Thursday, November 27, 2014

Honey Creme - 313 @ Somerset Branch

ABBEY: Traditionally, the birthday celebrator should be given gifts and should be thrown a party but either way, I'm ok. We got fried chicken meal from Jollibee. So to complete my birthday party food, I went to Honey Creme (313 @ Somerset) to buy dessert. 

They are selling soft ice creams with different toppings on cone and cup and opened in Singapore last October 26. That day the queue is not that long. It only took me 15 minutes to order Organic Cotton Candy Affogato  SGD6.20 (cotton candy and the ice cream is drowned with a shot of espresso) and Popcorn SGD5.50. 

The staff was surprised when I asked them for a carrier. They gave me a warning to eat it as soon as possible as it is a soft ice cream. Anyway, the ice cream is still chunky when we ate it. The one with espresso has better flavor. Not too bitter or too sweet, taste is just right as well as the creaminess. 

Payments are thru Nets and cash. Next time I'll try Dark Chocolate and Honey Comb. 

WILL: I am not a fan of ice creams. But I know how to appreciate the taste of this dessert.

It was Abbey’s 31st bday, and as always, I am thrilled what surprise he will bring in front of me. For 2014, he gave me soft served ice cream from Honey Creme. Gosh! He have the guts and a lot of effort to queue up on its long line.

After our dinner at Jollibee in Lucky Plaza, it’s time to make the judgment and see for ourselves why the people is lined up to this store at 313 @ Somerset. It is so creamy and the honey mix was really there! I love the cotton candy on top than the popcorn. I love to have again the Organic Cotton Candy Affogato. The cotton candy is so amazing to be consumed together with the ice cream swirled with espresso.

Next time, I will check-out the Honey Comb flavour! Thanks Abbey for the treat! And again, Happy 31st Birthday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Hero 6

ABBEY: It's been months since we went to cinema. So before my natal day ended, we booked tickets for Big Hero 6 at Shaw Lido. 

Most of the movie goers were kids. Well, I'm a kid at heart; sometimes thinks and acts as a kid :) 

Walt Disney Studios made me burst into laughters as the movie unfolds. It is a story of a robot-fight-fanatic kid while his brother is developing the same for the purpose of helping the community. Lot of twists on the story and funny moments as well. Make sure to check Baymax's signature bump fist move and his scale of pain. 

Hire and Baymax is a good tandem. And with their whole team of nerd superhero, they are taking the world by storm. This is a good gift for my birthday.

WILL: It is my baby's birthday. Yeah my 31-year old boy's birthday. Haha! This is one of his birthday wish. So who am I to refuse on this childish request. Haha! 

The movie is all about siblings! Gosh! If siblings is the topic my heart melts so easily.

Good movie for children and adult with a young heart. I really want to feel how soft and warm Baymax is. 

Till next "Tralala". My rating 9/10.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SilkBath Soothing Balance (Vanilla Botanics)

ABBEY: Coupon promotions are becoming popoular nowadays. Lately, we joined iMob SG. And as a VIP, I got Silkbath body wash 750mL for a dollar. 
The body wash smells very good and leaves your skin soft. It is as if you're being comforted by a very soft blanket upon application. Even though it offers VIP perks seldom on the last few months, I'm still hoping that they will again revive it and give us good discounts.

WILL: This is the second SilkBath product that we will use. First was when Abbey won at SilkPro SG giveaway. He got the SilkBath Extra Lighten (Grape Seed Botanics). Now we are about to review is the SilkBath Soothing Balance (Vanilla Botanics).

Thanks to SilkPro for innovating a fragrance like this. The Soothing Balance variant is really comforting. The sweet smell of vanilla always fills our bathroom. This cream is really bubbly that it will cover your whole body for only one pump. After rinsing it off, it definitely leaves your skin with silky feel.

Thanks to iMob for a $1.00 deal for this 750mL liquid body soap.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Rainforest Lounge @ Changi Terminal 1

ABBEY: The best things in life are free. Yes it's true. Citibank is giving perks to their cardholders  and one of them is to have a complimentary pass to airport lounges. We redeemed it on our last back to Philippines. 

The Rainforest Lounge is at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Just present your Priority Pass and voila, you can enjoy their facilities. You can take shower, have a nap on a bed, or have snacks. 

That night they were serving fried chicken drumlets, chicken curry, and fried rice. Croissant, slices of bread and butter were there. Have a cup or two of coffee, tea, sodas, juice or just plain water. 

We'll visit the other lounges when we travel again.

WILL: Wohhhhooooo! This is it! This is my first time to wait for my flight in a lounge and I am so happy to experienced this with my husband. Well, another addition for lists of our "first". 

The World's Best Airport housed a lot of lounges. Upon checking while we are walking inside Changi they have more than 10 lounges. The neareast to our gate is The Rainforest Lounge. 

