Monday, February 28, 2011

Marina Country Club

This is located to the uttermost part of the earth. Haha. Other people say that our place in Punggol is very far. How will they react if they will go to Marina Country Club? The club can be reached by taking a cab, your own car or by their shuttle. The shuttle picks up visitors in Block 257C (directly opposite CompassPoint in Sengkang). It has arcade, billiards tables, bars, diners like Sakura, shops for souvenirs, baits and tackles. It also has piers for yacht owners. I hope the LRT line will be in operation already so there will  be more convenience going there.

WILL: Punggol has a place to offer, not a mall or an ordinary place to stroll, but a club. A club that is open for public. Here you can stroll at seaside, catch your own fish, and pig out on its restaurants. 
      From punggol MRT you can only take a cab and may worth not more than $6. You can also try to hop in on their free shuttle from Sengkang. On our way there, it feels like I'm hiking up the Baguio's scenery.
      Well recommended. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

KFC Indonesia

I heard Wilma's story about KFC in Indonesia and I'm so glad I tried it. No forks man, wash your hand and eat the chicken. Truly finger-lickin good. The meal cost 17000 rupiah. KFC - Kan't Fork the Chicken :)

WILL: Hmmm, so no one is using spoon and fork to eat chicken and rice. Eh di magkamay. :) I am not astounded by this fact cause when I am in McDonald's Jakarta last 2009 i used also my hand to eat their food.
Here in Kfc Indonesia, the crispiness is quite similar with the branches in Philippines, but they have no gravy. So we just dipped every pieces on their chili sauce :)
I forgot how much i paid but i am sure it valued a hundred thousand each :) 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nescafe White Coffee

White coffee, how did they do it? I have no idea but it taste less caffeine than ordinary coffee. It looks like the creamer was added but its only coffee and little amount of sugar. This will definitely change your usual coffee break.

WILL: The aroma, smoothness, thickness and creaminess of this coffee exceeded any other instant one. Do I need more words to describe this hot drink? Buy now :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mango Bravo - Conti's

You will be surprised when you see this cake. The cake is very huge as it stands at 6-inches. It has white icing topped with mango chunks and chocolate syrup that seems to overflow from inside the cake. A special cake for my special baby :)

WILL: It was my birthday when this cake landed on my taste buds. :) Well i dont know how much is that cake because its Marineth gift for me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frozen Swirl - The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Can't believe that Coffee Bean serves froyo the first time I saw it. It taste good and has the milky-aftertaste. You must try frozen yogurt once in a while to intake good bacteria into your body. :)

WILL: Coffee bean and tea leaf's froyo is very creamy, altered taste for frozen yogurt. If you do not want the ordinary yogurt's taste, this is a good substitute. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My officemate brought this spread during our shift. I tried it and it taste good. So when we went to a food expo, they're offering these goodies for a great discount and we bought 2. Day and night time Nutella. Asking the difference about them? None, the seller just want the buyer to take 2 at a time :)

WILL: This is better to be eat alone other than spreading it on a bread. But if you really want to be with the bread, first toast the bread with a thin amount of nuttella then before tossing it in your mouth, spread another thick layer of this yummy chocolate. I love it! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mango Tree Bistro

We found this place when we last went back to Philippines. This bistro, serving Thai cuisine, is located at Trinoma. The place was designed with colors of violet, golden yellow and black. I tried their chicken barbecue and its superb. The chicken is so soft and full of flavor. I tried also their seafood sampler. And guess what, the food was good also and later my allergy attacked me. Reasonable enough for a price of Php2k that served 5 people.

WILL: We were back at trinoma! We were astonished that they have a new restaurant. The Mango Tree Bistro, thai cusine. Their meal's price ranges from 300php, not bad ha. But what i love this on one is the seafood spaghetti. 
The ambiance is somewhat romantic. Miss that day, a dinner with my loving Kuya. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Face It

I always get teary eyes after having a facial. The good thing is that all your pimples will be removed leaving your face smooth. Their staff explains their products and procedures very well. All in all their services are good.

WILL: Let's face it, not only woman needs a facial so whenever I go in here, i see to it that Abbey will take a session too. What i love with this salon?, my skin doesn't react too much on their creams and lotions. The cleaning will only cost a 220Php and with mask a 450Php and above. The ambiance is quite relaxing. By the way, I'm their frequent customer for their waxing services. Love their hot wax.
      I get this facial cleaning for at least thrice a year. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love & Other Drugs

ABBEY: I never thought Anne would go all the way. Their story starts with a fling, but then led to romance until they broke up and made up again. A typical love story with lots of "you-know-what" :)

WILL: OMG, she bares it all and the next thing will be a question of why? This is a story of sick woman and a happy go lucky womanizer. 

