Tuesday, May 29, 2012

La-La Fish Crackers

ABBEY: This fish crackers became famous during my high school days. As we wait for our teacher someone will buy from the canteen and then we will indulge on the chips. You can have the largest pack for less than 20php. Sometimes we share it together in our parents room along with the stories that happened on the day. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to eat this now as I developed allergies on seafood.

WILL: Who do not know this chips? OMG!, if you do not know this go to the nearest supermarket and buy this uniquely delicious fish flavored chips. Thanks to April for this pasalubong :) 
      On my 4th year of highschool, it seems that this chips became a big part of it. Recess and before going home, we are munching this Lala. Sarap tlga nya, some of my friends used thousand islands to be its dip. :) try it. It only costs P10 per pack

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dark Shadows

ABBEY: We watched this movie by using one pair of complimentary passes from Shaw Theaters. The story is about a family that built their riches from fishing. Barnabas (Johnny Depp), the child of the couple, fell in love with girl Angelique(Eva Green) but he didn't want to marry her. Barnabas found his love of his life Josette. Still not able to move on Angelique cursed him and the story goes on. 

Depp nailed this one again with his wit and charm. "Every house has its own demon"

WILL: Another Tim Burton movie for Johnny Depp, great isn't? Dark Shadows is not that dark as what the title portrays.  A kid's film full of comedy and a simple love story. 
      A love story that proves that the heart cannot force to love someone. 
     My rating 8/10. Oh, Thank you to Shaw for the complimentary pass they given to us. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Handburger - Tea Time Set

ABBEY: Wow another treat for the Handburger fanatics like me. Order a Handburger tea set and have a cup of tea or coffee free. 

We got a larger-than-bite-size chicken and pulled-pork burgers. The size is enough to fill the hunger for a quick snack. Fit for tea-time. One set costs less than 7S$. Very reasonable as the sandwiches taste great.

WILL: Before going for a hair coloring session at Bishan, I asked abbey to get some snacks first after our office. So from Suntec, we walked our way to Handburger to taste their tea set. 
      It consists of 2 bite size burger, aka sliders, and free coffee or tea for only $6.90. Actually one slider is enough for me, the incomparable handmade bun of them made me full. The buns made their burgers deliciously different from others. We hope that we can try all their amazing burgers. 
     This is very restaurant is very recommendable to tourists. Never leave Singapore without dining here. ;) ooops, I was never paid to do this plugging. 
     We dined at Raffles City Branch, a few steps away from City Hall MRT Station. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012


ABBEY: This is our bus for the return trip to Singapore. The same fare price with the bus we had going to Melaka at RM 19.

We left Melaka with only less than 10 people including the driver; meaning they stand on their departure and arrival times. Tips for travellers: be sure to wear jacket and you visit the loo before riding the bus.

WILL: While we were waiting for our late Mayang Sari Bus, we saw KKKL very early at their designated parking area waiting patiently to its commuter, then I decided to get a slot on our way home. Hitting the Melaka Sentral and after eating our breakfast, we directly went to their counter and bought 4 tickets for MYR19 each. 
     The time for departure is 5pm, just enough to roam Melaka. 
450pm, the bus departs, ha! Too early isn't? As usual, we sleep, and it is like we were on on our own beds. 
    Just woke up, before we reach the Larkin Terminal. :) Recommendable! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mayang Sari Malaysia

ABBEY: Upon arrival in Johor Bahru we don't know which bus liner to choose. We went to one of the counter and they said that the next schedule is at 10:30am. One lady caught shouting "KL-KL-KL" caught my ear. I asked the counter in Mayang Sari if they have a bus to Melaka earlier than 10am and replied they have. Once we got our ticket (RM 19 each), we waited for the bus. It arrived 20 minutes past the scheduled time. 

We made an honest mistake on taking seats of other passengers as we were not aware of the seat plan :) We were seated at last row of the bus. The coldness of the air conditioner made us crawl to a fetal position to keep warm. Arriving at Melaka Sentral, we went to comfort rooms before anything else.

