Saturday, May 31, 2014

7Adam Gallery Restaurant (A Celebration of Food and Art)

ABBEY: Having different working schedules is a tough one. But it is great that my wife is good in managing our time. Like the brunch we had at 7Adam. 

Since I'm on the second shift, the only "we" time we had is a brunch. She won an online contest which entitled her to select one entry on the menu and have it for free. Yes, I got to pay for my order. 

I had burger sliders. The wagyu beef patty is sandwiched with greenies, tomato and pickles. The taste is the same as our "lumpiang shanghai" back in Philippines. Weird but true. 

7Adam is located at, as you guess, 7 Adam Road on a white colonial house.

WILL: "No food and drinks allowed". This is the sign you will usually see at museums and art galleries. Well, isn't great dining while you are in midst of work of arts? 7Adam fulfilled my fantasies...

Before the month of May ends, husband and I redeemed the voucher we snatched when 7Adam held a brunch giveaway. Again big thank you 7Adam

From Farrer Road Mrt, we took Bus 165 and alighted in front of a white colonial house. We went inside and amazed by the big chillies dispalyed. We paved our way to the second floor and more work of arts like painting and carvings greeted us.  We were guided to our seats just beside a window, so romantic!!! The ambiance is so serene and elegant.  

For the food, I ordered 7Adam Hearty Breakfast. I like my eggs to be poached and additional basket of breads. The food is a typical american breakfast, the extraordinary is their melted butter on the side where you can dip everything you want with it. 

Food + work of arts = Awesomeness.

Thanks 7Adam for the free brunch ;)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Slow Fried Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Recipe

2pcs Chicken Fillet
1 can mushroom
1 pack cooking cream

Dry marinade the chicken with pepper, paprika and garlic for 12 hours. Fry in a low heat. 

Sauté garlic, onion, and sliced mushrooms. Once caramelized, pour in the cooking cream. Let it simmer.

Put the mushroom creme on top and serve with hot rice.

ABBEY: Wilma again waved her magic sandok to come up with this recipe. The food is delicious. The cream really went well with the chicken. The soft texture of button mushroom gave more variation on each bite. Maybe next time she'll perfect the cream to gravy-like viscosity.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cali "Cafe & Bar" - American Buffet Breakfast (Weekend)

ABBEY: Cali Cafe is located at Rochester Park - few minutes away from Buona Vista MRT station. Right after my night shift I went there to have buffet breakfast with Wilma, Ate Sol, and Sam. 

It is a small place but is warm got a homey feel. I got chicken franks, spring rolls, olio pasta as well as sunny side up and scrambled egg. As usual I ate a lot of bacon. I liked the ones that is in the bottom of the warmer. They're crispy and has less fat. 

Before going there we confirmed that the price is less than 12.90sgd; we even checked for the dates. But unfortunately, as per the staff the promo is already over. The experience is good but would have been better if we got discounts :)

WILL: We were with Sam and my sister Ate Sol when we visited the Cali Cafe. We love buffets and we really think that we can save more on that rather than ordering ala-carte. 

Cali Cafe and Bar posted a promotion of $12.90 nett for an American Breakfast Buffet. Why not grabbed the chance when it is just near at our home?

Around 7am we were already there. We ate as if no sun will rise on us for tomorrow. Haha. Overflowing bread, cheese, crispy bacon, sausages, and my favorite...their scrambled egg. We stay there for 3 hours. Eat-rest-eat-rest, haha! Even it is Sunday, the place is so
serene and relaxing. 

When Abbey went to the counter for payment. The boy behind the counter told us that it costs $20.00. He is not aware of the promotion posted in their facebook page. Too bad! But hey, bring your children here. Child eats for free. :) 

Till next time Cali Cafe.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

fish fillets
2 eggs 
1 cup all purpose flour
1 pack Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Mix

Rinse the fish fillets. Put cracked pepper and leave for 3 hours. Beat egg and put 1 teaspoon salt and marinate the fish for 15 minutes. On separate plate, put a salt and pepper to the flour. Get the fish fillet and cover it with seasoned flour. Deep fry until golden brown. 

in 3/4 water, dissolve the Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Mix. Saute the ginger followed by garlic and onion. Pour in the dissolved mix and stir until thickened. Pour over the fried fish fillet. 

ABBEY: Wilma told me that she'll be cooking for our dinner. And she asked me how to cook sweet and sour fish fillet. She did it. As usual she's nervous what would be the taste and how will I react. It turned out to be good; it has less sauce though. The fillet is well coated and tasty. It goes well with the sauce and hot rice.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Owndays Singapore (OPTICAL SHOP)

ABBEY: It is the time of the year again to change specs. Wilma is insisting on me to wear contact lenses but we ended up on choosing the good old frame.

