Wednesday, November 30, 2011

20th World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011

ABBEY: I have read in the Scriptures that even the most elegant robe of King Solomon is of no match with the beauty of the flowers. And its true. 

We went to World Orchid Conference where different arrays of orchids were exhibited. It was held at the basement of of Marina Bay Sands. For a price of 15sgd you can see, learn and marvel at those cut flowers. 

They were displayed by country, kind or by arrangements. Among the plants I saw were giant orchids, pitcher plants, and ikebanas. 

Souvenir shops, cafe and resting place are there at the conference. Next host is Columbia

WILL: Yes! Now we can celebrate his natal day for whole day now. He is on leave and I cannot afford to waste his time. And this Orchid conference gave me a great idea for that day.
      Knowing Abbey, similar with my eldest brother, they are the only boys that I know who has a green-thumb and loves to the peaceful rays that was given by the plants. 
      So we went here at Marina Bay Sands to see for ourselves the  World Orchid Conference. I was so shocked to see that there are so many varieties of this flower. 
      The Thailand extravagant display was announced as the Grand Champion. Thank you WOC for giving us this lifetime chance.