Then what we will expect? The boy changed and become responsible and be the night and shining armor of the sick woman. The end. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

M&M's My Message

I got this idea when I'm looking for a gift for Wilma. Downside is that they only ship inside US. I had to chat my sister for the delivery from US to SG. All went well except for the delivery date, it missed the 14th but technically its still 14th in US when it was delivered here on the 15th. I, personally, was shocked upon seeing the gift. Now it became a reality. A real customized M&M's, that it was impossible for Wilma to eat them. They just want to stare at them. Thanks M&M's for helping me express my love.

WILL: Not yet recovered of that 12 white roses and a stem of pink one, when I got home a small some like a toy stand on our table with a note from Abbey. M&Ms have a great idea. My name, smoochies, and i love you was written randomly on each piece. Abbey is sweeter than M&Ms. I know how blessed I am having this man. Everyday, there's always a reason to keep me falling in love for him.
      By the way, the taste of this chocos is just the same. Its only sweeter now because its from my baby. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wild Vines

I don't drink wine or any other liquor. I'm not a Nazarite, I'm just not used to it. So when I saw it on our dinner table, I wonder what will be its taste and how will my body respond to it. It has a good smell, a nice taste but a bitter after-taste. Best to drink it chilled. 

WILL: In our fridge, wines is a must. We drink little every dinner. When I surprised Abbey with a dinner, this wine was also in our table. This is the first time for him to drink a wine. Wild Vines is quite sweet so this is good for first timer. The price is not more than 19SGD. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angel Florist Singapore: Flower Delivery Singapore

Abbey: This is an online store where you can choose a wide variety of bouquet of flowers. It helped me to express my love for Wilma by delivering her a dozen of white roses. 

The shop offered a 10SGD off for every purchase during the Hearts' Day. Thanks.

Angel Florist Singapore: Flower Delivery Singapore
Flower Delivery by: Angel Florist Singapore

WILL: I am sure Abbey have something for me, but i do not know what it will be. 
Messengers and delivery men coming in our office were usual, but what I am so surprised when a delivery man asked for me and carrying a boquet of white roses. My heart smiled. Then manager and director went to my table looked on the flowers and told me that my fiance is so sweet.

Minutes came and one man stand outside our glass door and gave me another one pink rose. What I love most on that day? When he told me he really loves me. Oh dear, my heart melts and I got teary eye.

Angel Florist Singapore: Flower Delivery 
(T) 6908 1788 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Subway Singapore

ABBEY: This sandwich food chain is great. It offers a wide variety of bread, sauces, and meat to choose from to make your sandwich. You can order a sandwich only or complete it as a meal with chips, brownie or cookies and drinks. We got their 1 for 1 promo on Suntec branch because of its anniversary.

WILL: Their sandwhich is so good that I can eat a one foot long. You can choose from many variands of meat that you can put in to your bread. Even their breads have many varieties. Sauces, winner. Heaven it is when I am biting on their sandwhiches. Love subway's promotions also. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Airphil Express

ABBEY: This airline suits the time when we went back to Philippines last Chinese New Year. The flight attendants were accommodating. Seats were the same as Cebu Pac. We're looking forward to catch their seat sale when we go back on summer.

WILL: Maiba naman! Let's try the budget airline brought to us by Philippine Airline.

This is another low cost airline from Philippines, their only International flight as of now is Singapore and they are offering a sale as low as 1800 Php and pag minalas ka and you badly need to go home, they can offer u as much as 15000 Php.
The airplane is nice. But what I really love on our flight is they serve our favorite instant noodle for 75Php. I hope they have a hand soap and they have a ready disposal bag for puke. Tataka ako, sila lng ata ang wala nun sa mga nasakyan ko na airlines, you need to call FA for just a piece of bag. Hay!  

Monday, February 14, 2011

90.7 Radio (TLC) True Love Conversation

Its fun listening to Papa Jack's program. Sometimes people will call just to confirm if Papa Jack will approve of their decision, others will make him angry because of what they did. One time a guy pose to be a new caller when in fact he was on-air months ago. This made Jack not pleased and drop the call. Call and voice out your love story and let Papa Jack advise you.