She checked Owndays and saw that they offer full package (frame and lens) at 98sgd. The best part is that the frames are lightweight.
I chose a rimless frame. I haven't availed the offer as I requested for transition and thinner lens which add up 400sgd. Wilma got hers after 20 minutes while I waited for 3 weeks to get my new pair of additional eyes.

It was worth the wait. It also came with a nice specs case. The new specs is good and fitted me well. I looked more mature but more gwapo :)

WILL: Its a yearly must-do for us as a couple to check our eyes and to change specs. Yes! Every year we just not change lenses but the eyeglasses as a whole. Why? We use it means, our everday sweat is there and a good home for bacteria even we cleanse it religiously.

The power I need just a little bit higher, but of course I do not want a very heavy burden on my nose and ears. Gladly I found out the MyOwnDays at 313 Sommerset. 

The cheapest you can get is $98 for a glasses and the lenses. Mine was jacked up to the price of $168. I want a nicer half-
rimmed frame and Abbey added around $30 for an added protection on my eyes. 

Frame plus lenses is very light. Sometimes, I forget that I am wearing one.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Saba Con Yelo Recipe

Saba bananas are a rare find in Singapore. So I made sure to make the most out of them when I laid my hands on these tropic treasures.

10 pcs saba bananas
3 cups of water
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Crushed/shaved ice
Evaporated milk

Put the water in a pot and boil it. Upon boiling, put the sugar and stir until diluted.
Next are the bananas then the vanila.
Simmer for a couple of minutes until syrup thickens.
Serve in a bowl topped with ice and milk

WILL: I am fond of ice-shaved desserts. Well, ice-cachang is everywhere but sometimes craving for Filipino dishes kicking my taste buds.

Abbey requested an ice-shaver to my Ate Sol when she visitied us last month and for the second time he used that thing to impress me. Haha.

Our housemate bought saging na saba and hubby bought some of it. He cooked it to sweeten the taste, put the shaved ice, poured some evaporated milk! Tannnann! Instant relief on a very hot day.

Thanks a lot baby, you never fail to amazed me. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Global Filipino Investors Singapore - Investors Boot Camp

ABBEY: We planned not to attend this seminar as our sked will have conflict with Ate Sol's visit, but still the urge to learn more on financial literacy prevailed. 

I can say that we got more than what we paid for. The fee is small compared with the gold nuggets of knowledge that we gained. We were given the awareness of having a financial plan setup today for a comfortable and bright future. Then once your mind is opened, you need to learn how to invest and earn from it. Lastly, how to give back and share the knowledge and experiences you had. 

Those topics were discussed by Sir Jess Uy, Sir Jay Penaflor and Ms. Salve Duplito. These mentors are BIG names on financial world; but they don’t boast their popularity or their fame. They are humble and helpful individuals especially to those who are starting the journey towards financial freedom.

WILL: Saying thanks to The Global Filipino Investors Group is not enough. Thanks to Kuya Floi, Kuya Rich and Kuya Rex for accepting me and Abbey to be part of the growing family.

Last 12th of April, we attended one of their events. Even though we read a lot of books how to allocate your assets strategically, stock market analysis and for value investing, it would be more nice to attend some seminars.

Sir Jess Uy; I considered him as a friend (feeling close). Do you know that he cares a lot for me and specially to Abbey? He knew every concerns we have in the aspect of finance. He helped us to check if we are in the right track towards our targeted retirement age. He introduced to us how to invest globally to minimize the risk. We were shocked when Sir Jess checked how much our money earned in our fun of funds. Thanks a lot Sir!

This is our first time to see Sir Jay Peñaflor. He is always playing jokes to keep the computation of technical analysis to be lively. Anyway, who will hate math when money is the topic? After the rigid calculations he gave as a secret to make our life in stock analysis more easier. Haha!

Ms. Ma. Salve Duplito is a well-known person. She is one of the consultant in a famous firm, the women behind MoneyStories. She gives a free financial advises to the people who needs it badly and one of the hosts of ANC On The Money. She touched my heart while she's telling her past. When she is so poor (gosh, tears clinging into my eyes) and the eye-opener scene that made her inculcated in her mind that she needs to study hard, be top on her class and to live a good life. Hey if you just want to be rich, don't go to her, she will not help you. Haha!

Kuya Floi, thanks for bringing the speakers all the way from Philippines. Thanks sa gift ng TGFI. Kinuha ni Sam (ang batang mahilig kay Olaf) na hiningi naman ni Bettina. In the end, wala ka talagang gift sa akin. Haha!

