Friday, June 29, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

ABBEY: "I like to watch it, watch it" Haha. Watching this movie series gave me laughter. All characters from Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman to the penguins (Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private) up to King Julien, Maurice and Mort, they are all funny. Each one of them has something up their sleeves that you will love. 

I was also hoping that they can comeback to New York zoo. The ending is good; you cannot always get your happiness inside your comfort zone, sometimes you have to go out. Sadly this maybe their last installment. Good thing the penguins and lemurs have their TV series.

WILL: It's like I am part of a school field trip. Haha! I will tell you a secret, my husband, Abbey, the genre of his movies were cartoons/animations. So you know who asked who to watch this movie?
I watched the 2 sequels of Madagascar and all I can do is laugh. But this one, not that funny enough to last the smile on my face. 7/10

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lancome Génifique

ABBEY: This facial serum samples should be used in 7 consecutive days. I didn't complete the cycle :( But the first few days that Wilma put it on me I felt my face refreshed. 

It is translucent, white-colored and odorless. I haven't got any harsh reaction on the application and It made my skin even softer.

WILL: This is the real trial. Of course, you can see some differences for one application but a seven day consecutive facial serum is serious thing.
At VivoCity was where we redeemed our sample. The lady behind the counter asked for the SMS confirmation and explicate to us how to use it.
Day to day, there is difference, for real :) I can say that one week of applying the serum, it met the things that I expected. Supple, smooth, no blackheads, and so tight skin.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CBTL Machine

ABBEY: We got this coupon from magazine distributed at Romancing U movie night. The coupon offers a cup of nespresso coffee. The coffee tastes good; same as like fresh ground coffee. 

The staff asked us if we want to buy the machine but we said no as it is too expensive. Maybe sometime.

WILL: Then, we got a coupon from Her World Magazine. Finally, we can have a sample taste of this new invent coffee maker. As Nescafe introduces this to public, I am very curious to taste this. 
Thanks to coffee bean but no thanks, my opinion was solidfy by this sampling. The taste, just like a ordinary 3-in-1 coffee.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


ABBEY: This is at the 63rd floor of One Raffles Place. Atie invited us to chill on this bar which gives 360-degree view of Marina Bay. 

Entrance fee is 25sgd on weekdays and 30sgd on weekends; inclusive of 1 drink. Free for all ladies on Wednesday night. Attire is smart casual; no shorts, slippers or flip-flop. 

We tried their portable mushroom pizza (20sgd ++) and spicy platter (30sgd ++). The food was good. It’s better to have reservation so you can have table and seat while munching the cocktail treats.

WILL: I am so dumb to think that Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is the highest building I can go here in Singapore, damn! When I got here at 1-Altitude, well its name speaks for itself. Ha!, I can see the MBS a bit smaller than where we are.
I went here when Atie, her husband and Grace asked us to go a night-out. Its Wednesday night.. Ladies Night! So no entrance fee for the girls but the regular fee was $25.00 with a free drink, you can choose from their juices, soda and mojitos.
The view is so perfect and the best time to go there is on sunset, around 7PM and wait until the lights of Singapore glow the night off. This is a great place for some relax chatting with your colleagues and friends, as the winds gently hitting your body and sound of bossa nova band at the background. But if you are like a mad man for a party, hit 1-Altitude 10PM onwards, as the disco music slammed the dance floor.
A very great experience, you can find this place just beside the Raffles MRT exit A.
Go here, enjoy 360 degrees view of Singapore on the highest level!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brewbaker’s Kitchen & Bar

ABBEY: We went in this cafe after refreshing dip at Sengkang Community center pools. The cafe is just beside the center. They offer lunch and dinner which you can enjoy with a football match. 

I'm not sure if they serve breakfast though. We had capuccino for less than 5sgd and fish and chips at less than 15sgd. Both taste great and gave a full stomach after a quick snack. 

WILL: After that days' activity, we saw this Brew Bakers and decided to take some coffee before going home. They ordered their different coffee concoction, cafe macchiato $3.80 and cappuccino $4.29, Joshua ordered a iced chocolate $4.80 and I went for fish and chips $14.90. 
The fish and chips, OMG the fish is too good, very tender and the tartar sauce really matched with dory. I love it a lot. 
It is located near the park and community club of Anchorvale. A perfect place to rest and sip some refreshing drink after jogging or after a swim. Wanna dine and unwind? Beer is served here and watch your favorite team in a football field.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Japanese Restaurant Yayoiken

ABBEY: We found this diner before our movie night commences. This is one of the newest tenant at Bugis+ (formerly Iluma). I tried their pork tonkatsu set. It comes with miso soup, salad, rice and dessert. My set costs 13.9sgd and rice is free flow. 