WILL: And then we were at Johor Bahru Malaysia. :) we bought a ticket to melaka at their ticketing counter, be early, their tix sells like a hotcake. But their bus departs late for almost 15mins from the scheduled time. 
      The bus? Very spacious and it seems the seats were bigger compared to the budget planes. The aircon? Damn cold!!! Our fault, we don't know that food was allowed to be consumed inside this bus, but in a brighter side, we just slept the full three hour ride. 
      For MYR19 to Melaka Sentral. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza

ABBEY: This pizza parlor offers one for one and we decided to try it. We got their grilled chicken pizza and vegan one. They taste good and fresh. The rich aroma of bell peppers along with other toppings will make you crave for more. The pizza cost less than 40sgd. 

One thing I want to note off, the delivery guy from their Punggol branch took the extra mile by delivering it on the MRT station where we just alighted. We made an order thru call and they told that it will take an hour to deliver. But it took them lesser time thus we're still not at home by then. Thanks Canadian Pizza.

WILL: Our family loves pizza a lot. In every occasion, this is a must in out table. So when Kuya Ric went here, I called Canadian Pizza for a delivery. For $38 we got one large size of vegetarian pizza and chicken flavored one. 
      The taste? Unique from pizza hut and dominos. I ate 4 slices but in pizza hut and dominos I can eat all 8 slices. You can call their hotline 62410241. 
      This is a good try though. :) 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Softenger Singapore Dinner and Dance 2012

ABBEY: What can I say? This night has become mine. Softenger conducts dinner with all their consultants almost every 1st or 2nd quarter so we can have a good time and acquaint ourselves  outside the office walls. 

This 2012 we had it in one of Holiday Inn's halls. Food is served for vegan and non-vegan. Fruits, breads, and soup are there as well. Appreciation were given to those who made outstanding remarks on Softenger's clients. Also as part of the tradition we had our Softenger Idol. I still can't believe that it was me :) I render the Indian song Dil Dhadakne Do (Let the heart beat), showing them that we can learn and share with people having diverse cultures. Thanks for the award and for the "other" award. :)

WILL: And now, its time for some Paaaartyyyyyy! I am so glad that Softenger allows the family to be with their dinner and dance, and I am greatly privileged to be there. This is a great time to mingle with my husband's colleagues and families. 
      For 2012 they held the party at Holiday Inn and served a buffet of vegetarian and non-veggie food. Laughter and claps filled the air once the event started. Well, I am not just there to meet my husband's bosses and co-workers but I am also there to push my baby to his limit. Hmmm, he loves Indian Food, Bollywood and even some of their songs, so I asked him to sing his favorite. Hahaha. Well, astonished maybe... his boss gave him a $500 added to his grand winning of $100 voucher. 
      This is a great way to unwind from the stress of daily office routine. Thanks Softenger, more blessing... More power, more branches to come. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


ABBEY: We were excited when we knew that the mall is going to open. It showcases an Olympic-size ice skating rink. The mall also has a roof garden, Shaw Theaters, restaurants, fastfood chains, and boutiques. 

One thing I noticed though, other boutiques have repeated names; like Sasa, Nana, and Cache Cache :) The mall is a 5-10 minute walk from Jurong East MRT station.

WILL: Since last year, we are waiting for CapitaMall to open up this mall. Imagine, this is the only olympic size skating rink here in Singapore. She houses also an iMax theater courtesy of Shaw. 
     This is a really big mall. Girls will love to be here, lot of fashion boutiques that cannot see to the other establishments. 
I hope when we go back here, we can slide at their iced pavement. ;) this is just a 5min walk from Jurong East MRT. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Avengers

ABBEY: This is the movie that we anticipated the most. Six superheroes in one after 5-6 movies of their own. We booked our 3D ticket at Shaw Theaters in JCube. We got to see the movie in Digital and also got a complimentary 3d pass as the 3D got into some problems. 

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the show. RDJ's comic and wit never fails to bring laughter; as well as his hi-tech gadgets. Great effects and sounds made the movie more exciting. Like the other Marvel movies, people were still glued to their seats to watch a scene after credits.