We entered and gratefully welcomed by the staffs. We were there for the food. Not for the sleeping room, jacuzzi or to entertain outselves while waiting.. We are there solely for the buffet. Haha! Gluttony indeed. 

We are expecting biscuits or bread and butter but they served rice. Our flight is midnight and to fight the sleepiness that slowly sinking to us, we fight it with food and a meaningful talk  

Thanks to Citibank Premiere Miles for the complimentary Priority Pass.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pies & Coffee (Rochester Mall Branch)

ABBEY: If you want to relax by sound of rustling water and have snack as well, try to visit Pies and Coffees at Rochester Mall. The promo we got is for just S$24, you can have 2 pies with drinks. Usual price is around S$12 for pie only. 

I had Guinness Beef Pie. This comes with a little bit of "greens" for a side salad. The pie crust is thin, which is good because the fillings can really fill you up. :) It is delicious and full of flavour. 

The place can also be used as place of study. Reward yourself with a snack after you're done with your essay.

WILL: How about you've went to two clinics and found out that the doctors were all out for vacation? Husband and I just laughed for that misfits. Haha! Before our third hunt we decided to eat first at Pies and Coffees located at Rochester Park. 

Calming sound of waterfalls greeted us. Abbey and I decided to go for al fresco dining for us to linger with a very relaxing sound of dropping water. 

I have Chicken Mushroom and Iced English Breakfast Tea. Well, I am so thankful that the meal comes with mashed potato and salad. Their mashed potato is very outstanding. The texture is smooth and cheesy. 

On my pie, actually I do not know if i will be happy that the filling is more than I expected or sad because of a thin crust of the pie. Haha. The chicken tomato filling blends nicely to the perfect pie crust. It so big that I asked my husband to eat the remaining quarter of it. 

It is indeed a perfect place for people to gather. Perfect place and perfect food. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


ABBEY: With still a lot to learn in where-to-eat in Singapore, locating Pantler is a challenge. The cafe is at Telok Ayer street near Amoy Food Centre. 

The shop is famous for their choux creme (creme puff). Take note, this can be only ordered for dine-in. I've seen pictures online and I was surprised that its size is small. Not the ordinary creme puff that I'm buying. But hey, the filling is incredible; not too sweet and has very good amount of creme in every puff. 

We also tried chocolate croissant. In my opinion, the sparkling water is a bit high. Anyways the taste is ok. 

WILL: Blog is a very powerful tool nowadays in advertising and marketing. Husband and I follow also food and travel bloggers around Singapore and one of those is Keropok Man. Thanks for enticing photo of cream puff.

Abbey and I decided to have a dessert date at Pantler. Just a walking distance from our office. So after our dinner we directly went for a sweet splurge. 

Photos were really one of the greatest deceivers nowadays. I'm totally shocked to see a small size of bread. Actually smaller than my palm. To stop my weeks of craving, we ordered two choux creme but they only got a last piece. Abbey gave way and he get croissant for him plus a drink. 

I sliced and happily saw that the inside was really filled by creme. Extra happiness when I munch a roasted sweet peanut inside my cream puff. Now I know why they charged $5.90 for this small piece of heaven. 

Thanks again to Keropok Man! More more power to you man! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill (EDSA Branch)

ABBEY: It is the festive time of the year again as Christmas is fast approaching. And to ride with the mood since its been a long time when we went out with our family, we went to SamboKojin (EDSA) for a buffet. We availed of their promo of 3 plus 1; 1 free for every 3 paying adult. 

The restaurant serves Korean and Japanese cuisine. They have crispy and spicy fried chicken, kimchi, ramen, chicken and pork cutlet, tempura and many more. Slices of meat (beef and pork), seafood and salmon for yakiniku. 

I like the most is the salmon belly; be it skewered or a slice only. It melts in your mouth after its cooked. Also I ate a lot of these for sashimi. It was totally a feast. Match it with bottomless drinks for less than 100 pesos to wash them down and your set. A buffet costs 750 pesos.

WILL: It is a wonderful time to get together with your family and isn't more wonderful to spend time with your cousins, nephews, tita and tito who you never have seen in flesh for years? 

It is a hard thing to organize a 17-adult-4-kid-and-an-infant party for a buffet dinner. Why? First, as usual I want that dinner that will not break my bank. Second, I want a place that is suitable for the kids to roam around and have an array of desserts that they can enjoy. Third, I need to checkout the food for Halal and non-Halal for our Muslim relatives. And the last thing I need to know if the place is chichat-friendly for us to catch-up in our lives. 

We arrived 530pm and the food was served at 6. When they saw our relatives wearing a hijab one of the waiter approached them to let them know what are the food served with pork. 

Faster than lightning, I approached the tempura ebi and seafoods that I do not do normally and I know that you know why readers. Haha! As usual, we always say no to rice for buffets. We always want to indulge on their viands. 

