Friday, February 24, 2017

Colony at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore - Valentine's Day Dinner Special

ABBEY: It is ok to splurge on something fancy from time to time. So I booked a reservation for me and Wilma to attend Colony Valentine's Day Dinner at Ritz-Carlton Millenia. 

It is an international buffet compose of Western, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and local cuisines. Couples were able to strike a pose on the photo booth and created personal love notes for their loved ones.  Each lady received a big bulb of red rose and the pair enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé 2006. 

This gave the ordinary buffet a romantic feel. I had sushi and slices of salmon. 

Then I also tasted tomahawk beef (soft and tender), chicken and mutton satay (their mutton satay meat is very soft). For Indian food, I indulged in butter chicken, papaddum, briyani rice and chicken tandoor. 

I also had a plate of red sauce pasta and dumplings. 

The dinner started at 7PM and lasted for 3.5 hours. Prepayment of 108SGD per adult is required. Great food and service. Thanks Ritz-Carlton and Colony.

WILL: Since January, Abbey is agitated where we will celebrate the 14th of Feb. He wants to surprise me, he wants to book a hotel BUT my work leaves won't permit that plan. So, it ended up for us to have a dinner. 

This make him spend, big time! Gosh! I know how much but he always shush me whenever I want to hold this case. He always assures, that it is in his budget. Okay then. What can I do if it is already paid. Yep! In Colony you need to pay upon reservation. 

So, I wonder why they hike up their dinner buffet price. There is a photo booth, a DIY card corner, 2 glass of champagne and a long-stem red rose. 

The food? What hits me most? Their cotton candy (delivered to my table), the laksa, of course their sashimi, shelled crab, and their dessert. Forget the cakes, I indulge on their ----. We asked kept in looking for roasted pork and cannot find it, luckily one of the Colony people gave us a plate of sliced pork that is somewhat near to it. 

This is the only buffet that I didn't take tea. Oh! Thanks for guava and jackfruit. It is lovely to see those, actually it is unusual for buffets. 

Am I coming back? Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed pigging out in Colony but I will not be coming back. Anyways, kudos to all the kind very patient staffs! :)

Colony at The Ritz-Carlton
(A) 7 Raffles Avenue, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 039799

Breakfast - $45.00++
Lunch - $58.00++
Dinner - (Fri-Sat) $92.00++ / (Sun-Thurs) $78.00++

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spuds & Aprons (The Garden) - Faber Peak Singapore

ABBEY: We went for our pre-Hearts' day date here at Spuds and Aprons (Faber Peak). It was a lunch date. I was craving for laksa and good thing the menu is composed of local dishes. My eyes gleamed at the site of laksa though it is the dry-type, it is full of flavor; the spiciness and creaminess of coconut milk. 

Then I indulged in bite-sized samosas and spring rolls. I also had a couple plates of Hainanese chicken rice; each with different sauce like chili, soy sauce and ginger. 

They also have prawns, vegetables and steamed fish (the texture is almost like a pulp). The ambiance is great. It is on a high place with trees and good view of Sentosa and Harbourfront. 

Don't forget to sound the Bell of Happiness. Lunch buffet is from noon to 2:30PM.

Spuds & Aprons' Menu is inside of this video. 

WILL: So it is "Love" Month and everybody is going crazy what to do or what to give to their love ones. I am planning 2 dates for me and Abbey and Spuds and Apron is one of them. 

This nicely located restaurant is on the top of Mt. Faber. You can reach this by either using cable car, taxi (around $6 from VivoCity) or by foot (1.5 hours depend on your phase). 

It is a buffet lunch and I got it for a promotion of $14.00 each which includes a free entrance to Sentosa via Sentosa Express (usual is $29.90). 

They serves Local Singaporean Cuisine and I am looking forward for this since I booked it from 90 Days of Fun At Sentosa platform. 

