Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rocky Master

ABBEY: I was preparing my lunch, when I got called. "Can we have lunch together?" With excitement I said yes, not because its her treat but we can spend dining together before we got hitched. The place was full of people. I never imagined that we can have a table in just couple of minutes. I tried to have lasagna but its not available. I got baked rice instead, as suggested by the shouting staff. Their devil's brew gave me a jolt, as I need it for the coming occassion. The food was great, greater than the one that I was supposed to eat before I got the call. :)

WILL: Clock is ticking and we are all packed. Abbey's at home waiting for 6pm for him to hail a taxi to go to the airport. 12noon, i phoned him and asked him if he wants a lunch out with me... Our last lunch as fiance/fiancee.  He agreed. Pass one o'clock, we at Rocky Master, ordered pasta, pizza, and their turkey sandwich.
The sandwich was good, pasta is very very yummy, pizza quite ordinary. Ohh, we Abbey sipped the devil's brew their signature coffee, they say we might be addicted to its taste, but i bet not. Ordinary brewed coffee.

Their place at Tanjong Pagar is so little, jam packed. It costs me around $45.00.  They also have a snob cashier, frowning at their customers, beware of her, she shouts the available menu if you are undecided what to order.

I am so happy that moment, i have to wait for only couple hours to see my family and abbey's and to have make the vow of forever. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hotel Re! - Re!cess Daily Set Meal

ABBEY: Re-joice for getting to this place after you catch your breath. Re-vitalize your senses as you enter a different hotel ambiance. Re-juvinate your body as you intake a sumptuous dinner. This hotel-restaurant is a 15-min walk from Outram Park MRT station. Their rib-eye steak is good as well as their dessert and the unlimited bread, coffee and tea. For a 50-dollar dinner, that is reasonable.

WILL: Re! Re! Re! Who will not curios of this Re!cess meal of Hotel Re! We had Japanese meal, wednesday set. A not so formal dining but a four course meal. Of course I went for salmon, ordinary. Abbey for beef. The dessert, an ice cream. Disappointed, wala man lng kabahid bahid ng lasa ng japanese cuisine. And on my anxiety, i just indulge in their unlimited toasted bread, just to compensate my more than 20SGD/pax 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Embassy of the Philippines in Singapore

ABBEY:  I don't care how big or small or how beautiful the embassy is. What matters to me is that they can provide the services that must be offered to any OFW. I heard others say that its just like a bungalow house with tents on the sides. Here is where I get my OEC, a certificate that entitles an OFW to be exempted for travel taxes. What I had in mind are these suggestions on how to improve their processes:

1. Since the embassy is under construction, they should first put their notification about the change of their office days (Mon-Fri currently). They can use their website since almost all the institutions here in SG are connected via web.

2. Located at Nassim road, its a long walk from Orchard. When somebody comes to the embassy, unaware of the change of sched, he will be greeted by a 5-foot tall tarp saying that the embassy is closed.
It would be better if they will have other notices in other places along Orchard.
I saw another sign in the SSS office, but its not very noticeable unless you will have remittance or you will inquire in SSS.

3. Given that the renovation is in progress, they should set first their number system. Not by marking each form with red marker. How about those who downloaded the forms and filled it up before going at the embassy? I guess they have to fill up the forms again.

I know improvement is a long process, but I'm hoping for the better of our own embassy.

WILL: From orchard road, it will take a 15 minutes walk to reach the Philippine Embassy in Singapore and on this area also located the embassies of different countries. 
Its just like an old ancestral house with so many cars parked. But now, it is under renovation and that's the cause of Monday to Friday sked instead of Sunday-Thursday.
      I am one of the Filipino who filed my OFW here in Singapore. The requirements? NRIC ID, Passport, and $42.00.
Unlike other government employees, here, smile never left their lips, very accommodating. My OFW application and OEC just took me not more than 45 mins. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outback Steakhouse

ABBEY: This diner is located at Millenia Walk near Suntec city. We were there to celebrate her birthday. We did avail of their meal fit for a couple. It includes complementary bread, an appetizer, 2 main dish with choices of fish and meat, and 2 glasses of punch. We were attended by their staff who is kind enough to offer us to change one of main's side dish into their mouth-watering fries with cheese and bacon bits. I was very full then. Not bad for a hundred-dollar meal to celebrate an occasion with her.

