Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gloria Jean's Coffees Singapore - Chicken Curry Potato & Sardine Puff by Tip Top

ABBEY: I have tasted curry puffs from different shops but Gloria Jeans' somehow caught my tastebuds. For 1.30 a piece you can taste more curry flavor and filling. I'm actually so full during that day but with the puff's good taste, I ate all four Wilma gave me :) 

She also bought sardine puffs which are also delicious. Try it and you'll get to know what I'm saying.

WILL: Abbey is a great fan of curry puffs. Everytime I asked him what food he wants for me to carry home, he will always answer me back "curry puff baby". So I aways buy some of it either from Old Chang Kee or from Polar.

Past week Gloria Jeans Coffee here in Anson Road launched a local treat.. Chicken Potato Curry Puff and Sardines Puff. I bought the curry, buy 5 get 1 free. I ate one, our housemate took one and the remaining ate by Abbey. Gluttony it is!!!

Costs $1.30. Curry Puff is better than the other stores but Tip Top Sardines Puff  is the best! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dinner Buffet @ The Kitchen Table - W Singapore Sentosa Cove

ABBEY: One for one promotion buffet (SGD 65++) entitled to SPG cardholders? Better not miss it. We redeemed it at W Hotel at Sentosa. It is an international buffet which consists of French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cuisines. We were attended by Christine, a very warm, friendly and accomodating hostess. She explained the different stations of the restaurant as well as some of the dishes. She sees to it that the guest will have a good experience during their stay.

I got papadum and lamb curry as starter. The meat is tender and curry really goes well with the chip. I also had plain naan and curry combo. Then I went to Western station and got; dory fillet in schezuan sauce; sea bass in pesto cream sauce and stir-fried Beef in minced scallion and garlic.

Next round I had pulled pork with root vegetables. A chef approached our table and asked if we like to try seared salmon. Who are we to say no? :) It was mouth-watering. 

Then another served us a thin crust chorizo pizza. For dessert I chose chocolate mousse. It was served in a cocktail glass. Serving is small but it is enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. A cup of coffee and then we headed home.

WILL:  Starwood hotel chain is very famous for the travelers around the globe so when W Singapore Sentosa Cove debuted its opening last year here, I immediately browsed their site to get a free Starwood Preferred Guest membership.

One night while checking where I can get a buffet for my Kuya Laleng, I saw The Kitchen Table's 1-for-1 dinner promotion and yes, that was only available for their members. I send an email, but sad to say, my brother's itinerary can't it make so I just booked for 2 on 22nd October.

Directly from office we hailed a taxi and alighted in front of the W Hotel. We were greeted by their staffs and a nicely decorated staircase welcomed us.

As the concierge told us, go up to the stairs, turn right, go down and turn left. There! We found the The Kitchen Table.

As we walked our way in, we saw the "promised" sign and not the "reserved" one. We were seated with a view of not less than 10 parked yacht.

Sorry I do not start my meal with a salad, well, I don't even go near to that station. My I sat my first plate with sashimi, and sushi.

2nd plate, the breads shouting at me asking me to take a bite, so I paved my way and get some bread and I sliced some 4 cheese tart. Ohh lala! Perfect combination!

I went back to the Japanese station to get an oyster and an very huge shrimp. I ordered a gnocchi with white sauce for my 4th plate, darling this gnocchi really good, the taste is superb.

As my tummy is expanding, I asked Cristine for a hot tea to help my stomach digest all the foods. When I felt that its okay again, I ask the chef to give me some steamed chicken with mushroom. This plate of were so nice and it flashbacked all the food I have eaten when I am in China. A plate of papadum was my last plate.

Oooops, for desert, I get the deconstructed cheesecake, so yummy, I can eat 3 of those but my tummy really can't make a way for another shot.

I really love that night. It seems that we are still in courting stage. Abbey surprised me a half dozen of red roses. So sweet right? 
We talked a lot that night, we exchanged views about our current office events, we even pictured what will be the design of our own home. 

Thanks Abbey for this wonderful evening.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skinny Pizza Singapore / What a Crack

ABBEY: We planned a couple of times to dine in Skinny Pizza but we didn't got a chance to push it through. But when the 20sgd voucher was given from the Strip promotion was about to expire we decided to go. We had lunch before I come to office. It is on their branch at Raffle City. 

We ordered their Bundle Set 1 (39 sgd); it includes a pasta, Chicken Satay Pizza and a quarter-meter of sausage. We had Spaghetti Bolognese for pasta and spicy chicken sausage. Note: They're serious when they say "spicy". The pasta is firm and freshly-cooked and the sauce is flavorful. For the pizza, I was amazed. That is the thinnest pizza I ate. They are living their name Skinny. So thin that the dough is crispy. But the toppings are overflowing. We only ate half and took home the other. 