WILL: When me an ate rhiz was talking about our partners, she quoted some advices came from Papa Jack, then to her surprise when i asked "sino yun?" honestly, i don't know Papa Jack and I hate the Love Radio station because of the DJs that are so loud and all to do is laugh all their lungs out. 
Abbey suggested to listen to TLC, all i can say is "ok". Then that was the start to hooked-up on this Papa Jack for almost every night.
      In every caller, me and Abbey shared our views and of course most of them, we are different.
I wish someone that we know will call this TLC. Haha! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet and Sour Pork

Pork liempo or belly
brown sugar
bell pepper

Cover the pork with breadings and deep fry it. Drain in paper towel and set aside.
In a pan, mix the vinegar with brown sugar according to your taste and let the sugar dissolved in low heat until the mixture is almost a syrup. Put the fried pork and let it simmer along with bell pepper. Enjoy :)


WILL: Sweet and Sour Pork. That was the viand I requested Abbey to cook. To his knowledge, this food must have a pineapple. FYI, di kami friends ng pinya, kaya, extra-challenge ito for him. 
He do not use pineapple, but it taste so nice. Thanks my beau for spending time to prepare this. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lipton Tea

The only tea I drink before I met Wilma is Lipton iced tea, the instant one. She introduced me to their other variants. I like the mix with strawberry and lemon grass with ginger. Just remember to pull out the bag after 3 minutes, else it'll give you another flavor. Lipton tea can do that :)

WILL: A cup of hot tea is my drink every morning. Some people don't like the taste of this leaves, but for me, any concoction will do. Even with roses :)

But my all time favorite is with berries. If i do not drink any tea in a day, i feel  bloated. Love tea. Keep us healthy. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tony Roma's Suntec City

Wow, baby back ribs. I want my baby to have a taste of this dish. The meat was so soft and finger-licking good because of the sauce. We had a good time at Tony Roma. Its always jam-packed. Outside the diner, a lot of people are queuing. Its fun to dine to a place like this once in a while.

WILL: Abbey is so frantic to get me in Tony Roma's. I told him that I never ordered any baby back ribs before, i am not used to it. 

This is a quite romantic dinner ...awesome, it feels like that we are on our first dates. Hmmm, maybe that's why many experts say that we should have sometimes to eat out with our partners. :)
       Their food have a large serving (of course). The taste of the meat is okay. Yun lang. Hehe. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singapore Arts Museum

ABBEY: Wilma asked me if we can go to SAM. I told her that we can come after office. Entrance is free because its an open-house that day. The main event was a photography seminar conducted by Hasselblad. That's the first time I saw a mid-range cameras. After the seminar was a photoshoot. It was informative and inspiring. 

WILL: There are so many museums of Singapore, and this is the first one we visited. Singapore Arts Musuem always have a free entrance every friday evening. Why let the oppurtunity pass? We alight at Bras Basah station and walked 100 meters to the SAM. After expolring the premises and playing at child's corner, we went to a free seminar on photography at SAM@Q. Annex of SAM only few blocks away. 
Enjoyed a lot. The seminar is very inspiring and the sad part, we never won anything. :'(
Thanks again NHB.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sentosa Boardwalk

Sentosa Boardwalk connects Harbourfront and Sentosa island. They invited all people islandwide to participate in their foot-to-foot chain to set their mark on Singapore book of records and we didn't fail. A total of more than 1800 pax joined the activity. Freebies such as pens, stickers, tattoos, fan etc were given at the boardwalk. Gelato was sold at half the price. I love their dark chocolate flavor. The inauguration ends with a party and fireworks display.

WILL: Opening day of Sentosa Boardwalk and they just not it with a blast, they also set in a foot-to-foot record in singapore book of records and we are so proud that we are part of it. The rain doesn't stop us. In front gate, crews will give u a loot consiated of a fan, raincoat, bottled water, pen and the registration form. And because we are one of the early birds, we got a freebies, a voucher of a spa treatment, a ticket to a luge ride, smrt ticket, and the very unforgettable certificate. 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sheng Siong Supermarket

I'm happy when I learned that there's a supermarket near our place. In here we buy the ingredients for our weekly menu. I also buy here the chips for Wilma whenever she craves for one. The grocery sells common goods like fruits, veggies, canned goods, eggs, light bulbs, bathroom needs, etc. The price is cheaper compared to other supermarket. Bonus is they always have special prices for selected items. Beside Sheng Siong is a hawker.

WILL: This is the nearest grocery in our town, a 5 minute walk. Here u can definitely find the everyday needs for yourself and your home. 
      The part I love to their place is the aisle for laundry soaps, why? If u are lucky enough, you can see a discount or 1-1 deal. Every weekend we go here to buy our food supply for seven days.