WILL: I do not know whats happening inside of me because that Monday, I want to go home and hug my husband. Yeah, this is my first birthday as Abbey's official wife :)
      After office i hurriedly went down to meet my husband :)
      I was surprised by bouquet of white roses. And of course, pinagtitinginan n naman ako ng mga tao kasi may kamahalan na taglay (phrase from ate Gail) ang mga bulaklak dito sa Singapore. Then, we hurriedly paved our way to this restaurant.

      The ambiance was so cosy and romantic and I think ganun din ang price. 
      I had a salmon, Abbey got a rib eye, we chose punch instead of wines. My stomach is totally full. The salmon is so nice na iniisip ko kung paano kya nila niluto yun na sobrang lambot ng meat, muka syang fried pero para din syang steamed. 
      Sometimes, it so good to have a splurge in this kind of restaurant. The waitresses were very accommodating, they greeted us a smile and bid us a nice goodbye. :) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keen on Crepes

ABBEY: We dined here after we picked up the wedding dress and suits. A variety of crepes are displayed on their menu, but I chose the one with chicken filling. The crepes were served in large portions, enough to satisfy my hunger. Keen on crepes matches their food with choices of coffee, teas, choco, and juice. Prices start at 5sgd.

WILL: We went here after the final fitting of my gowns and Abbey's suits. Sa dami na bitbit namin we eyeing for resraurants near our place. Since bulalo house was closed then, we decided to try this crepes. We ordered different meals :) i tried the tuna, abbey went for chicken and chattie wanted the beef.

All i can say, "ang sarap ng crepe mo kuya" ahaha. The crew is filipino :) it will costs you not more 8$ each crepe and yummy coffee of 3$.

You can find this along the bridal street of tanjong pagar.
Drop sometime here, worth trying :) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Carl's Jr. Singapore

This is our official tambayan; me, Wilma, and Chat. Once in a while I want to indulge myself to an order of a huge burger, large fries, and unlimited soda. This fastfood chain satisfied my cravings. We usually hangout at their Vivo City branch. I hope we can visit it sometime again.

WILL: Who will not love Carls' Jr? from its patties, its tea with lemon, and their fries. Oh darn, we will surely crave for this food once in a month. After we had our foot spa at Mary Chia we ate our dinner here. Filipinos are everywhere. Actually in almost all restaurants here, they have a Filipino taking their OJT. 
We always love to greet them in Our language, on my surprise one of the crew on his delight of us, he put extra love on our meal and grant us a nice discount. This Carls' JR NEX is the most memorable branch for me. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mary Chia - The Beauty & Slimming Specialist

Wilma told me to book a schedule for manicure and pedicure before our wedding. My feet took me to NEX mall again. I inquired in 2 or 3 services but they're all fully booked. I found Mary Chia at the 3rd floor. They are free on my preferred time. 150SGD will include couple manicure and pedicure,  and foot spa with massage. Wilma enjoyed the massage very well. Her feet were aching and its a relief to have that massage.

WILL: I need something blue, and I decided that it will be my toenails. Abbey set an appointment of 730pm to Mary Chia NEX Branch. The foot massage is so great, i can even sleep in their couch. The manicure and pedicure?, it will be my first and last. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goldheart Singapore

Finally, we found the one ring. Its not in Mt. Doom but in Goldheart at NEX Serangoon mall. We visited a couple of Goldheart branches,but in NEX, they have the design that we want; simple and elegant :) The rings fit our fingers as well as our budget. These will symbol our union as husband and wife forever.

WILL: Until late Last year, we do not have the firm answer on the question "When is your wedding?" but we find time to look for suppliers.  Also last year, we found this jewelry shop. We are eyeing on this because they got the simple design of wedding rings.
Yeah! Just this February we purchased the sign of being married, the ring that we will wear to symbolize our affection with each other.
Why goldheart? Besides that they have the design we want, they have a very accommodating staffs, they have very nice ambiance na talagang mapapabili ka, and the free cleaning, free palit ng design for a year, vouchers and a lot more. We got these at their NEX branch.