For 3 hours, we eat, talk, eat, drink, sing a happy birthday song, eat and drink again before we headed back home. 

Thanks to Ronnel our nice attendant for the day. We have availed their 3+1 combo, the oldies got their senior citizen discount, 50% off for Tito Bert and 3 free mini cakes for our November celebrators. 

Till we meet again aunt, uncle, couz and nephews. Thank you for sparing time with Mangila family. ;) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Peach Garden Noodle House at Gardens by the Bay

ABBEY: Dining in Peach Garden is part of the Armas' itirenary for their second Singapore trip. It is located in the heart of Garden by the Bay. Just locate the tallest artificial tree on it and you can see The Chinese-cuisine restaurant on its "roots". 

We went there as a group of 8 including the "neophytes", Eugiene and Kaye. We availed their Claypot Rice Delights  promotion.

I got Stewed Beef Brisket with hot rice. The sauce is thick and flavorful. The meat is tender and it has some fats that I really like. They also offer chicken curry and pork.

WILL: Gardens By The Bay is now one of the landmark of Singapore. So this is one of the a-must-visit place for the tourists and we have Ate Rizbeth and her family to tour the in this wonderful place.

But before roaming around, we decided to dine first and as scheduled we went to Peach Garden Noodle House located just beside the Supertree Grove. 

We were immediately served by the crew and the food was in front of us after a couple of minutes.Their table reminds me of my family's turn table. A setting that encouraged a circle of people that can talk fluently without blocking anyone's sight. Piping hot! After saying thanks and getting some photos we dig in. 

I ordered Soft Pork Bone with Salted Fish in Claypot for only $13.80++ which includes a drink and rice. The sauce is so Chinese style. The pork is tender. A very recommendable place to dine while you indulge at the beauty of nature. 

Our visitors' enjoyed this restaurant as much as we did. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zark's Burgers Philippines - "It's Fresh. It's Huge. It's Great."

ABBEY: We didn't succeed dining-in the first time at Zark's Taft, but that doesn't stop Pareng John to treat us into this burger paradise. So we tried Zark's Katipunan on our short stint back in Pinas. 

No queue, as it is November 1 (All Saints' Day). I got Jawbreaker; a triple patty-burger with crispy bacon, fries and drinks for less than 300Php. Finish it within five minutes and it is free. I didn't give in. I want to indulge and savor the giant burger in front of me. Sorry but I had the patties to be well done. 

I hope next time I'll be able to try the Tombstone (death by a 2-pound burger).

WILL: If you are not big, unique and affordable the Philippine market will not give you any chance to succeed. Zark’s Burgers is one of the pioneer of big burgers in Manila and they emerged gracefully. Talk of the town. That is why our friends brought us at their Katipunan Branch

1st of November, holiday, most of the stores were close and so lucky they were open to serve that day. We were ushered to their third floor and straight away asked for our orders. I went for Zark’s Ultimate Burger (Php150.00 with fries and iced tea).

Quarter Pounder is a lot but I almost ate it all. Haha! Their beef patty has a Filipino touch. It reminds me of the patties I am eating during our lunch break way back in my grade school days.

Thanks Denise and John. Till our next food trips! :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Icon Hotel North Edsa Manila

ABBEY: Since we visit Philippine as fast as the blink of an eye, we need to maximize our time there. So it means we're either in our friends' house, cafe, or restaurant. Going back home is not an option for us due to security reasons. We always plan to crash at a hotel to spend the night. And then we came to know of Icon Hotel North (near North EDSA MRT). 

In their name itself, the hotel is all about worldwide icons like Steve Jobs, Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. They named each room with an icon and treated their guests as star. As promotion, a 12-hour stay costs approximately 1300 pesos. This includes buffet breakfast for two, wifi, and a premium room. They accept cash and credit cards for payments. 

WILL:  After working for almost 5 years in Singapore we don’t have a home that we can call our own. When we go back to Philippines, we always stayed at our parents’ home. And every time we’ll hang out late, we always decide to go in a hotel to check-in rather than bothering our parents. We are so lucky to go to Icon Hotel in EDSA. Thank you Denise for the recommendation. Why we are lucky? We got a decent room in a very affordable price.

The lobby is wonderful. The room is neat. The sheets were clean. Oh they have quilt, awesome! We only paid Php1,299.00 for 12hour stay with breakfast buffet. Although they offer only 5 main courses it is still better than nothing. This is a family hotel, a budget hotel that you can spend time with your whole family. You can totally relax as you cannot hear the honking of buses and revving of the vehicles. They also housed a pool and a mini theatre at the lobby. Almost perfect until I got to touch their faucet. Please scrub it before the bacteria will build up on that small portion of your room.

Concierge is always smiling and ready to accommodate all your needs. Salute to this brand new hotel. Already recommended to my family and friends. Please do check them out.