Unfortunately, the voucher can't be used on promotions so we bought blackforrest cake and warm banana cake for dessert.

WILL: Dough is very important factor of pizza. There so many gimmicks the pizza parlors doing with their dough. There's a thick, thin, stuffed, flavored and so on. But some people do not settle for thin, they go way beyond it and created the skinny one. And last Saturday, 19th of October, we say hello to Skinny Pizza's Raffles City branch.

Abbey ordered the Chicken Satay. I was from the office back then so I am quite full as our company offered a free lunch every Friday and Saturday. I ate 2 slices and Abbey ate one, we take away the half of it and I ate the rest for my breakfast. I ate it all, and from, their you may manage to know If I like it or not, haha! 

We have also a sausage that I can't stand the spiciness. 

Pleas visit their place, you can have beer or wine. Thanks Strip for the free $20 voucher.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poulét at Raffles City (First French Casual Dining Restaurant Chain Concept in Singapore)

ABBEY: Our blog's third anniversary came and just in time for that Poulet at Raffles City opened a couple of weeks before. So after my morning shift we went to the restaurant and found a long queue. Almost giving up the plan to dine in, the staff approached us and told us that a table for two was available. Nice :) 

It's a French cuisine restaurant and I got Iberico pork belly and fries. The food has a good plating and a thousand flavors bursted in my mouth on each bite. It was delicious. 

The fries was served in a small bucket with dip on the side. Main entree starts at less than 15 sgd. It was great celebration indeed.

WILL: Maybe Abbey was thinking back then that if he will date me on a Frenh restaurant, he'll be as romantic as french people are. Well, he do not need to that because for me he is the most romantic man I ever dated.

I planned for a pizza night to celebrate the We'll Tell You - A&W Couple's Blog 3rd year anniversary, but he told me that he had a plan too. I pushed my idea but he won, I gave way for his plan. I am surprised to see a newly built restaurant at Raffles City. Its a classy and I am pretty annoyed that we will be spending a lot for a one dinner. I started to murmured about the price but Abbey shused me.

We were seated beside the window and on my delight, they have just two page menu, ha! They will not give their diners a hard time to choose from their list. I am not a keen eater of chicken but I still asked for their frontliner dish.. The Poulét Rôtti, (Roast Chicken) merged with their Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce. The taste is superb! Abbey spoonfed me their Iberico Pork Belly, oh darl, the taste is really unforgettable!   

Overall, it is really a nice experience for both of us. Now I know why many people love to eat French Cuisine.

Thanks Baby for this treat!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dinner Buffet @ Buffet Town - International Seafood, Mixed Grill and Teppan Yaki (Raffles City Singapore)

ABBEY: My wife has a company dinner and I was invited as well. The reservation is at Buffet Town in basement of Raffles City. It is mainly a seafood and tepanyaki restaurant; but they also serve local and Western cuisines. 

I first tried Thai stewed pork, chicken satay and grilled tofu. Then slices of meat-lover pizza as well as roasted chicken and kway teow. 

Oysters, chili crabs, salmon, sushi, tempura, tiger prawns were overflowing. 

For dessert I had chocolate and mango ice cream and dragonfruit and watermelon. Cream puffs, crepes, waffles and fresh fruits were there. On that Sunday a person costs $40.80++ but $35.80 on weekdays. 

WILL: Wow, Rejoice Container really consisted of good people, why? I lasted for another year! My kind boss threw another appreciation party for his people and of course we were very lucky to bring along our spouses. 

Buffet Town at Raffles City. was the venue and as we reached the placed, Abbey and I was so shocked to see a very ling queue. Lucky us we have a very well coordinated mesdames that made the reservation.

On our way to our seats, the sets of food was really looks delicious! Oh men, can't wait to start. When we get to know our table, Abbey and I declared war against all the food! Haha!

I am pizza lover then the rest is history! Nice texture and cheese is just overflowing. Afer the first oplate of italian dish, I went to checkout the sashimi and the rest of sushi. Next stop is the chili crab, their crab is so thin and the sauce is not spicy. Tempura overload! I am so lucky that Kuya GeeFord have  great patience to queue for the oysters. I got the chance to eat some of the world famous aphrodisiac. 

I washed down all the food with free flowing of coke, green tea and teh.

Again, thanks Boss Poh for filling up our tummies!