Thursday, August 30, 2012

Geláre Singapore

ABBEY: At last we set foot on this waffle house and that day they're offering it at half the price. Yes, you heard it right, Gelare in Suntec City Mall offers half the price for waffles every Tuesdays. I got their chocolate chip waffle and Wilma had the plain one; all for less than 10sgd. Each waffle has whipped cream and of course the syrup. It tastes delicious and very sweet. This is recommended for all who has sweet tooth.

WILL:  I am a lover of different breads and pastries and this waffle shop is not exempted. Since I got here in Singapore, I really dreamed of dining in here and that hope ignites more when I saw their 50% off every Tuesdays, hehe.
       At last!, for almost two years when we got the chance to dine in here. At their Suntec City branch, we savor its aroma then our order was served. Freshly baked waffles really makes my day! It is not too sweet and yet the taste is amazing. Love it a lot. Sarap! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pangat Indian Restaurant - Suntec City Tower 2

ABBEY: Ravi and Nitin introduced me to this vegan diner at Level 3 of Suntec City Mall. We have tried their samosa and vada pav for 2sgd per pair. Masala tea is at 1.8sgd. 

I asked Wilma to try it one time. They are only offering lunch sets by that time. We ordered 2 naan lunch sets (less than 6sgd per meal) along with 3 vegetable side dish each. I like the taste of aloo and daal. When it becomes too spicy for me I munch on the sweet rice crispies and eat again.

WILL:  I am a big big fan of naan and prata. I really love those piece of doughs fried then dip to a fish curry sauce. Before going to Hermes exhibit, I asked my husband if we can take some bite in any indian restaurant and then he suggested to go for Pangat. This is located at the 3rd floor of Suntec City near Singapore Post :) 
       We ordered a chapatti set for $5.50. Ha! Cravings was satisfied. Cheap and yet the food is so tasty. This is a great place to dine in once you go to Comex for next week. Recommended. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ahava Exfoliating Cleansing Gel (Men)

ABBEY: We got this at Ahava in Centerpoint. This works as a facial wash at the same time as a scrub. Tiny beads works on your pores leaving your face clean and smooth. And the smell? Well, you're woman will definitely give you a kiss as you smell very manly. It makes me more handsome in Wilma's eyes :)

WILL: Thanks Ahava for giving away samples of these facial scrubs. We scheduled to redeem this at their outlet at The Centerpoint. 
      As I asked the very pleasant lady behind the counter, she told me that I can use also this as the scrubs are not too strong to dry up a woman face. And then I tried. 
      Darlings, I love it as if I am like having diamond peel feel in my own home. The scent is so manly, but that part I would love to be on my husbands face :) 
      This Cleo's 2012 Beauty Hall of Fame product winner can buy to their website. Click here. Thanks again Ahava! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Expendables 2

ABBEY: SPOILER ALERT: Ok, we had a long wait for this sequel. After hours spent on cleaning the house we rewarded ourselves to watch this action star-packed movie. Lead by Stallone, they went to mountains of Albania to retrieve a computer that shows a blueprint of a plutonium mine. Unfortunately they were intercepted by Van Damme's group which led to the killing of their youngest member. Revenge as their motive, they track down their enemies. The movie is great. I had a lot of laughs watching it. They pulled it off again just like the first. By the way beware of the "lone wolf" :))

WILL: It is holiday and I really want to stay home, but Abbey insisted to go out and watch this movie, anyway, I turned down so many movie dates he scheduled, this one I cannot resist the insisting aura of my hubby. 3PM schedule was full house then we settled for 5PM.
      The story is quite usual but the casting is awesome. It is like you watch a 8-in-1 movie. Its is comedy more than an action. 7/10.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fred Perry : Sub-Sonic Live (Singapore) @ The Lawn

ABBEY: This is our second invitation for Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live. Like the first free flow of drink for those who were Fred Perry apparel. The drinks were catered by 42 Below Vodka. Singtel also had a caricature booth. After queuing we had our turn to be "cartoonized". It went well. 