WILL: The long wait was finally over. Hehe. May 1 is the opening day here in Singapore but before that day, all tickets were sold out. 
      We booked a ticket for a 3D for 10am at JCube Mall but very unlikely happening occurred, the 3D machine was spoiled. Huhu. Anxiety hits me, why?, my older brother is here and my niece and they were really anticipating this movie to be watched in 3D. Well, its better to watch than to go home. We rescheduled our time to 11am for digital movie. 
      The Avengers, ha! Very nice to see many heroes in one movie. Hehe. I really watched. My favorite character.. of course Iron Man, BUT I love Capt. America. Hehe. 
      I can watch this movie again and again =) 10/10. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Malacca Malaysia

ABBEY: Another trip outside Singapore. We had a day tour only. We went our way at 30 minutes past 5 in the morning. We reached Johor Bahru at 7am. For 19 Malaysian Ringgit we boarded a 3-hour bus ride. This is the best time to sleep. We alighted the bus at Melaka Sentral and proceeded in the ticket counter to purchase ticket on the way back. We had our brunch at one of their hawkers for RM 12 for all our food. We hired a taxi for RM 20 and dropped us in the tourist destination proper. 

We visited their numerous museums like philatelic and maritime. We struck a pose like Jack and Rose in one of their warship :) Another attraction is their revolving tower at RM 20 per person. We also tried A&W at their megamall. 

As the day is about to end we headed to Melaka Sentral and had dinner. At Johor Bahru we cheked in at McDonald's for a snack in preparation for the travel back home.

WILL: After a long planning to go here, hehe. Thanks to Katherine, step by step she told me how to go here. 
      3am, we already muster our feet to have a blast and go out of the country. Hehe. At Queens Bus Station exactly 530am we boarded the first bus that took us to Johor Bahru Malaysia. It was 45mins travel when we reached Woodlands and alight for the immigration and customs stop of Singapore. Same bus, we hop in and 10mins alight again for immigration of Malaysia. Hopped on the same bus then pass 30mins, we alighted at Larkin Bus Terminal. And from there, we are really in different country   hehe. 
      At Larkin, you can see many bus companies that offers their services to Malacca and KL. I really chose this and not the coach one because, I know, this will be a great adventure and lesser cost. Haha. The coach from SG to Malacca is $22 one way, but on this it only costs us $10.90. Hehe. Good choice, is it? Hehe. From Larkin to Malacca is 3hours but do not worry, just sleep. Nice leh. Hehe. Arrived at Malacca Sentral 10am and we ate in a buffet-like restaurant, we put a lot of food in our plate and you know how much it costs us? For 4 pax, we were billed 11RMB($5). So amazing. Hehe. After filling up our tummies, we hailed a taxi and to go to the tourist stop for $20 and I haggle up to $18. Hehe. 
     Malacca seems cannot move on from the past. Haha. But I am saying this on a positive note lah. The red church, the trickshaw, and the remains of forts is all amazingly still there. We are pretty sad when we saw the Bukit St Paul, vandalism is all over and there are many vendors in the place. 
     Museums are all over, here they showcase the life on the rise and fall of this land. We also go up and up and up with their Melaka Revolving Tower, this we saw the vibrant colors of their buildings the busy tourists roaming around the city. 
This is really nice place to visit. No wonder why almost all people here in Singapore goes here. We got home 10PM. Hehe. Tiring but fulfilling. :D All in all we spend 160$ for 4pax in this trip :) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jurong Bird Park

ABBEY: We went here May 1. A lot people visited the park as it is a public holiday. We bought our tickets for less than 100sgd (4 pax). We first saw the flamingo lake and the parrots. Next are the penguins, ducks and pelicans. Birds of prey like eagles and vultures and colorful southeast Asian birds can be seen here. The tallest man-made waterfall and largest collection of helikonias is at this park as well. We also attended shows where the birds displayed their abilities and where Wilma won a complimentary drink. We rode the tram and ended the trip at a snack in Bongo Burgers.

WILL: The l  world's largest bird park in terms of number of birds. From Boon Lay Bus Interchange you can queue for Bus 194.
      Well, like the Singapore Zoo, this is a very nice place, it seems that there are no living animals in it. Why? No poop and pee stench. Clean and so green. As I told, this is the largest bird park for $23 you can checkout different species of bird and watch their 2 shows for free. Very recommendable for family bonding. 
      Blooming orchids and black swan will welcome you. Very unforgettable is the magnificent man-made waterfall, this is the highest in the world. If you are thirsty and hungry some small stores are around the area. 
      Visit this park, half day is enough to see all the penguins, flamingo, hawks, parrots, etc...etc. :)