Thanks TGFI. A group to be treasured.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Chocz Gourmet (Handcrafted Quality Chocolate) Esplanade Mall - Chocolate Truffle Cake

ABBEY: Want to try something out of your ordinary taste pallette on cakes? Since this is the first time to have a bite on their cake, my experience is great. 

We got a 20SGD voucher from our good bank and a little more top up and we had a Chocolate Truffle cake; ganache layer with chocolate sponge. We redeemed it at their branch in Esplanade mall. 

The dark chocolate has a smooth texture :) Perfect for a dessert after a hearty meal.

WILL: I am a great fan of bread and pastries but here in Singapore cakes are not as cheap as priced in Philippines. Now on my point of view, ahmm, or should I say I instilled it in my mind that buying cakes will be a waste of money and additional calories for me and husband's body. And that's why a slice of cake creates some lesions to my conscience.  Haha!

It is my birthday month and we have points to redeem and we chose a chocolate truffle cake from Chocz. 

Chocz is located at Esplanade Mall. They have different kinds of pastries and this heart-shaped cake designed with nuts on its sides appeals to me a lot. 

I took a spoonful of it, place it in my mouth and to my delight I blurted out "Napakasarap" (very delicious). Abbey agreed. A perfect dessert for a perfect night. 

Thanks to Citibank for the voucher and thanks Chocz for a very special creation.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Singapore Turf Club - Think Entertainment, Think Racing

ABBEY: I've never been to a horse race track even back in the Philippines so I was excited when Wilma told me that we will visit Singapore Turf Club at Kranji. 

Public entrance for level 1 grandstand is at 6SGD while going to Owner's Lounge is priced at 30SGD. At first we bought the 6-dollar ticket but we were asked by the usher if we wanted to upgrade our ticket. We complied and we didn't have any regret on our decision, as the place is nice, beautiful and comfortable. You can have table with a monitor for your viewing convenience. Also you can order food and drinks for as low as 10SGD and 4SGD respectively. 

Each guest in the Owner's Lounge will be given the programme for the day. In it are the race schedules, horses', trainers', and jockeys' information as well as intructions on how to bet. We placed bets but unfortunately our horses didn't won. It was a fun experience for that day. 

WILL: As you all know, I am easily bored. I hate a day-to-day routine. And as agreed by me and Abbey, every year we will go, do or taste something different. Last year we slept under the stars and beside the gentle waves of East Coast Park. Now we were here to see a horse race.

Do not get me wrong as I am not promoting gambling here. The billboards say on the middle of the track "Know Your Limits". Well, before going there, I limit myself for one bet and for $2 only win or lose and fixed my mind to go in second floor air-conditioned grandstand with a $6 entrance fee. Hey please check the dress code at the turf club or else you will not be allowed to go and holler for your horse. Haha

I wore a little white dress (again thanks Ate Minnie for sponsoring) and Abbey went for white polo shirt, jeans and black shoes. We headed to the ticket counter and they asked us if we want to go for Owner's Lounge that costs $30.00 each. Abbey is pushing me to allow him to buy that but I insisted the opposite. He failed and we moved on at the gate. 

The marshall halted us to stop and asked us why we do not want to go to the owner's lounge. He described it and as usual my
husband was enticed by the comfort the marshall is describing. Although all of the floors were air conditioned but having your own table and tv screen will be a great experience. And then I gave in. Abbey held my hand and rushed to the ticket counter to refund the $6 ticket and buy the owner's lounge one. We were handed our ticket and envelope consisted of ballpen cum highlighter and booklet of days races. 

We entered a carpeted area with nice chandeliers. We entered the lounge and we were welcomed with gleeful ambiance. It is so beautiful. Everybody is shouting with seems. We walked and walked looking for a table, darl, the nicest spot were all
flagged reserved. Then one of the men on the higher bench showed me that table B14 is free. We sat, took the betting paper, and non-stop laughing filled the air. The 1st race is on and we are looking for race 3, that would give us enough time to study how to bet. After minutes of discussing and tummy-clenching happiness, Abbey officially handed our bets and get the receipt. The result? We lose! This is really a game of chance. So even Abbey told me to go for another bet, I stand firm and declined.

We ordered food... yes! We ordered food, price range is from $5-$15. The fried beehoon is nice and can serve 2 pax.
after our light mirienda, we went down to see the parade of the horses and its jockeys. 

We went out to feel the action under the sun. There we saw the betters seriously checking out the program and the results. The cheers and cursing for their horses is higher here.

A very out-of-box dating experience. You can go here via mrt, alight at Kranji or just hail a taxi. :) 

Know your limits guys!