There are only few choices but $14 is all worth it. There is shrimp which everybody (yes! Everybody except Abbey) is splurging of. I keep on coming back for the fish which is perfect for rice. Ohhh! I got their hot mung bean dessert! 

The view is perfectly romantic and no doubt this is one of the best rented place for weddings and other special events. 

Spuds and rock! Thanks for accommodating our date without breaking my budget! Haha!

Spuds & Aprons - Faber Peak Singapore
(A) 109 Mount Faber Rd, Singapore 099203
(H) 11AM–11PM

Buffet Lunch only
Buffet Lunch & Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Bundle
(Ride on Mount Faber Line & Sentosa Line)
(U.P. $62)
(U.P. $46)
Buffet Lunch & Mount Faber Line Bundle
(Ride on Mount Faber Line only)
(U.P. $58)
(U.P. $42)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Milk & Honey: Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar (City Square Mall)

ABBEY: Wilma really likes frozen yogurt. But our regular go-to stores for it were closed in the celebration of Chinese New Year holiday. When she told me that we will be having dinner at City Square Mall, I immediately checked if there are shops serving frozen yogurt. 

Lo and behold, it is located at the second storey (02-K14) of the mall and its name is Milk and Honey - Artisan Yogurt and Dessert Bar. I got her Cara-bana (6.80SGD for Moyen size). Toppings were the same as with other shops but yogurt is creamier and smoother. And that is a plus for me.

WILL: Not all malls are offering Llaollao and not all day everyday they are open. And I am delighted to know that my husband researched about City Square Mall and where I can get a fix frozen yogurt and his caffeine. 

We dined at Milk and Honey. Their location is few steps away from Decathlon and nice spot for sightseeing the other mall goers. 

One spoon and my eyes went bigger. Milk and Honey's frozen yogurt is more creamier than my usual doze, BUT, their sauces and toppings are not that nice as the leading brand. 

Anyway this is still a good alternative but still an expense. Whew! I am getting out of Abbey's budget because of this. Haha! 

Milk & Honey: Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar
(A) 180 Kitchener Road #02-K14, City Square Mall
(T) 11am-10pm

Friday, February 17, 2017

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic: From Stamps To Wands Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

ABBEY: We wanted to visit Harry Potter stamp exhibition but there is a fee. So we went there on a holiday, during 2017 Chinese New Year. And it is free. 

You can take snaps with your "luggage" halfway thru Platform 9 3/4 and with Hedwig. You can board a cabin of Hogwarts Express or the Quiditch broomstick, Dhoby, the wizards and witches' wands were there as well. 

Stamps and postcards were on the display. But one group caught my attention. It is the stamp version of Harry Potter book covers. For a minimum of 5SGD you can dress up with Hogwarts uniform and feel the wizarding world's magic.

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Stamps

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Wands 
Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Station 9 3/4

Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore : Quidditch Ball
Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Singapore

WILL: I have read this Harry Potter's Collecting Magic Exhibit at and as wife of a big fan of Harry Potter, I set a schedule for us to visit it. 

We celebrated the second day of Chinese New Year in Singapore Philatelic Museum. We arrived around 5pm and since there are live performances downstairs we took the chance to roam around the exhibition room with few museum goers. 

I am fascinated to see their different wands for different characters. They have a small cubicle in there for you to feel how the train is going to Hogwarts seems like. Broomstick with a nice background to have a photo op. You can rent costumes for only $5 (will be donated) as long as you can. :) 

I collect stamps and I am joyful to see those collector items and even postcards from different parts of the world.

A Harry Potter fan too? Don't miss this exhibit. Free for all Singaporean and PR. $8 for foreigner.

(Harry Potter) Collecting Magic: From Stamps To Wands
(A) 23-B Coleman Street Singapore Philatelic Museum
(D) 02 Nov 2016 - 25 Jun 2017
(H) Monday to Sunday 10:00am - 7:00pm
(F) Adult: $8; Child: $6; 
Free admission for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant in City Square Mall in Singapore

ABBEY: At last we're able to dine at Saizeriya. We went to their branch at City Square Mall. The seats were like booth-style and the ambiance is like the diners shown in movies. 