Kudos to the artists. They also gave us a magazine in which we are inset as part of the first party. The song artist is good as well. The stage is better this time as we can see their faces now. Before going home we finished 2 songs of Charlie Lim. This guy plays the guitar really good. I hope we can be part again of the next gathering :)

WILL: They created a culture... The Fred Perry Subculture. A clothing brand that helps the underground music to surface on music scene. We are glad that our RSVP was placed in and got the invite for this event.We got there at The Lawn around 8PM, band is playing and all were flocking their way to the stage.
      One serving of 42 and below accompany us all through the night. One cup is enough, Abbey still need to go to the office after the party. Singtel is one of the sponsor, now they have this caricature booth and we never let this opportunity pass and sat our butt and wait for the man or lady on the another side of two-way mirror to finish the job. We got the picture and mouthed a thank you. We paved our way to the stage and listened to the bands.
      Fascinating and relaxing event. This is a great night to enjoy the weekend. We are really looking forward for the next schedule of Fred Perry Subculture.
      Thanks Fred Perry and to all the sponsors. Keep up the help of the music artists!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magnum Temptation Hazelnut

ABBEY: This is new flavor of Magnum ice cream. This time they put hazelnut in their frozen delight. The taste is creamy and caramel-sweet. 

Back in Philippines, this ice cream is a phenomenon. Its just the curiosity that I bought it but I prefer their original flavor. A 3-stick pack costs 6sgd

WILL: As my previous post about this ice cream sensation, I am not that grateful as others may seem, or I san say unlike Abbey. Haha! Abbey love this a lot, me?, I am not that so in to this. Actually, a pack was stocked in our freezer for over a month. I just ate one of those when I got a tooth extraction.
      The taste? As usual, the crunchy chocolate that envelopes the vanilla ice cream and hazelnut. Good for a dessert though.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Skin Cravings Scrub Me Pretty : Cranberry Yogurt

ABBEY: We saw the ad for this body scrub on one of our flight going back to Philippines. The product is different as it has yogurt in it. The aroma of cranberry fills the bathroom when I use it and the beads really clean my body making it soft and smooth.

WILL:  I saw an ad of this Scrub Me Pretty selections in a magazine rack of Cebu Pacific. As I read it, I blurted to Abbey that add this up in our grocery list, and so he did. For Php350, a bottle of cranberry yogurt covered our 5 weeks of exfoliation. 
      No salt at all and yet the cranberry seeds were there and it does the job that salt must do. Oh, I am so fragrantly delicious. Sweet! Haha! Love the scent and the softness of skin we have. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boh - Cameron Highlands Tea

ABBEY: Preparing this tea requires great timing :) Why did I say it? Soaking the bag for more than 3 minutes will burn the leaves unlike the other brands. 
       Many times I drank the bitter taste of the tea. Later, I somehow managed to prepare it on time and sip the relaxing concoction during my tea breaks.

WILL: Cameron Highlands of Malaysia is one of my list to go, this is just near to Singapore only a coach away. What makes me want to go there? The tea plantation. Tea enthusiast indeed! But before going there I stumbled their manufactured tea in Cold Storage at VivoCity Mall. Bought it and I really need to taste it. 
      Every land really grows different taste of fruits, ahm and leaves hehe. For a starting tea adventurer, try this Boh Tea, has an extra mild flavor. Really recommendable, this box is only $2.35 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swiss Miss - Marshmallow

ABBEY: This chocolate drink taste like Nesquik. Like other choco treat, this can be served as hot or cold. To complete the unique of the concoction, tiny marshmallows were added to the mix. This little delights dissolve along as you stir. I like to prepare a hot cup whenever I finished a major task at the office; as a reward :) And i prefer the cold one after a jog to regain energy.