The whole meal is good; pork is crunchy - perfect match with delicious and fragrant rice. The serving is also large.

WILL: Bugis Iluma was renovated and now one of the tenants of Bugis+ is the Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant. It was located just in first floor and just few steps once you entered the building. Perfect location isn't? 
      We dined here when we won our premiere ticket for the La Chance De Ma Vie (Second Chance). The place is inviting and the ambiance is nice for a dating couple ad yet not pricey. 
      I was craving for a simmering hot soup and noodles then I ordered the Yasai Ramen. A pork base soup with pork meat and vegetables. My first really delights me! The soup have a distinctive taste and the noodles is firm, just what I want for my bowl of ramen. It costs $9.90. Compliments to their wasabi. Lovely!
      Yayoiken at Bugis + is their second branch, you can find the first at the Liang Court Shopping Centre.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clipper - Detox Tea

ABBEY: Ok, this is one of my favorite tea. This is a detox tea with infusion of berries. Strong aroma fills my workspace and my colleagues asks only one thing "Where does it come from?". It has a good taste and the leaves will not burn easily even soaked for a long time. A 20-packet box costs less than 8sgd.

WILL: I am glad Abbey is turning to be a tea drinker, absolutely i will support him. After office, I went to Cold Storage VivoCity to look for some tea infusions that I think he will love.  Well, I am right, he fell in love this Clipper's Tea detox infusion. Aroma and taste made myself proud that I will never fail to taste of tea in just reading the ingredients. Haha! 
This cost $8 per box of 20. :) 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

SUB-SONIC LIVE (Fred Perry Singapore Subculture)

ABBEY: We RSVP-ed at Fred Perry Sub-Sonic event. It showcased bands and musicians playing their own music to give entertainment for the night. De Burg offers discounted rates for their burger sliders from 4sgd. The burgers were delicious and juicy. Free ice cream and free flow of cocktail and beer for those who wear Fred Perry apparel. Singtel also offered gadget accessories, vouchers and passes if you can get it from the center of ice blocks :) 

WILL: Fred Perry arranged this "Sub-Sonic" event to feature the new artists, so glad they have managed to do it herein Singapore. I am really fond of the styles and designs of the collection and that I decided not only to buy their products but also be a fan on their Facebook Page. My husband RSVP on this event and we are so blessed to be the lucky few who can make it on their list.
     I can say, they are well prepared. 6:30PM the gate is open for their guests but we arrived 20mins earlier. We collected our tags and and our pins, and surprisingly, one of them approached us apologizing that we need to wait for some minutes. No worries at all. We saw a somewhat flock of the 1980s' motorcyclist wearing Fred Perry polo shirts. Awesome!
     We walked our way to The Court and saw Singtel Iced advertisement. We went there just took a photo but the one of the promoter told us to participate on their "icy" game. Using water gun or anything that we can use except stones. Around 15 minutes gunning the thick ice, I managed myself to put my hand inside and grab the Singtel magazine and on that I won a $50.00 voucher, Abbey got a tickets for Zouk party.
     Its time to listen to the new voices and music. You know what I expect? A party of wild drunken guys and gals, but I am so so wrong. Even the alcoholic drinks are bottomless, no one inside so intoxicated that initiated any riot. The teens keep their composure. They are just listening while enjoying every sip of beer and punch.  
     Hooray to Fred Perry. Oh, forgot to mention that they really prepared for this event, they have an ambulance just outside the gate. Thanks for the free ice cream 7th Heaven! Thanks to all the bands! More power Fred Perry!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


1 can condensed milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar, sifted
3 small boxes of powdered milk, sifted

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly until it has a dough-like texture.

Scoop a small amount and form it into cylinders.
Roll it in sugar and then serve for dessert.