I got garlic sirloin steak (12.90SGD) and garlic focaccia (2.20SGD). The steak is tender and flavorful. I ate three quarters of the way before I remember asking Wilma to taste it :) The smell of freshly-baked bread is really enticing. The focaccia taste great; soft and hot. 

For 3.80SGD, you can have whatever drink is there in the drink bar; sodas, juices, tea and coffee.

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant Menu

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant Menu

Bacon and Mushroom Risotto

Garlic Sirloin Steak

Saizeriya - Italian Pasta Restaurant Menu

Garlic Focaccia and  Mozzarella di Ravioli

I had seen someone who dined here at Saizeriya and gladly announced in her Facebook wall that the food is not compatible with its taste. Well, as her comment posted, the food is yummy and yet it came with a cheap price. Who wouldn't be enticed on that right? And on that, I asked Abbey  to dine out and for us to check it on ourselves. 

We went for Saizeriya's City Square Mall branch. I went for Bacon and Mushroom Risotto, Mozzarella di Ravioli and a glass of Red Italian Wine. 

When the risotto was served, Abbey instantly saw my "dismayed-look". The rice or should I say "risotto" swims in its bowl of cream. Actually it cannot be considered as a cream, because its texture is like water. But because I do not want to ruin the moment.. our date, I took few spoonful and passed the rest to Abbey. 

My ravioli came and gladly it compensated my anxiety with the first food served for me. I indulged on it on every bite. Lovely! But when I sipped their S$3.90 wine, my face cringed and I took a long deep breath. Abbey immediately told me "What are you expecting for a cheap wine?", then I rest my case. 

I went to the counter with a smile and learned that I will be coming back to Saizeriya for their Mozarella di Ravioli and nothing else.

Saizeriya City Square
(A) 180 Kitchener Road #B2-55/56 City Square Mall

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Be Singapore Red Cross Blood Heroes - Donate Blood Now!

ABBEY: I missed the whole 2016 to donate blood. So I'm really excited when Wilma schedule our donation February 2017. Yes, "our" donation. 

She will give some of her blood too. This is my fourth time while hers is first. I always tell her that it will be fine and it will finish fast. I'm proud of her accomplishment to conquer her fear of needles and for us to help the community. This will be our regular contribution. I wanted to give back as my mother was a recipient for blood transfusion after her operation due to breast cancer. 

Read my wife's story below.

WILL: I totally hate needles poking my skin. I do not like to look on blood flowing out of a body. But I know that one of the greatest thing to share is my own blood. 

This is the challenge stated by Abbey in exchange of my Marathon dare. But I pushed it until Feb of 2017 to condition myself and to give a face-to-face battle with my fear.

Broccoli, spinach, chicken and pork liver are on our weekly menu list to boost up our iron in our blood. We slept 8-10 hours every day and make it sure to hit the road or gym twice a week for our exercise. 

We supposedly scheduled to have it by Saturday, but we went one day earlier, 3rd Feb. (Please take note to ladies that you cannot donate blood if you are having your menstruation) We filled-up our form, the concierge key-in our details on Red Cross Singapore database, went to room number 2 to check our BP, weight and if we understood the questioners given on the form. Next room, they will get few samples for me them to see if your hemoglobin passed the count. 

Few minutes later, I am sitting inside the room waiting having an eye contact and exchanging smiles with the other donors. Oh! I have a badge that it will be my first time to donate blood. :) 

The attendant compared my veins from my right and left arm and decided to take on my right. She applied alcohol, open up an anaesthesia, she waited for a minute and viola! I saw how big the hole of the needle that will sip out my blood. Instead of looking away (my usual thing), I stared into the needle and the memory is vividly clear how it went in to my arm and the blood start to run down on the tube. Haha! It is indeed a an achievement for me. Facing one of my greatest fear. Now I am officially a BLOOD HERO! 