WILL: I am not into sweets, I am not into chocolates, even chocolate drinks...unlike Abbey. As I stated on my previous posts for "last drop", Abbey is on the midst of transforming from coffee to tea drinker, but when I saw that this Swiss Miss chocolate marshmallows on sale, I grabbed it immediately for some treat for my husband. 
      I know this drink since my college days. The creamy and chocolaty taste soothes the drinker in every sip. This is one of my greatest pal when I am on the midst of the late night reading my Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines Vol. 2. Those were the days. These costs 8SGD.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shines Outdoor Pte Ltd

ABBEY: I've never thought this day would come after my nerve-racking parajump at Sentosa. Groupon offered a 25sgd-voucher for a 2-hour session of wall climbing and height-related-pee-on-your-pants activities. The place is at Shines Outdoors in 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road. Upon arrival we were told to put harness and helmet. Starting the session our host, Ryan, told us to make a high five and saying our name to our group mates. There were 11 of us. This lightened the mood and made our session a friendlier one. He also advised us to stay hydrated. He keeps on telling us that all challenges are by choice. No pressure even you're the only one who did not make it. 

First stop is wall climbing. We were thought of manners for the activity. Always ask if belay is ready and you're about to climb. This is very important as the climber's life literally depends on you. As you belay focus on the climber as well as the rope and your hands. As I watched the first batch of climbers the task seems to be easy. But its not. As I climb, I found it very hard to step on the pieces as some are small. My feet don't have enough room to set in. I also tried to pull my body but its a no-no. The technique is to let your legs do the push and a little pull with your arm. JC and Ryan always checks us if we're ok after every climb.

The next one is what I called a tightrope walk. You must cross with the help of loose ropes suspended above. This is hard as well but I managed to finish it. Don't let your knees shake else you'll fall. The height is about 3-4 storeys.

The last challenge is the leap of faith. In a full-body harness you'll climb a 5-storey post, stand at the top and reach for the trapeze by jumping into it. Yes, just like what the Dark Knight did on that prison. I told Wilma I'll not do it. She told me to do it just like the other guys in the group. And then like in Sentosa, since that's the purpose of being there I took the leap. Climbing the post is not that hard. But as you go up it starts to shake. On top of it you must find a way to stand-up. When I stood up, all I can heard is the countdown of our mentor. 5,4,3,2,1 and then I jumped. I lost my grip in the trapeze though as my hands became slippery. 

The session ended by a group picture and by our mentor saying to eat to replenish our energy. We ate an extra large Domino's Pizza and a bottle of Coke.

WILL: When Abbey and I started this relationship, he confessed that he is a boring person and asked me if I want to do, eat or go somewhere just let him know, but I think he do not expect that I really love extremities of this life. Even his older sister was thankful then because I somewhat thought their lovable brother to go out from his world and taking big giant change from his life.
     I love heights and speed, and wall climbing is one of my dreams to do. Thanks Groupon you offer this kind of activity for less. Instead of $50+ we got this 3 hour session for only $25. We booked and our class was confirmed by Daniel, yesterday 12th of Aug 2012. To protect ourselves from any scratches, they told us to wear pants and shirts, we put our spf 130 sunblock for 1 to 3pm activity. Indeed, the sun's heat is scorching hot. Our group was consisted of 11 participants... 11 cool and positive people plus our host Rayyan Affan, credits to him, there is no dull moment. 
     Okay, first stop wall climbing. When I saw their wall, ha!, easy peasy. But when the guys and Abbey starts to climb and half way they told to their belay that they will go down, gosh, my faith with myself lessened and I asked myself if I really can touch the metal goal or not. Darn, its my turn, I climbed, easy at first few, but when the climbing holds started to be smaller and the humps were on my way, my body told me to stop but the ever supportive team watching and pushing me to go and reached the goal. Even the inner voice told me so, then I am one of the three who got it. 
     Next stop, well this will be the hard one for me, the balancing act. Tsk, I think my cerebellum really don't do its work when I was a child, even at this age, I am easily toppled down. This tight rope is a huge challenge for me. My hands got wet and the rope starts to shake, but Abbey succeeded on this, I cannot let him tie-up the score. After a minutes, score is 2-1. Ha!
     The pole! I am exhausted and dehydrated and some of memberof the team backed-out on this activity, some just go up on the pole but do not have the courage to balance themselves to be on top of this huge log. As usual, Abbey went first, and as I saw the trapeze from pole is quite have a great distance, I second thought about the idea but I am here to embrace all this. So I stood up and climbed the endless pole. When I reached the top, there is a small space for me to put in my feet, and I have a difficulty to step on that piece of wood. As I muster myself, I concentrated then I leaped off to trapeze. Oh my, that jumped seems forever. Haha.
     Thanks Abbey for doing this activity with me, one of my dream was fulfilled by you. Thanks to Shines Outdoor, you can contact them through mail or call them at 68417030. This is a nice activity for team building, located at Upper Boon Keng Road. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