WILL: Ate April is from Manila then. Each table she put pastillas, yema and sweetened tamarind. That is the only time that I saw Ms Agnes crave for something. She was fallen in love with pastillas. So I asked Abbey to make some for her and of course for me. 
      After 2 weekes, he made it and Abbey nailed the taste! I really like the very sweet taste that this mixed milk gave to my taste bud. A perfect dessert after our dinner. Thanks Abbey. Such a sweet guy! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Puto Recipe

I was looking for something to cook for my wifey and I remembered that she wants puto. Below is the recipe:

4 cups flour, sifted
2 cups sugar, sifted
2 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 raw egg
1 teaspoon pandan paste or essence
2 1/2 cups of water for puto mixture
Slices of cheese
Water for steaming

In a bowl mix the dry ingredients well then add egg, butter, milk, pandan and water. Mix them thoroughly.
Pour into individual molds.
Put the mold in the steamer for 20 mins. You can use cheese cloth so water vapor will not fall into the mixture.
Put the cheese and steam again for 2-5 minutes.

WILL: One week before that, he is telling me that he will do something for his weekend. I know there is something about his passion in kitchen activities but I am surprised to see a pandan puto on out table. A perfect match with out miswa. 
      He packed some and gave it to my colleagues and one blurted "sobrang sarap ate", I am so flattered to have a husband that his de-stresser is cooking. 
      Thanks baby, next time if there will be a get-together, this is what we will bring :) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

(3D) Piranha 3DD

ABBEY: Another Piranha movie. I didn’t like the first one but I told myself to give it another try. Anyways, this is for free. 

“The Big Wet” is a water park that opens in time for summer; offering leisure and “pleasure” for the patrons. Water is being pumped out into the nearby lake which alters the behavior of flesh-hungry piranha. Cameo role of David Hasselhoff and other slapsticks had me burst into laughter. Helpless victims tried to get out of the water fast to save their own lives. But little did they know that the fish started learning to “walk” J Compliments to the sexy ladies but not to the one who went under the knife.

WILL: Are you looking for a thriller, comedy, and love story film rolled in one? Well, this Piranha 3DD is not the film you are looking. 
     This movie is full of boobies and unreasonable storyline. I think the lesson to this is parents/elders should listen sometimes to younger people. 3/10. 
     Oh, Golden Village Pictures, thank you so much for the premiere night 3D tickets. :) 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

FHM Models 2012 Finale Night

ABBEY: We got VIP tickets for this event. The venue is at the TAB at Orchard Hotel. A separate queue for VIP were given (wow, this is great). It's different in the negative side because first we didn't get the voting stickers; second if Wilma did not ask for the Triumph goodie, she won't have it.

My DSLR was in the baggage counter as I was informed that NO DSLR will be used in the event except for the official photographers. As soon as the models walked the runway I saw 4-5 DSLRs taking snaps of the sexy ladies. I even asked one of the bouncers and replied that it can't be used (How's that?). Event started an hour behind the appointed time, but worth the wait when contestants 1,2,7 and wait are on the ramp. My bet is Melody; she got 2 awards (Paul Mitchell's Mane Event and Most Curvaceous body) but a rank shorter for the title. Two free drinks were given. TAB's fries tastes good also. We enjoyed our pose and pics in their photo booth courtesy of Foto Affairs. Congratulations, Jamie Ang.


WILL: I am one of the 5 very lucky winners of Durex Singapore Facebook contest and on that they gave me a pair of VIP ticket to TAB for FHM 2012 Finals. 
      We queued for almost half an hour, we got our four stabs for free cocktails/soft drinks and a stamp on our wrist. I got a small box of condom and a sample of Play O from Durex. Abbey was not given neither. Haha. Triumph gave every guest a bag with pamphlets, vouchers and an underwear mold in to a rose. Before entering the second floor, there is photobooth. We got two pictures of it. :) 2 steps away, there's board where you can vote for the girl you are rooting for, but hey people from the ticket booth do not gave us stickers for voting. Darn! Tsk! Oh, I am rooting for Kitty. 
      730-9:30pm is the stated time that was stated on the ticket but the show started only at 9pm. Its a cocktail style party, so obviously, no chairs. Imagine how hard to stand from 730-9pm on heels? I even saw some ladies just took off their shoes and stand barefoot. Ha! I sipped one cocktail and a soda, we ordered bottled water for $6 and the french fries is $8. 
      When the party started, all the boys get wild, and ahm, me too. Specially when Kitty hit the pole at the stage. Haha! I admire her attitude. She is so hot! Anyway, Jamie won the title, Melody the 1st runner up and my Kitty is the 2nd :( 
      Thanks Durex, this is an experience that we will never forget.