Blood represents life and it is not only great but holy to give a part of you... part of your body with someone in need.

Singapore Red Cross - Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut
(A) Dhoby Xchange (Near Exit B) #B1-05/06/07/08/09 11 Orchard Road
(H)Monday to Wednesday, and Friday: 12pm to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 5pm
Thursday and Public Holidays: Closed
New Year Eve, Chinese New Year Eve and Christmas Day Eve: 9am to 2pm

Can You Donate Blood?
There are some basic requirements you need to fulfill in order to become a blood donor. 
You may become a donor if you:
1. Aged between 16 and 60 (Youths aged 16 and 17 will need to complete and bring a signed parental consent form)
2. Weigh at least 45kg
3. In good health
4. Do not have any symptoms of infection (e.g. sore throat, cough, runny nose, diarrhoea) for at least one week
did not have fever in the last three weeks
5. Have a haemoglobin level of at least 12.5g/dl (A test will be administered by trained nurses at the donation site) Click here for more information about haemoglobin levels.
6. If foreign worker, pass must be valid at least 4-months.
7. You should not donate blood during pregnancy or menstrual period.
8. Traveled outside Singapore? Check how many weeks/months you can be qualified before the day of donation.  

The Donation Process
The whole donation process involves just six simple steps and takes an average of 45 minutes to complete:
1. Form Filling (5 mins)
2. Registration (5 mins)
3. Medical Screening (10-15 mins)
4. Haemoglobin Check (5 mins)
5. Blood Donation (10-15 mins)
6. Rest and Refreshment (15 mins)
Light refreshments will be provided while you rest for 10-15 minutes. This is to ensure that you feel well before leaving the blood collection site.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Llaollao (Singapore) Natural Frozen Yogurt

ABBEY: Another trend that came to Singapore is the frozen yogurt. And there are very long queues when Llaollao (pronounced as yao-yao), Spanish origin, opened its doors to serve this frozen delight. 

The small one is not enough for Wilma so I always buy the largest size. We always go for the natural without toppings, but recently, we tried putting something on it. 

Sanum item will allow you to choose three fruits, 2 crunch and a serving of sauce. The yogurt is creamy and smooth and not that sweet. 

A large serving costs almost 7SGD. Splurge into this treat from time to time.

WILL: Whenever I am drooling for some frozen yogurt all Abbey need to do is take a few steps to buy me KFC yogurt or Llaollao. My husband always go for plain, no toppings at all. Until...

Until Chat, yes Nurse Charito told me how nice the cookie sauce of Llaollao. Before, my braincells will automatically chase the creamy and yet sour taste of froyo once or twice a year but now! Gosh! Now! It is about daily. Why? The taste of cookie sauce reminds me of McDonalds' (Philippines) caramel syrup on their sundae. Yummy!!! 

Now, I am starting to halt this craving of mine. Because Llaollao is expensive. Yes! It is! $6.95 for the large serving (includes free 3 toppings). Out of the daily budget. Haha! But nonetheless it is their cookie sauce that is the best. :) 

Llaollao (Singapore) Natural Frozen Yogurt
(A) 83 Punggol Central #01-63 West Wing, Waterway Point
(P) 6733 2500
(H) 11AM - 10PM

(A)  1 Sengkang Square, #01-24 Compass One, Compass One
(P) 6733 2500
(H) 11AM - 10PM

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hattendo Cafe: Japan's Famous Cream Buns are Now in Singapore

ABBEY: Wilma is a fan of bread and pastries. And I hope you could see her lit-up face when she showed me a video of Japanese cream buns of Hattendo Cafe. All I heard, I want these, please? Then an idea came to me. I'll buy it, deliver to her office before I go to work. Next thing I know, I was queuing at the shop. 