ABBEY: I was ecstatic when Wilma told me she won 100sgd food vouchers. Wow, that's a lot. But the catch is to spend them all until the end of the month after receiving the vouchers 2 weeks before the deadline. 

For Mexican food we got burrito, chimichanga and chingadera. They all came with mashed red beans, guacamole and salsa. 

For Indian food we had plain and garlic naan, vegetable samosa, chicken tikka, and sheehk kebab. Those were spicy but delicious. I felt hot on my stomach after the meal. We got the food in two deliveries not in one sitting :) 

By the way they only deliver but islandwide (1-hour guarantee). Delivery charge is 7sgd and all food is subject to 7% GST.

WILL: Crossed finger I emailed my details, after few minutes, Expat Living Singapore replied to my mail! Darn, I am one of the fastest and most blessed girl to won a S$100 voucher. 

      Dial-A-Curry do not just offer an Indian Food, they also catering a Mexican(Cafe Mexican) and Italian. They start to accept orders from 6PM and ends on 1030PM, and they promise one hour delivery time and they proved that to us. 
      First, we tried their Mexican food. I went for burritos. the chicken wrapped in tortillas with side dishes of salsa and cheese. The taste is so nice, that I ate it all. Burp!
      Before the remaining $60 voucher expires, we ordered all the Indian Food that we can eat that night and shared this wonderful blessings with our housemates. Naan, oh their garlic naan is so good that I asked Abbey if I can eat all of those. Haha! 
      This is indeed a good experience. Thanks to Expat Living Singapore and Food & Spice Co P/L in sponsoring our two dinners for the month of July, you guys really made us full! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hermès - The Gift of Time (Singapore 2012)

ABBEY: The third chapter of Ecclesiastes on the Holy Scriptures tells us that there is time for everything. Hermes tells just like that in their exhibition call The gift of Time. It is currently displayed at Old Railway Station in Tanjong Pagar. It ends August 12. It shows timepieces made from bags, pieces of tables utensils, and even water. Also it gives a hint the humble beginnings of the brand. It teaches us to cherish the time and savor it. When was the last time we were excited to set our footprints in the end of first snowfall or appreciate the silence when the vacuum cleaner was turned off?

WILL: The traveling exhibit that was started in Hong Kong now stepped-in at the shores of Singapore. As one of leading brands of bags and fashion, Hermes presents the Gift of Time Exhibit in the historical Tanjong Pagar railway station. As we enter the old railway, we are very delighted that Hermes open this exhibit to public for free and installed their arts at the place who holds many memories of Singapore. 
     There are 7 rooms with different designs with a colorful and informative insights. The Hermes really portrays how the time played a big role to their company.  
     Remember Hermes represents by a horse and at the first room, there is a sundial and in the middle is a horse, as they shows that time is eternal. Just go round and round. 
     As we enter the second room, one of their usher approached and gave us a pouch and told us to keep all our watches and all the devices with time inside to fully enjoy the exhibit. The second room was full of quotations that will made me think, how happy to live our life once we achieved to do those phrases. 
     Now entering the third room, there's a saddle and a pole...a pole that is huge (taller than Abbey) that I really can't imagine any horse can surpass that by jumping over. 
     4th room, displayed some cup and saucers designed by Hermes with a spinning top-like that represents balance. 
In the fifth room, they show off some of their famous bags with golden clutches and some swatches of different leather formed as a bird. The imaginary time was in the 6th phase. 
    Seventh is the most attractive, I can say, playful imagination indeed. 
    As we went through these rooms, facts by facts we understand how to appreciate the time. This is the most valuable gift we can give to every people in our lives.