Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gardens by the Bay

ABBEY: We have much anticipation for the opening of this garden. Above in the Marina Bay Sands Skypark we saw the beautiful landscapes and dome structures. One of them, the Flower Dome,  opened in line with the World Orchid Conference. Free shuttle rides were offered or you can use the foot bridge to get there. 

You can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature with their open boardwalk beside a swamp, and international gardens like Malayan and Chinese. Bonus feature is you can take a snap on the other side of MBS. It's still a work in progress and I knew that will be better once it is fully opened.

WILL: This is a great way to celebrate Abbey's bday. We surrounded ourselves with flora. 
      We eyed to go in here once the NatGeo featured some of this on their Marina Barrage show and the WOC gave us this great opportunity to preview one of the dome.
      We roamed around the vast space of the unfinished garden but even it is not 100% ready, we awed to the magnificent views and architecture of it. 
      From Marina Bay Sands, there is bridge that will connect the people to this wonderful space or maybe in future time, there will be a bus to be assigned here. 
      We can't wait for the grand opening of this garden.