

ABBEY: I used to see this air-cars when my office was still at Harbourfront. I knew that someday i'll be able to ride one of them. It happened today, Nov 1 :) 

We got a back and forth ticket from Harbourfront 2 to Mount Faber plus a lunch at Jewel Box for a price of 33sgd. The ride is good. Ride staffs will greet you and accompany you on the car ensuring safety and precaution. Below you can see the highways of Harbourfront and the lush green trees. The ride took 10 minutes. Once alighted we went to Empress Jade.

WILL: It was planned to have executive lunch at Empress Jade Restaurant by December, but naurong because we have a visitor.. my ever beautiful friend,  Neth. Its our first time to ride this cable car, why? for me, its a bit pricey for a housewife like me! Kuripot talaga. So once I saw the Mt. Faber's fine dining restaurants promotions. We grabbed the chance. 
      For only $28++ you can dine and ride. ;) Hop on to see the magnificent, green and clean skyline of Singapore. Wonderful experience. 
      Ooops! I want to say Thank you to Ms. Desiree Tay Him Yi, she is so accommodating and answered all my questions through email promptly. 
      All the BEST, Singapore Cable Car!