Only 10 buns per person. So I connive with the ladies behind me and I left the shop with 20. Wow. We didn't eat them all, we gave some of them to her colleagues. It costs 2.50SGD a piece and needs to be refrigerated. Ice packs will be provided. 

The bun melts in your mouth and there is a good amount of filling in it. The filling is not too sweet so you can eat 2-3 pieces in one sitting as they are only bigger than bite size. 

We're not able to try the red bean as it was sold out. Five flavors to choose from: custard (signature), cream, chocolate, green matcha, red bean.

Hattendo Cafe: Japan's Famous Cream Buns is Now in Singapore
Hattendo Cafe Flavours
And Abbey's Note to Will

I saw a video of TheSmartLocal regarding a new store opened about cream puffs. Yes! I luuurvvve cream puffs. Immediately, I requested my Honeybunch to treat me some of those. 

I am surprised that he is in front of our office door, carrying three boxes of Hattendo's cream puffs. He didn't only treat me of this pastry but also some of my colleagues (no wonder they love Abbey than me). 

He gave me seven pieces of those and what I love the most of all the flavours is Whipped Cream. It is perfectly creamy and blends well with its "melt-on-your-mouth" bun of Hattendo. 

Abbey knew how much I love this kind of stuffs :) Thankie Abbey, TheSmartLocal and Hattendo!

Hattendo Cafe Singapore
(A) 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre #01-05
(H) Mon-Fri, 10am-9pm. Sat-Sun, 11am-8pm

Friday, February 3, 2017

Announcing the Winner of A & W - The Couple Bloggers' - 1st Giveaway

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to Riema Joy Villareal, the winner of the PAIR of Singapore River Cruise Ticket (U.P. $50.00).

Please send us a private message in our Facebook Page before 5th of February on how to get your price or it will be forfeited.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Irvins Salted Egg - Dangerously Addictive Salted Egg Snacks (Salted Egg Potato Chips / Salted Egg Fish Skin)

ABBEY: This is now a craze in Singapore: to get your hands on and munch on a pack of Irvin's Salted Egg potato chips and fish skin. We're able to get some at Vivo City (Harbourfront). 

One person is limited only to buy 5 packs of small and 5 packs of big which cost S$8 and S$16 respectively. For me, nothing much to be desired on the chips. The potato chips tasted like the chips of Fridays Potato Skins and the fish skin chips taste like Pinoy's chicharon but without the fat. 

It's good to have some alternative from our usual list of chips.

WILL: I am not that keen on fad things. I do not follow the hype, but when Kumareng Jennee requested to buy her an Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips.. all I can do this search for it and prove to myself the craze it is creating. 

Ok, how crazy the residents of Singapore over this salted egg chips? They do not accept reservation, they can only deliver the goodies after weeks when you ordered online and when you go to their one and only kiosk at VivoCity, you can only buy 5 large and 5 small. You know how much it is? 1 Large bag of 230 grams costs a whopping $16 and the small for 105 grams is $8. You can buy two huge Lays or Doritos or Ridges, ahmm, you get some cents for change too. 

Moment of truth, opened a small bag, munch some and on my frustration, I cannot find the taste of the "salted egg". And for your info one of my favorite food to partner with hot piping rice is a hard boiled salted egg. Imagine, how disappointed and felt that I wasted an $8 for it. Tossed the potato chips, I went for the fish skin. To my surprise it is the same taste of "chicharon" (crispy pork skin) that my father used to buy in Pampanga. Ahmm, yes!, this is the healthier version of it. :) 

Nope! I will not buy again those chips. Sorry fans of Irvins.

Irvins Salted Egg
VivoCity B2-K25
Across Texas Chicken
Opens Daily 10am. Walkins only

Raffles Xchange B1
Across DMK
Weekdays 11-7 (Pickups 11-630)

(P) 6264 3073 - Order & General Inquiries / 6264 3076 - Reservation